What A Fucktard?

Hello Boys and Girls! (Seen that Behind The Scenes Elmo Video on Youtube? LOL)

Jolene is here to bring you another very classic example of the stunningly amazing assholes that are out there in the market of single desperate men. They get a few more slaps on the face for not being single.

I have a friend who started seeing this one boy about two months ago. He had all the credentials that a girl would want. A future professional, clean cut, available and…..somewhat interested. We would persistently hound her for information regarding their progress and no matter how many times they went out, the results were still nil. There was one kiss though and they have been holding hands already. We screamed, “So are you guys together?! Are you? Are you?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she said.

So we left it at that but we kept in mind that they were sort of seeing each other and it was only in a matter of time before they got together for real.

Weeks turned into months and soon we all lost interest, like any nosey gossipy girls.

Suddenly, she had a boyfriend. We were introduced to him in rather dark settings and had to peer at the face properly, “Aiks, not the same guy,” was the look we gave to each other.

She later on told us that the first guy sort of dwindled into oblivion. No messages, not even on her birthday. A guy who is supposedly interested in you should be continuous in his pursuit right? Or else we can just shrug it off as a case of “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

Like a decent self respecting girl, my friend didn’t pursue the matter and concentrated on working on her new relationship with her new guy. It was obvious that she is so much happier with this new guy. No drama, no carrot dangling and no hanging-in-mid-air nonsense from this guy. This is how a man should be. You want a girl, you go get her. You don’t give her hopes and then just play Chipsmore – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!

As things are going smoothly for my friend and her new beau, just as how fate always gives you that wtf plot twist, she bumped into him at a friend’s do. With a new guy on her arm, it seems like the perfect weapon to counter his previous ignorance right? It worked. A little too well.

He contacted her recently.

“Will you go out for a movie with me? Your boyfriend won’t mind one right?”

He then continued, “I think it’s time for me to go get a girl now..”

I’m happy my friend knew how to be pissed mad, but she was so angry that she didn’t even know what to reply.

WHAT THE HELL IS THE GUY’S PROBLEM? She hung around, waiting for you to make a move and now that she is with someone new, you can’t bear to have your ego boost taken away from you?

He even had the audacity to tell her that the kisses and hand holdings happened because he was tipsy. Then he had to sugar coat his defense by telling her how it wouldn’t be fair for the new girl(her) as he still had feelings for his ex girlfriend even thought the ex girlfriend is a bad bad girl.

To hell with your ex-girlfriend! Who the fuck cares if you have girl issues? You should know very well to clean it up and empty your emotional baggage before pursuing someone new. You don’t mess around with some girl only to say, “Oh, it’s the alcohol, and it’s not fair to you. Thanks for the company!” Actually, he didn’t even say thank you or byebye. He just disappeared.

And now that there’s someone new, he wants to be back in the picture. I think he likes a challenge.

I know that all of this sounds very cliche but it made me so angry that such a guy exists. He even has the cheek to tell her that he wants to go after her now. Honestly! Does it turn you on when you have affairs? Hmm? Can you only get it up when you know that she is forbidden property? Then Mr. Future Professional, there is something very very wrong about your manhood.


SU, Don’t Ban Hannah Yeoh!

Edited: My brother calls out to all prefects to stand together.

Edited at 1.41pm 23rd June: Latest news from SMKSU (What?!)

I received an email from my senior Christine Ho recently regarding the withdrawal of Hannah Yeoh’s invitation to the SMK Subang Utama’s Prefects’ Reunion.

On one hand, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to paint my old alma mater in this light because if you’re a student from whichever institution, you would feel a sense of pride and belonging, no matter what. I love my school a lot! But this is absurd! Therefore, I hope by speaking out, my old school will be the one school that manages to right its wrongs and be a shining example for other schools to follow suit.

Hannah was a past head prefect in SMK Subang Utama and I thought I remember reading from some friends’ siblings’ blogs that their teachers are all telling them, “She’s from SU!!” I know the school would’ve been bursting with pride if such a student rose to become a prominent figure in our society today. Even titles like Sekolah Cemerlang were highly revered. You know how Malaysian schools are always bursting with pride with whatever achievement the school has. Bowling champions(Hi Yazliza!), chess national champions (Hola Nicholas and Marcus!) and the list goes on. OH! Too Phat was from our school. They were invited to perform for proms and the likes. Ben’s Bitches were too. But I’m sure the school would prefer to keep mum about that.

Even as a normal student, I know that this Prefects’ Reunion thing is an annual event that the ..er.. for old times’ sake, I can’t resist it… green people(there were more degrading terms..) held in high regard! The colour of the prefect uniforms in my school is green in colour. Therefore, in times of pissed-off-ness (when they confiscated our coloured socks, coloured hair ties, handphones, liquid papers), there were a few prefects who had terrible nicknames from us or whose faces we would fart on if they were following us up the stairs from behind. It didn’t help that they were straight A’s students as well! Grrrr! But some of them are now our bestest friends and this was all back in high school.

Okay, digression aside, I know how important this Prefects’ Reunion thing is for them and it’s a very big event. It’s possibly the only organization in the school that places importance in gathering their alums for a lovely annual session of mingling and catching up.

Hannah Yeoh was elected as Subang Jaya’s assemblyman(woman?), taking over what was previously Lee Hwa Beng’s position in our so called middle class sub-urban residential area, or as we know and love, Subang Jaya of traffic jams fame. It’s a very important position to be in and just ask ANY past and present SMK Subang Utama student, “Are you proud that a former student is now representing our town?” We are more than proud! We are like giggly fan girls and fan boys. My boyfriend even has a pin-up of Hannah Yeoh’s manifesto in his hostel room!

She has shown that she is walking the talk, as can be seen in all her efforts as reported by the media.

I remember, If someone with the title YB was invited for an event at our school, the bunga manggas would come out, kompangs would be slapped, teachers would run about making sure everything is in order, perhaps an Envirothon would have been carried out a weekend before(we paint walls, pluck weeds during Envirothons. Also, it was nice to be flirting with the hot senior boys. This was in form1. Ahem. Sudah insaf dah.), and lol that dusty red carpet would have been rolled out. Oooh, ooh, who remembers the sofas that would be put right in front of the hall? Potted plants had to be carried all the way to the third floor(where the hall is which are actually four classrooms without their partitions, but we now have a real hall. After I left! Damnit.) and some artistic students would be summoned to do up the backdrop.

This whole song and dance was put up for various big shot politicians who were supposed to grace our school with their presence. I remember Lee Hwa Beng was very respected, but I don’t remember ever seeing his face. The first time I saw him was last February where Mel and I attended a self defense workshop held by R.age and he said something about how it’s important for women to take care of themselves as crime in Subang Jaya is on the rise. Mel was not really lowering her voice when she repeatedly said, “Not voting for you! Not voting!!” Hehe. But imagine that, I’ve lived in Subang for all my life and he has been the assemblyman for what, 10 years? That was the first time I’ve seen him in person! Regardless of whether or not a lazy Subang Jayan should venture out of her house to hunt for her mayor, the mayor(statesassemblyman, same lah) should be a prominent figure in every event. I’ve had a few school events! And I think there were a few town stuff my parents dragged me too, hmm.

I do remember one occasion where the deputy minister of education at that time (I can’t remember which year. So take your pick: Whoever who was the deputy minister of education from 1999-2003.) was our guest of honour for an event. AND HE FFKED US! LOL. All the hardwork for nothing. I felt that it was all very silly because I remember how hard the entire school worked to put the place in tip-top shape. Before knowing who it was, I remember thinking, “Wah, who’s this guy coming? Mahathir meh?!”

So you see, Hannah Yeoh is serving our town and our people. Our deputy education minister was no different, he was also serving us, we were under his jurisdiction and he had a duty to care for us. Hannah Yeoh is definitely caring for us. I’m sure she has a duty to oversee the wellbeing of the schools in this town as well.

So why is Hannah not allowed to attend the Prefects’ Reunion? As she mentioned, it’s an event held outside the school, so why should she be banned from attending it? She deserves her kompang slapping and bunga mangga waving okay? (though I’ve always felt that it looks kind of silly. I’d prefer confetti and the red carpet does add a touch of class, if I ever need to honour a prominent figure. But I’m sure Hannah Yeoh, as with the other pakatan rakyat figures are humble people and humble people would rather do away with all these. LIM GUAN ENG I LOVE YOU!! *waves big photograph of Lim Guan Eng*)

I don’t know how credible the teachers’ reasons are but I sure would like to hear them!

Ooooh.. or is it because she’s in the opposition?

*squinty eyes*

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This is extremely absurd

I Think It’s Called Growing Up

Sometimes I think my mood and style of writing can be something I would call the Peter Petrelli effect.

When I get enthralled by an author, a blogger or even an article in some magazine somewhere, without realizing it, I will come to my blog and start writing in the same manner. But for now, it’s all me. Was at a blog 5 minutes ago, the first two lines inspired me, all wax lyrical and sing-song and then I zoned out. But I kid you not, sometimes it really happens!

So here I am after a loooooong hiatus. Even I get depressed looking at the number of times I’ve blogged in the whole of June.


But to my credit they’ve all been packed with photos so the blog doesn’t look too sad.

So what’s new with me?

You guessed it.

If you google, “Exams are coming”, I’ll probably be in the search results.

Sigh. So much for the 5 weeks holiday. No matter how long I’m given to study, things will never be different(or more diligent).

I had to come back for the last week or else I’ll never really study! Subang is evil.

So this is my study week aka No Bra for 7 Days Except When Jogging/Buying Groceries aka bed time at sunrise, dinner at midnight…the perfect screw-my-life-up-again recipe! My body actually tuned back to normal human hours when I was back home for the holidays. But I will striveee!! *shakes fist like Stewie Griffin*

OH AND DID I MENTION? I’m so addicted to Family Guy. I even bought a new external HDD so that I can download all six seasons and the Untold Story Of Stewie Griffin movie! Sometimes you must let yourself go when you watch the show. No point holding back and feeling uneasy while watching such a politically incorrect show. it’s a surprise how Seth Macfarlane(SO HOT) can get away with all the jokes. The show is so damn illogical that it makes Simpsons look realistic, even though they are yellow in colour.

Now, for some rant.

When I was driving back to Kedah, I received an SMS from this number: 0129022290.

Anon: Care to chat Ms. Jolene?

Me: Who is this

Anon: I am a person with 2 eye 2 ears and 1 nose

Me: Is this David Chiew again?! (one of those lamers on friendster and this was back in April 07 when my facebook profile only had 20 friends and I had my phone number on it and accidentally approved him thinking he was an ex-high school mate. I’ve taken it down after I couldn’t differentiate who were friends and who weren’t on my FB profile. Bad move anyway. This David guy messages me from time to time only to get verbally abused by me. By text of course.)

Anon: Who is David Chiew? Your admirer?

Me: Who are you

Anon: A nobody want to know somebody

Me: ok goodbye don’t waste my money. (I would use more harsh words but I don’t want my car to be scratched or worse things happening to me. I’m such a big girl now. *pats self on head*..)

Anon: Typical Malaysian haha ok my credit is free anyway.

I didn’t bother replying after that.

10 minutes later…

Anon: Hi…

Me: if you don’t tell me who you are i’ll block your number.

Anon: i where got chance to tell before can start you assume then u portrait your arrogance against me! what goes around comes around (Baboonese to English translation: I didn’t get a chance to tell you who I was before you assumed the worst of me and portrayed your arrogance towards me. What goes around comes around <– wtf? Oh, I get it. He wanted to be arrogant too.)

Me: Because anonymous smsing is so pathetic. This is my last sms, you’re not worth my time and money.

Anon: You think too highly of yourself. One advice: grow up, aunt. I’ll add you to block list too.

Me: Lol I’ve already grown up, don’t know about you. Smsing girls randomly is sad.

Anon: Ha ha I don’t sms ppl randomly i know who you are ! Assumption gets you no where with this type attitude. I bet you are low paid! So I you grow up Aunt.

So yeah, you can start sending those photos of your shit to his number. Disturbing people gets you no where!

I definitely don’t have my number up on the internet except that one time one whole year ago! (which was on Facebook and was locked). So whoever it is who gave my number to him……………………….. why are you so pathetic?!

I definitely do not have contacts and acquaintances aged 19 years old and below (save for family members).. so whoever it is is probably around my age or older. I cannot for the life of me imagine why anyone in his 20s would think that something like this is fun.

Even my rant is so toned down. What with me being this old woman now and all. *stretches back on chair and moves on*

After a reality check, I’ve decided to go on a whole new fat free diet. I even bought olive oil! That’s how far I’m taking this.

My mother gave me her crock(haha thanks Brenda) pot to take up to Kedah and for the past four days, I’ve been making soup for myself! It’s amazing! I’ve been cooking for four days in a row! At this rate, I’ll probably finally finish the cylinder of gas that my housemates and I bought back in year 1.

I feel like I’m all ready to be a mother now!

Here’s the run down of what my menu looked like for the past four days:

Day 1:

I started with dinner. For lunch I had a very small portion of rice ( like three spoons ) and a normal portion of vegetables.

I made soup: Fish balls, 3 pieces of ladies finger, lotus, chinese cabbage and some chicken fillet(no fats! Promise!)

I added two thirds of a tablespoon of salt into the soup!

Day 2:

Lunch: Drank the leftover soup.

Dinner: Chicken soup with fishballs and ladies fingers. A slice of steamed fish which I shared with Lie Yuen (who made salad for her dinner). A small portion of brussel sprouts with olive oil, garlic and soya sauce.

The chicken soup was from a pre-packed chinese herbal recipe thingie. I dumped it in, along with the fishballs and some cut up chicken fillet. Same amount of salt as the day before. Put it in the crop pot and leave it for four hours, and there you have it, soup!

As for the fish, I steamed it in the wok. I poured a bit of soya sauce over the fish and put some garlic on it. Though I should put ginger. Maybe next time. The gravy was water from the fish itself mixed with soya sauce. No oil involved!

Brussel sprouts! Love it! Garlic and olive oil goes in first, closely followed by the brussel sprouts and japanese tofu. A bit of soya sauce and some water.

Day 3:

Lunch: left over soup.

Dinner: Watercress soup with watercress(duh), lotus, cut up chicken fillet (for that soupy taste!), again a few ladies fingers(I bought a pack of 12. YOU tell me how I should cook 12 piececs of ladies fingers!). Two portions of sugar, one portion of salt. Minimal so no diabetes and no hypertenson.

I also made a dish of vegetables and mushrooms: Olive oil and garlic as always. I then throwed everything in: Snow peas, broccoli and oyster mushroom. Oyster sauce for taste!

Day 4:

Lunch: Left over soup

Dinner: The same kind of soup as the day before but with added fishballs! (Packet of 15.)

I made the same dish of vegetables and mushrooms because Lie Yuen liked it so much. (We cooked dinner together today.) I added Japanese tofu this time (Packet of 2). I threw in some onion slices too! Oyster sauce comes into play again.

I had steamed fish again (had to finish the last slice of fish) and this time we put a few slices of tomato, garlic and onions on the fish which was marinated with some salt and sugar. Some soya sauce and in it goes into the wok for 15 minutes or so. I love steaming this way, it’s less dubious than using a microwave. With the microwave, you never really know. It was really nice! Though if you take a spoonful of mushy tomato, onion, garlic and fish into your mouth, it kind of tastes like bread.

And NOT a single grain of rice! Woohoo!

In between there were fruits, a single can of Tuna and a cup of nestum, some cups of coffee for that midnight boost.

Lie Yuen and I have tried to incorporate jogging into our routine (it’ll become more constant after the exams) and we’d run around the perimeter of a nearby park for half an hour.

I really hope I can keep this up!

Strange how people feel the need to report their healthy habits for the world to see huh?

Time to hit the books! <– also strange how people feel the need to tell the world that they are hard working.

I really need to study. Only one more paper and year 3 is OVER!

Happy Happy Buys/88-In-1 Gameboy Cartridge/Lie Yuen’s Birthday/Dinner With The Tan Brothers

The holidays(or rather study month, as I have my final dentistry paper on the 23rd) are coming to an end and I’ll be ending it with a big bang by chilling out at Fraser’s Hill with my family this weekend. 🙂 My dad proposed to have a photography competition and there are four categories: Scenery, Macro Shots, Abstract and Free. The prize would be RM50! (He didn’t mention if it was for ONE category only. Hehehe.) My brother has just bought a DSLR with his own money, money he has saved up since A-levels started and the last day of his A-levels is this Friday, so he will be geeking out with his camera up in the highlands.

As for me, I’ve been geeking out on my latest purchases! Probably one of the most awesome breaks I have had and though I didn’t go out to the shops every single day, but I’ve definitely been stocking up whenever I can. 🙂

Oooh ooh, before that, obligatory pimp: I’ve just updated The Sticker Monster with two new posts:

Back With More Crystal Blings

Sticko – Almost Like Sticker Royalty

Here are the spoils I gained from a solo day out to Damansara/Hartamas in search of a table lamp at Ikea but ended up at Ikano and Hartamas. I bought two formal shirts, long white pants with textured-stripes, two tummy-covering long tops from Little Black Book(Kudos for stocking up on clothes which bigger girls can love and buy!) and two skirts for classes which are way too tight but it’s okay. One of the skirt is made of tweed! How can you not love a tweed skirt? Some nights, I still dream of those RM70 tweed pumps from Nose that I never bought three years ago. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Sometimes I dream of the brown ones, sometimes I dream of the pink ones. 🙁 Never the black ones though.

And here we are! Purchases from Singapore. Even though I was there when the grand sale started, I didn’t really look around. I know I should have. I’ll probably never ever have another May-June holiday in a long long time. I came home with more toys than things big girls like. (shoes, bags, clothes, cosmetics etc.)

Check out my new tofu slippers! They are so freaking adorable and it’s all plushy and it feels as if your feet is pushed deep into your softest comforters. 🙂 That’s my brother’s leg, by the way, if anyone was wondering.

Tofu slippers up close!

Guilty as charged. -___- Chee Kiang and I named this CC at first, for Carrot Cake. But we decided that it should be called Siti instead. As in, CT. CT because it is Carrot Tofu. We are so clever, I know.

Chee Kiang actually comes up with really weird names. it’s just so spontaneous and sudden that he christians my toys and one big giant green tofu that I bought for him which he named “Gray” after staring at the tofu with the biggest grin. He insisted that Gray is spelled with an A. He looked at my equally huge pink tofu back in Kedah and straight away he was like, “Priya”. Wtf.

I can’t remember what’s the name for the puddings in my car, but I think one of them is Cherry Winkles(it’s cherry in flavour and the face on the pudding is winking) and the other one is a strawberry flavoured pudding..can’t seem to remember the name. I must ask him.

I bought two terry cloth plushies to stick into the pockets of my front seats.

It’s a monkey and a pink rabbit with wings!

Meet Monica and Betty. I named them. Didn’t want to let Chee Kiang spoil it. Next time when we have kids, must think twice about letting him give them names. It might not get processed in that head of his and just comes out as he smiles that silly grin. 😀

I brought my Uncle Terry and Aunty Judy to Lowyat to look at cameras two weeks ago. At one of the game shops, this is what I found: A whole box of old Gameboy Advance Cartridges with those awesome 88-in-one games that we played in kindergarten on our Sega Game consoles! 😀 The colours on the boxes looked like they were damaged by the sun and the original price for each game cartridge was RM200. It’s only RM50 now! With the box, the cartridges kinda look like unwanted puppies up for grabs.

The slot at the front of the Nintendo DS is called Slot-1. You can stick your old gameboy cartridges into it and get all nostalgic. I’ll be off the piracy scene for a good couple of months with this new cartridge.

The only game I’m playing these days while my backside turns dark purple as I play all the way to World 5 before I game over while having my daily shit.

Urban Champion!! It entertained me alot back then. It doesn’t do much for me now. I must’ve grown up.

Mappy – A mouse who is a bugler. I think the mouse is running away from other buglers.

PACMAN! I still play it religiously on my handphone.

Popeye! Haha I could never get past Level 3.

Galaxian! It can get pretty tough after awhile.

Tennis. Did the Nintendo Wii’s infamous tennis game originate from this?

Donkey Kong! Never understood this game, never will.

Lode Runner! It’s a very depressing game because when you drop into a hole, it’s a sloooow death as the sand covers you.

M.U.S.C.L.E.! Hehe, I remember looking at this game. I don’t remember playing it though.

OOooh! Antartic Adventure! My favourite penguin game! 😀 Colourful fishes, scary seals, slippery puddles, beanie for the penguin to fly with…. that tune! De de de de~ De de de ~ de de de de de . de. de. de. de.de. ~ Ah, memories. I’d be eating my dinner and playing this game, usually.

Balloon fighter! Also one of my favourite games back then and now. 😀

Circus Charlie! Another favourite. If any of you can tell me how do I through the part with the swinging ropes, I’ll be forever in debt to you.

Dig Dug. Another scary game.

Battle City – the only game my brother and I could agree on back then. (Must play 2 players ma).

Excite bike!

BOMBERMAN! Before I bought the cartridge, I was playing the NDS one and it was SOOOO awesome. I was hooked on it.

Okay, grr, back to my purchases. I just bought Talika Lipocils through the Malaysian agent for Talika. Apparently it enhances the growth of your eyelashes! I decided to get it after Amanda called me all the way from Melbourne JUST to tell me that it works wonders! I shall blog about my progress in a few weeks’ time.

MY NEW LOVE! Beautiful metallic fuchsia kitten heel pumps!! The material is as cracked as a, err, egg shell that has been sat on. Probably to maximise comfort!

Though it costs RM49, but I couldn’t resist.

Because shoes are to be loved and thus they are to be photographed a lot like a beautiful woman.

*mumbles*, Oh, metallic blue? I have awesome photoshop skills, don’t I? *laughs nervously* I really couldn’t resist it leh. Had to buy the blue ones too. My friend’s matriculation classmate once told him that I’m “that girl with the nice shoes”. So I have a reputation to live up to, it’s a duty that I must carry out. LOL.

By the way, don’t you think that using a pair of really beautiful shoes as a storage box on your table top makes for a wonderful interior design idea? 😀 I’m a creative genius!

Some cosmetics that I bought from Far East Plaza in Singapore. Only SGD 3 for each item!

It’s slightly oily. Are these kind of eyeshadows called mineral something something?

It’s always a surprise what colour combo comes out!

I was duped by the dvd seller who claimed that this Catch Me Now dvds were original(and the show is still showing in Hong Kong,hmm) and that they had English subtitles. Not only did it not have English subs, it had chinese subs which were aligned too far to the right that only half the sentences were readable. But for Damien Lau and Joe Ma, anything will do! Damien Lau is SUCHHHHHHH a hot older man. FILF FILF! Is there such thing as a FILF? and Joe Ma, never stopped loving him ever since Triumph In The Skies. My love for him intensifed with Maidens Vow. 🙂 Sigh.

Damien plays a gang leader in this show and Joe Ma is a cop. I saw the trailer last year and now I HAVE THE DVD! YEAYY.

Oh, the other eyeshadow that I bought. The blue is actually more sea-green.

My Aunty Judy bought this bag from me when she sneakily followed me back to Hol(a bag shop) after I left her to look at some shoes in Bata. I wanted to buy it myself but she said, “No! I haven’t bought you anything!”

Meet my beautiful new bag. I’ve never heard of the brand Juliano but it costs RM200!

You think I would fall in love with a bag that price? AT 70% OFF, I’m such a whore.

So I be loving my new RM60 bag which feels really really solid compared to the rest of my caplang bags(those bags that you can get from the stalls in shopping malls you know? Those are about Rm40-RM60. Sigh, even caplang bags cost so much these days. It’s time to do something different, hence.). The colour of the bag is a bluish platinum and it looks like fish scales. Under the sea, Under the sea! That’s how it looks!

My only slight concern with the bag is its weird links for straps. But IT’S SO SOLID. This bag shall last me for a long time. 🙂

Cze-Yin and I celebrated Lie Yuen’s birthday by bringing her for a dinner at The Pavillion and later to Luna Bar as we’ve been planning to go there together for the longest time. (like since Year 1 and it is almost Year 4 now.)

It was actually our first housemates’ outing in KL!

Here we are, ordering ice cream at Milky Lane.

I love how the place was designed. Very psychadelic, you know?

Lie Yuen and myself.

Cze-Yin and myself.

Lie Yuen and Cze-Yin. Such a nice photo! 😛

Look at the floor!! Lie Yuen and I want these tiles for our future bathrooms.

The ice-cream was o-kay. Nothing memorable.

And then it was time for Luna Bar. Unfortunately, it was raining when we got there. It must’ve been a super long time since I went to Luna Bar as I didn’t know that the back portion of the bar has been renovated into another bar. Still the same awesome view though. Though it upped its game by enclosing the whole area and had aircondition, yet keeping maximum big ass windows all around the place. This move probably made Skybar sucked even more. (all my make up melted the last time I was at Skybar. So so hot. And precarious. Was worried that I might fall into the pool anytime.)

The KL Tower through a window with cascading rain water. So melodramatic, right?

Cze-Yin ponders as KL City gets invaded by weird UFOS.

Too bad for the blue lighting. Sigh.

It was really gorgeous with all the chandeliers and bobbles hanging from the ceiling.

So classy! It’s like the room every girl desires! Though some alteration would need to be done, like fluffy material for the upholstery.

Lie Yuen’s eyes look really beautiful with her new colour contacts!

And Jolene as usual has her eyes closed when people forget to use the red eye reduction function. -__-

Lie Yuen’s blue lagoon against the skyline.

I’m sure this will be her next Facebook profile photo!

My strawberry marguerita and Lie Yuen’s pink handphone looking super artistic with the background behind it.

Don’t know who took this super unflattering shot of me. 🙁

Poh Yee joined us a little later. This is her boyfriend(which took us by surprise, as we didn’t even know she got into a relationship) Ivan Butt. After getting his last name, I was brought back to Interact and Leo days during my form4 year. That year with the many Installations and Iu. I told him I remembered him! Too bad he doesn’t remember me. Hehe. Anybody out there remembers the 2002/2003 leo president of SMK La Salle PJ?

A week ago, I went for dinner with the Tan brothers! Yee Wei is back from China and after many postponed meet ups, we finally met each other. 🙂 Our online friendship is about three years old now. He introduced his brother to me and I’ve actually met his entire family except him. :LOL. His father, his mother, the youngest brother and even the dogs.

Yee Hou was the driver for the day. 😛

Guess who’s the older brother? There’s a 5 year gap! Sure doesn’t look like it!

OH! To people who know Huei Jean, THIS IS HER BOYFRIEND!! 😀 Small world, damn small world. Oh, and apologies to the girls who got all worked up. He’s taken. 🙁

First Ivan Butt, then now Huei Jean. Haha, I’m like some newspaper publicizing engagements. 😛

We had stir-fried tapioca leaves!

Peppery oyster soup. Damn spicy.

The gracious host.

Beautiful shells!

Lala meehoon which really really rocked!

They made me eat a lot of this. (and I had a blood test the next say, so have a good guess what the readings were.)