What A Sweetheart!

In the midst of the exam tension, bloody mary decides to rain upon me. Tummy cramps and in a state of mental instability due to exam stress, something nice happens. 🙂

On Msn:

Cheeks ชี เกียง  [JO.CK]:
hi dear 
how was ur paper?

Miss Lai, you want to stick a finger down your throat and dig out that blob of phlegm. Please try it.:
hi dear
not yet
tmr only

Cheeks ชี เกียง  [JO.CK]:
why you don’t like your uterus*

*In reference to my facebook status update about ripping off my uterus and throwing it at the ceiling.

Miss Lai, you want to stick a finger down your throat and dig out that blob of phlegm. Please try it.:
haha.. well, aside from the fact that it’ll bear us a family
it gives me shit every month
pain la now 🙁

Cheeks ชี เกียง  [JO.CK]:

Miss Lai, you want to stick a finger down your throat and dig out that blob of phlegm. Please try it.:

 Cheeks ชี เกียง  [JO.CK]:
you’re asking me to run? why 🙂

 Miss Lai, you want to stick a finger down your throat and dig out that blob of phlegm. Please try it.:
hahaha coz ur scared of me when my period is here whatt

Cheeks ชี เกียง  [JO.CK]:
but i’m always here for u

Miss Lai, you want to stick a finger down your throat and dig out that blob of phlegm. Please try it.: 
🙂 SO SWEET!!! *melts* ok now uterus also feel better coz of temporary happy hormones release

Of course my tummy cramps were still there, but I thought this was very sweet of him. Like KINDS WORDS FOR THE MONSTER before she goes on a rampage biting things and people alike. And of course he’ll deny thinking that. Bless. <3

Facebook Courtesy

Sigh, I might come off sounding like a bitch after this entry is done but I don’t care.

First and foremost, the ultimate most important rule to follow on Facebook when adding a friend is to tell the person, “Hi, I am blablabla we met at blablabla”

Adding Strangers on Facebook

Though I myself do not practice it all the time, but I only leave it blank when I am very sure the person knows that I exist in their world. This is unfortunately not the case for some ignorant fools on my Facebook list.

My criteria to add friends are:

1) We must be acquaintances in real life.

2) If we are merely online friends, I’ll add you because I know of you online. I’ve probably read your blog, you’re probably my customer or maybe you’re famous. I would then just add you but I wouldn’t comment on your FB because I am not thick skinned like that. I am merely enjoying the thrill of having a celebrity on my facebook. *squeals*

One of my major pet peeve is adding people whom I think they are my junior. Or a blog friend. I can’t possibly remember every name and every face right?! So I just add for fear of hurting that person. I mean, who would want to feel insignificant in another person’s life right? Though clearly some people should be bitch slapped with a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to Facebook, but we’ll get there soon.

My classmates and I roughly know almost all our juniors but it is difficult to remember everyone 100%. So when we see, “Oh okay, these are the mutual friends. Should be juniors lah.” Then turns out that these are some hometown kampung friend of some classmate/junior who goes around adding everyone from my course. Stupid or not? We keep getting tricked over and over and over again. Please keep your desperate friends locked up in some facebook cage app.

And there are a few default pretty girls on my Facebook whom are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS mutual friends of mine and some random greasy Ah Beng asshole who has nothing better to do but add girls on FB. Personally, I think these pretty girls should be above this. If plain janes like me can spit on Ah Beng hamsap lous, they can do so much more. Like, say, click ignore and don’t bring this wretched creatures upon the rest of the female facebook population.

Commenting on Facebook Statuses/Photos/Updates

Nobody died and made me queen of facebook courtesy but I’ll just tell you what I think. I don’t really care. I’m in a bad mood today.

I’ve deleted people who made stupid/lame comments on my facebook. There was this one old lady whom I thought was a blogger friend who commented on a range of my photos. I was washing Chee Kiang’s legs for a fish spa and I was  posing with my (then) new car. Her comments insinuated that I was on all fours, being a slave to Chee Kiang, scrubbing his feet and when I posed with my car, she’ll cluck away going “oh kids these days are so spoiled”. I can’t remember my retort but I let her have a piece of my mind and then she deleted her comments straight away. A few other photos also lah, I can’t remember.

Firstly, if you’re older than me by at least 7 years right, think whether your comment is funny or not.

Secondly, THINK with your BRAIN whether we are close enough to  be talking like that or not.

Friends who have reached a certain closeness have the unwritten permission to talk with no barriers. You know, you can do without the politeness and the “so how’s lifes”. Coz you see each other every freaking day at school or at yam cha sessions every other month or maybe back in high school, you shared a very close friendship filled with insults and practical jokes.

Of course it is okay for mere acquaintances to leave a funny comment here and there.

It has to be:
1) Relevant
2) Uninsulting
3) Actually funny

Another old lady (what’s up with all these old ladies) saw some photos I took when I was in Terengganu for my oral health posting trip. I wore a skirt which was just an inch above my knees. Very decent for my standards, no one said anything when I was there.

This stupid woman, whom I presume was from Terengganu coz she was damn proud that I went to visit Terengganu or some bullshit like that, said “Isn’t your skirt a little short?”. This is coming from a lady whose facebook profile pic was of her naked shoulders. I can only hope she was wearing clothes lah. So I was like, “I don’t really care”. And she’s all, “Clearly.”

Last I checked, my mum didn’t even say anything. So who is she to comment on my dressing? Dumbass.

I also have a friend who …deep down.. I’m sure is a really nice fellow. He isn’t exactly aware that the way he communicates is kind of like invading on our personal space. He used to comment on almost all my statuses. The comments were embarrassing because people on my facebook would be wondering why is this fellow leaving all these comments on Jolene’s statuses and most of all, why don’t they make sense?

It got to a point that I was seriously too lazy to respond because I just didn’t find them funny at all. I deleted him and the poor guy asked me why I did that. I mean it hurts to have to deal with it this way because we even met in real life before.

Yes I know that statuses, photos and stuff on FB is free for all. It’s my fault that I added all these people on my FB, yes I know that. But what I’m trying to put across is that there has to be boundaries to follow. So it’s just too bad if there are some strange people  lurking around our facebook. But anyone who ‘understands how it works’, would know where to draw the line.

If you realize, people who see each other often or those who belong to a clique are the ones who would interact with each other most on Facebook. These are the people who would be in the same photos on Facebook and who would throw comments to and fro the entire day, making the rest of the gang laugh. Obviously someone who is not close to the gang could ‘like’ the pic or maybe say something funny. But he must not think that it is okay for him to insult the person in the photo like how the rest of the gang does. You don’t know how the system works, don’t pretend you do.

Facebook statuses are other updates are less personal than photos hence it is okay for anyone to comment.

Tagging Me In A Note That Has Nothing To Do WIth Me

When I don’t even know you.. I don’t really care what you have to say. Usually it’s some lameass heartwarming story about friendship, love and worst of all, religion.

I usually get tagged by close friends with those 25 or 10423948234 random things about me notes. I don’t think I’ve ever responded to any. I do want to, but I never seem to get around to it.

My computer is slowly dying on me too, it takes me ages to click on something for it to appear. So imagine the annoying feeling of seeing a gmail notification telling you someone who is practically a stranger tagged you in a note. Obviously curiosity gets the better of you right, then you go and see what’s the note all about. Bloody waste of time.

I’m not trying to be all elitist and eliminating potential close friends. Those who know they can talk without holding back, know it. I mean if we have thrown a few jokes around, we’ve reached that level. If I’ve never even said Hello to you before, that’s how you know I don’t appreciate the sudden inclusion in your list of friends to tag/comment unfunnily on.

Yes, i only have three. Feel free to add on.

I’m damn sleepy.

Before I climb into bed, one more tiny rant. Blog-related this time. Yes I am proud that people google for things that they fancy and manage to get some information on my blog. One thing about doing advertorials, people immediately assume you know everything about the product. Like fuck I know why there are korean words on the handphone’s keypad. Best part is, after asking their questions, they ask me to email them my answers. Wah lau you my boss issit. It irrirates me because why can’t THEY email me? Why must I email them about things they want to know when they are not my superiors/customers but random brainless strangers from the internet?

Long time never get flamed already, maybe I’ll get some when I wake up tomorrow morning. Goodnight world. Wah shit 5am already, somemore meeting customer at 11am tomorrow. Damnit.

The Sticker Monster Throws A Bitch Fit

I’ve been running my The Sticker Monster blogshop for a year and a half now.

It’s not too bad really. Just passed my 650th customer mark.

I’m not actually earning enough to go on leisure trips or to buy a spanking new gadget. But it’s definitely enough to tide me over before mum banks in my monthly allowance. Enough to cover my petrol and my handphone bills (I’ve got a postpaid Maxis line and an unlimited data line from Celcom to feed my internet addiction..so i need the extra cash.)

Why am I not earning more? Because I use the money to buy more stickers that’s why.

Why do I keep buying the stickers? Because I like doing this, it’s a hobby of sorts. If you knew my profits, you would not be bothered to get into this business. Too low. I enjoy it though. I love stickers.

But some people don’t get it.

Customers will always ask for discounts.

If you’re buying over a hundred ringgit worth of stuff, of course it is negotiable.
But when they say something like, “Oh if I buy two, got cheaper ah?”

I’ll just sit there, looking at my gmail, stunned, at how people can still ask for discount for something that comes up to RM8.

“I’m too poor to buy this. Please discount!”

Then, please.. for goodness sake, PLEASE, save both of us our time and sell some things/get a part time job instead of whining to me about why I should sell it to you cheaper just because you can’t afford it.

I myself am too poor to buy somethings that I really want. You don’t see me crying to Sony or Machine’s salespeople going, “Please give me a discount for this laptop I’m too poor.”

I really try to be nice to some of the extremely stupid requests i get over the months. But like when my period hits me, hormones and all, I can’t be arsed to be nice.

I really don’t think I’m hurting my business. I’m nice to people who have their two whole brain halves when dealing with me.

This Sticker Business is not my life line. It will all be over in a year’s time. I’ll either have a massive sale in July 2010 or sell the business off. I don’t have a boss whom I need to fear if I’m ‘rude to customers’. I really try my best not to be…. though sometimes, I really feel like letting go a multitude of insults, but to maintain a slight level of professionalism, I have to hold back. it really sucks. I really feel like vomiting blood sometimes.

Best is when some of them ask, “Can give me your suppliers’ contact number?”

… I will roll on the floor and laugh for awhile, call Lie Yuen over to check out the latest Stupid Email I Get From Customers before replying, “No.”

I used to be nicer by saying things like, “Sorry dear (obligatory term to use in the blogshop world when dealing with each other), but I can’t. ”

But over the months, the emails just become stupider and stupider until I either can’t be arsed to reply them or just type a one word reply, “no.”

My favourite would be this:

“Hi! I think it’ll be more convenient for me to buy straight from your supplier. Give me your suppliers’ contacts. Thanks ya.”

I mean seriously, do these people think I was born yesterday?? Why would I want competitors for? Healthy for the niche market and all that economy mumbo jumbo but I intend to keep it this way for as long as I can. If another person starts selling stickers, that’s fine by me. If you can find the supplier, go ahead.

Dirty tactics are such as promoting their own sticker business on my blog.

Damn clever. Damn fucking clever.

Over the months, I’ve invested in quite a sum on advertising. I’d say the total comes up to about RM500? On Xiaxue’s alone was about RM300+. And all those effort into building my network, some just come to leach it. That really infuriates me.

Again, my returns are not as high as I want it to be. But I get so pissed off when some people come to my blog to steal traffic back to theirs after all the effort and money I’ve put in to get it out there. But true, I have no control over it. It’s a free market. (haha, is this how the term is used? I never studied econs okay)

Most recent one is this person claiming that my blings are too expensive and putting a link to some other webstore which sells the pearl blings for a cheaper price. I’ve seen those, they are branded craft supplies from the US, but at most, only 30 pieces of pearls. The price was RM5. I’m selling a sheet of 180 pieces of pearl stickers for RM5. How is it more expensive?! They are two different items and furthermore, mine has more value for money. Sheesh.

On a side note, I think I’m quite an honest seller. Customers who don’t receive their items will either get a full refund from me or have their items sent over again. Most would opt for the latter. I encourage them to use Pos Ekpres, but some insist on the free postage which is by using stamps only. And there have been a few times when these items go missing in the mail. Kleptomaniacs for postmen perhaps? Thankfully it’s mostly for items below RM50. I had this one customer who made me send her RM20 worth of blings THREE times because it got lost THREE times. That’s a total of RM60 worth of stickers floating somewhere in Pos Malaysia. Then after that she laughed, “Hahaha, things usually go missing at this address one.” -__________- I never want to send the thing to the same address if it gets lost the first time. I usually ask for a different address.

One or two people whom I have met up with to sell stickers to treat me like I’m beneath them. As hard as I try to make conversation I’ll still remain as the sticker seller who is not worthy enough to be talked to like an equal. Wow, feeling the plight of a foreign worker.

There are some other more stupid things to write about but perhaps I’ll do so in the future. Too fresh to write about it now.

And if anyone wants to say that I don’t know to do business by bitching, YEA SO WHAT? This is just for fun. I don’t owe anybody anything.

On the flip side, I’ve also met many kind customers and made a few good friends (Paul, Mei..you guys rock. :)). A sweetheart named Veronica even designed a button for me! I’ll be putting it up on the sticker blog real soon.

Meet-ups are usually fun because it’s like I’m showing off my babies to a bunch of like minded people who will ooh and aah and pick up things that catch their fancy.

Just needed to get this off my chest. Feels great to write about my ‘job’ and not get fired for it. Can’t blog about the clinics due to professional ethics reasons. Almost bursting with PMS today. Hate periods, HATE.

Nuffnang’s Mama Mia Premier In Penang?!?!


Awesome because Year 4 would have started by then and I can’t possibly come home on a Monday just to attend a movie screening? Instead, I get to drive over the Penang bridge and watch Mama Mia with the Penang bloggers!(If I win the tickets, I’ll give it to Lie Yuen! Brenda, you do your own post! :P)

The one reason that I want to watch Mama Mia badly is of course none other than the super talented Meryl Streep! Give her any role and she can transform it entirely into something that people will remember. Also, for Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth to sing? Such unlikely castings, all the more reasons for us to watch it.

Be it Lisa the suffering mother/shrink in Prime or the ice queen Miranda in Devil Wears Prada, you’ve got to love her. She commands respect for all her work on the silver screen and now she’s actually singing in a movie! I MUST WATCH THIS SHOW. Obviously if I don’t win the tickets I’ll still go and pay RM8(huhuhuhuhu) and watch it at the cinemas.

I love musicals so much. Some people find musicals boring but I loooooove them.

When I was little, it would be the disney ones. Now that I’m older, there’s Hairspray, Sweeney Todd, Enchanted (Errr..in recent times k)… all these happy clappy songs that makes you smile like an idiot at the silver screen when the entire cast comes out to dance. Except maybe Sweeney Todd (which Chee Kiang and I actually watched while propped on our elbows and tummies in bed), which was on repeat in my ipod for a few weeks. Oh, Across The Universe sucked for me. I walked out during the animated part. What stupidity #(E$#^$^#%. Musicals should NEVER be animated.

I remember after watching Sound Of Music when I was five, I would pretend to be Gretel climbing up the stairs singing, “The sun…has gone…to bed…and so must I….”. The most recent Sound Of Music re-enactment was done last Tueday at Neway where Dennis and I sang 16 Going on 17. We even did the whole running around the gazebo thing (Neway had a semi-circular seating arrangement) and Jiun Jeh shouting at Dennis in the background, “You’re 24!”

For me, I found Grease a little too long but I love all the songs!

I wonder if Cats will ever be adapted onto the big screen?

Before watching Mama Mia, I’ll probably do what I did for Across The Universe: Go on an ABBA binge. I’m sure I’ll end up liking the songs from the movie more. But knowing songs like I Have A Dream, Mama Mia, Moneymoneymoney would be good enough for now. CAN I PLEASE HAVE THE TICKETS? 😀

Check out the trailer. Meryl Streep looks so young with her long blonde curls. 🙂

Shhh secret… I actually watched all the High School Musical movies. Waiting for High School Musical: Graduation. Shh. Shy.