Making Instagram Magnets!

Just for my friends on Facebook, I decided to come back and blow the dust off this old blog to have a platform to do a mini tutorial on how to make your own Instagram magnets!

From my Sticker Monster days, I have plenty of left over A4 magnetic paper. One side is magnet and the other side is of a paper kind of material! Fits right into my HP Inkjet printer. Those were the days when I had big ambitions to make pretty magnets for the sticker business. Those days are now long gone. 🙁

ANYWAY, yes so you will need:

1) A4 Magnetic Paper (Source: A4 Inkjet Printable Magnetic Paper)
2) Epoxy square stickers (Source: 25mm Epoxy Square stickers) – they have glitter ones, matte ones and so forth!

A great addition to our already brimming with magnets fridge!

I was ecstatic when these epoxy squares arrived in the mail! 😀

The first step is to scan the epoxy stickers. We need the dimensions of these squares in order to know how to size the Instagram pictures!

Fire up photoshop and get the actual pixels of the image. This shows you the exact size of the square when you print it out.

After getting the Actual Pixels, open up Image and go to Image Size. Select Document Size’s dimension in millimetres. The numbers will come up automatically. 25.57mm by 25.23mm. I’m not that anal so I’ll just place it at 25mm by 25mm.

Open up one of your Instagram (Square!) pictures and change the image size according to the size of the scanned epoxy square sticker. As you can see, I made it at 25mm by 25mm. That’s my new dog Beezer by the way! Angel is still alive and kicking.. and kicking Beezer whenever she gets the chance.

In true Jolene Lai fashion, I can get quite excessive with the things I do. So open up all your favourite Instagram pictures! Resize it all! (I used automated action. Go google it lah. Malas wanna explain so much). Open up a new empty document and go for 1000pixels by 1000pixels. Start copying each image and pasting it in.

Woot!! All done! 😀 You can print preview and see if it will come out nicely.

Printed it out! I think there’s something wrong with my printer or the quality from the facebook pictures I saved. Maybe should try directly from your Camera Roll (or SD card if you are using Android!), might be clearer, who knows.

This is the fun part! Take your epoxy stickers and place over each square picture.

Flatten it down. No need to worry about air bubbles but just give it a few presses for good measure!

Love the bubble, glossy, 3D effect!

And cut! 🙂

This will make great gifts. You can go on tumblr and steal inspirational quotes by teenagers or crop out gorgeous pictures on Pinterest uploaded by bored housewives. Anything can be made into epoxy magnets!

As you can see, I am more active on Instagram than my blog here. So do follow me on Instagram!