Just Because You’re In Authority

I lost my cool today.

The university has many designated parking areas for the students and some of the areas are so bloody far from our classrooms that we have to walk like 15 minutes and by the time we reach, we are already sweating and heaving and are no longer in the mood to enjoy the lecture.(well, at least pretend to be a diligent student at the best of times)

In order to keep everything in check, the university has implemented a car sticker for all students and staff of the university. These stickers, I assume, will let the security guards who are doing their rounds know which cars are not allowed to park where and where.

Wishing to abide by the rules, a few of us went to the administration building(which will take you 20 minutes to walk to from our class, so we drove) to buy the sticker from the finance department. I parked my car at the side, alongside other cars, in front of the administration building. There were easily about 10 other cars doing the same thing as me. Perhaps not all of them belong to students but I swore I saw three boys walking into the car which was parked behind me.

Zhu Zen remained inside my car while Lie Yuen and I made our way into the administration building. The whole ordeal would probably only take slightly more than 15 minutes. I admit that I’m in the wrong if my car was blocking traffic. But the cars could still pass. Nevermind, about that.

What I’m most pissed off is when some chief guard came down from his jeep(they use jeeps to make their rounds around the university. For 10 students in my university, there is at least one security guard.) and shouted at us at the top of his voice from about 100 metres away, “STUDENTS CANNOT PARK HERE!!”

My immediate reaction? I was OFFENDED! Lie Yuen retaliated, “How can he raise his voice at us?! So rude!” hoping that he was within ear shot.

I obediently drove away while the anger in me seethed.

I wanted to follow his car and make him wind down the window so that I can tell him, “You are very rude for raising your voice at me. It is very unprofessional of you and we do not deserve to be shouted at. Please speak to us more politely in the future.”

However, what entailed was a cat and mouse chase. The both of us would be on opposite side of the roads(separated by a 5 metre wide divider) and I would stop my car when he stopped my car and I would wind down my window, hoping that he would get the message to wind down HIS window. But he didn’t and he stared at me, and I replied with a glare.

I really wanted to go down and give him a piece of my mind but there was no where for me to park.

I saw the Deputy Vice Chancellor talking to one of my old lecturers and I immediately parked at the staff area and stomped all the way to him, hoping to lodge a complain. Coincidentally, that rude security guard’s jeep was parked two spaces away from me but he was no where in sight.

The entrance to the administration building was manned by this innocent looking security guard from Nepal whose only command of the Malay language was “Tak boleh park di sini.”(their other default phrases are: “Mana ID?” and “Tak boleh bawa buku keluar.”) So I said to him, “Tadi guard yang marah saya? APA nama dia?” And he couldn’t give me an answer but could only continue with his “Tak boleh park di sini,”. I told him with a very crazy looking smile that it would be for awhile. JUST. While. And he said, “Okay, cepat!”. Wow, new word.

The Deputy VC was my old microbiology lecturer as well. He, unlike the security guard, is a very well educated man who is soft spoken. I went up to the two lecturers and asked them “Sir, can I say something?” and he was like, “Yes! Of course, please!”

Then I started rambling like an energizer bunny who was about to burst into tears about how I’m so rudely reprimanded just because I’m a student..bla bla..who is he to talk so rudely to me.. bla bla..can he learn not to raise his voice at me..bla bla..why are security guards so rude?..bla bla..

Then the Deputy VC calmed me down and said, “Okay okay, I will reprimand him okay? Even I don’t dare to raise my voice at the students…! I will reprimand him!” He then turned to my other lecturer and excused himself, “Let me appease her first! I’ll walk her to her car.”

I apologized to him for losing my cool but I needed to get it off my chest. For all the years that I’ve been in this university, yes lah, I may have parked my car at the wrong places(just 5 minutes?!) but not until damn melampau like in the middle of the road but the worst ones were when I was in year 1 and every other week I would be told off (very rudely) that my skirt is too short this that this that. You know how short were the things I wore to uni?!! They were only about an inch above my knees!!

It came to a point where I was so angry with the security guard at the old campus that I went to complain to the student affairs about him(who tried to calm me down, very professionally) and he came into the office to complain to them about me. I glared at him as he entered the office and slammed the door just behind him. I’m sorry to appear so in front of the nice people at the student affairs but my beef with that security guard was to the point of no return. But all this happened three years ago…. it’s all water under the bridge on my part. Can’t even remember his face now. He would see me and look at my skirt and go, “YOU again!!”

Funny how so many girls can get away with skirts that end a foot above their knees, now that we’ve moved into the new campus. Because of all the telling-offs that I’ve received(to the point where they wanted to file me as a student with discipline problems), my wardrobe here in Kedah is filled with grannie looking things. Oklah, if I can abide by the rules which want us to look professional, I don’t mind.

I’m not a very difficult person. If you can tell me off with a polite manner, a kind smile, of course I would listen to you.

But I will not tolerate it when people shout at me or raise their voices at me just because I’m a freaking student.

Being a student does not put me at the lowest of the low in the social heirarchy!

During hospital visits, we were shouted at by a nurse once just because we didn’t greet her.

I am a human being, just like you, worthy of respect.

I cannot stand people who are strangers to begin with, but who clearly have higher positions than you, launch into shouting mode when they think that you’re doing something against the rules.

Rudeness will only make people despise you, it will only stain the name of the institution that you belong to. Your reputation will be known far and wide and life will continue to be difficult for you if you remain the person that you are.

All the education in the world cannot rectify certain attitude problems.

When I become someone of power someday, I will not discriminate against people who are of lower status than me. I’ve never shouted at a person for NO reason at all. (even when I shout at my brother, it’s because he didn’t let me play his playstation/drive the car/use the computer(back in the 90s)). If my future maid pisses me off, I’ll just send them off. You won’t see my name in the newspapers with the word “Hot iron” in the same paragraph.

I’m Falling Into A Serious Case Of Depression

….and it is all Streamyx’s fault.

See, the DSL light has been blinking. I’ve been told  by many people that it’s Streamyx’s fault. Not my modem’s. It happened right after a thunderstorm, where nothing got shut down.

So I called Streamyx.

Their first excuse was that it would take 24-48 hours. This was last Tuesday.(a week ago.)

Then I called back and they said it would take 2-3 working days because the cable needs to be replaced.

THen I called back on Friday and they said that they found out that the ‘exchange’ on their side is down because of data overload.

Then I called on Sunday and they said that it will take 1-2 weeks. (this was when I cried on the phone.)

Then I called back the next day and they said that it would be done by Tuesday(18/9/07).

Then I called again and they said that Malaysia does not have any of the cables. And they are currently importing it in from China………….. to which I asked, “Is the plane flying yet?” and they were like, “I’m not sure, Maam,”


I am so fucking internetless that i am going crazy…

The only thing that keeps me sane is this weekend’s dental dinner. A night to dress up and walk around in high heels. OH SUCH FUN!~ >:(

Exams Are REALLY Over

Alright folks. Exams are officially over, not just pseudo over like it was for the past one week, but really really really over.

I had a panic attack last night, well, yesterday morning since that’s my usual bed time. (I have surrendered to fate, my bed time memang no hope of changing already.) I was of course burning the midnight oil again for my practical exam today(Monday) and as if it isn’t bad enough that I have a paper to sit for, I had to await a call from the school of dentistry to inform me if I had to sit for a VIVA exam in the next few days.

This VIVA exam is an oral examination that will be conducted in front of three scary lecturers if you have obtained a D(it doesn’t stand for Distinction) for your paper. It’s to nudge you over the passing mark. If you fail that, you will have to come back for a resit paper just before the next year starts. (Failing to pass the paper, you will have to repeat the entire year).

I’ve went through that last year and failed my viva. NEVER AGAIN.

I remember putting the phone down and crying my signature torrential amount of tears.

I went to bed with my wrists pulsing in pain in rhythm to my quickening heart. My morning call could very well be from the school of dentistry to inform me that I’ve to sit for my viva exams. I was curled up like a shrimp in my bed, shivering from fear and from the air con, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. The rays from the morning sun did not help.

But luckily, my morning was phone call free. By the way, I have a phone line here in Kedah with the 04 number in front of it. Once I called a classmate up and she screamed at me for giving her a heart attack. It’s that bad.

So off we sauntered to the campus after a quick lunch and a little more notes flipping(without anything else getting absorbed into our heads, obviously. Or else I would have been able to answer that stupid amalgam pin question. I hate myself.. boohoohoo). We decided to go up to the School Of Dentistry to inquire once and for all if we have been selected to sit for the Viva oral exams.

One thing about happy joyful lecturers who are perpetually joking, you just don’t know when they are telling the truth. Our playful lecturers stood at the doorway and with quivering voices, we asked, “Sir, we’re here to find out if we have to sit for Viva,”. After getting our names(we’re unpopular students, watudu.), he said with a side way cock of his head, “Passed. You passed,”

I just stared at the two lecturers and the other lecturer, sweet guy who tells weak jokes, but sweet none the less, made another weak joke to try to lighten the situation for us. I could only give a slight upwards curve of the lips before asking, “Sure I passed ar? How sure are you sir! Don’t lie! I will come crying to you okay if I fail! Don’t bluff me lah sir!!”

“Passed! I marked the paper, only three people in the class has to sit for Viva” said my lecturer indignantly.

I started waving madly at him, “Okay byebye sir byebye.” and hurried down the staircase with Lie Yuen, both our hearts racing. We feared for our results and we were minutes away from our last and final paper.

Of course I’m happy to hear my lecturers consoling me like that but I need to see it for myself, in black and white, before I can allow myself to be happy and free.

My classmates, at least those who have had phone call free mornings, have now shot back to their places of origin: Kuantan, Penang, Alor Star, Sarawak, Perak..etc. But the KL people are staying back to await the equivalent of a death sentence: Exam results. Oklah, not so bad. A rollercoaster drop at 21 degrees, maybe.

Just to be sure, we went up to confirm about the Viva with the administration staff. We’re kiasu like that.

Bad move. But at least our fragile hearts will be prepared for the worst. They have yet to call students and will do so throughout the entire day tomorrow. DIE LA DIE LA DIE!

I guess it’ll be a good four days for me to catch up with my downloaded movies, Simpsons episodes, Friends episodes, blog reading, mindless internet surfing, blog layout editing, paperback novels reading(I like to read about suffering chinese women of yesteryears.:P) and sleeping. Definitely lots and lots of sleeping. Zzz.

Here’re photos from my Penang trip that we did a day after the pseudo-last paper(Microbiology was painful) of our finals:

L-r: Nien, Lie Yuen, Brenda, Zhu Zen and Myself.

We were waiting for Poh Yee to come out. She was taking such a long time to get ready!

Lie Yuen and Brenda looking so much better after being couped up in their rooms, forehead deep in year 2 dental notes.

Zhu Zen looking so cute!

Jolene so cute! Not.. But damn long never camwhore. So bagilah chan sikit. (Why do I sound like I’m bribing a policeman..haha)

Random loving photo of Nien and Me.

I was proving to the rest that I can camwhore for anybody, not only myself. I wasn’t looking at the LCD, in fact I was like facing the side of the camera…. you catch my drift?

Hey, what can I do? The camera had more shots of me, put up only lorh.

Me and Brenda. Oklah, excuses excuses. It’s just another one of myself camwhoring. *Points at Poh Yee* It’s her fault for taking so long to get ready. And the sunlight was lovely too. <3

Poh Yee was clearly deprived of sleep.

We went to Redbox to celebrate the end of exams. Quite fun lah actually. I learnt alot of chinese words that day.*proud of myself* And everytime an English song came on, they would push the mics in Brenda’s face and my face and say, “Ang moh kooi!” and we would sing along to songs from our tween years. Heh heh. Think Spice Girls and Britney Spears.

l-r: Poh Yee, Brenda and Nien.

I have NO idea what Maxis was doing. That’s Ee Chean in the background.

l-r: Poh Yee and Lie Yuen

Brenda and the very big head.

We were served with our airplane food. Horrid food. Bleh.

Andy arrived late. He did some warm ups before attempting to serenade us with his melodious voice.

I think we were singing Hit Me Baby One More Time. Damn fun wei! I vow to sing more Britney songs. I must try try try to sing Beyonce’s Irresistable. I also…erm, want to try to sing Lady Marmalade. It’ll be such a laugh! Dahlings, let’s go cheong k when I get back ok??? hahaha.

Andy in full gear. -_-

The guys l-r: Josiah, Ee Chean, Chwan Hong, Sett, Ah Thong

Sock Nee was the star of the day. She’s got a damn chun voice! Very ngam to sing all those emo chinese songs and Lie Yuen said that if she was a record company manager, she’d offer her a contract on the spot.

See, she elicited this response from the ‘crowd’.

There was one particular song that Maxis and Ee Chean were singing very loudly too.


And then it was off to watch Transformers! I know we are slow okay. It’s not our fault we had to be couped up at home, studying our asses off(literally, I can’t feel my bum already. I’ve been sitting in a chair for many many hours a day for many many days.). Don’t we look like some form2 form3 kids out on a trip together-gether in a whole bunch?

TRANSFORMERS WAS GOOOooooooooooooooooooooD. Though I fell asleep because I only had 4 hours of sleep in two days. But only missed like 8% of the show. So it was still good. Shia Lebeouf is so cute too! He’s only 1 year older than me! I’m amazed how he can maintain his funniness throughout the entire movie.

Is it weird that I chuckled everytime the cars transformed into robots?

For lunch we had Kim Gary. This is me attempting to make a long-time-no-see face at my Cheese Baked Rice.


Thought I’d share a photo of the receding tides along Gurney Drive. When I went there last year with Chee Kiang, I clearly remember water there.

It looks so bare and dirty now. There are some land reclamation work being carried out somewhere nearby. I wonder if that’s the cause.

Chickens! I super love this soft toy shop. It’s got the cutest beanies but too bad I ain’t got the moolah to splurge on dust collectors. Nice to see, but I love my bed space more than any cute soft toy.(except the darling Cat you bought my birthday, Lie Yuen. *picks Catcat up from the floor and pats it lovingly*

I particularly loved this monkey because it has the colours of my blog! And also the name of the monkey, “Kapo” sounds like “Kepo” which is so me. πŸ˜€

A group photo with the girls before leaving Queensbay.
l-r: Brenda, Me, Lie Yuen, Poh Yee, Nien and Zhu Zen.

Like any other shopping trips I’ve chronicled, how can I possible exclude my spoils:

Slinky tube dress. I wish I got a clearer picture and am now too lazy to get a clearer one. But for Rm65.90 it fits ANY body type. I wore it and I loved it. Lie Yuen wore it and she loved it. It fits anyone!

When I went in to the shop(it’s in Gurney Plaza) I was amazed by the rows and rows of slinky dresses(the type that you’ll need to wear with leggings but some can be without) for Rm35-Rm65. It was like heaven for me! I was like a child let loose in a candystore! I couldn’t stop fingering fabrics, tugging to test the elasticity(T_T that’s how people like me choose clothes.. T_T), oohing and aahing at the prints and the designs… I’M GOING BACK TO THE PLACE ON WEDNESDAY!!! Yes, I’m going to Penang again on Wednesday. Sungai Petani so sien lah.

A polka dot skirt for class.

White shoes from Central Square in Sungai Petani. There’s a new shoe shop that’s quite nice. Not like any of you who reads this blog will care or will visit Sungai Petani. πŸ™

And now presenting the torment of my exam season: The damn green bugs.

I’m not kidding okay. These are all the bugs collected from ONE night on the porch. Like a mountain okay. Damn scary.

That’s the broom behind it.

Good things spiderwebs exist. And see how big that spider is? I bet its having a feast with the bugs season.

I know my house is gross. We’re shifting out when year 3 starts! This house is beyond salvage!

I shall now climb into bed.

I realise I’m very angsty in my previous posts and especially the comments. Hehehe.

Surprisingly, I’ve received two flamers in the span of over half a year. I think lah. Not sure. But I definitely don’t get flamers often.

I told myself that I would be strong and will handle any shit thrown my way. I managed! πŸ˜€ I’m so proud of myself!

I guess I really shouldn’t blog just before my period comes. I become overly angry. Sigh. But stupidness pisses me off. So, maybe it’s not PMS.

Brain Spasms Of The Nocturnal Girl

It’s the second day of my period and I feel just a slightly bit moody. Forgot to take in the underwear that has been hung out to dry so I have to resort to disposable undies. Which is convenient anyway. But it’s not comfortable as the elastic is only so strong. Thus, walking around in my loose shorts with a pad sitting on a pair of disposables…..isn’t quite the best thing in the world. So yes, feel in the rest of the blanks with your very vivid imagination.(I should have trained all of you rather well by now.)

I haven’t been sleeping early(but since when have I ever?) for the past few days. Going to bed at about 5am.. yes, exams are around the corner. Top it off with my very very bad procrastinating habits and this is what you get.

I’ve actually editted a batch of photos but my brain is like vibrating and spasming from the tiredness I feel. But I told myself that no matter what I must complete just three more pages of my dental plaque notes and then I can retire to bed. But I really wanted to blog just because I haven’t been blogging properly for the past few days as well. I’m just too tired.

I feel my breathing is slightly suppressed.. and I need to raise the muscles around my eyebrows to keep myself from falling asleep. I have no strength to lift up the muscles of my eyelids. I’m shivering abit too. But that’s because the air con was on for the entire day. It’s either damn hot or damn cold here in Kedah. Rainy season too!

I can really feel my brain/head/whatever clenching up, and unclenching, clenching..and then relaxing and then … emptiness.

No coffee tonight, that’s why. πŸ™

I KNOW I should go to bed. Just two more pages. TWO.

The vibration is going to the back of my ears and pressure is building up between my eyes. I feel a thudding pressure at the back of my head.. oh god I really need to stop this and go to bed.

I shall put the blame on this website –> http://www.tv-links.co.uk. Go knock yourself out. Lie Yuen and I had a great time watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory over there.

And for the dental dinner, we’re rethinking Stand By Me. We don’t quite have the stamina to sing it loudly.. and the da da dum people say that they get distracted after awhile and thus ruin the whole song.

So we need a song that oldies and people who do not like worldly songs will like.(Staunch christians.. gotta respect my friends). Nothing about holding you close tonight or kissing you under stars or i need you tonights or even the touch of your fingers etc etc.

We’re thinking Ain’t No Mountain High Enough(I’ve just listened to it …and it’s gonna be quite tough!) or Catch a Falling Star! We considered Seasons In The Sun before… but yawn yawn.

And as a joke, we wanted to do The Lion Sleeps Tonight. I like the Ah Weeeee part. haha.

Suggestions please!