You Must Be Reminded To Register Your Prepaid Lines!

I know I sound damn advertisement right. -_-


Well, it’s not quite what it sounds like. I’ve been introduced to this rather interesting concept called the TowerX widget. Having downloaded the program myself, I’m quite taken with its quirky design and function.

Celcom has come up with an innovative way to remind its users to register their prepaid lines.(We all know the government will not be very happy if we do not register our prepaid lines by the end of the year, so Kudos to Celcom for taking the initiative to entice its users to register their prepaid lines).

The TowerX widget is an interactive reminder on your desktop which functions as a calendar as well! Aside from the obvious purpose of the widget(register your lines, damnit!), the countdown reminder can be used in more ways than one.

As I’ve already registered my prepaid line a long time ago, I’ve been using the reminder to scare myself silly about the amount of days I have left to my exams. Doesn’t really help with the cute little button showing the seconds ticking away as you procrastinate.

By registering via the online registration link provided, you’re automatically in the running to be the lucky weekly winner and the proud owner of a GPRS phone.

All in all, the TowerX widget comes with a calendar, a digital count down timer and immediate updates of winners!

Non-celcom users can use the countdown timer to stop yourself from procrastinating your work. It really works. Seconds ticking away before your eyes have never been so taunting.

Download it here, okay?



After class today, I walked to the toilet in the extended part of the cafeteria.

I headed into the female’s toilet and latched the door. The male’s toilet was empty, I remembered.

I lifted up my skirt, removed my undies and half squat over the toilet bowl. My usual stance when I’m peeing in a freaking dirty toilet.

I was peeing and peening and peeing and half way peeing, there was a rattling noise on the door. Like someone was jiggling the lock.
To my horror, the latch came loose and the door swung open. Please bear in mind that I was still in the midst of peeing, hence my undies were down and my skirt was hoisted up.

 A men’s hand with dark skin wearing a gold watch held open the door. I screamed, “AaaaahH!!!! I’M INSIDE I’M INSIDE!!!”

 And the hand was held at the door, the man did not proceed to come into the toilet, thank god. But it took him a while before he reacted, right after I screamed, “CLOSE THE DOOR LAH!!!!!!!!!”

He mumbled something and quickly closed the door.


All this while, the both of us didn’t get to see each other’s faces. THANK GOD FOR THAT. If he could see my face, he’d be able to see other things too.

I quickly finished my pee(when I was scolding him I was still peeing, wtf!) and got out of the toilet(after pulling up my undies of course, duh) and my face was SO black.

The male’s toilet was locked this time assuming that the motherfarker went into the male’s toilet.

I seriously wonder what’s going on in the person’s head. The door was clearly locked, albeit with a flimsy latch. You don’t fucking jiggle a fucking door. You fucking knock.


I was just so so so angry when I came out of the toilet and told Lie Yuen I felt so so so humiliated and my nether regions felt really uneasy right after that. I think I have a rough idea how rape victims feel. It’s such a disgusting feeling.

Furthermore, I think it was an adult man’s hand. His voice sounded middle aged and which self respecting yound adult will wear a chunky gold watch?


Studying 6 Hours Straight Makes One Spew Crap(Four More Hours To Go! yay!)

It’s 3am and I think I can finish this post by 3.05am.

So yes, I’ll be crapping alot.

I’m doing my checkblog-checkemail-after-every-topic to release some pent up stress. So here I am.

Okay, so let’s talk about the shit that I’m going through.

Besides the going ons as mentioned in the password protected posts, I myself am quite eager to see what happens next. Exam exam exam, everything on pause.

I’m going home tomorrow and all I can think about is finishing the microbiology paper and dentistry paper(which I HAVEN’T even looked through after the first reading) tomorrow and …oh. Actually the part about the going home should come after the part about the exams. See, it’s so late. My brain feels like it has undergone liquefactive necrosis. Pathology is over and done with. The last sentence is from pathology. It means that your brain has turned to mush. Literally.

See, I’m crapping.

I haven’t been crapping in a long long time in my blog. It’s well-thought out crap.

They say if you don’t think and keep writing, it’s actually your guardian angel who’s typing for you.


I wonder what does my guardian angel wants to say to me?

She’s saying, “jolene, if you don’t get your ass back to your books.. you’re gonna suffer suffer suffer suffer suffer muahahahahahhahahahaah”….

I don’t think I really like my guardian angel. But I don’t quite like myself either. I should have found different strategies in planning out my studies. Like, finishing the reading a week BEFORE or at least three days before the exam so that my read through can be carried out in normal human hours. I’m not a fucking 7-11 convenience store.

*rubs eyes*

I’m not that tired really. I think I can do with two hours of sleep tonight meaning I will climb into bed at about 6am? I don’t know. I feel like vomitting. Coffee+instant maggi+Half a bag of nachos… oh god. And I’ve put on 2 kgs after thinking that I lost 2kg.. so yes, basically I’m back to the same weight. Hahaha, oh, you can count too? yay for you.

I AM SO SLEEPY, CAN’T YOU TELL???? Or issit lethargy from the studying?

I hate fungal infections. On me… in my books… in my syllabus…everything about it. I measured the thickness of the notes and nearly killed myself. Nearly half an inch worth of boring boring boringness.

Herpesvirus. That’s what I like.

Herpes Simplex Virus 1 is usually attacking your face.
Herpes Simplex Virus 2 is on your pet pet.

And oral sex fucks it all up. Hence HSV-1 goes to your pussy and HSV-2 ends up on your face. So my notes say.

Acyclovir is used for treatment of suspected viral menangitis.. … am i correct here? The disease is aseptic because you cannot cultivate any bacteria or fungi from the CSF.

bleh bleh bleh..

I had fun studying with Lie Yuen in my room just now. We played microbiology charades. I asked her to name me the aetiology of encephalitis.

Norwalk virus from Caliciviridae family was one of the answers.

I had to shake my head and walk around the room and yet she couldn’t get the answer. Get it? Shake head…walk………..? Ok. nevermind.

Hepatitis E virus?

Pat on the stomach(I suppose that’s where my liver is kua), pretend to drink a bottle of alcohol, swing my head around pretending to be drunk… cirrhosis happens in the liver. So does hepatitis. I hoped it was a close enough action. She couldn’t get it as well.

Microbiology charades suck.

Alright. Alright. We’re lame.

All I can think about now is watching Desperate Housewive Season 3 Episode 8 on the bus back to KL tomorrow at 4.30pm onwards.


I’m ..going back to my books now.

Oh! My handphone received an sms. I’m stimulated.

K bye.

P/s: Brenda messaged. She said she wanna dig her eyes wait, that’s me. She said she’s damn tired and she keeps falling asleep. She’s taking a shower to ‘wake’ herself up. At 3 in the fucking morning.

Oh look, it’s 3.10am.