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Finally Touching The Drills And We Found The Sungai Petani’s Prostitutes’ Clothes Shop

Since it’s only Week2 into the 3rd module for the year, it’s relatively stress free.

But somehow, when dinner time approaches, I have this nagging feeling inside me that seems to be egging me to finish my studies for the coming exams.

But WHAT coming exams?

My mind has been conditioned to be in exam mode all the time. This is bad. Even when I get to relax, I worry.

But of course, I only ever worry about exams. I seldom slog disturbingly hard for non-existent exams. I really should.

My days are filled with tv series(I love Desperate Housewives so much!) Spoiler: Danielle will be pregnant in the next episode. Muahahaha. Could be Austin’s.

Rather uneventful day, but isn’t that the best of days? Where you get to laze around and do everything in your own time. Nobody to rush you along.. nobody to tend to… nothing to complete by a certain deadline… lying in bed when you feel like it.. staying online as long as you want. 🙂 I like my Empty Saturdays.

What was different about it was that we cooked today. Fishballs that bounce off the bottom of your kitchen sink. A little gross, but it also means that the fishballs are the best of its kind. Mmm. Anybody remember that stupid Stephen Chow’s show.. God Of Cookery or something, where he equated a really good fishball as really bouncy and when you bite on it… the juice squirts out like you’re pissing… I think he called it Pissing Fishball. God knows what it really is, you know how Hong Kong movies butcher the English language with their subtitles.

Speaking of which, know any pirated VCD/DVD rings that want a cantonese-to-english translater? I’ve had enough of crappy subtitles. Ocne when I was watching Rob-B-Hood, Jackie Chan’s character name was always referred to as People Running or something. Damn them literal translators.

Where were we? Ah yes, fishballs.

But that’s not the point about why cooking is so special today. We made soup!! My first pot of soup really. Apparently it’s quite easy. Just go buy a packet of herbs and then two pieces of chicken keels.. dump it all into a pot of water(roughly how much two people can drink in one seating?). Let it simmer(boil?) for two to three hours(can do your Pharmacology practical homework while you’re waiting and edit some photos too!) before going down to start the real cooking.

🙂 Such a nice feeling to eat food that you’ve managed to cook yourself.

Not too bad an attempt. See the colour of the soup? Now THAT’S a real bowl of good soup.

Before Chinese New Year, we saw this big flattened rat outside a Vegetarian restaurant. It’s like the size of a cat.

And I can’t believe this. One of the biggest events of my dental student life.. and I’ve procrastinated the entry. We finally went into our simulator labs. This is where we learn how to be real dentists. Previously what we’ve learned are actually the dental technician’s jobs. They are the ones who will build the dentures, we just send them the information. Easy peasy.

Everybody has his or her own set!

This is feeling more like it.

The black boxes contain our handpieces. We are touching the handpieces already!!!

Don’t ask me what they are now, but I remember what they do, just that I can’t remember the exact names and I’m not going to make a fool out of myself now. Haven’t been revising. 🙁

Can you believe it? We were even taught how to handle the chairs that we were sitting on. Many knobs and stuff.

The control panel. Damn cool.

See my simulator. A very flexible guy, I like him.

And the steel pipes that run along the bottom is for the compressed air.

And you can even remove the mouth from the simulator. It copies the mechanism of the real jaws.

And this is a saliva ejector!

Now, every handpiece is screwed onto an adaptor of sorts. This adapto has fibre optics in it and will emit light into the handpiece. Each handpiece has fibre optics inside it as well and thus light can ‘bend’ and lit up whichever area of the mouth you’re working on. I’ve never seen this technology in any other dental clinics. AIMST IS MODERN! The equipments are all imported from Germany.

Got to depress the ring around the adaptor to turn the light on.

which handpiece is this? I can’t remember. But it’s for drilling, I think. I THINK.

And it sprays water out too!

But attaching and removing the bur proved to be a bit of a bitch. See how red my thumb is?:(

Another handpiece… oh for the love of god I honestly cannot remember what they are called. Should refer to my book but it is 3am. So let me go ok?

The bigger bur is inserted. Scary looking thing with jagged sides.

Gotta step on the foot pedal to activate the drill and the light as well.

And the light! Very professional looking. But I think it’s supposed to be bigger in the real clinic?

Let’s just hope my enthusiasm remains right up there.

And cavities! We made cavities in class yesterday. I love this so much more than dentures(which I hated at one point. When you do not get a proper occlusion, you feel like screaming.)

Speaking of which, I was trying to soften the entire upper denture by holding the cast and the wax denture on top of the portable stove(temporary measures for leaky gas pipes in the laboratory. And I KNEW it was going to happen, but still I put my cast over the flame.(the model which I built my dentures on). And SURE enough, the wax dentures fell into the flames.

Luckily I didn’t just scream and watch my entire wax dentures(which is about two months of hard labour) melt in the fire. I stuck my hand into the fire and fished my dentures out. THANK GOD. Or else the teeth would have dropped out of the wax dentures and what was left would be a puddle of molten wax. Thank you Jimmy for turning off the gas too!

We were to make cavities to remove the caries. Quite nice lah, using the excavators to remove ’tissue’ along the fissures.

First, we had to copy the outline of the tissue that had to be removed.

We used bits of rubber to act as markers for measuring the depths of our cavities.

And then you can start scraping! Very fun to scrape away at plaster of paris. And the plaster molar is damn cute also.

This is how you measure the depth of your cavity.

We had to make the edge of the cavity really really sharp. This means the walls should be vertical. And then after that, make the walls concave.

This is so that the filling has more retention and also mechanical support.

Hear, you can see my cavity better!
Can’t wait for next week’s classes! More! I want more!

And after practical, Brenda, Lie Yuen and I made a trip to Central Square, the place reeks of cheapness, but the cheaper the place, the better the bargains and the bigger the challenge to find that one piece of treasure. I bought a red and white top which will go so well with my leggings(my sole leggings). And alot of other things. Like two photo albums which look like they cost a bomb but are only RM10. Or even a set of watercolour to do my nail art with. I even bought a belt.

We found a stall which could probably be where the prostitutes of Sungai Petani get their wares.

I mean WHO wears this? You know how we always kutuk Lala fashion, but this is in a whole other ball game. There is nothing quite like what this shop has to offer. The ugliest clothes ever!!

I presume its trampy illegal immigrants(and those who run away from their employers) who don these clothes on and shake their STD ridden asses to the beats of some nauseating dangdut tunes. Really. Lie Yuen would know this. When I see these clothes, I see this scary man/woman figure who haunts us on our long bus trips back to Kedah on the mini tv at the front of the bus. The way the man/woman dances is like trashing his limbs whilst doing aerobics. And then shaking his/her head to the left and right. You know, if you’re a rocker you shake your head to the front and back. But this is like, left, and right. like, what the fuck.

Anyway, yeah, these clothes are scary!

Me giving a disapproving look at the choice of clothings.

Okay, say if it IS lingerie, it’s not even acceptable to be in the same league as sexy lingerie. It’s just plain gross.

And these transparent skirts? To quote Brenda, “See bush meh!??!”
And sometimes you just have NO idea. Perhaps its an inspiration from the Ah Kuas and Prostitutes from Thailand. Most of the stalls in Sungai Petani are run by Thai natives who crossed the border with their cheap clothes(which can be fun sometimes) to earn some cash to bring home.

This is a typical scenario in the concourse area. It’s just mazes and mazes of clothes. Quite ugly la some of them. But for casual shorts and maybe a cute skirt or a funky top or two, should try looking around.

Good lord.

I ask you lah okay, you just try to picture the kind of women that will wear these clothes. Are you shuddering already? That is the exact reason why we decided to take the photos. We tried to imagine too, got very scared and thought it’d be interesting to show our friends how horrendous some clothes can be.

The conservative me finds all these barely there garments extremely distasteful. Absolutely shameful. Tsk. (actually just to let you all see my new frameless glasses which I only use for class.)

Brenda the camera woman for the night. She had a thick enough face to go around snapping photos. Don’t know why she can get away with it. If it’s me, I’ll probably get scolded by some stall keeper already.

Quite nice to shop lah in Sungai Petani.

You’re looking at a huge chunk of my angpow money. 🙁

Chinese New Year 2007 and Its Orgy Of Photos

As if I wouldn’t have any photos to put up of the festive season. Most of the pictures were from my dad’s camera as he did all the work and him being an adult had more authority to gather everyone around for photos. (Not so easy when you are not that close to your relatives. You feel a little bit weird about wanting photos all the time.)

I’m not going to elaborate on how I find repeated questions boring. My poor cousin sister Fiona received this gem from my dad: “Girl! Fiona is working already you know!” “Yes, dad. You said that last year.” I gave her an apologetic look. We are so looking forward to next year’s set of questions. All the forgetful adults. Sigh.

Alot of you who ask me in real life about my dentistry course, would hear me whine, “5 years in Kedah!!~~~~”. It was like a template answer. Ready to be handed to whoever who needed it. Don’t know, just suddenly thought about the way I would emphasize on the pitifulness of being stuck in Kedah for fiVe YearRrss.. but it’s not so bad. Now I just give a casual nod and say, “3 and a half years more lor. Mm.” So nonchalant already.

But yealah, next year I’ll just wear a t-shirt that says 2 and a half years. And to get a better discount from the t-shirt printing shop I’ll print one 1 and a half years t-shirt and a “Half a year more” t-shirt while I’m at it. Makes thing so much easier.

I just don’t like small talk sometimes. I don’t know, anything apart from studies and relationship status.. I wouldn’t mind discussing about the way I did my eyes, or maybe allow me to indulge in some family gossip. 😀 That’ll be nice.

Anyway, Chinese New Year always starts out the same way for us. Every. Single. Year.

We wake up in the morning, and would usually head over to USJ where my grandparents used to live. But now that they are not around anymore, our home has become the meeting point for the rest of the family to congregate before going out to the other relatives’ homes.

Dad taking a picture of me in my outfit. A new top but a really old skirt.

Mum posing next to the only chinese new year decoration in the house- chinese new year cards.

And I heart my new shoes!!

Comfy heels, for once.

Dad and his t-shrirt which camouflages with the sofa.

My Aunty/Godma Susie came with Shevie and my Uncle/Godpa Alex. Angel gets a RM2 angpow. Mum had to give one back to Chazzy. Even dogs get angpow. What’s the world coming to. Some sort of thank you gift for being the mascot of the previous year?

Wolfing down some chai choi before heading out to do the usual rounds. Not much la because we eat alot more at the other relatives’ homes. Yum.

Mervyn taking angpow from dad.

My angpow from mum!

Mum and Mervyn

A rather cool family photo before we left.

The next stop would be my granddad’s sister’s family.

The oldest cousin brother, Kwan Hou and his family. I have twin nephews who are eight this year and a niece who is one this year!

Aunty Adelin in the really authentic looking kitchen.

Let’s see, three uncles, two married and one aunty. Then three cousin brothers and one cousin sister. Pity I don’t know the two older ones that well.. I think their names are Kwan Hou and Kwan Nin. Seeing how close we are in age(the younger one is 1984) it’s a real pity we don’t know each other. I only know his name. that’s all. At least I’m closer to Kwan Hoong(who I sort of grew up with- as in we play with each other every now and then. He is only younger than me by a year, but as always, he gets a big shock whenever he finds out, again, that I am older than him by only a year. I’m not that old looking la..) and his younger sister Kai Ning(who always kacaus me on MSN.:P)
Next up would be my grandma’s eldest sister’s place! Very boisterous family over that side.

top l-r: Cousin Sandy, Me, Shevie, Aunty/Godma Susie, Aunty Fong Si
bottom l-r: Mum, Cousin Fiona, Cousin Lai Lai, Aunty Lai Yeng, Grandaunty Peggy(grandma’s younger sis) and Grandaunty Dolly(grandma’s elder sis.)

If you’re intrigued as to what my grandmother’s english name was.. it is Maggie. Hehe. Don’t know lah, those days why they got such names for themselves. Influenced by the media kua?

One with the men.
top l-r: Dad, Mervyn, Cousin Lai Lai, Mum, me, Shevie, Uncle/Godpa Alex, Aunty/Godma Susie, Cousin Sandy, Cousin Ah beng/Ivan, Cousin Fiona, Aunty Fong Si, Uncle Jeffrey
bottom l-r: Uncle David/Hock Huat, Aunty Lai Yeng, Grandaunty Peggy, Cousin Han Jek, Granduncle Ah Tiau Kong, Cousin Han Meng(he’s in SMK Subang Utama now! Form1! I can finally say I have a cousin in my school. After graduating for four years. -_-), Grandaunty Dolly, Aunty Margeret.

Ooo! My Aunty Lai Yeng’s sister, Aunty Jenny, married by Uncle Yew Hee, who is my mum’s eldest brother. And my mum, duh, married my dad. My dad’s cousin is Hock Huat who is Aunty Lai Yeng’s husband.

For easy referencing: Cousin Fiona is Aunty Lai Yeng and Uncle Hock Huat’s kid and Cousin Hong Fei and Cousin Hong Weng are Aunty Jenny and Uncle Yew Hee’s kids.

And this whole complete circle wasn’t even intended. One of the coolest coincidences ever.

The last stop was Shah Alam, but I don’t seem to have any nice photos of the shah alam…so I guess we’ll just have to make do with your imagination.

We headed down to Malacca on Sunday night and I woke up to find the entire family awake at 12.30pm. As always, the last to wake up. So horrible. But another close knitted family over this side. I mean you’re always closer to your first cousins, no?

clockwise l-r: Cousin Hong Weng(faster get married), Me, Cousin Jacqie, Cousin Hong Fei, Cousin-sister-in-law Kwee Fong(baby boy is due in May!!), Aunty Jenny, Uncle Yew Hee, Por Por, Aunty Ping, Uncle Yew Pun, Aunty Doreen, Cousin Derek, Mervyn and mum.

The family is missing my two older cousins Yong Yong and Yan Yan who are both in the US… and of course my late grandfather who has not been around for the past … six years. But he wasn’t already with us in mind long before that as he suffered from Alzheimers. Haih.

I love the longness of the table.

Yeesang! Even though such a small bowl, most importantly is the whole family happy happy(or if you like, open open heart heart). Wah, Jolene so know how to think. Please translate to cantonese, my english is not THAT broken.

Lou ar!!

One whole family of posers.

Cousin Hong Fei was enjoying himself ALOT with my dad’s DSLR.

Hahaha. So cute this photo.

This photo needs so further explanation. Just that my aunty will probably kill me for putting this photo up. Wahahha. But it is so cute.
My Aunty Ping was sorting out some old photos as her eldest son, my cousin Yong Yong wanted some childhood photos to put up on what I assume to be a presentation during his wedding.

The photos were sorted into four baskets. One basket for each family. Here are a few cute ones I found in my family’s basket.

l-r: Derek, Mervyn and Myself. I think this would be….when I was four, Derek three and Mervyn two. We were so cute! (self praise, is NO praise. So you all faster praise me lah. Say I so cute please.)

And this is me, when my Aunty Ping dragged me into one of her chinese opera performances. I was only a mere five years old. Should have took a photo of the one of me and my cousins on stage next to my Aunty Ping. I was supposed to be a little maid lah. I think I’ve put up photos of that play before. And this is my ex-Filipino maid, Aunty Theresa. God, I miss her. I wonder where is she now? I remember clinging on to her at the airport when I was nine years old .. me and my brother that is..crying and asking her not to go. She was crying too. So heartbreaking lah. Last year I had a dream about her.

In real life, she used to be a manicurist in Manila. She had such lovely talons that I would flick every now and then when I am bored. She would shape my nails for me….. even though my love for nail art didn’t come from her.. but I always wonder how she’d feel if she knew that I was once so passionate about nail arts and other nail things as well.

My Aunty Ping rents chinese dance costumes to anybody who has a performance in Malacca. She makes all this costume herself. My Aunty is also a high school teacher, a seamstress, an iron wielder(she built half the four storey house shit), a singer(she has a singing group which she tours around with), a devout Buddhist, she indulges in handicraft(she once turned my granddad’s funeral into a beautiful one by REALLY decorating the thing..even making a beautiful elaborate wreath for my grandfather’s, she bakes…. the list is endless. We always joke about how long her signboard would be if she ever decides to set up a shop.

oh, back to the point. Here I am playing with some of her costumes that were lying around(and some my itchy fingers dug out from the confines of their plastic bags).

A golden robe for god knows what. Don’t know what chinese opera character. Just thought it was rather beautiful.

Don’t ask me what lah, but also chinese something something.

Sexy Choi San Yea!(God Of Prosperity). The maid cooked some goreng pisang and asked me to bring some up to my dad. I went up in my costume and my dad screamed when he saw me. LOLLOLOLOL.

A close up of the Sexy Choi San Yeah. My Aunty had a beard to go with the Choi San Yeah, but I think someone rented it already.

Since it is Malacca, of course she would have some Portugese costumes in store.

And one fairy costume. Don’t know lah, chinese fairy. Don’t call me perasan, really one.

My aunty’s stash. When I was in kindergarten, she was on a costume making binge.(I used to help her pick up sequins that were ALL over the floor. And I was allowed to keep whatever I found. I’d say it was a rather innovative way to reward the little girl who loves shiny stuff who helped you clean up your dirty sequins laden floor.) She has slowed down ever since.

A good example of my Aunty Ping’s handicraft …enthusiasm. Hanging lanterns made out of angpow packets from the ceiling.

And one of the very nice photos of my grandmother that I found. So cute and pretty right? She was already married to my grandfather then! Like little girl kena married off like that. 😀

OKAY! Now for a few photos that my father doesn’t allow me to post up.

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