To Marry Into Money

In Episode 32 of Gem of Life (I know I’m a little slow), the polygamous Sung family made me wonder, does extensive wealth equals to many wives?

In the show, Sung Sai Man has four wives while his brother chooses to have a whole trail of girlfriends instead as his angry wife merely tolerates. The Sung family paints such a picture that women who choose to marry rich must accept the fact that their husbands will never be faithful and that they should be satisfied with what little recognition their wealthy husbands choose to bestow upon them.

A conversation with an acquaintance who was gushing about a famous tycoon’s grandson also contributed to my post today. She knows its a silly crush and her mother has told her that it is never good to date such men. His family is obviously loaded with money and he is probably used to having women throw themselves at him. It’s even more dangerous if the rich boy is gorgeous.

I’m talking about riches that entail private jets, private islands and the likes.  So don’t assume I’m talking about anyone in particular because I totally don’t know anyone personally whose families own jets or even helicopters. I’m just musing. 🙂

There’s also the saying that men who marry many, will have sons who will do the same. i don’t know how true that is because some of my uncles seem to be pretty decent people. My grandfather himself had five mothers, and he only had one wife in his entire lifetime! So scrap that theory.

I’m not saying that all rich men are unfaithful but I’m merely wondering about the possibilities that could entail should a woman choose to get involved with men who are born with silver spoons in their mouths. It’s a common (mis?)conception that sons of rich men are used to getting what they want and if one is spoiled, one would refuse to bow down to expectations or even so, refuse to be tied down.

Are men who are made from rags to riches just the same? Are they more humble or does crazy money changes everything?

Exactly of what caliber should a woman be to be able to convince such a man that he needs nothing more than her, for the next 50 years? Looks? That’s only for the first 10 years or if you’re lucky, 15. Equal social standing? If TVB’s lessons are anything to go by, some women come from families who are ‘useful’.

If we’re talking about the young heirs to business empires, the girlfriends they have are nothing short of sizzling hot. With money, they have always managed to buy the best there is out there, so when it comes to partners, why not pick the best too?

So say you were chosen. Say you’ve got super gorgeous model characteristics, a prize on any man’s arm, what most people would call – a trophy girlfriend. If you’re lucky, you’re probably really intelligent as well and can be both beautiful and smart enough to rouse the interest of your average superficial rich guy who pats himself on the back for finding a beautiful woman who doesn’t actually have boobs for brains.

If you’re smart, you do know that he is used to having his toys. He loves the fact that he can afford to play.

Can you handle it?

What is it that make women of rich men stay when their men stray?

I know that there are women out there who love the high life. I do too, but I want to be able to pay for it myself when I earn enough. As of now, the most I will fork out for a bag is RM70. If my husband wants to spoil me every now and then, sure why not. But I would not feel secure if my sole source of income is from the hands of my husband.

I seem to be able to come to my own conclusions, haha.

So, insecurities.

Is this what makes women of rich straying men stay at home and turn a blind eye to their husbands’ philandering ways? To still be able to enjoy the luxury of adorning oneself in designer wear, to fine dine whenever and whereever, to travel to exotic places in a whim?

Do you quietly suffer while you find solace in the benefits of being rich? I don’t dare say that letting go of riches that you have known and seen is an easy thing to do. Why some women still dive into such relationships knowing what they’ll never be his last still befuddles me.

My beliefs in mongamy are not along the lines of “ohhhhhh i believe in true love, my one and only forever and ever!~~” but I believe in pride. If you’re in a loving relationship, that is something to be proud of. Any woman would be ashamed if their husbands were to sleep around, or worse, have a second family. (again TVB drama influenced)

Unlike the older generation, more women are smart enough these days to take away half of what is rightfully theirs via big fat divorces if they have been betrayed by their husbands.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand women who can allow their husbands to sow their seeds around – be it rich or poor.