Fudging Up My First Order From One Woman’s Junk

Holyshit, latest FML moment:

Sent my first ever order from One Woman’s Junk by hand delivering it to a house in USJ 11. The buyer’s name shall be known as K.

Stopped outside the house, checked the number. Number 19. Check. Road? USJ11/xxD. I’m pretty sure it is.

The house and all its neighbors do not have door bells so I was knocking on their gates. I contemplated climbing into the houses to put the bag of clothes but I thought about my future and realize that it is not wise to stay in jail over one red dress and a green top.

So after knocking on like four houses, a little girl comes out of one of the houses. I explained my situation and asked if I could place the bag of clothes at her house and I would tell K to come collect it later in the evening. She first agrees then runs back out to say that her mummy don’t let. Ok lor. I then ask her maid for a plastic bag and she gives it to me to put the clothes in.

All wrapped up in a plastic bag, I then throw the plastic bag into house number 19, USJ 11/xD.

Satisfied with myself, I reaffirmed the address on my phone and my eyeballs almost popped out when I saw that it was actually 19, USJ 11/xB. B!!!

I stared forlornly at the plastic bag sitting in the garden of the wrong house and thought about foregoing that bag of clothes forever and returning RM58 to the poor K.

I then knocked on number 17 and a girl comes out. She looks like she’s about 16 or 17. I explain my situation to her and ask her if it’s okay for me to come in and borrow a broom and a chair to try to pick up the bag from her neighbour’s garden. She kindly let me in and when I placed the chair to the side of her wall, to my horror, the bag was beyond reachable. I contemplated putting one chair on this side of the wall, and trying to put another chair on the other side of the wall. The plan was to climb over. And perhaps fall and crack my skull.

I put the chair over to the other side of the wall… and because it was on the grass the chair hit the floor and then fell to its side. FML FML! I was freaking out by then. LOL.

So I told the girl that I would explain the situation to the girl who ordered the dress and could she please please get a hold of the bag for me the moment her neighbors got back. She cheerily said okay and promised me that she would do just that.

I then drive over to USJ 11/xB house no.19. There’s a nice big functioning door bell, with people in the house some more. I was about to vomit blood already. And my feet were getting fried under the afternoon sun.

I explained my situation to another young girl in the house who happens to be the cousin of K and to please remind K to collect the bag of clothes from house number 17 on USJ 11/xD. She said okay, totally understanding the whole story.

I then got into my car and quickly emailed K to tell her the story.

She was so sweet!!! After hearing my super FML story, she even said it made her day. So nice of her right?

But she had her own FML story too, though it had a happy ending:

“zomg you know what happened? I went to house no 17 xD, and the girl told me she forgot to take the parcel from house 19 3D. Then I ketuk ketuk the house gate and the houseowner came out, she said she came back home late and she didnt see any parcel. Then she said she will ask her niece when she comes back whether there was a parcel when the niece got back from work in the evening (the niece was out)

Then i gave her my hp num and drove back home. Just when I parked my car in my house porch the lady called me to say her nephew saw a plastic bag and a stool in the garden when he got home from work, he thought ppl anyhow throw rubbish in the garden and he THREW THE PLASTIC BAG AWAY. Into the huge bin at the end of the lorong summore, not the normal garbage can in each house.. So I started my car and drove back again, then had to go find for the bag in the huge rubbish bin! FML Betul. Thank goodness it was just on top! I brought scissors in the car, so i saw one nicely tied bag on top of a pile of rubbish and i just cut the top open and took the clothes out without touching the plastic bag. The bag is still there, the clothes are with me (yay!)

I shall forever remember this night as the night of my rubbish bin malfunction :D”

I really don’t know what to do with myself already..

Blog Shop or Online Store?

Maybe I am wrong but I think the Malaysian blog shop scene is lacking one major thing: A forum.

The few sites that we have, namely lowyat and malaysianbabes are quite inadequate.

There are so many questions that I want to ask about having a blog shop and my best bets are to consult top blog shop owners and popular blog shop reviewers. I assume these people are the blog shop connoisseurs.

With The Sticker Monster, I am not sure if a shopping cart will ever work out. I do offline sales too when I have the time, go to bazaars or even meet up with customers one-on-one. So say if an online customer has checked-out her orders and paid via paypal or maybank2u, but at the same time I have sold that exact same piece, the one and only piece, how do I go about it then?! That is why I have not gotten a shopping cart yet as I can foresee all these issues. ;|

I do wonder what people prefer to see when they wanna browse. Do you like it all in one page like how blog shops are? I have seen online stores that have a huge following, registered their business, have a dot com etc all pointing to the fact that they are a real and proper business, yet maintaining the blog shop layout. But doesn’t it give a more professional feel when everything is in a store layout?

I am so confused. 🙁

I have plans to register The Sticker Monster..not that I can live on stickers..but better to do so before any authorities come after my ass for the few cents in my pocket. I’ve already got a dot com for it though I wanted it to be thestickermonster.com but it is already taken. SO SAD RIGHT!! T_T It apparently belongs to some dude who sells stickers for bad ass bikers to decorate their bad ass bikes with flaming skulls and the likes. So totally different from cute, pink, glittery, pop-up and puffy stickers.

I feel it is easier for me when the codes come in and I can pack accordingly, I just don’t know which way is most convenient for the shoppers. Would they be missing out on more things if it was in a store layout? Like if it remains in a blog layout, the customers have no choice but to look at everything before they can find what they want. (to a certain extent)

If only I knew a thing or two about programming. Can write my own inventory program..might speed things up as compared to my slow but stable system of excel sheets.

Paypal and maybank2u is like the best thing ever.. actually online banking is like one of the best inventions ever. I don’t know how I can ever live without it! At the end of the day I would prefer to manually give them the payment option details so that I get to interact with the customers and also, I might have to return payments for one or two items out of a long list of say…20 items, if those particular items have sold out and I have yet to update the inventory. Too much to think about!! @.@

Penny for your thoughts, anyone? Any ideas if a store layout is better or a blog shop? If I make it a store layout, is there anyway that I get them to autofill a check-out form instead of a check-out and pay kind of form?

We need a forum for the online shopping scene in malaysia!!

Malaysia’s First Charity Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend (MOFEW) Was Pretty Awesome

I know I have more than a million things to blog about, believe me, the guilt is eating me up inside. But oh wells.

As we all know and are excited about, the Malaysia’s First Charity Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend is happening now! Like, over this weekend, now.

A couple of my friends, Soon Seng and Jan, told me about this months ago and invited me to join their initial meetings to see if I could help out in anyway but unfortunately I was up to my neck with final exams and patients and clinics so I had to sit this one out. But I am so very glad to see that they have created this monster of a blog shop bazaar!! Good job you guys! And your whole team as well!

With a few clever social media marketing strategies (mainly facebook), the MOFEW facebook page has managed to garner like 10,000 fans!! Very very clever. I am very impressed. 🙂

Months ago I thought I would not have time to set up a booth but when I knew I could, it was already too late. Spots were snapped up like hot cakes!

So I went there as a shopaholic. Mojo not there though, but I trudged on.

Having a little fun with the camera while waiting for our sushi. Some noms before blowing our wallets. If any of you are wondering, yes, there are real lens on these glasses. These are my casual glasses.

My little Shevie looking so sexy.. sigh. Can still remember the time when she was 2 years old and throwing her ball which was made of cloth at me and me throwing it back to her. 😐 They grow up so fast these days. I bet she’s hating me for cooing like that.

Soon Seng grew up so fast too wtf. Can remember him as the Interact president who politely shook my hand and engaged me in a very interactive and friendly conversation, surpassing his 16 years of age. Soon Seng took the day off to tend to his pet project and he was running around all business like with the suit on and all! Good job Soon Seng!

MOFEW! 😀 So there were about 100 booths there, apparently lah. But if didn’t feel like it. Maybe because it was well spaced out but who was counting anyway, I was shopping! More like..er.. booth shopping. Can you believe I only came out of it with like a passport holder (nice passport holder okay! Snakeskin!), a bag organizer and a looong bag hanger! So not me. 🙁 But my bank account is also not in its usual state now that my mother says I don’t need money to pay rent, electricity, my own meals and even petrol. Sigh. Han han yong. Oh yeah, I’m back in Subang now for those of you who don’t know me/have me on Facebook. I’m done with AIMST. I have graduated..yup… there should be a post about it……………there must be a post about it. *stands firm!*

Ahhh okay now we start looking at THINGS. Don’t you love the bags? I love Lush Serendipity’s newest collection of bags. All in patent candy! Yarghh!! She gave me a nice discount…(very nice of you, Grace!!) but as I just survived a big shopping trip recently, I had to decline. Her bags are just as beautiful as the new stocks I have seen around Sg. Wang, maybe nicer even! And cheaper than Sg. Wang too! Go go go!

I won’t be linking blogshops now, because it’s like..4am? So just head on over to the MOFEW website to look at the list of exhibitors!

Some gorgeous red shoes that Mun Teng was lusting after.

How can you get enough of the pretty bags?!?!

I can just look at these pictures all day and be happy and satisfied for the rest of..the.. er.. week. 😀 Till the next shopping trip!

Grace and her mum who always helps her whenever she has a stall at any bazaar!

So cute right the umbrella! Brenda, they remind me of you!

More deco the blogshops did for their booths. I think a good business plan would be to set up a service that conceptualizes a blogshop’s layout at a bazaar and then implement it for them. NAIS. I patent this idea first.

Can hang your bags high high also..

More candy coloured bags!!! It’s seriously the trend now lah I think. See it around a lot. I first saw it in Singapore and almost bought one. Luckily I managed to control myself!

Zoomed in! Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

I like the tree concept! I noticed a lot of blog shops brought their own little lamps.

More shoes!

Eyelashes and clothes..

Some accessories!

Big, chunky accessories! Not my type though.

So sweet!! I like the idea of hanging it like that and with a chalkboard as the backdrop!

If you like the designs, remember to check out Rose Handmade.

Yunique Paradise is synonymous with gorgeous, gorgeous, shoes. The only thing that has ever held me back from purchasing a pair is 1) the killer 4-5 inches heels 2) the price is out of my budget.. but if the lot of you can justify spending more than normal on a pair of gorgeous gorgeous shoes..then Yunique Paradise, you must must pay her site a visit. The designs are just like the name of the shop, unique. 🙂 Very very unique. Oh yeah and Yuni, the owner, is all the way from Penang. I have bought leggings from the blogshop before as well!

Love how the spotlight shines. Makes everything look so professional. I don’t think any bazaar has ever had booths like that! In a way I still prefer the old layout of bazaars where everything is at hips level or shoulders level at most. But if you are talking about spacing, MOFEW did a pretty good job with that. And don’t worry, you can’t sweat there at all. No one is pushing elbows to elbows. You can stop anywhere you want to try on shoes, browse items without worrying if you’re blocking traffic.

Love accessories..<3

Almost all the blogshops have mannequins these days.

Ahhh so cute!!! I like!~ Shevie and I were browsing blogshops yesterday afternoon (in preparation for MOFEW wtf) and she was telling me that this Quirky Brown Cow is one of her favourite blogshops!

I bought my gorgeous snake skin passport holder from this girl. She’s really sweet and friendly! And sweetly shy too hahaha..:) But with gorgeous things! I wish she had more designs though. I think she has some laptop bags too!

At least I am pretty sure there were no one else at the bazaar who were selling passport holders or laptop bags even! I got my passport holder at RM24. Okay lah, can lah.

No, they are not Jibbitz but they are made of the same material as the Jibbitz! Hair clips in the cutest colours! Would get some if I wore them.

Enamel earrings which I have seen in Bangkok. 🙂 Loveee it still!

Don’t mess with this mannequin! Soak Republic always puts so much effort into their booth layout!

Here’s Mei who has her own blogshop yet helped out with Soak Republic’s booth as well. That’s Jeremy from myfavouritees!

Soak Republic is very very popular. I hear that the owners Tiffany and Pei Shan are even doing it full time now! Congratulations to the both of them! Nice name you got there, Pei Shan. I think I’ve told you that before. 😀

Quirky rings is love!

There’s a shop which had like dinner dresses. Was about RM80-RM100++ per piece.

If there was a competition for prettiest booth layout, I think Rara Black probably stand a chance at bagging the grand prize.

Bird cages are a very popular decoration for booths at bazaars.

Ahhhh hairband. I wanted to get some but forgot. Damn damn damn!

You can never have too many accessories.

Look at those lovely numbers.

Even lovelier numbers!!<3

Didn’t really stay long to understand the concept of the necklace…which is apparently convertible. Oh well, if you do drop by, check it out. 🙂

AHHh!! Been so long since I saw these at bazaars. 🙂 They brighten up any bazaar! Or maybe there’s a slight nostalgia to these pixels as they were quite a hit at the very first bazaar I attended.

Too cute!

Ahhhh more enamel earrings.

Gorgeous bib necklaces!

This girl was selling Bumpits! Been meaning to try some but I ended up with this contraption that can help keep my hair in a tight bun! Which is something I needed as well, so got that instead.

This guy was really really good at selling the bag organizers. I was just walking along and suddenly he comes up to me and says, “You look like a girl who would use a bag organizer!” LOL I couldn’t stop laughing because it was quite cheesy, like those 50s cars salesman kinda thing, but at the same time it was hard to say no. So that’s the story of how I ended up with a bag organizer.

And his bevy of female friends at the booth also convinced me to get a bags hanger. So I now have a bags hanger that can hold about 8 bags? I’d take a photo of it but I am too lazy now. It’s like a long belt with buttons and stuff to hold all your bags in a vertical fashion. The girls there told me that the bag hanger should be able to last five years! Promise ah!!

They were like choosing the colours for me based on my spectacles. “You sure like pink one!”

They weren’t the only ones. Every shop I went, girls were like, “How about this pink one?” Ahhh..the glasses are saying too much!

Dropping by Jeremy’s store! My Favourite Tees is doing quite well as Jeremy is really popular!

Jeremy’s shirts.

More of his shirts!

Some heels caught my eyes. Love the way they make the shoe hangers.

More bags, but these were slightly more normal than the amazing patent candy bags!

I like the embellishments on this one though!

Here is Sze May, who was from my school, who was taking care of her friend’s stall while her friend was at work! Shevie bought a skirt from her so while waiting for her to get back from the toilet, Sze May and I caught up! 🙂

Managed to grab Jeremy for a picture.

Mun Teng trying on cuteee clothes at Ugly Ducking Closet. If you like ribbons, pastels and the sweetest things, this shop has it!

Some very unique looking stuff!

Ahh so sweet!

I like the mannequin more than the dress. Eh wait, it’s a playsuit! Nicer!

Mun Teng actually found a shop selling black bling glasses. You can’t see it here, but it catches the light at certain angles, like any other self respecting blinged up glasses. Sisterhood of the bling bling glasses! <3

Made the both of them take this lovely photo together!

A nicer photo of myself and Soon Seng.

Mun Teng in the midst of shopping.

Monster bags!

Shevie’s favourite shop – some charms bracelet shop.

More bird cage decoration!

Soon Seng took to the microphone to garner some attention from the oblivious shoppers, announcing Digi’s talk which was happening outside.

Bumped into Kimra!! My junior from uni!!

A blurry photo with Jan, who is the main organizer. The bazaar was his brainchild.

Mun Teng sayangs her new bag until very geram.

She loves her new bling bling glasses too.

I test drive and see. Okay, pass.

Mun Teng’s beard of whimsical painted top.

Polka dots apparently make her happy.

Some black shirt.

A Michael Jackson inspired jacket (you should have seen the buttons).

Something we found in the goodie bag.

Would make for good props for those auction days that colleges have.

With my dear Shevie, after she was done making her bracelet. I didn’t know my little cousin sister loved charm bracelets so much!

Another interesting layout.

Bowing to Shevie’s every whim and fancy.

What a huge selection to choose from!

I like the rose themed things!

My snakeskin passport holder.


Shev’s bracelet. Nice right!

She bought two. 😛 Head on over to her blog. She’ll probably blog about her spoils sooner or later.

So glad that my cousin is bonding with one of my besties. 🙂

Overall, I had a wonderful time browsing through the booths, enjoying the ample space and meeting familiar faces. 🙂 MOFEW  opens at 11am to 9pm on Saturday but closes at 7pm on Sunday! So hurry up before the goodies sell out! 🙂  I had fun sharing the love!

Colorsbead – How Do You Like Your Beaded Charm Bracelet?

I received a tiny little parcel from Joey, who runs a blogshop called Colorsbead, a Monday or two ago. Coincidentally, Joey also happens to be Poh Yee’s niece. Yeah, Poh Yee (my classmate) has a niece who is old enough to run a blog shop! 😀

This is one of my favourite wrapping paper materials!

Inside the box was a whole selection of beads you could choose from! The idea is to string it altogether with the chain that comes together and wear it as a funky yet whimsical charm bracelet of sorts!

You’ve seen many other charms, but have you seen a charm bracelet with various charm-like beads to be strung through? These remind me of lanterns by the way.

This is too cute!! A kitten with a whole through its body.

The dangly range would be great for those who still prefer their charm bracelets to swing with every move.

This is one of my favourite charm/bead from the whole box! A rocking horse! Ahh!!

Something more….post-modern?

These ones are nice too. Like what jewelry can escape some blings eh?

She gave me a silver chain for my little project here! Over at her blog, there are plenty more colours and materials to choose from! A pink leather strap caught my eyes.. >__>

After stringing through all the beads!

There is a hook-button-something for you to attach one end of the bracelet to the other. I don’t really know how to explain but when it is your hands, you will have a rough idea how it’ll work.

Since I was alone, I couldn’t ask anyone to do the clasp for me. Oh well, but you get the idea!

Love how the colours go together. Love how there is no set category for this piece of jewelry.

Poor horse!

If you would like to see more of her beads and bracelets, head on over to Colorsbeads! You don’t have to go OTT like me and maybe opt for something sweeter (pink leather strap, NOW!). Enjoy:)