Ang Pau Collection Surpassed Expectations

So CNY came and went!

I’ve had my dosage of mandarin oranges, “wah so fat already ah!” comments, chai choi and ang paus for the year! Wouldn’t say that the fat comments are a nice way to start the year, but oh well…….. WHEN WILL RELATIVES START TO FREAKING UNDERSTAND THAT GIRLS DON’T WANT TO BE CALLED FAT? How to react ah? As if I can throw a tantrum there and then and leave the table sobbing right!

So just smile and bob your head and sheepishly say, “Haha, hai ah…?” “Hahh.. sek siu tit fan tak gah? Hai meh? Oh..” *rolls eyes*

Regarding my weight issue, my Kaima broke a piece of bad news to me. Apparently, my greatgrandmother is of hakka descent. SO, apparently, my greatgrandma comes from a lineage of Hakka Warrior Women. wtf wtf.. and according to my aunt, hakka warrior women are big and burly. This is why most of the women in my family are not exactly size 10 and below.

This is where I come in. Hakka warrior women of the 21st century. Sadness. I’m a friendly giant! 🙁

Speaking of lineage, my dad has always been convinced that we’ve got a Manchurian as one of our ancestors.

He was led to believe so because there’s a photo of one of our ancestors in full manchurian get-up. Only recently did we think that maybe he went to a photo studio and found a manchurian costume there and he decided to have some fun. He’s got the expression and parted legs and hands on knees, the works lah! Akibatnya, a long line of descendants thought that he was a real manchurian.

So let’s see, I’ve got Hakka Warrior Women in my blood, maybe-Manchurian, Siamese blood (1/16) and the usual hokkien and canto on dad’s side. At least on my mum’s side it’s purely cantonese! Is anyone from Panyu as well? Apparently that’s my kampung in China. Ooh ooh, my Yeema (the one who passed away) once told me that most of my family members have a crack down the nail of their baby toe. This means that we are of Han descent. I’m quite the Rojak chinese! I still can’t quite accept the fact that I don’t have Nyonya blood. :\ So many people are nyonya, it’s trendy!

My dad took an entire week off for CNY and as we didn’t have to go back to Malacca this year, we had the most tiring chinese new year in all of my 22 years of life. A record breaking 16 houses were covered within the first three days of CNY, I could feel myself shaking towards the end and I had to hold my grandmother up. Surprisingly my dad was still going strong. But in a way good also lah, “wan sek ka  nan” right? 😛 The ang pau collection has surpassed the RM400 mark, another record breaking feat! Usually it rarely touches RM300…so I happily deposited money into the bank for the first time in my life! 😛 Usually mum or dad puts cash in, or when I bank in cheques from rage/nuffnang, or money just comes in when my customers pay up. (I sound like an Ah Long right.)

The reunion dinner for dad’s side was at our place. But it’s just like any other weekend dinner since the entire family only consists of 10 people and 2 of them are in the UK.

With my grandmother around this year, we had a far more sumptuous meal than last year’s pitiful excuse of a reunion dinner.

L-r: Dad, Kaima and Mum helping out in the kitchen.

Angel felt bored.

Grandma putting the finishing touches to our feast.

A braised mushroom and chicken dish courtesy of my grandma.

This is by me!! 🙂 My contribution was a bowl of spinach with boxthorn (kei chi).

Mervyn flashes a rare smile. With his now wavy hair, he has been getting comments that he looks Korean now. My uncle was teasing him that he can now give Rain a run for his money. Presenting, “Flood”!

Dad’s famous chai choi. The recipe was passed down from my grandfather to my dad and over the weekend, I wrote the recipe down. It’s the Lai Chai Choi!

Grandma’s lap cheong and ngaku dish!

My Kaima made a dish called Lou Chu Yok.. I think it translates to Braised Pork? It’s damn nice! Salty and porkish, just the way I like it.

Another view of the delicious dish.

Grandma’s spicy prawns. Surprisingly they weren’t that spicy and so I could actually eat a few.

While waiting for the others to gather round the table.

Thought it would be nice to get a photo of the three of us. We must keep adding entries into the family album before we grow up and away.

And the man of the house finally officiates the reunion dinner.

MY favourite bit of the yee sang is the crunchy crackers! Yummm! Not to forget the salmon.

Angel sitting on the floor, wanting to be part of the camaraderie.

Lo-ing sang on dad’s side.

Shevie and her phone which probably already grew roots into her hands (haih kids these days, always smsing 😛 ) and Angel was used as a tummy warmer.

The next day, it was with mum’s side of the family. For the first time in my life, I’m having the CNY reunion dinner with mum’s side of the family. After my aunt’s demise, we don’t have a reason to go back to Malacca for CNY and since almost the entire family is based in Subang, we decided to have it at our place as well.

Ethan looking for his mummy. He knows a few words like, “Mi!! Mi!! Mi!!” (always with the same urgent tone) and “Car” or “Car key”. 🙂 Too cute. Oh, and the name of his little girlfriend, “Annie”.

Hong Weng and dad layaning my photo request before we had our meal.

Aunty Jenny brought delicious fried duck!

Look at Ethan traumatizing Angel.

The second plate of yee sang.

As you can see, there are a few repetitions. We are not very creative people..

Ethan gets a chance to be part of the ruckus too! 🙂

Mum’s side of the family is bigger hence there were more hands.

We had to split into two groups! My dining area is not big enough to accommodate mum’s side of the family but it was really nice having everyone around. Especially with little Ethan running around terrorizing Angel.

It was also my Uncle Yew Hee’s birthday and his wife, my Aunt Jenny made him a sponge cake. We didn’t have any candles or decorations so out came the make shift candles and make shift cake deco.

The happy birthday boy.

Isn’t Ethan such a sweetheart in this picture? 😀 I love him so much!! Poor Kwee Fong has got to sacrifice for this photo, her son is just too cute here!!

Acting like a baby again.

Sigh.. *pinch*

The little boy  has an obsession with cars! He was looking at the Myvi brochure for a really long time.

Our little darling <3!

The quality of this photo is obviously much better than the usual ones on my blog right? My brother and Jacqie snapped out their dSLR to get a shot of the entire family to be forwarded to the dozens of relatives spread across the globe. Great grand father has 14 children, and we are the 7th son’s family.  We still see the other siblings’ families during special occasions! 🙂
top l-r: Mervyn, Hong Weng, Aunty Doreen, Dad, Mum, Kwee Foong, Hong Fei
bottom l-r: Uncle Yew Pun, Jacqie, Aunty Jenny, Ethan, Grandma, Myself (and Angel in her CNY clothes) and Uncle Yew Hee.

Mum and Dad playing the filial children come the first day of Chinese New Year. It was actually past midnight when they presented my grandmother with ang paos. Damnit, I totally forgot about the tea serving ceremony……..I’m such a lousy chinese child.

On the first day of CNY, while waiting for Shevie, Kaima and Kaiyeah.

Grandma watching the CNY programmes while waiting.

Awww.. even Angel gets an ang pau. She gonghei-gonghei-ed for her ang pau too! RM5 to buy doggy treats! Her sister, Chazzy, which belongs to my Kaima, also got RM5 from my mum.

Got money also still so angry.

Since we have so many family photos on my dad’s side, it’s okay if I sit out on this one and just be the camerawoman.

Shevie and I before we cover the obligatory three houses. Same route every year.

Later that night, I brought a little something over to Chee Kiang’s place and was just in time for his aunt’s birthday!
L-r: Chee Kiang’s dad, Chee Liang (Chee Kiang’s bro), Chee Kiang’s mum, Chee Kiang’s aunt, Chee Kiang, Dina (Chee Kiang’s sister in law).
Wow.. so many Chee Kiangs in one sentence.

On the 7th day of CNY, my family hosted an open house for the relatives. Photos from here onwards are from my brother’s dSLR. Seeing the beautiful colours and sharp pictures kind of makes me want to buy a dSLR. :\

We catered tubs of mee hoon, mee, fried pandan, curry chicken and acat from this nasi lemak Aunty at Parkway, SS19. She’s got a whole range of dishes to choose from, highly recommended! Email me for her number!

After the makan ended, my brother and I had to go return the tubs to the nasi lemak aunty whose name was Pek Yuk.

“Return to Pek Yuk ah!” my mum nagged.

“But I don’t know how Pek Yuk looks like,” I said, even though my mum has been catering from her for a few years now.

“Aiyah, sell nasi lemak one ma”, my brother said, very confident and all.

Since I’ve been away from home in the last few years, it’s no surprise that he knows more than me.

When I got into the car, my brother asked, “Pek Yuk, boy or girl ah?”

*insert japanese anime falling down emoticon*

Uncle Ricky and Jezzenio, my next door neighbours for the past 19 years. My brother and I stood at the gate watching Baby Jezzenio being carried back home from the hospital in a baby basket 15 years ago.

Dad playing host in black and white.

See what I told you about Shevie’s handphone?

Angel being totally nonchalant, thinking that she’s very much one of us.

We entertained in batches, hence the empty looking place. 🙂

l-r: Uncle Ewe Jin (who is expecting his first child in September!), Aunty Alice (who took care of my brother for the first two years of his life) and Aunty Ah Sui. Angel stares longingly at what could probably be long yuk.

We still have leftovers from Sunday’s lunch. I’m going to be a Yam Cake soon if tomorrow’s lunch is still left over Yam Cake.

Cousin Kwan Hoong looking handsome!

I showed off my domestic side for this year’s CNY open house! I made Bubur Pulut Hitam (Hak Lou mai/Black Glutinuous Rice Porridge)…and I got it right this time! woot!! I loved it! I’ll post a recipe up later.

I didn’t wanna call friends, sorry yah, this way it would be easier for me to entertain relatives.

Dad preventing Angel from disturbing the guests.

Popo and Aunty Ah Sui having a long chat.

Hehehe, Hi Kaima!

Uncle Caleb’s family!
L-r: Leon, Aunty May, Amos and Florence.
Uncle Caleb was one of my dad’s colleague when my dad had a small firm called BioVision during my primary school days. It was like an events company cum advertising company cum designing company.. I don’t even know what it really does, but I know artistes and printing and computers were of utmost importance to the company. I remember my dad had to take a sleeping bag to the office (which was at the shoplots where Tanjung in SS14 is, so it’s just down the road from my place) when he had to rush for a dead line. Sounds like hard times, doesn’t it? But life was really fun back then because we could just go into the office whenever we want and check to see if Hasbro (one of their clients) left behind any toy samples.

Almost all his staff were like family members back then and now they’ve become long time family friends. Uncle Caleb is one such person. When he first joined my dad’s company, he didn’t even have Leon yet. I remember a pregnant Aunty May and we were waiting and waiting and finally the baby came! We went to see little Leon at their apartment and watch him get his nappies changed. I was 9 years old then. Baby Leon is now a 13 year old boy attending high school already! Sigh time sure flies.

And just a couple of years ago, he was a mere 7 year old who had a strange interest for beautiful bathrooms. He’d go into people’s bathrooms and shout, “Waaaaahhh so nice!”.

Sweet kid. 🙂 I never really got a chance to bond with Amos and Florence as they were much younger.

The poor boy who looks most bored on the far left of the photo is the youngest son of my dad’s childhood friend.

My dad’s childhood best friends were a pair of twins (and one half of the twin was at the table but you can’t see clearly from this pic). They grew up in PJ Old Town and would climb Gasing Hill together and play with the monkeys when they reach the top. Amazingly, they are still such good friends to this day!

Gotta love CNY in a way. 🙂 Good food, good company and money!

Melissa’s Parents’ Wedding Anniversary / Chee Wen’s Birthday / Post Dental Dinner Celebrations / Nokia N96 Race / Jon’s Early Birthday

More blings on The Sticker Monster blog! 🙂 I love the designs!


In today’s history class, we’ll be talking about what Jolene has been up to in the month of November and December 2008. This will be chapter 1 and it will last indefinitely. Until all the photos from her holidays are up here. Tallying with the albums on facebook, heh.

Poor Melissa was in a tight position as to who she could invite to her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, but I was one of the lucky few she managed to squeeze into her table of 10!

Sometime in November, while waiting for Kwo Kuang to come pick me up. Yeap, this was also my Facebook profile photo before I changed it twice. So you can tell how old these photos are. The average age of my Fb profile pics is 3 months! 🙂

Seriously, what else can you caption when you merely want to camwhore? Something to look back on when I’m old(er) and wrinkly(er)?

The dinner was held at Legend Hotel, somewhere around the vicinity of the Titiwangsa area, I think. This was the view from the carpark!

Kwo Kuang and myself.

The theme was Gold and Yellow and so Kwo Kuang was putting on his tie. As you can see later, all the other guys had the same tie colour!

Okay lah, quite smart already, one before we went in.l

Placed at the counter were Faye and Abby who did the registration.

Signing the guestbook – can’t do my usual wedding guestbook greetings which comprises of a message on having more kids, complete with multiple tiny stick figures (kids). Already got two grown up kids, what to say? Draw even tinier stick figures to represent grandchildren?

Uncle and Aunty Lam’s beautiful daughter, Liss. 🙂

A full length one!

A relative of Lim Goh Tong, wtf. As he always claims to be.

Toilet Sign Placement Fail.

Only two of Liss’ uni mates came, in a table full of SU people. Chien, is obviously not a uni mate, but Daryl(left) and Calvin are. Yeap, if you remember Calvin, I’ve pimped him way back and he’s also one of my closer guy friends whom I met through Liss.  Calvin is now working at Citibank, no longer just a second year business student at Help. 🙂

Ahh, a tableful of people from my brother’s year! Liss’ bro Nicholas and my brother were in the same year and these are some of his friends.
L-r: Ian, Vern Sheng, Wilson, Wei Jin and Jessica.

Ian and my brother go wayyyy back. Haha. In 1996, when they were both in standard one, Ian said something or did something and pissed my brother off real bad. My brother punched him in the face and the poor boy’s milk tooth came out.

I think my mum apologized to his mum when they bumped into each other at the Valley Club. (back then almost everyone in Subang had a membership there.)

His mum was so nice, haha I remember she said something like, “Thanks!! No need to go to the dentist now, it was supposed to come out anyway.” LOL

ok don’t know which of them will kill me first for putting this story up here.

The old lady comes in for a photo with the young blood too.

The older generation. Haha.
top l-r: Kevin, Chun Meng, Kuang
bottom l-r: Myself and Chien.

A kiss from Abby.

l-r: Daryl, Abby, Myself and Calvin.

The SU people, safe for Chun Meng.

Like Interact Club meeting.

All of us were well behaved enough to stick to the theme. I wanted to rebel and wear a blue dress instead.

Us ladies.
l-r: Faye, Abby, Chien, Liss and myself.

Liss and her brother Nicholas surprised her parents with a special performance which they have been practicing for so many nights.

Kwo Kuang kneeling next to me, he was also trying to get a good shot of the talented siblings.

l-r: Kwo Kuang, Adrian, Abby, Kevin and Chun Meng.

Top l-r: Myself, Faye, Abby
bottom l-r: Adrian, Kevin, Chun Meng

Since it’s not often that I see Abby..

Here she is posing with the dainty basket dessert.

Me, doing a slightly more disgusting job.

Not a good look, Kev.

This Calvin just WON’T take a proper photo with me. ;(

So shy for what, your face make of gold lah now.


Another cute photo of Abby to ease the eyes.

Abby and handsome Adrian in his handsome vest.

Abby and Kwo Kuang.

Myself and Adrian.

Three different formal looks!

And how do you ever resist a full length mirror?

KL by night.

Then next was Chee Wen’s birthday. He turned 22 then and he’ll probably be like 25 when this post finally goes up on the blog.

It was held at the default birthday celebration place – Old Town! 😀 Also the default place to have dinner and lunch if we are not being very creative. Ipoh Hor Fun for me anytime, anyday. In recent times however, I feel that the hor fun that they use in my dish…taste kind of weird. It smells and taste vaguely of vomit.

It then made me imagine the kitchen people being total nightmares and doing unspeakable things to my food.. and the more i ate, the smell became more and more pungent. Ugh. Couldn’t go on.

Sett flashes his oh-so-kissable lips.

It’s like some cancerous growth from my face.

Chee Wen the birthday boy posing with his delicious birthday cake.

With such a pretty cake, of course Chee Wen would have to camwhore with it a little bit first, right?

I don’t know where Xin Yi bought this cake. It’s actually an ice-cream cake, with chocolate topping, oreos and white chocolate shavings!

Chee Wen was trying to protect the candles from everyone’s breath during the birthday song.

Wah so magical..

I can never get over the glow of birthday candles.

I also cannot resist big polystyrene covers.

You know those fancy hats british women wear to weddings and funeral? Eh wait, this is more like a hat box. -_-

Told ya that the cake is good shit.

In lieu of the dental dinner’s roaring success, Prof. Smales has made it a BDS tradition to host a celebration cum appreciation dinner for all the committee members and performers. This is the third year’s table.

The old ladies’ table, which was later joined by Prof. smales.

The Year 1 and Year 2 table.

Gender segregation -_-. A Year 1 and Year 2 table as well.

Purely Year 3!

Nahh.. the relatively tiny amount of Year 4 pioneer students. Our class only has 37 people compared to the Year 3 which has about 50, the Year 2 about 50 as well and I think the year1 has close to 70 students!(the government upped the intake quota last year for private dental schools).

Year 4 and some Year 3.

Year 3 and Year 4 again. You should know who is who by now!

Hahahha Prof. Smales damn cute right.. he can’t stand the noisy Yam Seng cheer!

The other juniors were roaring with Yam Seng cheers, so we couldn’t possibly lose out, could we?

If got Karaoke, Maxis will surely be the first one up on stage.

Sigh, not my fault that my coursemates are all super petite girls!
This was supposed to be a tights/leggings photo. But don’t know who so clever go and take the upper parts of our body.
L-r: Sook Mei, Ei Leng, Gerviene, Cassandra and myself.

One of the weekends, Soon Seng invited me to join him for the Ultimate Nokia N96 race. About 15 participants have been shortlisted to take part in the race and he was one of them! How fortunate right? Before the start of the race, they were already given an N96 phone which they get to keep!! The race required them to do some activities with the phone around a few spots in KL with a partner. So I was the lucky partner. Check out his cool N96! I sure hope he has managed to collect money from Joshua already. (check out the date. -_-)

To show you that we really went for the Nokia N96 race.

To show you my cute shorts which I wore that day.

L-r: Soon Seng, May May and Curryegg.

David Lian, the awesome PR guy for Nokia who is practically a permanent fixture in the blogging scene already!

So this was the complicated map that we had to follow. I was very lucky that Soon Seng knows his way around KL. We just ran directly to each spot without having to ask for directions!

See! So sweaty already! We were actually the last pair to take off because Soon Seng forgot to synchronize this programme on his phone that was needed when we were in the race. I was all geared but had to jam brake!

No photos of all the places we went to though. When you’re only given 96 minutes to run to Sg. Wang’s Arcade Center, then run to the Nokia Flagship store at Lowyat, and out to the Speedy Video shop along Jalan Bukit Bintang, and then all the way to this Cultural Artsy Fartsy place near PAVILLION WTFFFF (we had to run there okay?) and then back up to the Standard Chartered building next to Pavillion and BACK again to Speedy because it was closed before that. After that, we had to run back to Lot 10 which was the finishing point.

You should read Soon Seng’s post about our little massive adventure. I easily covered 8km by foot that day. This is coming from the girl who would rather swim than run, who drives over to her classmates’ place two roads away, who drives to the Indian grocery store down the road and still within eyesight to buy pandan leaves.

There were activites at each spot. At the Arcade center, we had to play Percussion Master or Streetfighter and win up to Level 2 before we could proceed to the next part.

Aiyah you read Soon Seng’s post lah, it’s more detailed than mine.

Ringo was one of the other participants and her partner was KY.

One of the organizers explaining to the participant that the Speedy sales assistant was on his way from Cheras. Haih.

After a side-splitting, leg breaking sprint to the finishing line, Soon Seng and I collapsed to the floor, coming in 4th place! Not bad at all for a non-runner like me!

I was actually red in the face, and was not looking my most glamorous.

But after awhile, the red glow made all of us more radiant!
l-r: Chloe, Skyler, myself.

Soon Seng and a funny lady(sorry! can’t remember your name 🙁 ) from a gaming magazine pretending to be tired.

And they wanted a nicer photo too. Hehe.

The food was awesome and is courtesy of Nokia!

Myself and May May.

Soon Seng and Curryegg.

Instead of consolation prizes, we had free meals and what’s left of the RM100 given to us at the start of the race. It was good enough for me! Thank you Nokia!

The winning pair was a father-daughter duo and they won a trip to Phuket for two! How lucky!

A group photo before we disbanded.

Giving our thanks to Nokia!

One more before Soon Seng followed me to hunt for shoes in Sg. Wang and on a sticker shopping mission that lasted for three hours. (sorry Soon Seng!)

And right after that was Jon’s surprise birthday party organized by Charis who is my newest friend now! Charis, Jon and another friend Ben have moved in to an apartment at Bandar Utama together! How fun right? It’s like FRIENDS!

Chia Wei was there too! I’ve not seen this girl since.. a few years ago. I’ve known her since she was 8 years old. Naughty little girl with her other 8 year old classmates disturbing me while I took care of the staircase in front of their classroom. (That was my territory as a 9 year old prefect, the Block D tangga.)

Chee Kiang in mid-run as Jon turns the lock in the door.

Hiding, hoping to give Jon a nice surprise. Chee Kiang was ‘supposed’ to be in Singapore. 🙂

Shhhh… we were waiting for him to come into Charis’ room.


We actually celebrated his birthday earlier. This way, he won’t even suspect a thing! Haha.

Jon being appreciative.

Then Chee Kiang came out to surprise Jon!

Daryl felt disgusted by all the manly love going around.

Was this a Tequila? I can’t remember, but we dumped one of the cream deco from the cake into it and lined the glass with more cream.

Gross but it’s for the birthday boy.

I edited wrongly, sigh. Cheers!

Maybe it can even qualify to be a proper drink!

Jon gave it a go.

Down it boy!

….. don’t think he enjoyed it too much.

Daryl’s camwhoring skills have improved tremendously!

Meet Caryn! Another new friend. 🙂

This stupid Daryl asked me to take such a disturbing looking photo. Anyway, if you see a doctored version of this photo anywhere else, remember! You saw it here first. 🙂

The chaco’s was good shit. Couldn’t stop popping them.

This Daryl seriously bo liao. And the colour of this picture turned out to be quite eery. However, Daryl’s leg hair has proved to be quite the ‘good luck charm’. If you pull out a few of his leg hairs, make a wish and then blow it away, it might just come true. We discovered his lucky leg hair back in 2006 when we went to Port Dickson together.

The awesome view from their apartment. Jon said that sometimes, they can even see Genting Highlands.