It’s A Miracle!



So there I was on the morning of Monday awaiting the fucking streamyx guy who did not fucking come which means I have to fucking wait for another few fucking days which means fucking internet bill will fucking hit the top… arghhh!!  

But to all the bad things in the world, there are of course the lighter and brighter happenings that can get me going..

Mum dropped me off at Pyramid for prom shopping and college clothes shopping. Equipped with a good wad of cash..I made my way to Colours and nearly died looking at the prices. Cheapest was RM300. And they were ugly. So I popped next door .. the place is called Choice Collection..and they have a huge range of clothings..very vintage..very… I don’t know..rummage sale kind of look to it.. But it’s like screaming..”PROM SHOPPE”.. So there I went..rummaging in the racks.. the price range was around Rm200 on the average..then there was this lovely dark red tube dress, full length.. which cost….RM180!! I was like, “YES!!”.. because my budget was .. no more than RM200.So in I went to the changing room with my soon-to-be prom dress. As I put it on, I expected it to fall right through. But noo! It hugged on to just above my boobs like how a good dress should..! Spent nearly half an hour for the ONE SHAWL.. settled on a silver one. Translucent-ny. made to the counter to pay for my dress and the shawl.. and I wanted to scream in appreciation when I was told that the dress was on discount and it was reduced to… RM120!!!!Ok..let me desribe my dress..
1.It’s a dark red tube.. I don’t know if you can  consider it being alike to thaisilk

  (which it is obviously not)..but it sure has another sheen of colour to it..which is
  something metallic..I can’t decide.

2.It’s got diamontés cascading down diagonally. For the clueless, diamontés are
3.It’s full length!!
4.However, it doesn’t flair out.. not SO straight.. it’s just not REALLY flair like
  Princess flair.
5.I’ve got this lovely silver shawl to go with it!  

Here’s a picture of a dress that is similiar to mine. However mine looks many shades of red darker and it’s not satin..I don’t know what it is..                               Then there was the bag which set me back with a good RM50….that’s the one thing I regret.. I should’ve looked around abit more before settling on that one. Not to say it’s not nice.. but I’m sure I could’ve done better financially wise. Did a bit of college clothes shopping… nothing much. Hop on the bus and went back home to give my mum a heart attack.

Today I went to KL with Abby.. headed off to KLCC first to look for my NAIL UP magazine!!.. I am so pissed with Kinokuniya.How can you charge me RM25 for a nail magazine which I have been buying each season faithfully from MPH for already-a-whopping Rm18.. It was devastating when I was presented to a huge array of NAIL MAGAZINES.. they even had Nail MAx which I don’t even have to think of buying.(Rm45).. and then there are other nail mags.. but .. no.. i’m all for Nail Up..! Each issue comes with a cute set of nail stickers.  

Headed to the foodcourt for Yee Mee which Abby belanja-ed..(“For all the times you paid for the taxi rides..!”).. I was down to my last RM80 and I still needed my shoes!!
So we made our rounds our KLCC… turned all the shoe shops upside down.. and walked into the shops on the ultra-branded floor.. and Abby saw a sweater and we checked the price.. eyes widened..out we went mumbling about something like, “..can buy a digicam, two handphones with cameras and maybe a house somewhere with that kind of money.”

3.45pm loomed close and Abby had her make-up consultation thing to go to. So Jolene spent a very lonely and quiet half an hour in an empty Oliver’s Super Sandwiches below a whole lot of offices. What a strange place for an Oliver’s Super Sandwiches. Then we made our way to Sungei Wang..(20 minutes walk-ugh!!).. no wait, Lot 10 first. We saw Nose..and we saw Vincci again! We just paid their KLCC branch a visit actually.. so in i went.. I fell in love with this red strappies… you know the kind of “feel” you have when you know you MUST have it, THIS is the one and all..??…But unfortunately they didn’t have my size… so a very devastated me walked out and we made out way to Sungei wang which had surprisingly cheap and (actually)nice clothes today! … average is like what, Rm20+.. dresses cost RM30+.. well.. then we went to Vincci with our hopes high on a size9 of the shoe i wanted to badly… and we walked around the shop three times..(by the third round Abby looked at me and said, “sorry jo..” in the tone of condolences..).. and then miracles of miracles!! there it was on centre display!! Now I have my complete everything for prom! Total cash spent: Rm120+28+50+60=RM258! .. wow.. that’s quite a bundle..Made our way home after that and there was this fat blind guy(i think 40’s) on the monorail. There was a seat which is empty next to him. He asked in cantonese if anybody wanted to seat.. I thought it harmless to just seat next to him which I did. But boy, was I wrong. He then started talking to me in mandarin. I was like, “tui pu chi wo pu hui chiang hua yi,”(a very good way to avoid speaking in mandarin). Then he changed to cantonese.. apparently he had a friend who was looking for young people who wanted to be accountants.. bla bla bla… and he kept pestering me to get my friends to take up the thing.. I can’t understand lar.. then i was like, sorry I can’t help.. and was looking for the word, “graduated” as in just graduated from high school.. but i accidentally said constipated.. coz Sap yuet and pat yip sounds alike to me la.. the latter means graduate.. and the former constipated. hahaha. Then he asked me, “ooh.. have you got those love things in high school? You ever had a boyfriend?”.. I was taken aback.. I was like NOOO!? then he said if he needed to introduce some friends to me or was it me introducing mine to him?? UGH I DON’T KNOW.. then he was like, “what are your takes on “oi cheng”(love)?” i’m like, Whadafark?! but I did not look him in the eye coz I heard from somewhere that if you look strangers in the eye..they may do some strange things to you and take away all your money. Abby was like, raising her eyebrows everywhere. Then she got such a shock when she found that he was blind. New Year’s plans are such a mess. Chien and gang are heading down to hartamas then retiring in mindee’s house for the night.. I promised Li Peng I’d go with her wherever she’s going because apparently if a girl don’t go, she won’t be allowed out..and stupid Edison’s like “please la..”.. I was like “you’re making use of me only right?”.. bloody hell he didn’t even deny.. he was like,”Please laaaa..”.. ARGH..
then there’s Vern Yang’s party which have the rest of the old gang..which should be fun lar…

The Cute Guy of today is Paul Rudd.. the guy who plays Phoebe’s boyfriend in this season of Friends.