Ordering Food Improves My Mandarin/Brenda’s Birthday Dinner/My Dentures Are Almost Complete/Happy Birthday Mun Teng!

Just for the heck of it, I made a video of me ordering food in mandarin. It’s one of the many ways that I try to improve my mandarin. Another method is to get my classmates to throw english words or phrases at me and I have to try to say it in mandarin. Not too bad leh! Quite impressive you know.

But don’t know why still so karat. Anyway, in the video, I spoke too fast. So here are the corrections:
1. In the beginning, I said, “Brenda weeeeee recording for me.” .. It’s Brenda will be recording for me.
2. As I’m done with the first part, I said “See how rok my mandarin is.” It is see how ‘teruk’ my mandarin is.
3. When I’m using the chopsticks to fiddle with my noodles, I said, “Orverything.”…I meant to say, “everything.”

… I must learn to think before I speak, and relax..and then speak calmly.

Here’s the video:

Would you believe it?? They are building a shopping mall called Lifestyle Mall right next to Tesco Sungai Petani! It’s going to have Secret Recipe, some korean makeup brand that can be found in One Utama but I can’t remember the name now, Poh Kong etc etc and other nice brands. YAY!

Since my bags are all over the place, I bought a nice pink box from the a.e.i.o.u range to store them in. Pretty and neat. Lie Yuen wanted to show you guys how petite she really is. Yes la yes la, I know already.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Brenda’s 22nd birthday! Old lady already!

L-r: Poh Yee, Nien, Brenda and Sock Nee.

L-r: Angela, Brenda, Pei Zhi, Xin Yi

L-r: Zhu Zen, Brenda, Me, Lie Yuen

Zhu Zen was very happy about her Tom Yam Fried Noodles.

Pei Zhi devouring her …laksa?

Since it was a happy day(Brenda is getting old!) we bought a bucket of Heineken to share and play some games(that didn’t materialize). I didn’t finish my glass though.. alcohol makes me nauseous.

Brenda and the long spaghetti.

I had the same dish too! It’s called Spaghetti Hot Plate.

Brenda turned 22 on the 28th of March. Silly girl. While starting to write our notes during class on that day, she asked me, “Eh what’s the date today ar?” before slapping herself on the forehead. Doh. Own birthday also can forget the date.

Since we were still quite hungry and wanted some cake, we didn’t attempt to smash her face into the cake. I’ve done it to Yijin before. Hahahhaa.

Brenda take candle out from cake also so cool one.

behind l-r: Poh Yee, Lie Yuen, Me, Zhu Zen
bottom l-r: Pei Zhi, Brenda, Xin Yi, Angela.

One group photo after the dinner.

The giant and the three ladies. (Camwhoring tip: Stand furthest away from the camera.)

On Friday, when we entered the dental technology lab to finish our dentures, we were damn happy to see that they’ve installed the AV equipments(so that everybody can see how the techniques are being done without crowding around the dental tech lecturer).

The tripod hangs from the ceiling. A video camera will be propped on the tripod.

There were three Plasma screens hanging from a few corners of the lab.

This picture looks kinda creepy in a Frankenstein kind of way. We were looking for our dentures which we soaked in water weeks ago.

Our beautiful dentures. l-r: Mine, Lie Yuen’s. Her gumwork is better than mine.

The second last step of the entire denture making procedure would be to polish it with pumice. The grey liquid is pumice mixed in water thus forming some kind of sludge.

I couldn’t believe the two guys. Desmond and Ebby actually wore their dentures… ewwww.

Lie Yuen looks like a horse baring its teeth, and I look like ….. _______________. Maybe you guys should fill in the blanks.

It’s THE 1st of April!! And it’s Mun Teng’s birthday too!

I’ve always wondered how her mum broke the news to the rest of the family about the birth of her first child.

“Eh, I gave birth today!” her mother probably said.

“Don’t lie! I won’t believe you!” said everyone else before running away to play more April Fool jokes on other people.

Hehehe, so it’s up to you to believe that it’s her birthday today. The poor girl would probably have a tough time telling other people that it is her birthday today.

Here’s a shoutout to one of my bestest friend in the whole wide world:

Happy birthday my dear Mun Teng! You’ll always be my favourite Angry Bear who has the voice of an angel, who doesn’t want to learn how to drive, who allowed me to experiment with makeup on her eyes when we were mere 13 year olds without any makeup knowledge(LOL!), who would slam your form3 textbooks on the table in the morning because you were groggy and angry before the 10.20 recess time, who would do spontaneous outings with me whenever I called on you, who always tumpang my car because you stay across the drain from my house, who got dark during volleyball days with me, who entertains KKB on MSN with your 5am talk shows when I am too busy to entertain his Viktor Chansky alter ego, who has the most beautiful eyelashes because of the correct mascara that you bought and of course, who will be my Rich Tai Tai friend someday, somehow in the future. 🙂

I love you babes! 21 years old already, big girl liao. Teng Jolene Wah.. (Listen to Jolene’s advice).

Roleplaying: Dealing With Elderly Patients/My Earrings Carousel/Dental Dinner Performances Practice

We have a class called Communication Skills where we would learn about the most effective ways to deal with the many situations which we would face in our career. I think marketing students and other communication students have this subject too. But obviously we have to deal with more specific topics like dealing with young patients, dealing with elderly people etc. and marketing students would probably have to deal with things like problematic customers ya?

Our lecturer injects fun into the class by getting us to come out to do a little role playing. I managed to get a video of two of my classmates, Andy and Bala, who went up to the front to act out a scene where an old man goes to the dentist and the dentist has trouble communicating with a stingy, partially deaf old man.

Now, I’ve downloaded a video converter and I’ve learned how to use Windows Movie Maker(which doesn’t play .MOV files thus the need to download that video converter) so I actually have a video to put up on Youtube! 😀 I even added titles..and credits! LOL. It’s me making those sounds when the credits roll. It didn’t take me very long lah if you’re all concerned about me not studying. Wait la! Now I start studying lorh! After this blog entry! Promise.

Just give me face and load the entire video. My first attempt at mini movie making. Wahahha.

As mentioned in a previous entry(can’t remember which one), I said I bought an earrings tower(or a carousel, if you wish to call it that). Here’re the photos of the latest addition to the decor(BWAHAHHAAHA..) of my room.

Since I’m very proud of it, there’ll be many many photos showing all sides of it.

I think there are about 80+ pairs of holes in this carousel.

And no, these are not ALL my earrings. 😀 I still have tons back home!

You know how those 3 for RM10 earrings are the same in all shopping malls? And if you realize, there are actually earring trends. Now, let me tell you something so that you’ll be ahead of the game. Go to Subang Parade on a reguar basis. Earrings that will eventually be trendy will appear there first. And there are tons of stalls there selling 3 for RM10 earrings.

I hung my bracelets in the middle and stuck my glittery hair pin thing in the middle too. Damn freaking functional.

Random shot of my purple earrings.

l-r: Appropriate teeth earrings, Sushi Earrings from Chee Kiang.

And faux glass(it’s plastic, duh) earrings from Subang Parade. I was using my new glasses to buy them so I had difficulties looking at the selection of earrings. I had a headache after that.

Coincidentally, Cze-Yin’s sister’s boyfriend’s mum sells earrings carousel as well. I’m currently waiting for her sms as she’s asking her sister to ask her boyfriend to ask his mum how much she’s selling her carousels for. I bought mine for RM48. And it’s only like 20cm tall? Apparently Cze-Yin said that her sister’s boyfriend’s mum also sells carousels which are about 1ft tall. But don’t know how much lah. Later I tell you all when she sends me the sms.

So if you guys want to order, just email me or let me know and I’ll help you to get the carousels:D

Then you can tell people, “Oh, I got it from my bloggerfriend’s classmate’s sister’s boyfriend’s mum.” (or insert any appropriate relative title)

As you all know, besides studying for the exam, we’ve been busy practising for our dental dinner.

I’m involved in an indian dance.

Pretty upbeat.. no video, so sorry.

I like this photo quite alot! It SO has the effect that we wanted to portray.

I like this part of the dance too as we get to gyrate our hips while doing some praying motion with our hands.

And this is the end bit. There’s suppose to be another guy behind me.. but he was having classes.(He’s one of our juniors).

On Wednesday(or is it? Can’t quite remember), we had ‘auditions’ for the dental dinner performances. But of course everybody gets to perform la. Sheesh. This is Melvin, Um-sorry-forgot-her-name-forgive-me and Adrian doing Utada Ikaru’s First Love. It’s sort of like an MTV, where they act out the scenes too as they sing.

And here’s one for the ladies. Adrian, Ken and Lun, all rather good looking guys by the way, sang Eagle’s Love Will Keep Us Alive. Damn lam!

Here, got video to prove to you girls: