My Shopping Madness From Bangsar To Sungai Wang To Queensbay

I’m one of those girls who find absolute pleasure in accumulating great bargains (according to my budget of course) but when it comes to using them, I just don’t find the same pleasure. I wear the same eye shadows despite owning more than a hundred colours (the 88 colour palette contributed greatly of course, heh), wear the same two pairs of pants even though I went on a mad rampage to buy all the candy coloured tights in all the blog shops I could find and I feel most comfortable with nothing hanging around my wrists or from my ears though I have an entire carousel of accessories to show.

What is wrong with me?

I cannot put into words exactly how I feel everytime I see something in the perfect cutting, in an interesting texture or in an absolutely darling colour. Taking it down from a hanger, I stroke it imagining how I’ll look in it, consider how much I like it…but most of all, think about what other girls would say when they see me in it. It’s just nice when other people agree with you, acknowledging your taste. 🙂

Shopping is a form of gratification for me and EVERYTIME there’s an exam, the only thing I look forward to is to go ALL OUT and raid the mall after the exams.

And that’s exactly what I did the moment I had some time to spare. 🙂

During the CNY break, Esther and I went gallivanting around the Bangsar boutiques.

Here’s a quaint little place, which is called BluBelle or Blue Bells or something. I can’t remember. But they stock clothes which make you feel like you’re living in some english countryside.

Saw this ruffled top that actually came with a fancy pinafore. But it was too embarrassing to wear, so this will do.

Somehow I just don’t feel the oomph when it comes to buying shoes from a boutique. I only trust stores that sell solely shoes. It just seems more real and you won’t be disappointed about the lack of sizes.

Esther has faith in shoes from boutiques.

This was pretty comfy and I quite like the little ribbon on the arm. And the pleats are so pretty too!

A little too transparent though. But I was kind of broke during that trip, so the shopping trip was mainly for camwhoring purposes. If I can’t own it, at least I have a photograph of myself in it.

Something Carrie Bradshaw would wear, eh?

I’ve been particularly drawn to knitted stuff as of late. But most of the stuff I’ve chosen would not allow me to sit down without opening my coffeeshop for the rest of the world to see.

The next stop was Cats Whiskers! Couldn’t find anything nice there but this pretty display of necklaces by the window.

Above Cats Whiskers is this boutique called something about a tea party. Can’t remember the exact name but the pieces are designed by their in-house designer. Affordable rates for something locally designed! Everything is like less than RM90. Usually ‘designer’ stuff is above RM200. Even though the designer is unknown.

It’s in a shade of blue that I’ve never seen before. Love the white sash.

This is something quite special! Look at the lapel! it’s fashionable to have ruffles and all that, but I’m not sure if this was a trend or if it is going to come into trend. I love the big collar. It’s really different from the cookie cut stuff you get from everywhere else, online or offline.

See what I meant by totally different kinds of stuff? Firstly, the colour combination is so adorable! It’s very doll-like.

But I guess it depends on the individual. Some people might call this frumpy, some people might find it quaint.

Esther going down the stairs with the pretty wall stickers.

The next shopping trip before I came back to Sungai Petani was a much needed, long awaited trip to Sg. Wang. Mel and I walked around the entire mall for like five hours. For the first time in my life, I am finally done covering every single inch of Sg. Wang, every single alley and every other interesting shops. Do you know there’s an ally with all the designer clothes (think Zang Toi, Melinda Looi etc) followed by a whole row of prom dress shops? Prom dresses – okay, fine, at my age I should be saying dinner gowns, pfft – for less than RM100! I wouldn’t even mind forking out less than Rm200 for a beautiful dress! I’ll totally raid that place during my next dental dinner. Or if any of my friends plan to get married.

On the 2nd floor of Sg. Wang, facing Famous Amos (somehow the branch at Sg. Wang smells extraordinarily strong) has a shop stocking the cutest and boldest office wears for RM40 and below. This dress you’re looking at here? 🙂 I bought it. For, get this, Rm39. 😀

It is perhaps one of my most decent dresses ever! At least my relatives’ eyeballs won’t pop out anymore in future weddings.

And one more, just because the colour is nice. 🙂 Very old English.

Another rosy skirt that I could do without.. so I didn’t get it.

and THIS I bought! Buahaha, it’s also RM39. 🙂 I can’t get over how well it fits!

While snaking in and out of the never ending alleys, I chanced upon this pseudo lolita shop. Here’s one of their more conservative pieces:

Priced at RM69 and for this kind of style, I think it’s quite a bargain! With the tiny corset detail and the tulle lining, it’s really really pretty. The most surprising thing is that it could even fit me! Nice things hardly fit me!


With flash!

The label is just so adorable!

There was even one in baby pink which is more subtle than the hot pink one.

If you’ve been to Sg. Wang recently, you would have notice this trend where shops slap on a RM25 price tag to everything in the shop. The downside to this is that you can’t try on any of the items.

I’m not sure if this tactic works with all the shop but on the 6th floor there’s this RM25 shop where I bought some pants and a jacket. I was worried that the pants didn’t fit me but the sales assistant said I could try it in the toilet after buying it and if it doesn’t fit me, I could return it for something else. Well, guess what, it totally did and I came back and bought a jacket AND a pair of shorts. 😀 RM25 EACH! *froths at mouth*

But certain shops don’t allow good luck!

Bah, seen it in all the blog shops. RM25 only and most of them are selling for RM40..RM50….

And what shopping trip is complete without looking at shoes?

Ended up buying the black pumps. Was torn between the black and the brown. Black more professional, brown is different, so vanilla-ey different that it’s common.  Everyone wants to be different and go with the brown. Ho-hum.

I bought another pair of wedges from Vincci. Very pretty! Dirty green with gold buckles and a gold coated wedge-heel. I thought it would make good sense to get a pair of wedges for those night outs spent dancing. I usually get into a huff when my feet start to ache and Gaya told me that wedges can save the day!

And because I went to Queensbay to meet a customer last weekend (and she bought RM100 worth of stickers! Whee!), Lie Yuen and I ended up spending the entire day at the mall along with my RM100.

There’s this Jappy shop just before Nichii on the boutiques’ floor and the lady there said that they were having post-CNY sales and that it is “always like that”. I was gawking at disbelief when I saw this rack that said “70% off!”

This orange top is RM39.90 BEFORE discount. Good lord. I bought it. FOR RM11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought another dress from this place too for RM17, but photos later on in this post.

A new boutique has opened next to Nichii (left hand side neighbour) and the clothes there are super super cheap too. RM40 and below. I can’t vouch for the quality but it seems thick and alright to me. Here’s a black eyelet dress which was RM35.

A teal dress that was too tight for me. But it’s quite nice right! RM35 also.

I totally regret not getting this top! RM34 only and I chose the white one instead..sob sob. Should have gotten it in pink too.

Don’t really like the cutting of this dress but for the sake of camwhoring…bolehlah…

I bought this too! I think it was about RM36. Something comfy and dressy enough. It’s quite stretchy.

Brenda and I agreed that the best Forever 21 we have ever seen is in Queensbay. The KL ones somehow are not as enticing as the one there as they stock more dressy stuff in their Bargains section.

Here I am with another knitted number. Tad too short, but as long as I’m standing up, everything will be okay, men will not do badly in business, children will not go blind.

I like this one! It’s awesome for night outs but not at the price tag of RM99. No.

Looks too basic for RM99 but i LOVE IT.. sigh.

Some chiffon top. It’s a tad too Aunty-ish for me.

This was from their bargain section. A forever21 piece for only RM61!! But I didn’t buy it. :\

I deemed it too common as any other girl would probably already own something like that. I really really liked the material though. Those embellishments are not just bronze/gold ones but gems which shine quite well.

Our day ended at Kim Gary, where Lie Yuen treated me to dinner.

We decided to sleep while waiting for the food. We were far too tired after a particularly long week of 9am-5pm full days.

My style of sleeping.

Before we went into my car; it’s been so long since we’ve had a photo together.

Oh yeah. Eh heh. *paiseh* I ended up with a couple of things from Forever21. Here’s a Flower hairband that I couldn’t resist.

And faux pearls! Wanted these for the longest time. It would have gone really well with my dental dinner ensemble but every other pearl necklace i saw was over RM100. This was only RM17. Yes, correct. RM17 from FOREVER21!!!

Nah, my RM11 dress-top. It’s good for those casual meet-ups. It’ll probably end up on the list of Jolene’s Most Worn Items. Like my purple colour long tank top (which I bought in green and black too.) or any of my comfy baby tees and this three quarter pants that I wear ALL the time. Oh yeah, my jeans too.

This is RM17!!!! *goes mad*

Must think about how to look more decent in this piece… but for Rm17, many things can be done at a later date. Buy first, think later.

This is the white one as opposed to the pink one. Pink one better right?!?!

I found a high waisted skirt in my cupboard which I think I bought from Shopaholics Unite. So I tried to pair it together.

I also found this black low cut office top in my cupboard (like some magical cupboard like that right) and decided to try out the corporate woman look. It’s from Shopaholics Unite as well!

With my hair up! How? Professional enough or not?

This was the red comfy casual dress that I got for RM36. 🙂

Here I am with the RM25 tube dress I bought from Sg. Wang plus a rib breaking cincher from a stall at Fleur De Lis, sucking in my fats.

Without the crazy cincher. Don’t like the cheap ass belt that comes with it.

Ahh. Shoes. 🙂 Green fuzz and gold is LOVE. I think it’s about RM39.90 from Shoe Point at Queensbay.

Perfect for walking into the dental hospital. High heels just kill me. It’s such a distance from the carpark to the building.

With padded insoles!!

And I couldn’t possibly resist these things even though I’ve been trying to stay away from Gladiators. But somehow or other I would still succumb and at the worst possible time ever – a time when everyone is on to something new. T_T

Wouldn’t have gotten it if it wasn’t for the beautiful yellow patent material.

It could’ve been higher.

<3 <3 <3 Sorry, I can’t get over it.

Ok, I promise this is the last photo.