My First Time With Cadavers

On Wednesday, we had a practical session which was an introduction to dissection. I never knew that even dental students had to deal with cadavers and study them as well.

It was absolutely repulsive.

The university has 10 India-imported bodies floating in two tanks(5 bodies in each tank) filled with formalin for the past four years in a store room behind the anatomy dissection hall. The bodies are in pieces and limbs are detached and floating in the murky brown formalin liquid. The colour of the liquid is no different from those of the dirtiest drain water.

You know, I thought I was brave. I tried to tell myself: This is science. It’s only science.

When the door to the storeroom opened, the strong foul smell of formalin rushed up my nostrils and I immediately reached for an extra facial mask. I stepped into the room with a few of my course mates. A few of us were grasping each other’s hands

The tank was about the size of the common water tank they have in the national service bathrooms. I mean it fits FIVE (dead)grown men! I peered into the tank and the immediate thought that came into my head was, “Ei, like pak cham kai(steamed
 chicken) like that.” Some of the skin on the face was still intact but it was peeling, revealing grey coloured muscles beneath. Some parts of the abdomen was exposed so that the intestines can be seen. Another body had its thoraxic cavity revealed. I could make out the now grey lungs. The top most cadaver still had the skin(you can still make out the native of the person who once owned that piece of skin) which covered his genitals and the dick was you know, still there. It was peeking out from the darkness of that yucky formalin liquid. Jimmy said, “Eh, don’t keep looking lah, later stand how?”. He peered closer and then he said, “Eh, quite big also ar!”

The scariest bit is seeing the skin tattered and peeled, hanging of whatever that’s left of the muscles. It was a sickly white. No different from the skin of the drumsticks that you fine in the supermarkets.

I couldn’t take it anymore because I knew if I looked at it any longer and continued inhaling the pungent formalin plus the imaginary stench of the cadavers, I’d probably puke my guts out. Pardon the pun.

Lydia was making gagging and retching noises the moment she ran out of the store room. She was not trying to be funny! I was on the verge of throwing up myself.

Then the caretaker opened a container and revealed chopped body parts. We saw an entire head amidst the other body parts and it was split right down the middle and it opens like a, well, a book. The caretaker lifted up the head and the cadaver’s disembodied head had its eyes closed as if deep in meditation and the caretaker said, “You’ll be learning a lot about the head. Especially the head.” Gulp.

He showed us one halve and we could see what was once a brain, now half of it and it consists of soft mass. We could even see half the tongue, the nasal cavity, eye sockets and other unidentifiable regions. The colour ranged from pale white, cream,
grey, brown and dark grey. When you put the two halves together and peer at its face, you’ll be damn freaked out because the skin is still intact. Even the ears were still there! The caretaker said we could even touch the parts if we wanted to! Oh my

We then lined up and put on some surgical gloves. Some of them wanted to touch it with their bare hands and yes, you can do that. Ughhh!! The first part which I prodded was the brains and it was soft and squishy. But not as disgusting as I thought.

Then another course mate, Andy, said, “You know the tongue can be extended to quite a great length?” and with that he pulled at the tongue and tried to extend it. I touched the tongue and it was still limp and soft. Ughh. Someone else flicked the
ears and it was almost as if the ears were made of rubber because it even gave a slight oscillation!! It’s still got bits of hair left on the ears and on the scalp. We flipped the head around so that the face was facing up. Harveen tried to pry open the cadaver’s eyes and HOW DO YOU KNOW?? IT STILL HAS EYEBALLS. ARGHHHHH!!! It was a sickly shade of translucent gray. Almost like the ones you see on those stale fishes in the marketplace.

Harveen checked out the rest of the body parts in the container. She found a hand and lifted it up, wanting to give it a shake, but got such a rude shock when the loose mass from inside the hand spilled out. UGHHH..UGHHH. I think I am going to
be sick again.

She did take some pictures of the parts with her handphone but I remember reading somewhere that taking pictures of cadavers is illegal and so, I’m sorry, there won’t be photos to be shared online.

To tell you the truth, I was afraid to be left alone downstairs back in the hostel because I kept seeing the loose skin hanging off from the cadaver’s body.

Maybe in time to come I’ll be able to maintain a more professional attitude towards cadavers.

But for now..UGHHHHHH!!! What an experience though!

Some pics of me fooling around in the dissection hall. None of the cadavers though!!

Me posing with our residential skeleton.

Lishen wants to too.

l-r: Cze-Yin, Ah Skeleton(English name is Skelly, must be said in a Hongkee slang), Me trying to have a quick one with Ah Skeleton.

Narjit literally rubbing shoulders with Ah Skeleton.

Ah Skeleton did not try to resist my attempts to make out with him.

Editted at 1.48pm: Would you believe it? I’m in the dissection hall now blogging from the computer there. I just touched the four year old cadaver mass with my barehands and damn the mouse feels sticky now. HAHAHA. EUGHHHHH!

I Cannot See My Toes No More

Fuckety Fuck.

For the past week I’ve been stuffing my face silly. I think I’m binge eating.

I knew I was heading straight to hell when one of my coursemates pat me on the back and my tummy wobbled dangerously, my toes playing “Now you see me! Now you don’t!” as the tummy obscured the view of my toes.

This is what happened yesterday:
8am: 2 Slices of Wholemeal bread
8.30am: One spoon of mihun at the cafeteria. Tasted like a shit. What a startling surprise!
9am: 2 pieces of Cloud 9. Would have eaten three if coursemate Jaya didn’t extort my last one from me.
10am: Ice-cream from Co-op minus one scoop.(Dropped on the floor and coursemate Yan Rui asked me to wipe it off the floor to which I ignored and asked him to wipe for me instead. Wahahha).
10.10am: Three scoops of Lishen’s ice-cream because mine finished.
12pm: Hearty lunch. No need to go into details but there was a memorable huge banana. Too embarassing. Chinese caterer.
12.20pm: One bag of watermelon. one bag of honeydew.

2.00pm: Finished the rest of the wholemeal bread that was left at home. Drank two cups of Sprite.
4.15pm: Walked out to buy 14 goreng pisangs and 1 Ice-kacang. Ate 8 goreng pisangs.
7.00pm: Lou Mai Kai, BIG BIG PLATE OF KANGKUNG, ABout 22 spoons of veggie soup, three fishballs, a glass of cold chinese tea.

I hate myself for eating but you just don’t know what else to do with your hands and mouth when you’re studying!!!

If miracles happen, I just might turn bulimic.


*lifts tummy from computer table and goes for Practical Lesson. We’re learning how to dissect cadavers today!!*

That Emo Meme

I realised I was caught up in the world of blogging for the past half a year and forgot to take the time out to really read the blogs of my really close friends. Now I read every single one of them because I want to know how they are; whichever part of the world they are in. I didn’t realise it would be so therapeutic to catch up on their lives, pretending I’m sharing those experiences with them like how I used to not very long ago.

But it’s all so different now. Doesn’t it hurt to read names you’ve never heard of in your best friends’ blogs? Even though that should not be the right frame of mind.

This post are for my best friends in the whole wide world and I’m not even going to post it on Petaling Street. That shows you guys how much you mean to me. I’m not doing this post for the sake of blogging; but more of a semi-personal letter to each and everyone of you. Thank you for keeping a blog and letting me know that you’re well and happy/sad/whatever.

Do you people know how I laugh to the computer screen in the computer lab, my laughter blending with the beeps of the printers and the click-clacking of the other keyboars? And the desperation that follows to be able to communicate 24/7 however, whenever, and most importantly, economically just like how it used to be?

Fucking lot of long distance relationships I have now. 🙁

Since I’m in the right state of emo-mood and have half an hour before my compulsory Psychology class(yes, i know, why do i have psychology? I don’t know.), I will finally do Esther’s meme

You Want Long Pants? I’ll Give You Long Pants!!

“…there are men who gets turned on when they dress up in babies’ nappies and
waddle around the place, knocking things over and being fed pureed carrots and behaving exactly like babies.”

EWWW. That’s an excerpt from Marian Keyes’ Further Under The Duvet, her latest biography. Shit, I’d divorce any husband of mine who engages in that type of fetish. EWWWwwwwwWww.

“Mommy can I have your tee-tee? Baby wants Mommy’s tee-tee. Baby wanna milk-milk. Can baby have mommy’s tee-tee? BABY WANTS MOMMY’S TEE-TEE. WAhHHhhhh!!”

Oh my god. Maybe a divorce isn’t enough. If I do come across such a man, I’d do my part for womankind by wiping him off the face of the earth with an M-16. (Pity, I would have had the chance to handle one if I didn’t have to leave national service one month early).

I would be so horrified that I’d kick such a man out to the streets(in his nappies) and
throw out all his possessions(which will be soaked with petrol) and throw a match on to the pile. I freak out at the thought of such men. Anyone remember the scene from Sex And The City when Carrie was dating this politician and he wanted her to pee on him?

I draw my line at foot fetish. My feet are suffering from a serious bout of low self esteem so it could do with some hot luvvin’. My housemate Xiong Khee pointed at my toes and laughed, “HAHAHAHA!! Why so big one? HAHAHA!!”.


Moving on to other matters..

My patience limit has been tested by that cafeteria owner through and through. Hence, I decided to do this:


I decided to don a hooded jacket with track pants. Lishen decided to pose with this weird girl.

See if the stupid cafeteria owner is satisfied now? Only the skin on my face and hands can be seen. That should be ‘proper’ enough for her. The plan was to pull on the hood of my jacket, zip the jacket until high high and give her a damn bitchy expression while piling her fish eyeballs stew(or whatever they were gonna serve today) on to my tray and see how she’d react.

Unfortunately, it was her off day today. 🙁