And So After The Exams…

No thanks to Blogdrive which was down for the past two days and I was supposed to be studying for the five days prior to that which is why I didn’t even attempt to blog.

Since Justin and Daryl will be coming to pick me up to go to PD in like, 5 minutes, I’ll just give you the brief details:

– Went Kedah for 5 days, sat for exam, scared like shit, got lost on the way home to KL(mum and I drove)

-Went for broken bridges with munteng and v-ng yan.

-Very happy Douglas Lim remembers me.

-Because I interviewed him for my school magazine back in 2003.

-Going crazy about Douglas Lim. Stalker back in full mode. Damn broken bridges started it.

-Missed the last train home from Sentul.

-Went yamcha with Dennis, Mun Teng and a new friend, David. Don’t understand Dennis’ line of work.

-wtf did i do on wednesday? *pounds head*

-Oh yeah, miscommunication in Subang on the way to SS2 for Bryanchin’s mini merdeka gathering with some of the other bloggers.

-Sat in Jasiminne’s car and had a good time hearing all her stories while getting lost in the merdeka jam.

-No pizza left for us at Bryan’s.

-Was offered drinks.

-Want to lanci and down everything. On an empty stomach

-Sat on neighbours’ wall and….*pictures later*

-Was …. way off tangent. Good blogpost shall follow my one and only time drunk.

-Saw Mikel(louyau!!) and waved like mad though I didn’t know it was him until I went up to him for a closer look. Went up to him and shouted, “I’VE NEVER SEEN YOU IN LIKE……NEVER!!!!!!” *hug!!*
That was so not me. Seriously. SO NOT ME. 0_0.

-Jasiminne drove me back to Subang and I met up with munteng, benshyen, kelvin lim, sze hsiung, his sis(sorry I can’t quite remember your name) and another guy whose name i forgot too at SS14. Arghh so sorry. I was not myself.

-Went to bridge near Taylor’s College to see fireworks from Sunway.

-So surprised that i was still able to set timer for my camera.

-Had to be held by Mun Teng and Ben SHyen as I walked down the bridge.

-Went home and told my brother my deepest darkest secrets. WTF..

-Caused Esther and Chee Kiang to call me from Australia and Singapore respectively after seeing one too many typos on my msn whining unnecessarily.

-Cried to Chee Kiang about how nobody cooked anything for me to eat. *puts hands up* Me cry when me have too much of alcohol in the body. Hohoho.

-Brother dug my ears for me and i fell asleep on his bed.

-Woke up at 3am and puked into the toilet bowl. Consistency of vomit was the exact same one as faeces. Officially broke record of not vomitting for the past 10 years. Last time was because I was nervous about my PTS exams.(the exam that enabled me to be a year younger than my peers)

-Woke up at 6am and puked into the toilet bowl. Consistency of vomit still brown and sloshy.

-Penny, me thinks it is your cupcakes, decolourised. Your cupcakes were white if I was not mistaken? It was the only thing I had in my tummy.
Sigh. Shall elaborate these points when I get back tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Merdeka, you all.

Just wanna say sorry to everybody whom I was tactless to last night. I didn’t say my thank yous and my byebyes.

Thanks Bryan for the party. Didn’t say thank you to your parents.

Sorry Asyraf for being weird. We’ll have to meet again.

Sorry everybody else who felt I was strange lah, basically.

I will never ever ever touch alcohol ever again. I hate vomitting. Oh god.

The Ultimate Malaysian Experience

Just like your average city girl, I was sent away for national service kicking and screaming. I worried about the food, I worried about theft, I worried about my hygiene(*snorts*), I worried about my skin, I worried about hamsap trainers and I worried about the lack of internet. I think I worried about that the most.

In all my life, I realise that I’ve been sheltered far too much. There were people here who don’t even own handphones and to me, that’s incredulous. But I soon learnt that these people who hail from the village have their own way of slow paced life.

Only in national service would I ever have the chance to play and learn together with these kids who come from all walks of life.

Despite the language barrier with the other chinese speaking chinese at camp, I tried to keep an open mind and communicated with everybody. I was desperate to find somebody who could converse with me in english.

As the weeks go by, I soon got by with my limited cantonese and broken Malay.

Everybody at camp noticed that I scribbled furiously in a notepad whenever there was time. They’d peek over and la

ugh and smile because what I was writing was about my experiences together with them.

After form5, most people would end up sticking with their own race. It is inevitable. But in National Service, it was arranged in such a way that nobody of the same race should sleep next to each other. My neighbours were both Malay girls.

My favourite of the two girls was named Farah. Farah is very down to earth and she remained impartial despite the politics going on in the dorm. Politics happened everywhere and you guessed it, it happened between the malays and the chinese. Farah and I were very close. So close that we’d join our beds at night and she would help me hold my torch light while I religiously wrote about my experiences in national service.

Farah comes from Putrajaya but it must be the environment that she grew up in because she can hardly speak a word of English. She recognises a few word every now and then from my journals and would chuckle.

“Oh!! Marriage!! Cakap tentang hukuman seks tu ya?” she said. I mentioned in my NS diaries something about the trainer threatening a marriage ceremony should anyone be caught doing naughty things around the camp.

She told me, “Bagus Jolene tulis diari tiap tiap malam! Cam nih Farah dapat belajar bahasa inggeris! Tulis lebih ya!” I was overwhelmed with a sense of encouragement.

Once of the cutest scenes I saw in camp was during my character building classes.
There’s this tall, lanky and hairy indian boy who would act like a total monkey making everybody laugh. He can only speak very little Malay. When you disturb him, he’ll get slightly pissed off and scolds you in Tamil. It was very funny so my friend Yee Ling, a hair dresser who works in Klang, found him very endearing.

Now she was the epitome of your typical ah lian hairdresser together with the hokkien accented Malay. Very very amusing.

“Oi Raju!! Lu jangan nakal ar!!” she’d shout at Raju, the aforementioned Indian boy and break into a giggle. Raju likes to disturb her as well because she had blonde hair, blue eyes and was as fair as snow. They’d squabble.. one teasing the other in broken malay and the other one scolding back in Tamil.

One of the things I miss about national service are the songs and the cheers. Every night, all of us would gather in our oversized t-shirts and trackpants and sing the songs thought to us by our trainers.


I would love to continue this post. But I just puked my guts out a while ago and am in no position to blog. Hope you all understand. Happy merdeka. The gist of it is that I had a great time in National Service. Will edit this when i get back.

Come Layan Project Happy Malaysia!

It would be nice if everybody can participate in this year’s merdeka blog project!

The genius behind this is none other than the one and only Vincent of He was the one who came up with last year’s Kempen Belog BM.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to participate in the project. You see, I was part of the Merdeka procession last year as part of the national service contingent, carrying the Kedah flag(see, I was all psyche about coming to start my dentistry course 5 days after Merdeka).

I left my national service camp on merdeka’s day last year rather adruptly and rushed off to Kedah, totally detached from the likes of the blogosphere for about nearly 4 months. I came back to see a whole new generation of bloggers. Like some sort of alien evolution. You leave them for one night as a tiny colony of cultured bacteria and they become an entire civilisation in a few days. 0_0

This year, Vincent’s aim is to compile a list of heart warming stories written by Malaysians about being Malaysians. He has had enough of depressing stories and I’m sure most of us are sick of hearing malaysians complain about the price increase of essential necessities, racial biasness, feuds between the big guys etc etc.

So do all of us a favour by contributing to this project this Merdeka Day.

Marilah Sertai Projek Malaysia Gembira!

Tak aci aku tidak dapat menyertai Kempen Belog BM yang diadakan pada tahun lepas. Oleh itu, aku mati-mati pun nak belog damn BM juga. Tunggulah beberapa hari dulu sebelum aku mengarang sebuah belog enteri yang akan menonjol bahasa melayu yang berbunga-bunga aku dan mempersonakan anda semua. Habis peperiksaan biokimia aku yang menyusahkan itu dulu.

Aku tidak tahu kenapa aku boleh dapat B3 dalam SPM Bahasa Melayu. Sedih aku tau! Merosakkan keputusan SPM aku saje. Ish. Jahanam ‘tul!

Oh! Mari aku berbelog sedikit dalam bahasa melayu loghat Kedah.

Adik semo mesti layon projek ini yo? Baro la rio!

Ako tak taho ako cakop tahi apo.< --- only this one correct. cis! Mancis!

Ok sekian, terima kasih.

Yang Benar,                                                                                       24 Ogos 2006

(Lai Pei Shan)
Pengarang Belog

A Blogger Is Different In Real Life

Editted on the 24th of August: Since I gave Suet Li a pseudo review in my comments when I tried to tell her how different she was in person, I ended up giving her a thorough blogger-real person analysis. Cheeky buggers like Jason, Boss Stewie and Yee Hou also damn demanding wei.

Now, click on my comments. 🙂


A little digression: The time is now 4:44am on Monday and I just completed my allocated topics for the day. But I wanted to blog abit. Since I drank coffee just now, I went to brush my teeth.

While brushing my teeth, I heard voices from my brother’s room. Since the sound of my teeth brushing was muffling the voices, I peeked into my brother’s room.


It was like he was telling a story to someone. Or more like having a conversation with someone whose voice I couldn’t even hear. Freaky. Oh crap, why do I scare myself like that. NOW I don’t dare to leave my chair and walk to my bed. 🙁

I exclaimed, “Hahaha, you’re sleep talking!!!!”

And he continued, “Cheh cheh and I zzt and mmff gah bmms pfft *mumblemumble*”

I was freaked out. But amused.

I asked him, “Who am I?”

“Shevie,” he mumbled. Shevie’s my cousin sister. I was lagi amused.

Then while waiting for him to converse somemore, I stood there, proceeding with my tooth brushing.

Getting bored and hoping to stimulate some conversation, “What did you eat?”

“What do you want!!!!????!?!!!!!” came the very annoyed reply. He finally woke up.


Just as I was done typing the above sentence, my parents have already woken up because dad has to catch a 5.30am plane to Vietnam for work. I told them the story.

Dad said there was once my brother mumbled something about “the empire” during his afternoon nap.

Someone’s been getting too much of Star Wars, me thinks.

Okay, now on to my blog topic.

The beauty of the internet is that it gives us an outlet to become someone whom we strive to be. We are allowed time to weigh the consequences of our words before making a response. We can think before we speak. It is so very different from real life.

Blogs are said to feed the egos of its users. Some people have a certain mindset on how they want to portray themselves and they do just that on their blogs.

Is a person who is sarcastic and critical as tactless in real life? What is the girl who types in uPanDdown ChAraCterS wIth DeCoRaT*ivEFoN*tS like in real life? Does the tone of her voice increases and decreases alternatively? That would be weird.

Sometimes the persona we adopt for our blogs tries to influence our real life as well. If I didn’t have a blog, you wouldn’t see me running around with a camera so much.

As a blog reader, we read the entries and we imagine it in our own voices. There’s always this surreal, slightly off tangent feeling when you finally get to hear the voice behind the blogs you read everyday. And that’s what it is like to meet a fellow blogger. It’s not quite like meeting a friend of a friend or a stranger of sorts.

You try to equate the blogger as a person and the blogger on his blog. Sometimes, you just don’t see the connection. How can it possibly be the same person?

How can he be so chirpy in real life and so mundane and cryptic on his blog?
How can she be so loud and rude in her blog and yet so soft spoken in real life?

It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Kai-Lin, Chun Leen et all, who were Chee Kiang’s ex-junior college mates, know me through my blog. When I finally got to meet them when I went to Singapore a few weeks back, they said that I am just different from my blog. How so? Yet they can’t quite a put a finger to it. It’s just different. Very difficult to explain in words.

Would I dare say it was due to expectations and hence a slight hint of disappointment? Am I really different and maybe, a little unexpected of, in person?

Ok, let me detach myself from the people I meet online. How about the people whom I know in real life who blogs?

*after a few seconds of staring into space, pondering*

You know what? They are very different too.

When I chance upon blogs of old friends, I go, “Wha? Since when does she talks like that? Since when does she feels things like this? Com’n! This is SOOOO not her.”

Going through my list of friends who blogs(these differ from blogges who are friends), some appear cryptic, some like to wax lyrical, some appear surprisingly emotional, some appear too cheerful, some appear delightfully humorous, some blog in better english compared to the one they speak in etc.

I can’t quite imagine some of them acting like that in real life.

So does it make sense now? I do not flip my lips inside out when I meet you for the first time or camwhore with you almost immediately if I have only just met you.

If I don’t know you well enough, I will DEFINITELY not put on the pimptress hat and do a Kungfu Hustle land-lady pout with a cigarette! Shy one ma!!

But I can do all these on the blog.

Why ar?