I Had The Worst Dental Student Nightmare EVER!!

As I type this, I’m still breathing heavily and my heart is still beating like mad.

So I was in a field, lying down with an old friend from standard 6, Brandon Tan. Of all people, I haven’t even seen him in years!! Asking each other the typical, “So what are you doing now?” etc etc. Then he got up to leave and joined some other friends from my high school.

So I sat there alone, having a few teeth in my hands, teeth that I needed for my practicals. This is something I normally do, collecting teeth for class.

In my dream, a few days ago, I drilled my own teeth for some class stuff. I needed to make some cavities for something academic related, but little did I know, I’ve already  went too deep and all my teeth were brittle so it kept chipping away.

Suddenly, I felt my lower lateral incisor getting mobile. It was milk teeth all over again. The entire tooth came out!! When your milk teeth comes out, it’s just the crown. This is the whole friggin tooth. I didn’t scream.

In my head, I recalled what I learned, “ok chill chill, just go grab a glass of milk.” By putting a tooth that has fallen out due to trauma, you can still preserve the supporting tissue by putting it in a glass of milk and then rushing to the nearest dentist to get it fixed back into the socket.

Now the entire dream is about my journey to get a glass of milk.

Then the scene cuts to the kitchen in my old rented house (the super dirty one, my classmates would remember that. Super famous among the people here for its grossness). I was staring at myself in the mirror. All my anterior teeth had big gaping cavities that I had put there myself.

As I moved one by one, each tooth started falling out, complete with roots and all. The central incisors, the lateral incisors, the canines. The premolars and the molars remained intact.

I was staring at myself in horror and my palm was gripping all the teeth that fell out. I could feel and taste that familiar bleeding socket where the teeth all felt out from. The gum in that area was totally flabby.

I fitted the front teeth one by one back into their sockets, but they were awkwardly placed. All those years of braces-wearing, gone just like that. I pushed it in, it stayed there for awhile before falling out again.

The premolars and molars then fell out and with that, I opened my mouth and blood and saliva started gushing out from my now flabby upper alveolar ridge. Which is not the case since it takes time for the alveolar ridge to get flabby if there’s no more teeth there. But the blood and saliva just gushed out and in my head I was like, “OMG OMG OKAY RELAX GET THE FREAKING MILK ALREADY.”

Then I fell backwards, and the teeth in my hand intermingled with the teeth I collected for class stuff in my other hand. It was gross but it was easy to tell my own teeth apart as they were much bigger and healthier looking than the ones I collected for class. But remember I said the kitchen was the one in my old dirty house? Ughhh.. hair and dirt intermingled with blood on the teeth and I was frantically picking them up from the floor, wondering if it’s too late to plop them into a glass of milk.

I stared at my flabby tissue in the mirror and closed my mouth. I looked like an old lady with no teeth. Sucked in cheeks and pursed lips and all. I was not devastated, strangely. In my head I was like, “Okay, will daddy be willing to pay for implants for me?” But I doubt it as implants is one of the reasons in dentistry that keeps me going. Few implants = one car.

We’re practically talking about the entire mouth here. Then I thought about dentures. And all the stupid stuff like denture stomatitis (arghh too much studying lol) cropped up. I was worried about plaque retention if I had to wear partial dentures, since some of my molars were still there, and I did not dare touch it, in case it starts getting loose and falls out as well.

I didn’t want to get dentures at such a  young age!!

I didn’t even think of going to the hospital but I stupidly told myself, “Okay relax, tomorrow got clinics with Dr. Khoo. Can ask him for help.” -______________- If it was a real life case, I would have gone straight to the ER if it was in the middle of the night.

I did something stupid in my dream, I washed my teeth under running water before putting them in milk. Bad move!!

it was then that I woke up. I was so damn glad it was just a dream but my chest was heaving painfully for the longest time, my breath came in short gulps, feeling super thankful that it’s not for real.

I WILL BE MORE CAREFUL WHEN I MAKE CAVITIES ON PATIENTS! In an alternate universe, teeth will chip off and fall out one by one..argghh.

Last paper tomorrow lol.

p/s: in my dream, I went to visit my nephew Ethan at his baby sitter. He could talk SO MUCH!! (he still can’t talk yet). He was conversing in english AND cantonese, and somemore got a very cool attitude, unlike a baby at all.

When You Dream Such A Dream

Something must be really wrong with me when I actually start dreaming about shopping.

I dreamed that there was a bazaar near my house. LIke, just outside my garden.

I went in but the owner of the first stall was no where to be seen! The stall belonged to Ministry of Clothes and they had the most beautiful tights on their racks. I picked out all the beautiful printed ones (and can even sort out a few that I didn’t want, what the hell?!) and then walked around a bit, and went home without paying!!


To KLPAC To Watch Tunku The Musical and The Pink Ikea Experience

editted: -___- since most of you said that the legs of my new pink stool resemble a pink *to quote Chui San* african-american penis, I guess I had to make some changes to the photos. Scroll down to see if it’s less gross!


After lunch, I took a long nap while hugging my dog as a bolster. My grandma was right, never sleep straight away after you eat. I had a really really weird dream.(so what’s new?)

it was set in Cameron Highlands and I think it was at a hotel. I was in national service but because I was outstanding, I landed a role as a guest star on Desperate Housewives as an army girl in a forest where Susan is once again lost.

After returning home to Subang Jaya, the entire cast of Desperate Housewives minus Edie but inclusive of Mary Alice paid me a visit at my home. I hugged Felicity Huffman in my living room and the rest of the cast sat around with their babies and watched television. They were all rather amused with my dog’s antics. I was beside myself as I was rubbing shoulders with uber famous people!

There was a wedding up my road on that day and there were many people attending it. Almost the whole of Subang was there. The cast of Desperate Housewives and myself were posing outside my house for a big group photo. People were stopping to stare because Damn! It was the cast of Desperate Housewives! Hahaha. As the crowd milled about, I spotted a familiar but grown face in the crowd. It was my standard 3 crush, Jin Yang. Next to him was this Indian guy who looked nothing like the little Indian boy who stayed behind my grandma’s house in USJ, whom I would play Ice and Water with and who used to tease me about Jin Yang. Jegan has grown up so much that I could hardly recognise him anymore. I exchanged hellos with Jin Yang, but having seen him around in secondary school it was not that a big a deal. I immediately gushed about how long it’s been to Jegan and admitted to him that I’ve tried googling him up to no avail. We got into his car and drove around my area while we talked and talked about our early primary school years.

So conclusion of the dream? I guess I really can’t wait for the next season of Desperate Housewives and I do really miss my primary school classmates. We were all in the same class from standard 1 to 3. I’ve met most of them back in secondary school and have most of them on Friendster.. like Wong Poh Wei, Wayne Adam, Clara Choo, Yeoh Huimin, Alan Lau, Ambiga, Shariman, Tengku Noordiyana, Loo Elaine..all except Jegan. Where is he? =/ Strange dreams.

On Tuesday, I dragged Lie Yuen, Poh Yee, Dennis and Derrick to watch Tunku The Musical. I’ve been raving about musicals to Lie Yuen for the longest time and since we were all back home, it seems like the best opportunity to get all of them to come watch a musical with me.(which OF COURSE, has Douglas Lim. Hohoho.)

I had another ‘learn the way to KLPAC’ tutorial from Dennis again. Since we were early, we decided to have dinner before going for the show. I raved, “There’s a dammmmmn good bak kut teh shop in the area.” All the way from Subang, I was already raving about the bak kut teh that we would be having for dinner.

The rest were like, “Are you sure it’s damn good?” and I was nodding vigorously, “Yes. Not nice I pay. I’ve been to the shop before and it was so delicious, trust me!”

After making Dennis drive around the whole of Sentul(and we nearly ended up in Kepong), I shouted, “THERE!! THAT ONE!! THAT’S THE BAK KUT TEH SHOP!”

So we parked the car and made our way over. All of us were eager to sink our teeth into some delicious pork. As we walked in, Dennis said, “Uh, Jo this is a dim sum restaurant.”

-__- Turns out that it was actually a dim sum shop that I was raving about. I remember having good food… but don’t know why my brain was so adamant that it was a bak kut teh shop. Shy only. The whole night they were like, “Eh Jo, this bak kut teh steamed one hor, no soup one hor! No yau char kwai today hor, Jo? Wah Jo, the bak kut teh damn nice.. take some..”

So embarrassing.

This was the look that Dennis gave me.

Poh Yee and Lie Yuen making do with the bak kut teh substitute.

L-r: Poh Yee, Lie Yuen and myself after Dennis parked his car at the KLPAC carpark.

My KL road tutor Ah Kor Kor Bear and myself.

The three of us enjoying the lighting.

Giving Dennis a chance to have his photo taken to. (More like I forced him lah)

Derrick arrived soon after… we were commenting, or rather, he was telling us that some people have said that he bears some resemblance to Douglas Lim. So apparently at the end of the play, I didn’t have to take photo with Douglas Lim but a photo with him(Derrick) would be good enough. -_-

L-r: Dennis, Me, Lie Yuen, Poh Yee and Derrick before we went in.

Another well lit part of KLPAC.

Tunku The Musical was ..satisfying. I’m not exactly raving about it but there was Doreen Tang’s voice and Zamil Idris(is that his name?)’s manja voice singing, “Sayaaaaang….sayaaaang..” I quite liked that! And of course, Douglas Lim. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I didn’t stay around this time to wait for him to come out to say hello. Wanna play it cool abit. Don’t over do the whole fan stalker thing. πŸ˜€

And after many many embarrassing moments at play where I accidentally let the flash go off amidst the entire observant audience, I finally realised that my handphone could function as a camera without a flash. ;\ The feeling of your flash going off during a play/musical is damn fuggin’ embarrassing one. So embarrassing that you can’t sleep for days. But I don’t have ill intentions when I take photos..I just want to blog. πŸ™

The next day, it was a trip to Ikea with Poh Yee and Lie Yuen! Lie Yuen wanted to look for a small table so she could study in my room and enjoy my motherly company. She feels lonely when she studies in her room.

WE FOUND THE PERFECT TABLE! Powder pink! I forced Lie Yuen to buy it.

I was at the kid’s section and I saw some stools going for RM20. I was damn sad because I really wanted it YET I had no reason to buy it.

The blue one was just as nice as the pink one. I was obviously torn and heartbroken.

The pillows were damn expensive but so comfortable!

After picking the tables from the aisles, I decided to fuck it and just get the stools. Hehe. I would have classmates or the occasional juniors popping over for a visit. Some cute funky stools would be nice.:D I is very happy.

If you think I was irrational, try Poh Yee. She bought a freakin’ dragon soft toy. LOL. Actually we conned her into buying it.

I tore the plastic bag containing the pink stool and took out one stool leg for Lie Yuen to be used as a back massager.

It was also really cute to camwhore with.

Sorry lah, I just love diffuse glow so much. That’s me playing Reporter-Reporter with Lie Yuen.

Oi! Sunlight okay! I HAVE THE PERMISSION TO CAMWHORE! Now just layan and see all the photos of me, all the way to the bottom of the post.:) You can do it!

Ah, the hair’s so nice in this shot.:) Some more with diffuse glow. Glamournye.

A dash of sunset.

I guess I was trying to see if I could come upon a nice profile photo for my facebook/friendster. πŸ™‚

Looks familiar eh?:D

Sorry.. abit more.

By this time, Lie Yuen was quite embarrassed by the curious on lookers from the neighbouring cars.

Possibly the only thing one can do with two stool legs.

I love pink!

Eew. Skip.

I’m a unicorn! with an inflamed horn.

I’m also a soulful singer.

Alright, going down to Section 14 to pick Chee Kiang up. He’s back for the weekend. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

OH Oh! By the way, I’m going down to SIngapore again over the Merdeka weekend(30th to 3rd!!).hohohoho. I’ll be at Vivocity to catch Heroes as they’ll be making an appearance there. Only Hiro, Mohinder, Nikki, Nathan and Parkman will be there. πŸ™ No Peter. boo hoo. Wait, no Sylar!! SOB! I think Sylar’s damn hot. And also, of course to visit my dear bf again before I start classes a week later.

I was abit apprehensive because I would be missing out on the Merdeka celebrations. As I told Dennis, I feel quite…troubled by this certain thought of mine. What if I live up to 70 years old and witness the 100th birthday of Malaysia..and if some journalist from The Star wants to interview me about how I celebrated the 50th Merdeka?? I’d be too embarrassed to tell him that I went to Singapore to watch this superheroes(an obsolete term of the future) tv show’s cast live at a shopping mall there. πŸ™ Then I won’t get to appear on the newspaper coz my story won’t be interesting enough. πŸ™

Ah well. ;|

I’m Just Thankful That There Weren’t Any Stains

I was at the grocery shop yesterday, wanting to top up my hand phone credit. I went up to the counter and there was a rather big middle aged guy standing in front of me, speaking in quite a loud voice. You can tell from the tone of his voice that he was quite rude and is not very courteous which means a lack of education.

SUDDENLY, he reached behind and rolled up his shirt like a sweaty Ah Pek. He must’ve felt hot or something. BUT I THINK MY EYEBALLS POPPED OUT WHEN HE ROLLED UP HIS SHIRT.

His ass was hanging over his jeans which was clearly too small for a middle aged man like him. I could see more than half his butt crack and the butt meat was so … …meaty that I felt like prodding it with my finger in curiosity.

But I can’t believe he was so oblivious towards the fact that his ass was for the world to see! Sure, I’ve seen young girls with less than pretty ass cracks exposed. But not of over sized middle aged man. This is definitely a first.

I have never felt so disturbed in a long, long time.

Just imagine if I could see suspicious brown stains………….

I wanted to take a photo with my hand phone camera but didn’t want to get beaten up in the process. So I just made a mental snapshot of it and made use of my hidden talents as a comic artist:-

I know I’m not that slim and my legs are strange. Shadap.

…you know what, I think I deduced something else after reanalyzing the situation. …… all I can say is that I hope it’s because his underwear was pulled down together with his tight tight jeans.

Oh! I had a well deserved afternoon nap today and I dreamt that my entire family went to Penang for another visit. But this time, we got separated and I ended up in a safari in Penang.

I was following the safari guide around and then I saw a few animals. There was this LOA(Lack Of Attention) fox that sat cutely in the middle of the pathway. It was rather small. I went closer and I could hear the fox muttering to anybody who would listen, “Saya anjing yang comel, saya anjing yang comel.”

I was so amused that I searched for my camera, hoping to take a video of it to put up on youtube! It’s not everyday that I get to see a talking fox with an identity crisis!

But the bunch of animals started moving away and they made their way to a coffee shop (because it’s in Penang..hahaha) and the talking fox sat on a table and continued with its little phrase while the other woodland animals scurried about. I was preparing to take a shot of the talking fox when this great big Narnia-like Lion roared behind the fox. Then the caretaker tried to calm the lion down and made it walk around the coffee shop. The Narnia-like Lion got on its feet, passed a pillar and became the Paddle Pop Lion and people were still running about, scared of the lion.

…and then I woke up.(I’m sure there were many other weird things in between but I can’t recall)

Clearly some brain damage has occurred over here. Bzzt bzzt.