My Shopping Madness From Bangsar To Sungai Wang To Queensbay

I’m one of those girls who find absolute pleasure in accumulating great bargains (according to my budget of course) but when it comes to using them, I just don’t find the same pleasure. I wear the same eye shadows despite owning more than a hundred colours (the 88 colour palette contributed greatly of course, heh), wear the same two pairs of pants even though I went on a mad rampage to buy all the candy coloured tights in all the blog shops I could find and I feel most comfortable with nothing hanging around my wrists or from my ears though I have an entire carousel of accessories to show.

What is wrong with me?

I cannot put into words exactly how I feel everytime I see something in the perfect cutting, in an interesting texture or in an absolutely darling colour. Taking it down from a hanger, I stroke it imagining how I’ll look in it, consider how much I like it…but most of all, think about what other girls would say when they see me in it. It’s just nice when other people agree with you, acknowledging your taste. 🙂

Shopping is a form of gratification for me and EVERYTIME there’s an exam, the only thing I look forward to is to go ALL OUT and raid the mall after the exams.

And that’s exactly what I did the moment I had some time to spare. 🙂

During the CNY break, Esther and I went gallivanting around the Bangsar boutiques.

Here’s a quaint little place, which is called BluBelle or Blue Bells or something. I can’t remember. But they stock clothes which make you feel like you’re living in some english countryside.

Saw this ruffled top that actually came with a fancy pinafore. But it was too embarrassing to wear, so this will do.

Somehow I just don’t feel the oomph when it comes to buying shoes from a boutique. I only trust stores that sell solely shoes. It just seems more real and you won’t be disappointed about the lack of sizes.

Esther has faith in shoes from boutiques.

This was pretty comfy and I quite like the little ribbon on the arm. And the pleats are so pretty too!

A little too transparent though. But I was kind of broke during that trip, so the shopping trip was mainly for camwhoring purposes. If I can’t own it, at least I have a photograph of myself in it.

Something Carrie Bradshaw would wear, eh?

I’ve been particularly drawn to knitted stuff as of late. But most of the stuff I’ve chosen would not allow me to sit down without opening my coffeeshop for the rest of the world to see.

The next stop was Cats Whiskers! Couldn’t find anything nice there but this pretty display of necklaces by the window.

Above Cats Whiskers is this boutique called something about a tea party. Can’t remember the exact name but the pieces are designed by their in-house designer. Affordable rates for something locally designed! Everything is like less than RM90. Usually ‘designer’ stuff is above RM200. Even though the designer is unknown.

It’s in a shade of blue that I’ve never seen before. Love the white sash.

This is something quite special! Look at the lapel! it’s fashionable to have ruffles and all that, but I’m not sure if this was a trend or if it is going to come into trend. I love the big collar. It’s really different from the cookie cut stuff you get from everywhere else, online or offline.

See what I meant by totally different kinds of stuff? Firstly, the colour combination is so adorable! It’s very doll-like.

But I guess it depends on the individual. Some people might call this frumpy, some people might find it quaint.

Esther going down the stairs with the pretty wall stickers.

The next shopping trip before I came back to Sungai Petani was a much needed, long awaited trip to Sg. Wang. Mel and I walked around the entire mall for like five hours. For the first time in my life, I am finally done covering every single inch of Sg. Wang, every single alley and every other interesting shops. Do you know there’s an ally with all the designer clothes (think Zang Toi, Melinda Looi etc) followed by a whole row of prom dress shops? Prom dresses – okay, fine, at my age I should be saying dinner gowns, pfft – for less than RM100! I wouldn’t even mind forking out less than Rm200 for a beautiful dress! I’ll totally raid that place during my next dental dinner. Or if any of my friends plan to get married.

On the 2nd floor of Sg. Wang, facing Famous Amos (somehow the branch at Sg. Wang smells extraordinarily strong) has a shop stocking the cutest and boldest office wears for RM40 and below. This dress you’re looking at here? 🙂 I bought it. For, get this, Rm39. 😀

It is perhaps one of my most decent dresses ever! At least my relatives’ eyeballs won’t pop out anymore in future weddings.

And one more, just because the colour is nice. 🙂 Very old English.

Another rosy skirt that I could do without.. so I didn’t get it.

and THIS I bought! Buahaha, it’s also RM39. 🙂 I can’t get over how well it fits!

While snaking in and out of the never ending alleys, I chanced upon this pseudo lolita shop. Here’s one of their more conservative pieces:

Priced at RM69 and for this kind of style, I think it’s quite a bargain! With the tiny corset detail and the tulle lining, it’s really really pretty. The most surprising thing is that it could even fit me! Nice things hardly fit me!


With flash!

The label is just so adorable!

There was even one in baby pink which is more subtle than the hot pink one.

If you’ve been to Sg. Wang recently, you would have notice this trend where shops slap on a RM25 price tag to everything in the shop. The downside to this is that you can’t try on any of the items.

I’m not sure if this tactic works with all the shop but on the 6th floor there’s this RM25 shop where I bought some pants and a jacket. I was worried that the pants didn’t fit me but the sales assistant said I could try it in the toilet after buying it and if it doesn’t fit me, I could return it for something else. Well, guess what, it totally did and I came back and bought a jacket AND a pair of shorts. 😀 RM25 EACH! *froths at mouth*

But certain shops don’t allow good luck!

Bah, seen it in all the blog shops. RM25 only and most of them are selling for RM40..RM50….

And what shopping trip is complete without looking at shoes?

Ended up buying the black pumps. Was torn between the black and the brown. Black more professional, brown is different, so vanilla-ey different that it’s common.  Everyone wants to be different and go with the brown. Ho-hum.

I bought another pair of wedges from Vincci. Very pretty! Dirty green with gold buckles and a gold coated wedge-heel. I thought it would make good sense to get a pair of wedges for those night outs spent dancing. I usually get into a huff when my feet start to ache and Gaya told me that wedges can save the day!

And because I went to Queensbay to meet a customer last weekend (and she bought RM100 worth of stickers! Whee!), Lie Yuen and I ended up spending the entire day at the mall along with my RM100.

There’s this Jappy shop just before Nichii on the boutiques’ floor and the lady there said that they were having post-CNY sales and that it is “always like that”. I was gawking at disbelief when I saw this rack that said “70% off!”

This orange top is RM39.90 BEFORE discount. Good lord. I bought it. FOR RM11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought another dress from this place too for RM17, but photos later on in this post.

A new boutique has opened next to Nichii (left hand side neighbour) and the clothes there are super super cheap too. RM40 and below. I can’t vouch for the quality but it seems thick and alright to me. Here’s a black eyelet dress which was RM35.

A teal dress that was too tight for me. But it’s quite nice right! RM35 also.

I totally regret not getting this top! RM34 only and I chose the white one instead..sob sob. Should have gotten it in pink too.

Don’t really like the cutting of this dress but for the sake of camwhoring…bolehlah…

I bought this too! I think it was about RM36. Something comfy and dressy enough. It’s quite stretchy.

Brenda and I agreed that the best Forever 21 we have ever seen is in Queensbay. The KL ones somehow are not as enticing as the one there as they stock more dressy stuff in their Bargains section.

Here I am with another knitted number. Tad too short, but as long as I’m standing up, everything will be okay, men will not do badly in business, children will not go blind.

I like this one! It’s awesome for night outs but not at the price tag of RM99. No.

Looks too basic for RM99 but i LOVE IT.. sigh.

Some chiffon top. It’s a tad too Aunty-ish for me.

This was from their bargain section. A forever21 piece for only RM61!! But I didn’t buy it. :\

I deemed it too common as any other girl would probably already own something like that. I really really liked the material though. Those embellishments are not just bronze/gold ones but gems which shine quite well.

Our day ended at Kim Gary, where Lie Yuen treated me to dinner.

We decided to sleep while waiting for the food. We were far too tired after a particularly long week of 9am-5pm full days.

My style of sleeping.

Before we went into my car; it’s been so long since we’ve had a photo together.

Oh yeah. Eh heh. *paiseh* I ended up with a couple of things from Forever21. Here’s a Flower hairband that I couldn’t resist.

And faux pearls! Wanted these for the longest time. It would have gone really well with my dental dinner ensemble but every other pearl necklace i saw was over RM100. This was only RM17. Yes, correct. RM17 from FOREVER21!!!

Nah, my RM11 dress-top. It’s good for those casual meet-ups. It’ll probably end up on the list of Jolene’s Most Worn Items. Like my purple colour long tank top (which I bought in green and black too.) or any of my comfy baby tees and this three quarter pants that I wear ALL the time. Oh yeah, my jeans too.

This is RM17!!!! *goes mad*

Must think about how to look more decent in this piece… but for Rm17, many things can be done at a later date. Buy first, think later.

This is the white one as opposed to the pink one. Pink one better right?!?!

I found a high waisted skirt in my cupboard which I think I bought from Shopaholics Unite. So I tried to pair it together.

I also found this black low cut office top in my cupboard (like some magical cupboard like that right) and decided to try out the corporate woman look. It’s from Shopaholics Unite as well!

With my hair up! How? Professional enough or not?

This was the red comfy casual dress that I got for RM36. 🙂

Here I am with the RM25 tube dress I bought from Sg. Wang plus a rib breaking cincher from a stall at Fleur De Lis, sucking in my fats.

Without the crazy cincher. Don’t like the cheap ass belt that comes with it.

Ahh. Shoes. 🙂 Green fuzz and gold is LOVE. I think it’s about RM39.90 from Shoe Point at Queensbay.

Perfect for walking into the dental hospital. High heels just kill me. It’s such a distance from the carpark to the building.

With padded insoles!!

And I couldn’t possibly resist these things even though I’ve been trying to stay away from Gladiators. But somehow or other I would still succumb and at the worst possible time ever – a time when everyone is on to something new. T_T

Wouldn’t have gotten it if it wasn’t for the beautiful yellow patent material.

It could’ve been higher.

<3 <3 <3 Sorry, I can’t get over it.

Ok, I promise this is the last photo.

My Dentures Bit Me

Three new posts on The Sticker Monster. 🙂

Click on the pictures to check out the range of the stickers:


Second term of my fourth year has started and so far it’s been 8 to 5 EVERY SINGLE DAY! On one hand, I’m really glad that they’re upping our clinical sessions but at the same time, I kind of miss this thing I used to do called sleeping.

I’m almost like a real working adult. There’s a strange bubbling sense of pride. It’s like I’m WITH IT, you know? Except there’s no money to motivate me. Can’t wait to work for real.

I remember having this talk with Karthik the other day while in the MRT. Working people are always telling us, “Enjoy uni! It’s the best time of your life!” We’ll agree to that on some levels but I think money trumps everything. When you’re studying, you just don’t know when’s your next regular disposable income. When you’re in uni, holding your hands out for moolah from the parents becomes increasingly difficult as you age.

Whatever free time I have during school hours, I would be stuck in the dental technology lab doing attempting to do this set of dentures for my patient. I’m going crazy with the hours I have to put up in the lab (I went in at 9 today and only left at 5. And I only managed to SET the teeth. I didn’t even get to finish the damn dentures.) and I got into a few accidents throughout my sessions there. :\

The bunsen bunner there serves the purpose of heating the wax knife for you to cut, shape and adjust the dentures. At one point, I was chatting with one of the dental tech lecturers and absent mindedly picking up a wax knife to smoothen my dentures, only to scream “FUCK!!!!!!” and dropped the wax, well, a hot wax knife. I was holding on to the end that I was heating up only seconds ago. And by heating, I meant smoke was coming out from that end. My fingers still kind of hurt now. 🙁

The other mishap was when I was ALSO chatting to the dental tech lecturer and then SNAP! The dentures clamped shut on my third finger, causing one side of the nail to break and poke into my nail bed. Don’t mess with dentures man. They bite.


You know how sometimes a high ranking lecturer comes in for a chat and you want to be polite and all?

Yeap. Not that fun when you have wax dripping down your fingers… and still trying to maintain the conversation without so much as squinting.

When I was last in the dental tech lab, things were still very primitive then. Most of our equipments were found in Tesco (stove, paint scraper, table dustpan). Here’s one of the very modern additions to the dental tech lab. A high powered air thingie that blows real hard at dusty surfaces. Really good when we’re trimming our acrylic stuff. The air is so strong that when I use it (to harden my molten wax actually), four chairs away, Wuan Phing said, “eh, cold lah Jolene!”

The pressure is really strong. Can be used for other things too. 😉

By the way, the pics were taken with my LG IceCream KF350. Not bad eh?

Fleur De Lis / The Temporary Puppy / Dahlings On Christmas Day / Kyle and Eli / Meeting Sohpoh / Three Glammed Up Fools At Starhills

More belated coverage on my recent December holidays!

But first things first!

Check out what I did to my aircon remote control:

Most of the leopard print fur sticker sheets have sold out in the first post. I did however restock and they are in this album on Flickr! I’ve not put it up on the Sticker Monster blog yet. See, the benefits of being a reader…:P

Here’s a photo of what’s new at The Sticker Monster and links to my new posts.

Strapya World says, “Furry Sticker Sheets For The Coming Winter!”
Kawaii Japanese Plushy Stickers
Knock Knocking On Chipboard Stickers
Floating Animal Jelly Stickers


If you’re a true blue online Malaysian shopaholic, you would have heard of Fleur De Lis, jointly organized by Shirts4Real and A Shopaholics Den. Esther and her friends Jan, Brian and Sze May to name a few, are the people behind Shirts4Real! Can’t believe one of my bestest friend in the whole wide world organized a bazaar! And this was her first time at a bazaar too!

A Shopaholics Den has a strong presence in the Malaysian blogshop community and thus publicity was a breeze! But if you’re organizing a flea market and you invite blogshops to come open stalls at your bazaar, lifestyle ezines such as TongueChic, Emmagem or other famous blogshop review sites will pick it up and promote for you! But never be greedy with your rentals, RM80 should be the cut off.

I was wondering if it would be a mistake to drag Chee Kiang there… but he even bought a shirt! Haha. Anyway, this is too ancient, so I can’t really remember what else happened that night.

Chee Kiang and I with Esther and Sze May who were handling the registration table. I could’ve gotten a table last minute..grrrrrrrrrrr!!! My stickers need to be cleared to make way for newer ones!

Mimpi Murni, she’s always at the bazaars!

It was kind of stuffy as it was in a bungalow, but if you wants bargains, what’s a few buckets of sweat right?

Something to distract the boyfriends.

Look who I met there! Haze! The beauty maestro behind BlushBerry also happens to be one of Lie Yuen’s friends from high school. Small world, small world.

I BOUGHT A PALETTE, yes i did.

As it was a real house, there were many convenient places for the sellers to hang their wares.

He totally enjoyed being the only male at any given room.

Sigh, I’m so happy to be part of this era where bazaars and flea markets are all the rage and it’s still quite underground where young people open stalls at bazaars organized by equally young people.

This is Jan, who poured his sweat and blood into making the event a success. Shirts4Real is going places!

I bumped into Eliza from Phatculture. I was introduced to her partner, but as we all know how bloody ancient my posts are these days, I’ve already forgotten her name. 🙁 I’m SO SORRY!! 🙁

Awww, isn’t Eliza cute? Eliza and I were blogger friends from way back in 2005/2006. So she’s an old timer like me. 🙂 We met for the first time that night.

Since Esther was part of the organizing committee, Chien and Min Dee came to give their support and bought a bag each! I spent about RM150 there. 😡

These were the lucky vendors who did not have to cram inside the house with the rest of the sellers.

Another super long ago thing that happened was when Sook Mei, one of my Year 3 juniors, asked me to take a puppy in my car back to KL. This puppy, whose name is Noobie, but whom I christianed Bolt for the two days it was with me, was from a litter of puppies by a pair of husband and wife strays. It’s pretty good looking for a stray dog, don’t you think?

Poor little Noobie actually has two other siblings and of course, a mum and a dad. But one afternoon when my juniors were at uni, the MPSP (Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani) people came by and kidnapped two puppies and the two adult dogs. Noobie and his brother, Stupidoo (yea. I know.) were hiding under a dust pan at that time and were safe from the evil MPSP dog takers. Sounds like a Disney Pixar movie plot. This is when the two dog brothers would start talking with teenage boys’ voice

He’s quite the poser too! Since that bunch of juniors were afraid that the MPSP dognappers will come back for the rest, they put the two puppies at another classmates’ house. This house has three floors and it houses six boys. So just imagine lah, six guys taking care of two puppies, you’d think it’s all a bowl of dog biscuits once every three days with dog biscuits strewn all over the kitchen and five days old dog poo.

Which would probably happen if the puppies stayed with me. Thank god hamster poo is almost invisible!

If you’ve seen my other posts, you might remember names such as Melvin, Tee Lun, Samuel, CY, Ken and Kelvin. All these manly boys are the daddies and mummies to the two pups!

CY is the one who feeds them and scolds them! I think he bathes them too!

Samuel will be following behind with a mop to clean up any peepee or poopoo.

Tee Lun, whom I thought would have nothing to do at all with the two dogs, actually goes to sleep with the puppies on his bed!

<3 <3.. such sweethearts!

And boys being boys, they couldn’t be bothered with names so they simply called the two pups Stupid and Noob. Then Ei Leng dropped by and gave it a feminine twist, Stupidoo and Noobie!

Poor Noobie feeling very wary about the mess in my room.

He wanders on into the mess. Brave dog.

He keeps walking.

Then he got tired.

Since this little doggie has passed through so many dental students’ hands, I thought it would be apt to photograph him with my trusty molar container.

He’s looking for his good side.

Since he’s still a puppy, he needed to be entertained. Thought the tofu might keep him occupied for awhile.

He’s so fluffy and fat!!

|And he just loves tummy rubs!! 🙂

Coz dogs maketh good camwhoring props.

I introduced him to my hamsters.



The hamster looks like it was trying to tell me something.

Noobie keeps an eye on the hamsters, just in case they get up to no good, like kicking woodchips out of the cage or bite annoyingly on the metal bars.

Here’s Noobie in his box, where he slept for the entire four hour ride.

He wonders why the box, him and the tofu are of the same colour.

What a good doggie!

Gotta love the way he sleeps! <3

I brought him home before Sook Mei’s mum came from Klang to pick Noobie up. Mum wanted to bluff dad that we have a new dog in our house.

Angel started to feel left out.

Trying to get them to be friends. Angel just doesn’t like playing with other dogs.

Look at Angel’s face lah! So lanci!

But she looks extremely depressed..probably thought that her status as Cutest Dog In The House was threatened.

Must comb nice nice before taking photos.

Angel still didn’t bother to get acquainted with Noobie.

Angel went to get some ego boosting from Chee Kiang who always acknowledges that she’s the cutest dog in the whole wide world! Right, dear?

See?!! She’s smiling again! Compare the photos, you can see the difference!

This was after Noobie went home to Klang and Angel was back to her normal self.

December usually means everyone’s home for the holidays! From UK, Us, Aussie…they were all home. 🙂

Save for Abby, Liss, Amanda and Mel (who was in Australia visiting her…wait for it..FIANCE!), the other seven of us Dahlings met up for dinner on Christmas day.

So yeah, a few days before Christmas, all of us got the same message from an Aussie number, “HE PROPOSED!!!”

And that picture is us, drinking Ocha to Mel’s engagement to a Dahling-approved Tim Murphy. Her kids are going to be gorgeous! The wedding’s not until 2012, so hold your horses! You may go to her facebook and comment on the photo of her engagement ring if you wanna send your love. 🙂

It’s been so long since we’ve had pictures of us together. She Dee still can’t surf even though she’s been in Hawaii for two years now! Esther has graduated and I know it’s so mean of me, but i hope she doesn’t get a job too soon or else there won’t be anyone to play with me when I go home to Subang!! 🙁 We go out almost everyday together when I’m back home.

For the sake of that cute face in the middle.

Cheek rubs!

Haih, just coz we haven’t been doing this for a  looong time.

Esther and the ball. 🙁

I’m totally losing my skills. This was meant to be one of those slutty smooching pics.

So I did what I do best: Being a busy body.

Next door neighbour Mun Teng wants in on the goss.

Now that Munty is slogging it out in the corporate world, I hardly see her. So this photo is a good reminder of how she looks like.

Seriously, my camwhoring skills have deteriorated.

Yee Hou was right about how my Canon Ixus 80IS is not exactly camwhoring friendly.

It was one of those nights where we said No Boys!

As a punishment for crashing a girl’s night out and with Chien’s help, I stuffed Ji Yang’s box of cigarettes down my my cleavage. A new box of cigarettes! I’m all about tough love! Smoking kills, this is how I educate my friends.

People from school would know that my cleavage have been used as storage space for a few other things. Hand phones, liquid papers…. etc. When I say hand phones, I’m talking about the trusty hardy big ass Nokia 3310.

When I look at Min Dee I think about the ceramic plate she brought over for Christmas 2007, which I keep promising to return. Argh. Min Dee is living the corporate (intern) life, enjoying life in HK. I want to go to HK too~~ T__T

I’ll be losing one of my best friends to that melting pot (salad bowl?) called Singapore. 🙁

She’ll go there and produce many stressed out kids with Mr. Shawn! 🙁

Sush is now at KPMG in UK, making them pounds and coming home to SPEND SPEND SPEND!

Just trying to be generous with my camera. With all the individual shots in my camera, one of them might be picked up to be a Facebook profile photo by one of the girls.

it’s not fair if my role was solely to be the camerawoman right?

That’s Min Dee being Min Dee. Talking at the speed of light with equally fast hand movements.

Nah, Sush, You want this as your facebook profile pic ah?

l-r: Min Dee and She Dee.

Gonna be a year till I see all of them in one place, at the same time again.

After leaving Pyramid, Chee Kiang told me he was at McD’s Drive Thru with Gaya, Wern Cheen and Eu Foh. They were all my form4-5 classmates and I’ve not seen them in quite a long time. In form4 we all sat at the back of the class doing our own thang while the teacher rambles on in front.

We adjourned to Gaya’s place that night where we updated each other about whatever we knew about anyone from Subang Utama. There were some shockers.. but for fear of getting chopped into bits by the subjects (and I mean this literally), I’d better not say.

Wern Cheen laughed about our ex class teacher who only taught our class Agama Islam. This means that we got away with quite a lot of things, or so we thought. During open day, our teacher told Wern Cheen’s mum, “Ah……Wern Cheen kini dalam alam percintaan.” Seems like he knows quite a bit about Wern Cheen’s love life.

I didn’t get away too easily too! My class teacher told my mum, “Aahh.. Ini Lai Pei Shan selalu bersama itu Lam Chee Kiang. Belajar dulu…” and I’m all, “Wat…”. I looked at my mum and she sniggered. -_-”

All he thinks about is puppy love/romance issit? Deprived issit?

L-r: Eu Foh, Myself and Chee Kiang.

It felt weird to go to the same place and be in a different car from my boyfriend. Can you see himin the car behind Eu Foh?


The next morning, I had breakfast with Kyle, Elizabeth and Esther. Was great to just catch up and ask each other the usual FAQS (so when graduating?/working where?/got girlfriend ah?).

Elizabeth who is looking really really good since I last saw her!

I present to you the many faces of E Yon Kyle. His facial expressions are the best! And this is just him being his normal self.

Sigh, good ol’ Kyle. He still looks the same since Standard 6. 🙂

Eli and Kyle.

With an Esther.

And finally a Jolene.

When Brenda was down from Penang, we went to Sg. Wang and met up with Sohpoh whose real name is Lee Peng. But we were so used to calling her Sohpoh, we kind of forgot her real name. Haha, I was quite sure it was something Peng.

Sohpoh is our mutual online friend whom we met via both our blogs. We got acquainted because she is a dental student as well! She’s a semester younger than us and is currently pursuing her fourth year in Australia.

We compared disgusting dental stories but we were most horrified by one case:

One of her seniors accidentally drilled into the floor of the mouth and the bur got stuck there. To remove the bur, they had to set it to spin anticlockwise (or opposite of whichever direction it was). How traumatizing for the student and the patient!

l-r: Soh Poh, Myself and Brenda.

Though it was the first time we met Sohpoh in person, we got on like a house on fire! A particularly memorable part of the whole thing was when I cajouled them to come into a sex shop with me.

Yep, that’s right. There’s a sex shop in Sg. Wang and not just some lame candy store that sells happy looking condoms and other paraphernalia laced with sexual inuendos. Trivia: I was kicked out of I Need House when I was 16, posing as a 19 year old.

So anyway, we sauntered in, acting cool. Go in sex shop must act cool one okay, cannot giggle like you’re young. Or not later they asked for IC.

But we ended up giggling anyway when we spotted a long curved dildo kind of thingamajig that was called “Double Trouble Slender Bender”. But they didn’t ask for our IC even though we acted like total juveniles. I must menyerah kepada takdir already that nobody will ever ask for my ID ever.

Go into casino also nobody stop me, go into club also like that, go into sex shop and act like a kid, still nothing. *squirts antiwrinkle cream and rubs on cheek sadly*

It was quite awkward as the shop was totally empty and only three of us went in. It was manned by about 5 guys to add on to the awkwardness. And if things weren’t awkward enough, one of the guys was being a hard sell.

“Ahh.. this one very good one! Must try!”

…… -_-”

They were initially playing some lala jengjeng songs but when we were there, they put on some Westlife songs to accomodate us. And not just any Westlife song, it was “If I Let You Go.”

Default song that banana girls like issit?

Back to the story about the long rod that was called Double Trouble Slender Bender. The sales assistant saw us looking at it and went on to say, “Aaaahh.. boys and girls also can! Girl on girl, boy on boy, boy and girl…..”. The dildo was a two ended dildo, so there was no base, nothing. Just a long curved acrylic rod with the anatomy of a shaft and a head.

Dildos were selling for like RM200 and above! Must be high quality stuff. If there were dildos for less than Rm50, they are probably made in China and imagine if it explodes! Oh yeah.

If I’m not mistaken I saw fleshlights too.  If you don’t know what it is, google it. I was told that they even have little girl ones!!! *traumatized*

So … if any of you need anything.. there’s a shop in Sg. Wang. Just saying.

Brenda was the shopping monster for the day. My damage was done on another day, during CNY. 🙂 Blog post later. Ya I promise, ok!

Brenda’s got style.


This is about the night where we duped by a very misleading message that Gaya received.

A friend of her’s texted her saying, “I’m planning for a glamourous, classy, sophicated night at *some bar at Starhill*. Free drinks for the ladies till 1am!”

Thinking that we had to follow some kind of theme, she roped the two of us to join her and dressed up for what sounded like a promising event with free drinks.

Us on the Federal Highway, doing the obligatory.

Since we were still early, we decided to head across to Pavillion and grab a bite. Maklumlah, we wanted to arrive fashionably late. Ahem.

Some good shit bun slathered with butter that Gaya discovered at Coffee Bean.

Me appreciating the good shit bun.

LOL. Dear, Russel Peters said don’t roll your eyes remember. 😛

I think it was sometime after this photo when she got another text from her friend.

“Seems a little dead here. We’re heading over to Changkat Bukit Bintang. Feel free to join us!”

It seemed a *little* weird that someone who was organizing an event, would walk out on it because it was dead!? After analyzing earlier messages, we realized that the guy was actually asking Gaya to bring some friends to join them on a glamourous, classy and sophisticated night out. And then the bar was too boring for him, he adjourned to Changkat with his friends.

Quite dramatic right this fella.

It’s only normal for normal people like us to think it was an event and dress up like fools, anticipating an event with free drinks.

LOL we decided we might as well make the most of it and went to the bar anyway. It was super dead but we had fun camwhoring with the beautiful furnitures around that bar.

With velvet plushy cushions!

The bar had an interesting concept. Curved and open air, so I got a little sweaty.

I was distracted by the pretty lights which changed colours every few seconds.

I was especially enthralled by the strands of fibre optics which looked like a glowing chiffon curtain.

There was an enclosed area within the bar which was off limits to normal guests like you and me. We went in anyway, who cares.

Better camera, better hair, better make-up, better lighting would make for a nicer photoshoot. Really love the setting of the place. It just oozes luxury.

As you can see, we had our own mini photoshoot.

Must give the photographer some camera time too.

A contemplating posh boy.

Cheers to us three duped fools.

But it’s fun to dress up, so we forgave that stupid guy anyway.

And yes, the drinks WERE free.

Posing with Chee Kiang’s wine which caused him RM40 for that one freaking glass. We were all living in denial and pretended that the RM40 was the total for all our drinks that night.

My favourite lashes.

Gaya was all up for dressing up and taking tons and tons of photos. All these pics went up on Facebook a long time ago.

Because owls are all the rage. Or were they?

We were too bored and we certainly couldn’t neglect our feet.

I love this sultry pic of Gaya.

Upon leaving the bar, there was another weird piece of furniture outside so we carried on.

Oops, the dirty soles make spoil only.

This dress was actually bought online and why this is a point that I feel the need to highlight is because I can ALMOST NEVER fit into the things sold by our local blogshops. Really happy with this dress!

This is Chee Kiang’s idea of a sexy photo.

cK <3

The bag is also another great buy I found online. I love love love it!

Maybe I’m being perasan but I think my rebonded hair is still behaving very well since my last trip to A Cut Above Academy back in February 2008. It’s an awfully long life span for rebonded hair which only costs RM160! For that length too!

While Gaya was peeing..

.. I couldn’t resist the mirror. Never could.

My Spontaneous Valentine’s Day Adventure

It was just my luck that Valentine’s Day fell on a weekend this year and I have no classes on Fridays (don’t hate me!), so I decided to spend it with Chee Kiang this year. This would be the first time in 6 years since we’ve spent Valentine’s Day together and that’s the amount of years since we’ve left school. We used to buy each other gifts from our respective clubs (Interact and Leo, which happened to rival ‘charity’ clubs) and deemed it as a tradition between the both of us. But even a blind person can see that it was two young kids flirting with each other and the ‘friendly tradition’ was just an excuse to shower each other with affection./

So yeah! I decided to spend Vday with Chee Kiang this year.

The thing is, he wouldn’t know until about 5 hours before Valentine’s Day.

The 13th was supposed to be a long day for him, with a test in the afternoon after an entire night of cramming and his evening was spent at Media Corp recording for a radio show (my boyfriend’s a DJ! More on this in another post!) for this radio channel called Lush Fm and then his day would end with dinner at Fish n Co with Jon, Karthik and Yen.

A Malacca trip was ‘planned’ for him and the ‘plan’ was to leave at 7am the next day, so his stomach was set to Durian Cendol mode. Poor thing. He first told me about his Malacca trip when he came over to help me peel vegetables for my CNY reunion dinner. I immediately texted Jon and begged him to change the dates as I wanted to surprise him for Valentine’s Day! I  know I’m not creative at all… he pulled this one on me too for my 21st birthday! But I still think it’s fun.

Jon said, “It’s so that he would keep his weekend free for you!” What geniuses!! I was so grateful!

I told Leong Hui, Jon and Chun Leen about my plans and had meant to tell more people, but procrastinated and they did more of the planning for me. I’m so lucky!

The funniest thing was when Chun Leen texted me with such urgency, “Jolene, we have a situation. Call me. ” Panicking, I called him, fearing the worst.

He was all, “We’re going to Malacca the weekend that you’re here.” Haih, so kancheong~! Poor guy was not briefed about their master plan.

As for me, my journey started on the 12th of February! After my morning patient, I immediately hopped onto a bus and made my way down to KL and upon reaching Pudu at sunset, I joined the sweaty masses jostling and tumbling in the LRT and the KTM all the way back to Subang. As I wasn’t sure if my parents fully approved of my tiny adventure, I decided to be the independent daughter (as opposed to my usual troublesome daughter role) and saved them the traffic jam stress along the Federal.

Gotta love my iPod nano. Also, after watching Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist during my bus ride, I felt COOL listening to songs on my iPod while walking through the city. Don’t ask me why, I also don’t know why I’m pretentious like that.

Went home, offered to wash the dishes, talked tons about the latest going ons back at dental school to distract my dad from asking and then nagging me about my spontaneous trip, I made it through the night without much fanfare.

The next morning at 9am, mum dropped me off at Pyramid where I boarded the Aeroline and summoned enough courage to plop my butt down onto the plushy plushy OHH so plushy lounge area, where there were three other guys already making themselves at home. Kept looking up at this middle aged high ranking malay uncle who kept shouting into his phone, “Miss Lai?? Can I speak to Miss Lai???” Was quite distracted by that.

Decided to be cool again (sigh) and brought out my laptop from my bag. Thought about whether it would be embarrassing or fun to be seen with my super blinged pink laptop in a tiny area filled with men but decided to be proud of the person that I am and watched an episode of Gem of Life before I curled up in a ball and fell asleep.

Woke up and saw that my tube had rode a quarter way down and my green bra was showing, so thought it would be best that I move away from there before I humiliate myself further.

Was really proud that I managed to sleep right through the entire journey! When I opened my eyes, I had already arrive at the immigration!

Since I had a few hours to kill before the big surprise, I had lunch at Vivocity and freshened up at the toilet there.

1) Lunch was a bowl of Loh Mee and it SUCKS. I would go hungry and die in Singapore if my salary is only sufficient for hawker food. Western food in Singapore is so damn good though. Let me tell you about Esther’s Singapore hawker food experience. She was alarmed when the Wantan Mee uncle started pouring tomato sauce into her Wantan Mee. I’ve been to Singapore so many times and only rarely, VERY rarely, can I finish a bowl of noodles/plate of something from a hawker stall. Most of the time I couldn’t go through with it. The food there just tastes different, somehow. I remember staring in horror at the clear Bak Kut Teh soup as I was walking pass some hawker stalls. Bak Kut Teh soup is supposed to be brown!!

But to be politically correct, Chee Kiang has done his part and brought me to places which can satiate my salty malaysian tastebuds, such as this awesome Chicken Rice Stall at a place called Ginza and the one and only Prata Shop that all NUS students throng, making that mamak fella a millionaire (really, came out in the papers and all that), with my fav mutton nasi briyani that is not so much my fav anymore since the spiciness has gone up a few notches. *fans tongue*

2) The toilets are clean enough for me to pee sitting down, place my backpack on the floor and do my make up at the same time. Yes, I can pee standing up. *cue to clap

After cleverly boarding Bus No. 30 to NUS from Vivo, I made my way up to Jon’s room where I got ready and then later all of us went into the city, ready for the surprise!

Riding into town. L-r: Karthik, Yen, Jon and Myself.

Jon and Karthik waited inside Fish n Co for Chee Kiang while Yen and I walked around a mall nearby. Possibly the most boring mall ever. It only sells furnitures and art paintings. We had to wait for like an hour and almost died from boredom and hunger. Thanks Yen for being so nice to accompany me. 🙂

When Chee Kiang finally arrived, Jon smsed us to make our grand entrance. The restaurant was packed to the brim with people!

Yen sat down first and from outside the restaurant, I could see Chee Kiang’s hand moving about in frustration, complementing an angsty rant about his day. I snaked around the tables and tried my best to stay out of sight till the last minute.

I then snuck up on him and waved.

This was after an entire day’s worth of text messages about how I would be in Penang at night, dining with my classmates or maybe shopping.

He just looked at me, stunned! LOL. After staring at me for a long time he then stood up and said, “WHY?! HOW?!”. Haha..and he hugged me ever so tightly. It made the entire thing really worth the effort!

Anyway, I took a video to re-enact the scene since Jon’s camera’s battery died. Sigh.

The first part of the video was of me trying to get Chee Kiang to do his ‘stunned’ face. Which is also his tulan face when waiters serve him poorly. In the second video, I painfully record myself talking about the entire thing. Gah. And I have eyeshadow on so that I don’t look too haggard in the video. :X

L-r: Jon, Yen, Myself

I’m glad his reaction was more happy than troubled, in case I was cramping his weekend or something.

Karthik’s tulan-ed face, as he was pushed away in the first photo by Chee Kiang.

Made a new friend, Angeline! And that’s Chun Leen, who is not a new friend. <3

Angeline and Karthik, when we went to Loof, a roof top bar. I can’t believe the amount of people there were at Loof. I guess the only way to save the economy is to spend!

Karthik and Yen, like their at a premier.

l-r: jon, Chun Leen and Angeline.

It was quite warm where we were which totally defeated the purpose of a bar, but we managed to find somewhere else to sit which was less of an oven. The walls were too warm to lean against as right behind it was the aircon’s compressor.

I must remind myself to never be experimental – Cucumber martini. Ughh.

Karthik’s holding The Loof Life which was supposed to be a specialty but apparently it did not have enough alcohol.

Everyone had a Loof Life.

I can’t remember what Chun Leen had but there was veggie in it. Bleh!

Boyfriends are for finishing sucky drinks.

There were some fun alcoves with padded seats for people to just chill at.

And for shameless couples to frolick.

Eng Hooi dropped by for drinks after a play with her boyfriend, Samuel.

For over a week, Chee Kiang has been gushing about the awesome additions to the balcony he shares with his floor mates on the 6th floor of his block at Sheares Hall. A senior donated a tub to them and they’ve been having tub sessions for many days now. Chee Kiang said that they would all get into their swimming togs and sit in the tub and eat longan.

The tub!

His floormates had asked him if I would be coming down for Valentine’s Day and if so, they offered butler services and they would serve the two of us as we soaked. Their charges are more expensive on Valentine’s Day too, apparently. Super wtf.

Each block was allocated SGD2000 and they got themself some tables, chairs and even a little koi pond.

Enjoying life.

This is their ‘fish spa’. They bought a lot of baby carps and started freaking out when they increased in size after a couple of weeks. LOL. What with the tiny pond.

Not long term planners, these boys.

Uni life is so fun, right?

I totally cracked up when I saw this!

Why are they so cheeky?? Hahahahaha.

Fish spa.. -_- Chee Kiang was telling me that they placed a few unfortunate carps inside the tub to act as fishes for their fish spa and the poor fishes didn’t make it. 🙁

Remember the Rag event which Chee Kiang took part in 2007? The one with the awesome float? As times are bad, companies have refused to sponsor scrap materials and hence they’ve taken to collecting empty cans to build their float. This is going to take a loooong time.

HAHAHAHA damn stupid.

And to wrap up our Valentine’s Day weekend, here are some photos of us spending some well deserved time together on Valentine’s Day.

And for the first time ever, I flew all by myself! I know it’s no big deal, but to me it is. Furthermore, I paid for the ticket with my own money. It’s not much but it’s something! 🙂 Gotta love AirAsia for finally collaborating with Maybank2u, best move ever!

The captain said something about flying over Genting Highlands but I couldn’t see it! Damn.

Flying in an aeroplane never gets old!

It was really interesting to see the patterns below. Almost every inch of our country has been developed in someway or other. If it’s not a city, it is used for agriculture.

And here I am, flying into Penang.

It’s a little hard to believe that I saved myself 10 hours on the bus. Flying is so convenient.. sorry I’m quite jakun.

Despite coming back to Sungai Petani to crash before lunch until dinner time, I’m still deprived of sleep. Shall turn in now. 🙂 I’m really glad I did this. It was convenient, it was fun and it made me happy that he was happy. 🙂