ADSALympics 2010: Don’t Laugh..but I’m A Cheerleader

*During the second week of April 2010, my faculty held their annual games which we have so aptly named ADSALympics. ADSALympics is a monster of a sporting events. I like how my junior Shing Hui put it: ADSALympics = Cheer 2000 + NBA + Olympics + Thomas CUP + FIFI World Cup + Reality Show Event (plenty of drama). I’ll probably blog more about the other events, but by now most of you should be well acquainted with my blogging style, so don’t set your hopes too high. πŸ˜€

At the ripe old age of 23 (*dodges tomatoes and banana skins from the rest of the classmates*), I took part in my first ever cheerleading event!

A pre performance photo of some of the team members. We were praying that no accidents would happen that day.

Poh Yee recaptures her lost youth. πŸ˜›

Thankfully Brenda was there to capture our moment of glory!

Ee Chean found his initials twin among the Year 2 students. Ee Chean’s surname is Tan so I can see why this was a pleasant surprise to him. Thanks for posing Eng Cheong!

And this is what Ee Chean chose as the name on his journey. So cute right?!

This picture trumps all – it is by far the cutest! It also generated a whole lot of comments on facebook, becoming one of the more loved photos among all the ADSALympic photos.

So nice of the Year 2 boys to comply to a senior’s request for a photo.

Myself and Chwan Horng before everyone got a little more stressed out.

L-r: Ee Chia, Steven, Angela and Narjit.
Ee Chia worked really hard on the banners for our team. The job was delegated to her as she is the most artistic one in class. Alongside a few others lah, don’t emo.

This is Batch 2 practicing for their performance. Everyone was trying to do some last minute fine tuning. It was almost impossible for all batches to practice constantly due to our overbearing schedule.

Doing some last minute dance routines at the squash court. Yes, we have a squash court. Let it out, it is okay to be envious, shh, it is okay.. *rubs*

This is how Jimmy deals with stage fright.

Our class is seriously so small that our entire cheerleading team could practice in a single squash court.

Not exactly ideal but we only had minutes before the performance and were nervous like hell!

Damn hot in there with everyone sweating due to nervousness and also the lack of any sort of ventilation. Still smiling though!

As I was about to caption this picture, Lie Yuen walked in to my room to moan about our day/discuss dinner/weekend plans so…. which movie you want to watch ah woman? Robinhood or Kidnappers?

Everyone look so cute in their headgear!

Trust batch 4 to come up with a creative name!

The eventual champions. Sorry I gave it away.

Batch 5 made sure we knew they were there with their super glowing jerseys!

Our dear lecturers who sat in as judges for the cheerleading event!
L-r: Dr. Nanditha, Dr. Niekla, Dr. Kalyan and Dr. Senthil.

Presenting Batch 4!

I love it that the boys held pompoms too!

Wonder if the ones at the bottom felt any pain.

Batch 4’s Diazepom’s cheerleading routine.

Some team spirit thingie we did at the beginning of our act.

Being in the front line, it was our job to lay down the banners.


Too bad Wuan Phing didn’t manage to capture our fan formation! See the video for the full formation:)

We have this formation called The Bridge where Sock Nee runs across the boys’ backs. I was supposed to be an extra boy but after being all drama queen and squealing and screaming everytime Sock Nee stepped on me, they kicked me back out to join the girls shaking the pompoms. So happy to be back as a girl.

Everyone feared for Lie Yuen’s life with this formation. It was a three layer pyramid with the second layer’s boys’ hands extended all the way up, holding on to her feet. She then falls straight down from the top to the waiting hands below.

One of our prettiest formations!

Lie Yuen and Steven with their synchronized cartwheels.

See us being worried for Lie Yuen!

Poh Yee and Sock Nee’s mouths are the cutest here!! <3

See the video okay! The first video is shot in HD by our lecturer Dr. Kalyan and the second one was with my camera by Brenda. The second video is of course not as pro as the first but at least you can see Jimmy’s super high jump!

Batch 1’s Shockers Cheerleading routine

From the side. heh.

Batch 3 performed after us and gave it their all. They have been practicing for more than a month prior to the competition and with Deniece as their squad leader, they pretty much dropped all the jaws in the badminton court that day.

Gerviene as the damsel in distress during the siren call at the beginning (just watch the video!). Oh yeah, the Batch 3’s team name is Sirens (or was it Sirenz?).

Check out the hairography!

The Batch 3 can seriously seriously dance. There’s one part where their tummies tuck in and their chest stick out and back in in quick succession…that was awesome. I tried that in front of the mirror and failed embarrassingly.

With squad leader Deniece taking the lead.

More hairography from the ladies.

For amateurs (well, the most professionals among all the amateurs that day) they can really really bend!

Gorgeous pompoms from Batch 3 as souvenirs for the judges.

Batch 3’s Sirens Cheerleading routine

Thunder from Batch 2 had a great mix of songs which included Ice Ice Baby!!!

I thought the T formation was a nice touch!!

They all look really cute together. Like tiny mushrooms. Hahaha. πŸ™‚

And then peeking out from under their mushroom pompoms!

Y YOU DAMN SEXY LAaa. Especially when you walked out to the front with that super intense look in your eyes, sending electricity to all the judges (Dr. Kalyan and Dr. Senthil also ng fong kor..haha) to the Sorry Sorry song.

<3 I wish to see you boys performing the entire dance number. πŸ™‚ Too bad it was so short.

Always the best at designing banners. πŸ™‚

Batch 2’s Thunder cheerleading routine part 1.

And here’s part 2!

The last to perform were the dentistry babies, our super juniors from Year 1. πŸ™‚

There is one particular move that I liked a lot! The girls had this puppet move where they have their arms sticking out robot style and then they turn their heads to us in puppetry fashion. πŸ™‚ Nice touch!

I must apologize though as I don’t have Batch 5’s video up on youtube and I must not procrastinate any longer with these posts so I won’t be showing Batch 5’s video here. It’s on facebook though…I think.

It was certainly a rewarding experience coming in at 2nd place after the few but intense cheerleading practice which was done military style by Maxis. This is probably the last time that I’ll ever get to be part of a cheerleading team. πŸ™‚

Batch 1’s Cheerleading Journey for ADSALympics 2010

I hope I will have the energy to blog about the rest of the ADSALympics events which just wouldn’t stop.

For those who are not from my university or my course, ADSALympics is an annual sporting event held by the AIMST Dental Students’ Association. It is basically a crazy week of non stop sports, reducing us to soggy tissues at the end of it all.

On Day 1 we had the long awaited Cheerleading event followed by the Basketball game on that very same day. Swimming, Dodgeball, Ping Pong, Badminton, Futsal, Amazing Race..all within the span of one week. On Monday would be track and javelin and on Tuesday, we hope to be done with the rest of the Dodgeball matches.

I never knew one human being could do much in such a short span of time. Ask any dental student (who contributed ahem ahem ahem clears throat) and they would raise one finger with the help of the other finger, supported by raising their knees slightly for a larger force…..just to show you that they are still alive.

Body Evolution (our local massage center located at our usual dinner spots) would be filled with BDS people over the next few days. I had my full body massage there a few days ago and if any of you saw ugly red spots on my right and left arm (bilateral ugly red spots), that’s because the china masseuse talked me into getting the hot cup treatment. Don’t know what is it lah, I thought she wanted to use the cow bone on me to ‘kuat sah’ and before I knew it, my flesh was being sucked into tiny bowls. I had a very turtle moment and it hurt like a mofo bitch. That’s why it is very important to send your children to chinese schools.

SO! Here’s a summary of our cheerleading preparations over the past few weeks. All these photos were up on facebook weeks ago but privatised to only my classmates as we did not want to show any of the juniors or lecturers what we had in store for them come ADSALympics Day 1! Our hard work really paid off with all the awesome comments we have been getting. For eight days of practice, I think we did pretty good. We got second place though Maxis wanted us to be number one! We are complacent people and it was more than we could have asked for! Full coverage on the Cheerleading event will be after this post. πŸ™‚ PROMISE.

Photos are below but do watch the video of Batch 1’s entire cheerleading journey thus far. PLEASE WATCH AH. I took such a long time to put it together.

Our first ever practice was held at the jetty in our housing area, BLM. Trivia: The jetty is rumoured to be haunted after 7pm.

The happy faces of the eager participants.

Ee Chean with our squad leader, Maxis. The girls from the other batches had a good laugh when they found out that our squad captain was a guy. I tell you, he is the best squad leader EVER. So determined, so focused.

HAHAHA my favourite photo of Chwan Horng which he hates. It’s like he was fantasizing about something.

Me loving Nien who was protecting my baby. My baby MBP contributed to the group’s cheearleading lessons. Then the monster behind us is negligible. No need to care about him.

Monster scared of paparazzi.

Touristy photo with the Merbok river which runs through our housing area, runs under the bridge which we take to uni everyday, runs all the way to the sea and bypasses the foothills of Gunung Jerai. I’m like studying at a fucking resort place. Ahhhhh.. but why don’t I appreciate it and hire some boat and explore?

Plenty of photo taking during our first practice because the sun was lovely.

Monster dribbles water from his chin seductively.

Got warm up session somemore..hahaha.

Showing you how it is done wtf

Sett abit lost the plot.

One of our first few attempts at hoisting up the flyers.

Zhu Zen has a fear of heights.

Maxis just climbs on top of anybody forgetting that he and whoever who was kesian enough to be the base weighed about the same.

Just trying a few positions to see which fits.

The humble beginnings of our female star. GO LIE YUEN!

Should see the video of Poh Yee screeching and screaming when she was climbing on top of Andy.

Ee Chean’s attempt at being a flyer.

Cze-Yin’s turn.

The boy bridge. Initially, Lie Yuen and Sock Nee were supposed to run across it together. I was also supposed to be on one end of the bridge as an extra boy, since there weren’t enough boys in the team and the only girl who had the physique (body mass) of a guy was me, so fml. Nothing has changed since kindergarten, as Lie Yuen reminded me. Sad flashbacks of wearing a tuxedo and twirling my classmate who was wearing a yellow dress, dancing to the song “Happy Together” at our kindergarten concert played in my head. Not enough boys back then too.

I love boys’ backsides.

The original fan members. Only remaining members towards the end was me and Narjit. πŸ˜€

LMAO at Cze-Yin. Why is she always so funny..*wipes tears from eyes*. It’s like her world has a totally different gravity pull.

Our mad squad leader trying out the vision in his head.

One of our star flyers too!

The two lightest ones in the group with the two strongest bases.

Everybody tried to give their own ideas.

As Andy said in cantonese, “Ngo dei Batch 1 mou mat yeh geh, hai cheh tor jek” (Us Batch 1 people don’t have much one, only got damn a lot of cars.) 37 students in my class, I think we have 33 cars.

For our second cheerleading practice, Maxis found a shady area near the first guard house at uni. It was a spot that most of us did not even know existed. Another reason to give my hat off to him.

L-r: Xin Yi, Poh Yee, Pei Zhi, Angela amidst the brown leaves.

Sock Nee so cute <3

Narjit and Socknee so cute <3

That’s right Joe, cheerleading in your formal clothes.

Housemates photo!!

Ah Thong trying out some moves.

Obligatory photo with the grass.

While I’m at it..

Monster Jimmy actually gives a very nice commentary in the Batch 1’s Cheerleading Journey video! He explains how he does his now famous jump that wowed the whole school. πŸ™‚ SO PROUD OF YOU MONSTA.

For the past few years as Lie Yuen’s sister, best friend, classmate, housemate, ex college classmate, KL kaki lang… I have always had a feeling that she used to cheerlead in high school but would always get scolded from her for getting my facts wrong. Seems that I was right all along. She does have natural cheerleading talents! Climbing up to the third layer..etc.. she can do it all lah.

Both hands have to raise at the same time so that the flyer will feel more stable.

Pure look of terror on Sock Nee’s face!

Narjit giving Cze-Yin a kiss.

Xin Yi the goddess with her humble followers bowing at her feet.

Chwan Horng tried to run away from me in case I snap another photo of him to frame him.

Zhu Zen’s japanese emoticon eyes. <3

Must teach Cze-Yin to stand like a woman.

Auditioning for flyers.

Looking for cheerleading videos to inspire the group.

Looking back at the photos, we really had a lot of fun practicing as a team. πŸ™‚

It’s almost like I’m in some huge campus in a foreign country where the ground is always clean and never muddy.

I love this picture of Sock Nee and me!

This would make an awesome Maxis Broadband advertisement. We were gathering around to watch the youtube video which we replicated with a few modifications.

Can see everyone’s shock expression. This is the part where the japanese boys did that crazy high jump which Jimmy successfully pulled off.

Practicing some cheerleading steps.

An accident happened.

CSI came to investigate.

Hopefully the dead leaves can help with the decomposing process.

At our third practice, we had it at Gemilang the futsal court. Maxis was taking this so seriously, he even printed out instructions for everyone. We were so proud of Maxis for taking so much initiative that we scolded each other if any of us forgot to take the paper home. LOL.

Practicing the dance for the first time.

Dinner after that third practice was at a rather high class chinese restaurant. But shared among so many people, it was only RM10 per person.

Sock Nee and her monster. I had to  force him to open his eyes because he was spoiling all the previous photos.

Maxis and Yi Ting who is practically our classmate now.

L-r: Thong, Me, Zhu Zen and Nien.

L-r: Nien, Lie Yuen and Ee Chean.

After class, we gathered to start on the pompom making process. It was a futile session as the material used was not ideal. 😐

I did ask them to smile properly!

We felt like a china factory.

Wah, Wuan Phing and Jaya dressed for the occasion.

Long story short, most of the pompoms were done by my grandmother, mum and me as I thought it would be better that I finish the pompoms since if a few people took it back to their respective hometowns during the holidays to complete, there would not be any form of standardization. So, I took one for the team!

George Washingthong.

The science student who is also a cheerleader. It is possible.

Ba di ya…dancing in september..~

Here comes the bride..

Trying out our skinny pompoms.

Wig test passed.

Bra test passed.

Warming up again. Very fake one la.

This was our second run through with the music. It was already our second last practice. Hahaha.

Trying to get the dance moves perfect.

Ah Thong poses for a squashed like a fly photo.

After our one week holiday, we rented a badminton court somewhere in town for our final rehearsal. It was also the first time we attempted that super dangerous three layer formation where Lie Yuen falls backwards to the waiting arms of the boys.

Lie Yuen falling. Sorry my camera sucks. πŸ™

This formation was also thought of super last minute. I think the actual performance was our second or third time going through the whole routine. *bows*

Pompoms are good to go!

The banner was done creatively by Ee Chia, Nien, Chwan Horng and a few others. I loved the glittery gold paint! We have a banner that rolls down from the top of the three layer formation. You can see that in the video! πŸ™‚

AIMST Third Annual Dental Dinner

Oooh, new updates on The Sticker Monster!!


With my current one week holiday in NUS enjoying the super fast internet connection here, I’ve been putting in a lot of backlogged photos into drafts so yeah, my blog is catching up quite a bit with my life!

The dental dinner was very much anticipated by the first batch of dental students here at AIMST.

Read about the 2008 and 2007 dental dinner here!

It being our last, most of us were having a hard time trying to decide what to wear. For myself, I knew that I needed something long. Of course must be something with a plunging neckline too, hehe. That’s just the way I roll contrary to what my mother thinks. It’s a nice present.

I just wanted opposite of everything that I’ve ever had. No more letting my hair down or even dresses that ends above the knees. I don’t know if I made any fashion boo boos lah, but oh wells, variety in life bla bla bla. Clutch a little bit unavoidable since most clutches looks the same. Sometimes it gets a little bit annoying because formal wear fashion has only so many varieties but still, definitely much better than being a guy.

I did contemplate on treating myself to a mani and padi but Jolene The Nail Artist from 2003 finally emerged from the depths of my many personas and said, “For fucks meh pay so much,” so I decided to do it myself. Since Jolene The Sticker Monster (another one of my many personas) has quite a lot of nail bling blings, I, Jolene The Poor Dental Student (obligatory persona to provide for a better future for my family – current and future. Current because I must maintain poor dental student status so that my dad doesn’t kill me when I tell him that my bank account is high and dry before the month is up and future because dentists usually can put their kids through university) shall make use of this fact. I think most of you might be lost at this point. It’s okay, read again.

Oh before I go on to the pictures, here are full length photos of me from all three years:


Don’t have full length=( but it ends around the knees, and yes, this is the same dress I wore to the Nuffnang Blog Awards.


I like my hair the most here.


Most favourite neckline. Hair, hmm.

Faster say nice!

I think you should look at it again.

This is also a promotional gimmick to get my customers to have faith in Preciosa crystals which is just as shiny, if not more shiny than Swarovski crystals. It’s like an equally good crystal brand lah, that I got duped into selling. I thought I was buying Swarovski. πŸ™ But it’s okay, turns out that some customers are quite pro when it comes to crystals and some of them love Preciosa! Yay!

Tiny gold beads usually used in nail art. I’m selling also! RM3.50! Go see this link for my nail bling blings!

Cze-Yin and I went to get our hair done without Lie Yuen because she was at home with one of her many personas too. To name a few, she has Lie Yuen The Self Hair Stylist Persona (whom she was at home with), Lie Yuen The Comic Doodler Persona, Lie Yuen the Otaku persona, Lie Yuen the Dog Lover persona, Lie Yuen the Lomo Crazy Photographer and so on. There are many people living in our house. Multiples of three.

Sorry yeah, I worked quite long on it so must show you again. I stuck each bead on one by one!

Sick of seeing me photographing my nails, Cze-Yin wanted in on it as well. sparkly! Preciosa crystals FTW!

She didn’t like her curls though and came home to get Lie Yuen to rectify it for her.

Ee Chean and Chwan Horng were there with us getting their hair done as well. We booked the slots a whole month in advance, damn kiasu right?

This is what they were doing before they put everything up. What I wanted was a high bun but they didn’t quite give me that. Don’t know why the bun didn’t hold up well.

Housemates in Lie Yuen’s room with her purple mirror that has been with her since Year 1.

As you can see, her purple mirror is rather portable. She also has very good taste when it comes to decorating.

Outside our house were two handsome boys and one beautiful girl who eventually won best dressed for her exquisite qipao.

Getting a bit emotional. We wanted a picture in our dresses as housemates right outside our house. Something to look back on in the years to come, don’t you think? The rusty gate, the tiny patch of vegetables planted by the next door popo and the brochure-strewn porch, sigh. Only 5 more months now before we say byebye. If I don’t study hard, maybe I will have to stay there alone for another year. πŸ™ Boo.

Designated driver for the night. But Lie Yuen took over after clubbing that night because you know why lah hah.

As Poh Yee was one of the earliest to arrive, with her standing around the reception area, many people taught that it was a wedding and that they were at the wrong place!
L-r: Poh Yee in her white gown, Pei Zhi, Brenda, Xin Yi, Myself, Sock Nee, Cze-Yin, Narjit, Lie Yuen and Angela.

Brenda in a black halter dress that swept the floor together with me.

L-r: Chwan Horng, Ee Chean, Chee Wen and Joe. I’m not sure if Joe was nominated, but Chee Wen took home best dressed for that night. I know everyone was in a suit *rolls eyes* but Chee Wen’s one had a really good cut!

Poh Yee and Cze-Yin posing together since they both wore white.

Poh Yee with the beige Zhu Zen.

As you can see, we could not stop taking photos. Pretty soon I am going to run out of captions already.

L-r: Magesh, Praveena and Bala. The two boys have rather good taste when it comes to clothings! I think they should have been nominated for Best Dressed Male.

L-r: Samuel, Charis, Ghayatri, Myself.

I love Charis’ dress!! All that bling bling on the boobs! <3 Classy!

Batch 1 girls SS-ing again. Different angles mah, sorry la.

We wanted to take colour coded photos but I think we got distracted half way. So here are a few anyway.

With Professor Comfort and Dr. Robinson, who have been with us through thick and thin since the beginning of the BDS course!

Chwan Horng ambil kesempatan.

L-r: Charis, Shing Hui, Gillian (who was nominated for Best Dressed Female), Ei Leng, Gabriel, Phebe and …um, someone help me! Sorry I forgot your name..:((( though I see you in the locker room everyday :((((((((((

I love Phebe’s dress!! It is so different!

Myself and the handsome CY!

Ahhh…my two lovely juniors Sabrina and Gerviene who made the exam season more bearable by responding to my crap on facebook. Thanks babes! <3

L-r: Aimee, Sabrina, Myself and Gerviene. Had to have one with the reception counter!

I thought the Batch 3 boys looked rather dashing so I positioned myself right in the middle.
L-r: Navin, Phillip, Kenneth, Me, Aik Munn, Chew Weng (whom I always mix up with Wah Seng) and Chin Kai. Chin Kai was the emcee for that night and I think he did a fantastic job playing the Ah Beng stereotype. It’s not like he overdid it, you can see that plenty of his own personality was up there on stage with him!

One of the few solo photos of myself. πŸ™ It was a sad night for me as my second SD card fucked up on me. It made weird lines across the photos, with grey areas etc etc. Some photos were lost and some of the more kooky ones were the affected ones. So much sadness in this world. πŸ™

One more with the entire reception area.

Just realized that Pei Zhi and I have similar clutches. Eh actually almost all of us had white-silver clutches! LOL. Batch 1 dentistry girls and their similar tastes, tsk tsk.

Josiah and myself.

Xin Yi was nominated for Best Dressed Female too! Love the slightly bondage style but in such a happy colour.

Jamie and Brenda – The GIrls in Black.

I love Sock Nee’s choice! The blue really stands out and also adds to the many colours when we stand together. Thank you for bringing a piece of rainbow to our class photos, Sock Nee.:)

Zhu Zen and myself. Who was the photographer? So lousy wan!

A few of the girls with Dr. Niekla (in black) and her daughter (in white).

Nien and I before entering the hall. Nien bought her toga dress from UK when she was there for her year end holidays! You have to touch the material.. so beautifully thick!

Props to Ei Leng for her gorgeous style. Firstly, love the design as it really shows off her curves, love the colour and the fascinator? WIN! Why? The black dots were garnished with blings from The Sticker Monster. <3 Totally adds to the glamour.

It’s people like Sock Nee and Ei Leng who brighten up an otherwise sea of blacks. Not that most of the girl wore blacks, but dare to go against convention!

See how awesome Sock Nee’s blue goes with Gerviene’s red as well?

One with Gerviene.

Batch 2 girls posing and I pull a paparazzi at the side. Don’t you just adore Carmen’s dress? (far left) I have one of her posing for me but as fate would have it, it HAD to be one of the spoiled photos. BAH.

L-r: Me, Narjit, Janice, Kaixuan.

Myself and my other damn funny junior, Jennifer! I thought your outfit was so Princess Jasmine. The slinky cloth, the hair, the make-up, the bustier (?), the sash, the works! And apparently people said I looked like The Queen as my choice of outfit was rather regal. So…we were royalties that night!

The folks at my table. For three years in a row now.
Up l-r: Cze-Yin, Nien, Ah Thong, Myself, Ee Chean
Bottom l-r: Brenda, Poh Yee, Lie Yuen, Zhu Zen, Chwan Horng.

Half the class with our beloved dean, Prof. Smales.

The other table.
top l-r: Xin Yi, Pei Zhi, Zhu Zen, Brenda, Lie Yuen, Pih Yee, Nien, Sock Nee, Myself
bottom l-r: Angela, Sett, Joe, Maxis, Chwan Horng (why close eyes!), Ah Thong and Jimmy.

All of us were fussing over Dr. Brindha and Dr. Karthik’s baby boy, Darshan! And don’t you just love Dr. Brindha’s blue sari??? I could lose myself staring forever into this shade of blue.

L-r: Brenda, Nien, Dr. Karthik, Narjit with Darshan, Dr. Brindha, Cze-Yin and Jamie.

So so so so so cute!!!!!! He has so much wisdom in his little baby face.

So the opening act was by a bunch of hot chicks from Batch 5. I don’t know their names. πŸ™ I hardly know anybody from Batch 5. It is always the case for any Year 1 dental student.

Playing with Sett’s brother-in-law’s DSLR. πŸ˜›

The VIP table looks on intently.

The hot chicks at my table.

Like how they say it in the magazines and newspapers when they photograph celebrities and politicians: Jolene and Nien share a light moment.

The dinner was also to introduce the new AIMST Dental Students’ Association Committee 09/10. I’m finally done with secretarial work. *dusts hands*

The committee strikes a post for the camera.

Oh cute little ballot holders for the Dental King and Queen and best dressed candidates.

Deniece wows the entire school with her sizzling belly dance moves. She jiggles in sections!! Too amazing.

Myself and Janice.

Steven and I! Steven’s one of the few international students we have in dentistry. He is from Seychelles Island! So cool right! He was telling me that the people in his country speak French.

This is our other international student, Nadia who is from Kenya and is now in the third batch! I think we have another one or two international students. There’s even one international student from China in the first year.

This is Ke Ke, my Batch 4 junior.

Yii Ping is one of the few girls on campus who can work the electric guitar.

The three person band doing their thang.

SEI KAM MOU. Here’s Jimmy practicing his skills with a DSLR. He would soon get a DSLR a week after dental dinner.

The clever system they derived for the voting process. Each label comes with a slit, so you pretty much can understand, I don’t have to come up with words to describe the process.

Melvin the ADSA president squatting and digging some food from his buccal sulcus with his tongue. Hehehe. This photo made many laugh on Facebook.

The ever hyper Batch 4 girls did a dance that brought many of us back to the 90s, early noughties. N’Sync’s Bye Bye Bye and Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time to name a few.

Old ladies like me appreciate songs from the 90s.

Dr. Niekla belts out Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love Of All. Dr. Niekla can SING! Not only is she a brilliant pediatric dentist, she had an album and everything when she was in high school and quit the singing business to pursue her dentistry studies. My lecturer was a pop star back in Indonesia!! I can’t get over it, it’s just too awesome.

It has been a tradition for the Batch 1 to put up a video and this year, Jimmy came up with the idea to make a parody of this funny Thai commercial about exaggeration over the simplest things.

Here’s the video:

Ah Thong laughs at himself on the screen. I’m getting some Oscar/Golden Globes vibes here. Heh, like they are all dressed to the nines like how they are in the awards as they watch snippets of their award winning performances.

After the video was the part where a couple of students from each batch were sent up on stage to compete for the Dental King and Dental Queen title. The winner was Khim Yik from Batch 3 and Stephanie who is from Batch 2! This is Khim Yik’s second win! He first won the title when he was in Year 1!

The two reps from my class are Narjit and Joe.

This is Khim Yik!

This is Xin Le and Shanmugam from Batch 4. The couples were asked to act out a situation on the spot and I think these two did quite a good job!

A dance by Batch 2!

Batch 2’s drama was damn cute lah. The red cloth is the gingiva and those white stuff are of course teeth. It’s a story about a few teeth in the mouth of a boy. Whoever who was doing the voiceover (I think Carmen was one of them) did such an amazing job!

Then you have the bad guys, who are none other than evil S. Mutans. Streptococcus Mutans is the commonest bacteria which contributes to tooth decay, so of course all the dental students roared with laughter. So geeky of us! πŸ™‚

Myself and Melvin while I was on the way to the toilet.

Wouldn’t be able to forgive myself I didn’t get one with the mirror.

Sigh, the sadness starts here. I have a few nice pictures on my own with awesome poses on the stairs, at the table etc. But it was all damaged by some stupid fucked up glitch with my SD card. I have digital camera phobia now. πŸ™ I never want to lose photos again, ever. And it had to happen with the pictures of my last dental dinner ever.

At least this one is still here. I’m going to have to ask you to excuse the chunk of an arm.

Crowning Dr. George as the best dressed lecturer.

And for the last time….Zephyr.

Zephyr is a band formed by my classmates and in their heydays (a time when they were less occupied with clinics and the likes) they actually played in places like Halo Cafe and were quite well known around campus.

If our schedule doesn’t free up and what with us finishing the course soon, this was their last performance.

Ah Thong and me! His tie quite different right!

Carmen and myself! Carmen was Chee Kiang’s senior (by one semester only) at IMU when he was there doing pharmacy for 6 months. And then she too left IMU to become my junior here. Hehe. Another transferred coursemate of Chee Kiang’s is Philip who used to be Chee Kiang’s junior when they did A-levels together in Singapore. He then pursued dentistry here as my Batch 3 junior.

Soo Huan, who won best dressed with her beautiful qipao.

l-r: Vivian, Me, Zhu Zen, Poh yee, Kaixuan, Soo Huan and Sylvia.

Brenda and I with Dr. Sonu, our pediatric dentistry lecturer.

Yii Ping and I. She’s got such a gorgeous smile!

Zephyr’s adoring fans.

Chwan Horng and I.

Narjit and me.

Oooh sexiness. (not me lah)
l-r: Deniece, Jeanette, Me

San leong.

Jamie and Me. Nice lace!!

Me and my darling housemate! Nice right the swirly thing she did to her eyes?

A more decent one of Lie Yuen and I.

By far the sweetest couple in BDS (the rest also very sweet..but the guys must take a leaf out of David’s book okay!) This is Kimra and David who have been together since their first year. They are now in third year already. Like most couples here in dentistry, they are always together. A particular sweet moment was during the futsal ADSALympics event. Someone kicked the ball and it hit Kimra on the head with a loud smack. David left the court and immediately rushed to her side and rubbed her head. SO SWEET RIGHT. It was by far the most exciting part of the game for me. *guy sports bore me*

Eh, another photo with Bala and Praveena!

Wilander and me!

Wah Seng and me!

Wah smexxy Peta and me. So onz your dress! I love it!

Oooh, this was a spoilt photo as well. πŸ™ But luckily the important parts of the photo was still good. So here it is, looking like some sidebar image link! Jacqueline and I were excited that we both had bling bling eyelashes.

The sides of myself and Jacqueline.

L-r: Encik Mansor, Encik Yahya, Myself, Lishen and Encik Abdullah. They are our dental technology lecturers.

Ei Leng and her gorgeous fascinator again! Courtesy of The Sticker Monster! (tak habis-habis promoting) ;P

L-r: Jeeva, Venga and me.

Sett and me. What’s with the thumbs up?

Jimmy and Brenda. I had one with Jimmy too but it was one of the spoilt photos, sigh.

I like this one of Andy and Lie Yuen!

And this one of Poh Yee with our guy classmates!! Regret that I didn’t have one like that!!! Why didn’t I think of it!

Before everyone made their way home, we tried to gather all the classmates for a photo together. However, Cze-Yin and Andy were missing from the photo.

So I made this! Jimmy and I have an on-going bet that anyone who can make the most realistic complete class photo will be able to laugh at the loser who will have to eat a ball of ZOE. (ZOE is the material used to fill the tooth temporarily and the material is dough-like) I’m still procrastinating my entry as he did a pretty damn good job. LOL. Let him wait lah till he forgets about it.

Room service!

Was driving out of the carpark when I saw Jimmy lying on the stairs. Somehow he looks like a dwarf with the optical illusion.

After the dental dinner and it being our last, many of us made our way over to Mois. It was fun because people from different batches came along. The crowd was huge! About a quarter of the club were taken up by dentistry students and some of us called our friends from other courses along. So basically Mois was filled with AIMST students that night.

Sock Nee looking so adorable here.

A few drinks before everybody warmed up.

Me and my sweaty face and my chewing gum.

If you think Chee Wen looks red here, this is nothing.


This looks like a really nice movie poster. With Bala smiling in orange and Sett smiling knowingly at him! It’s another one of my distorted photos. πŸ™

A clearer one of the two of them.

The girls looking happy.

Wah Adrian is SO feeling it.

L-r: Adrian (needs a tissue!), Aimee and Aik Munn.

l-r: Stephanie, Charis and CY.

SCARY RIGHT!! It’s like he used red paint on his face.

Poh Yee and her bling bling dress.

Andy declines a drink.

l-r: Pei Zhi, Xin Yi and Poh Yee.

Here’s a clearer view of Poh Yee’s super bling red dress.

Whatever is in the jar looks kind of gross. It’s not a mixture of puke, don’t worry. 😐

Like every other outing to Mois, we ended at the night at the nearby mamak.

We Must Never Forget Our Standard One BM Lessons

I’ve got an adorable little girl patient who just started standard one. She can’t understand much Malay or English as of yet so communication between us is more sign language and embarrassing sound effects on my part with her shaking or nodding her head gingerly. 

So I decided to travel back to my standard one academic memories to see if I can get a better response from her.

I asked, “So sudah belajar banyak benda di Standard one hor! What have you learned? Bola? Buku?” 

Then she started saying, “One, two…”

“Oh! You’ve learned how to count! Okay, One, Two…?”

“Three…four…five…six………” she went on.

I cheered her on until seventy before I decided that if I didn’t get started with our treatment, we’d be one of the last to leave the clinic.

Malay words were rather limited but strangely, she responds when I say the words out in bahasa baku. Especially when I sing it the way we were taught how to do in standard one.

If I wanted to ask if she felt any pain, I said, “Sakit tak? S-A SA, K-I-T KIT! SAKIT!”

She shakes her head.

“G-I GI G-I-T GIT. GIGIT!” and she bites!


Since she was such a good little girl, it was a practice to reward them with little stickers after their treatments so I let her choose a sticker from the sticker box (not mine, they didn’t ask me to be a supplier, boo.) She didn’t understand what I was doing. 

So I said, “Choose one! S A SA, T-U TU! SATU!”

She took one and left the clinic to find her daddy. 

So glad I found a solution. S-O So L-U- LU T-I TI O-N ON. SOLUTION.