Just Before I Go Down To Singapore…

So here I am at 3.55am, trying my very best to shake my head(the sleepiness is starting to come in the form of pain) and staying awake. If I don’t blog tonight, I won’t be blogging for a long long time. (not that I have no internet connection, just that I’ll be .. like.. busy. Heh.)

I’m going to Singapore tomorrow!! 🙂 Will be there till Monday. I’ll have to fend for myself in the afternoons as Chee Kiang is currently interning with a clinic. The silly boy comes home feeling happy that he can apply his pharmaceutical knowledge well and appropriately. He even managed to pinpoint a wrong diagnosis. *proud*

I asked him, “Ooo, so will you be coming to greet me in your working clothes?” (long time fetish)

He replied, “Why yes! Sexy?”

“Yum! Rowr!” replied I.

“Don’t tear ar, not enough to last me through the week.”

LOL LOL. So much for sexy smses.

Below, is my usual monster load of photos from my recent purchases at Queensbay to an old photo of my grandfather and his brothers, my grandma and mother’s wedding gowns, dinner with the gang, karaoking with the other gang and shopping at Sg. Wang with Suet and Jia Meei!(whom I met for the very first time!)

My week has been sort of eventful so far. I should have taken more photos of the people I met up with… it might sound very pointless to some people but it’s just what I do. 🙂

I met up with Jen and her friend Jill who bought like RM120 worth of stickers from me! She bought almost all my imported ones! Haha. 🙂 As a thank you gift, I gave Jen two Spongebob stickers!

Then it was a dramatic dinner with Calvin who is worthy of an Academy Award for his acting skills at Pizza Uno when a ‘friend called up and said that we aren’t meeting at Pizza Uno after all, but at this Japanese restaurant called Ogawa where there is a buffet’. He spoke to no one in particular into the phone for the longest time. No need to act so long one lah, I also shy already. We actually settled down at Pizza Uno but when i was raving about this Jap restaurant that my family went to, I think he like terpukau-ed by the word ‘Japanese buffet’. That’s how he started acting in the middle of Pizza Uno, even though there was a waiter waiting to serve us, so we could make a graceful exit and have Japanese instead of Italian. I shall have my carbonara some other time. *great big love*

I also met up with Mei Ling who from SMSJ and is now in NUS as she bought a few stickers for me too. 🙂 We’ve never really talked even though we were from the same tuition back in form4/5. It’s always easy to talk to anyone from Subang, you have enough mutual friends to ‘discuss’ about to keep you in conversation.

So anyway, here are my recent purchases from Queensbay:

A grey slinky dress from Next/Tiramisu. The clothes there are always on sale and the sizes are perfect for curvy(read: lumpy) girls like me. That’s me ALREADY sucking in my tummy. I bought like four items from that shop as the prices were like Rm30+ after discount. So awesome.

A yellow casual top that is good enough so that you don’t look sloppy.

Something similiar but in blue.

This is a dressy top, perfect for covering up when the situation requires you to do so.

I bought shoes as well! All less than RM100!

My purple kitten heel flip flops. Love the purple gem, I think it is kind of unique. Instead of the usual black gem or white/silver gem.

Don’t worry, it’s just my knees.

My golden flats.. been wearing this all the time.

I left this in Sg. Petani as there wasn’t any space in my car. (Haha you can just imagine what my car looks like when I drive back from Sungai Petani).

This is a photo that I found in the antiques’ room in my family’s company’s warehouse. In this photo is my great grand father who has five wives and is seen here posing with his six sons who are from third great grandmother and fifth great grandmother(mine). My grandfather is the oldest son in the Malaysian family. He still has older siblings who were left in Chian. All the older sons have passed away except the two uncles who are flanking great grand father. The two little boys are 11th Uncle and 12th Uncle respectively. 11th Uncle emails me(I’m the spokesperson for my family wtf) from his retirement community somewhere in Florida where else 12th Uncle is the more traditional kind and I only see him during big family events. My grandma stashes old photos of ancestors and antiques in that room. I went back to Malacca last week to help my grandma and mum clean up the Malacca house a little bit more. 🙁 One of the worse part about the death of a family member is the packing of items that the deceased has left behind. Been there once when both my grandparents died within a week. At least my grandma(mum’s mum) is still able to tell us where certain things are, unlike my grandparents(dad’s side) who passed away just like that. Till today we still don’t know where they stashed their jewelry. Sigh. Even arranging for the house and car to be sold proved to be a hassle as my dad didn’t know where my grandparents kept their documents. Lawyers had to be hired etc etc.

While cleaning my grandma’s cupboard, we found this! It’s my Yeema’s traditional wedding costume that 14th Aunty bought for her as a wedding present. My Yeema then loan it to my mum to wear for her wedding dinner.

Kept in pristine conditions!

In a way it’s damn special but I would never wear something like that for my wedding. Why waste the chance to be all cleavages and low backs by covering up? Covering up is SO not me. *inserts lancif-face MSN emoticon*

But the embroidery is really really beautiful.

I’d love to keep it as an antique. Take it out in fifty years time to impress my grandchildren and put it back in to a cupboard high above the reaches of grubby little hands.

This one is my grandmother’s wedding gown. She got married in 1950 and this was what she wore! So the gown is actually 58 years old.

Ooo! Over the weekend, my dad brought my family up to Genting Highlands. My grandmother loves to go to casino once a year and on special occasions. She especially loves Roulette. Since I’m finally 21, I could join them and BOY did I have a good time! Was a bit sad when the security guard didn’t stop me at the entrance but proceeded to check the ID of this woman in front of me who was OBVIOUSLY old. So what does that make me? 🙁 🙁

Oh yeah, back to about me having a good time. I won RM275 from roulette. Must be beginner’s luck. But still! RM275 for nothing! LOL. I know it’s a vice, but as my dad says, “Once a year is alright.” Poor grandma lost Rm30.

Went to pee and this is what I saw behind the doors at the First World Casino. Are these Ah Long numbers? Are people really desperate enough to approach Ah Longs?

On Sunday night, I met up with Abby who came back from Singapore and had dinner with Kwo Kuang, Mel, E-Guy, Yijin and Kevin. I realised that I’m the only student among my WORKING friends. Mel insists that she’s still a student, but she’s an honours student and is tutoring classes at Monash, so that makes her a working woman too!

E-Guy and Abby. The confucious in E-Guy has emerged.

Kwo Kuang said that if the both of us had kids, the kid would be blind. (Since the both of us have extremely small eyes.) Asshole.

Me hitting Kwo Kuang super kau hard. it looks soft but as long as I’ve known him, and that’s a good long 10 years now, I’ve never hit him softly. Admittedly, I only started my career in KK Bashing back in form4. He start first wan! Clip my pinafore to the retort stand mahai..

I hit him so hard at Asia Cafe that night that neighbouring tables were staring. Hohoho.

Whenever I look at Yijin, I can never picture this little boy flying in the skies with real captains. To me, it still seems like he’s putting a few chairs together and pretending to greet the passengers through the PA speakers, “This is your captain speaking..”
And dear Abby, a young corporate woman establishing herself at OCBC Singapore..

.. 🙂 my friends are all so big now.

Kevin is working at Public Bank now in the treasury department. Mel and I agree that he has mellowed down somewhat, guess working men are matured like that huh? Unlike some people, I’m not going to say names, but Kwo Kuang is always bullying me like we’re still five year olds. Mel, as I’ve mentioned, moonlights as a tutor at Monash while she completes her honours year. The girl even has an office to herself, like a real working woman lah.

E-Guy wants to tell all of you that he has just graduated from Nottingham Malaysia. I think it’s Mechanical Engineering right?
In a few months time, you’ll hear from me about how he has started work in Singapore where his hot brother E-Hunt is currently working. I was one of those little fan girls who fawned over his hot brother who was a Leo president back in 1999. And I’m sure E-Guy would like me to add that he is available too! E-guy, not the brother. Need to pimp him again..
AHEM. E-guy is a sweet, gentle fella who is soft spoken, decent and bring-home-able(to see your mother la wtf you thinking sei hamsap por!) If no good I give refund.

I think he was trying to talk to me as I snapped away.

Then he started to emo.

He tried many ways to get my attention.

I decided to pose the challenge to Yijin.

Kevin yang tak layan. Cis.

Kwo Kuang did a pretty good job! He’s also no longer a student, but a Chemical Engineering graduate. So if any of you own a factory and are looking for someone to handle ‘flow’ in your factory, he would be interested. Honestly, he talked damn long about his career prospects and the only thing I caught was ‘anything to do with flow’. Hehe just kidding lah KK. I was genuinely interested in what you said as it sounded very interesting. He was saying that whatever the pharmacists learn in school, chemical engineers learn it in a massive form. Like upscale it, is that the word you used KK?

At Kimgary, where Abby later ditched us. 🙁 We watched Iron Man without Abby.

I CAN’T believe we ended up at the arcade while waiting for the movie to start. The last time I played Daytona was when I was in form2!! I wanted to impress the boys with my leet skills back then. I used to like Daytona because it meant that I was ‘driving a car’. But I can’t believe I’m playing this ARCADE GAME after having my license for four years.

It was actually quite fun lah. Haha.

The arcade still uses tokens. Super old school wei. Wanted to try the dance dance revolution machines but shy.

On Monday, it was karaoke-ing with Dennis, Jiun Jeh, Mun Teng, Vern Yang and Karen at Neway. it’s cool to have a karaoke joint super near my house.

The two sound system. One would sing and the other would do the beat. Come karaoke to beat box.

Mun Teng and I.

Vern Yang diligently picking all his favourite songs.

Me singing emo songs.

Damn got feel right.

I have many angles, so you deal with it.

My futile attempts to smile with my eyes looking bigger than my slits.

Self candid shot. Camwhore kungfu, I have it.

Camwhore Kungfu Technique: Light Moment With Friends

This photo goes up because my left cheek looks nice. Just the cheek, that area of curved skin? Yea. Like it, so it goes up.

And this one because my hair looks well behaved here.

Jiun Jeh is super funny during karaoke. He sings the girl’s part and sings the guy’s part as well. The whole song he pau sai.

Mun Teng and Vern Yang. Mun Teng’s singing will amaze all of you.

Little can be said about me, though I do enjoy singing with whatever stamina that I can muster. It’s not a vain camwhore shot lah!! I’m not like most girls who camwhore damn berbanyak for no reason in every post, coz I seldom put make up these days, and my hair has just been rebonded, so I get a few vain moments okay?!?!

Vern Yang dances.

Myself and Karen who arrived after awhile.

The bunch of old people who selected ALLLL the Backstreet Boys’ songs, Boyzone’s songs, Westlife’s songs, Spice GIrls’ songs.. I think we miss the boy band era.

Me pretending to be in a karaoke video.

And yesterday, I went to Sg. Wang with Suet and Jia Meei (whom I met for the first time ever..such a sweet girl!!). We met up with Lie Yuen and Lie Peh who were there for awhile.

l-r: Jia Meei, Lie Yuen, Lie Peh, Me, Suet

Would you believe the kind of sunnies they are selling these days?


You know it’s like those scenes in the movie where a boy stares across a shelf of stuff in a shop at the girl that he will love forever?

We went to Hot Market where the quality of the products are rather doubtful. I like decorative boxes though!

Hahaha Suet said, “JOLENE! Mirror!!” and I was like, “Coming!”. It’s just universal, the meaning of mirrors.

To give Hot Market credit, at least they have tons of eyelash curlers!

This Suet ar… take out people’s products from the packaging to compare the quality.

Our stuffs from hot market.

That’s the kind of thing they sell at Hot Market la. *shivers*

Before Jia Meei left.

Everyone gets a turn.

Only fair right?

I bought this dress and it’s only RM25!! I’ve been seeing in Lie Yuen’s jap magazines that these kind of prints are really in fashion.

Later on at night, Mel and I met up with Matt Ong for yamcha. As we arranged the entire thing over Facebook, we never expected the unexpected. Upon arriving at Murni’s, Mel was like, “Jo, give Matt a call.” “Okie,” and I scrolled down all the M’s on my phonebook. “WTF don’t have! You got his number?” I asked. Mel was equally horrified, “NO! WTF What is this! Come yamcha and the both of us don’t have his number!”

We tried calling Mun Teng but she didn’t have his number too. After failing to spot Matt’s face in the crowd, we finally decided to do the extreme. We smsed Sush who was all the way in the UK for Matt’s number, semata-mata to yamcha with him at Murni’s.

Later on, when we were about to leave, we exchanged numbers we’ve Matt.

“Okay, what’s your number?” I asked.

I keyed in his number, gave him a miscall and “Matthew Ong” was flashing on my screen. Wtfffff. I had his number all along.

l-r: Matt, Me, Su Ann, Sorryiforgot!!, David, Evelyn, Mel.

While waiting for Matt to show up, Mel saw a familiar face and started waving at him. The guy ignored Mel for a bit and sat down with his friends. After staring long and hard at Mel, he finally acknowledged that he remembers her. David’s a friend of Joshua and Dennis and so he suggested that we combine tables. Evelyn came after awhile too! So that’s one more mutual friend to throw into the mix. But it was really funny, as the whole table is like full of people who have only just met each other. 🙂

Matt was really funny as he regaled to us tales about his job at NTV7. He is in broadcasting and apparently does the lifestyle segment on The Breaskfast Show. (I’ve only gone to bed at that hour).

I actually met Matt way back in 2004 when I applied blusher onto his face for Taylor’s College Society of Performing Arts’ musical, Hip Hopera. From there, Sush got to know him and she’s the one who is closest to him and as for Mun Teng(whom he insists on calling April. What’s up with all these new friends of Mun Teng?) she got to know him via some rehearsals for some performance or something. As for Mel, she met him via Sush and it was at Mun Teng’s mooncake party, I think. Small world, small world!

Phew, I’m finally done. I actually went to bed half way and it’s 11am now. Time to finish packing and head down South to see the love of my life!

Can You Allow Polygamy?

Last Friday, I was with two friends(I only have five friends in Subang whom I can call and expect them to come out within 5 minutes at anytime of the week, so no prizes for guessing who) at Sunway Pyramid, outside that new bar connected to Italiannies. The poor Kedah girl doesn’t know her bar names.

Since this is a potentially sensitive issue, I’m not going to tell you who said what, but rather the gist of it, over Strawberry Margueritas, some lime drink and my yucky China/Beijing/Shanghai Lantern(whateverr, it sucked), we started talking about the open marriage concept.

It’s a concept so it doesn’t actually mean marriage per se. Rather the willingness to grant your partner the freedom, so to speak, to fornicate with someone else other than yourself. So the big question, would you allow your boyfriend/girlfriend to sleep with someone else if you were allowed to do the same? Can you stomach it?

Would you be able to handle the knowledge of your other half romping around in bed with someone else and be expected to remain calm as you welcome him(easier to use one gender) home with open arms at the end of the night? (or the following morning, hoho)

We also talked about how long suffering wives just turn a blind eye to their unfaithful husbands’ misdeeds because they see it as a need of men. Without a husband, they would not have a roof over their heads, no food on their table and the children need ‘a stable environment to grow up in’. A few years ago I might have launched into a full blown rant about chopping penises but I do see a slight teeny-bit of rationale in the turning-a-blind-eye thing now. You still need to sit down and weigh the consequences. Is it an emotional betrayal? Is he being a man? But deep down, I am still sharpening that parang for unforeseen circumstances.

My guy friend, in his contribution to the topic, mentioned that he would be okay with this whole sleeping with other people thing, but at the same time, he wouldn’t be able to accept it if his (future)girlfriend really went out to sleep with another man. He admitted that it was an ego thing. So, problem solved. Don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t like to be done onto you. Society is still not ready for this concept on a whole. My guy friend here is quite the open minded type so he can be used as a bench mark to assess just how far a typical guy can take acknowledged infidelity in a relationship.

My other friend who has thoughts that make me feel agoraphobic, thus I feel close minded next to her at the best of times, has always been a pro-choice type of person. She always believes that a person should be allowed to do whatever he or she likes. So yes, she supports the concept but she didn’t discuss if it’s okay for her to indulge in it herself. From her angle, it was more of acceptance of people who do the open marriage thing and understanding that human beings are not genetically programmed for monogamy.

I’m sure most men are whooping with joy as they agree that men need to sow their seeds as much as they can. It is such a sickening thought. What do you think of men who use that in their defense when they are caught having extramarital affairs?(it’s always sexual.) They argue, sex is a need. It is like food, like water.

According to my guy friend(I’m starting to sound like I have no thoughts of my own), it is because of governments and religions that made sex into this terrible sin. All they wanted to do was to to curb sexually transmitted disease and prevent incests. Otherwise, having sex could very well be as normal as holding hands out in public. Oh yes, I have a point to add, unwanted babies is a terrible thing! <– like it is the biggest revelation of the century! lol

I also can’t stand the ultimate bastard of a defense line that assholes use, “But it’s just sex.” Not gonna go on about why that is wrong as I’m only going to end up sounding like a broken recorder. Why, because men and women function differently? When feelings get hurt, is it still justified??

As for me, when I think about sharing my husband/lover with another woman for even a second, I feel this hollow feeling at the bottom of my stomach. It is as if the gate to all my insecurities has been flung open and they’ve all come out to torment me. In other words, I’d be pretty damned upset.

Sure, some people would like to think that they are adventurous and fun and are the type who would say, “I’d definitely go for swinger parties!” It’s so typical of guys to say things like, “I’d LOVE to have a threesome.” Okay, no problem. Two men, one girl. SEE HOW UNFAIR IT IS? Threesomes are NEVER about two men and one girl. At least that’s not what most guys have in mind as they give that horny smile while suggesting such a thing.

Then my girl friend said, “Unless it’s a foursome!” I ayed to that. Unless the guy has issues of his own, do you think a straight man would be able to romp around in bed with another man who is moving just as much as him? In all that movement, surely something is gonna touch something or drag along something! While in the midst of grabbing heads to kiss (eh, I’m very innocent. All the porn I get is from those naughty American coming-to-age movies.), do you pause for a moment to check if it’s a man or a woman that you’re going to press your lips up against? >.< I don’t even wanna think what happens when you stick your tongue out to whatever is nearest with your eyes half closed as you ascend to an orgasmic climax. In all that testosterone driven lust, you’re not going to be able to think with your head!(quota system wtf) Also, if you’re still going to go ahead with a foursome, make sure that the person is not a friend to begin with. Not only girls can laugh at the size of penises. But prove me wrong! (I’m always up for a good scandalous story!)

But what do i know..I’ve only held hands so far. *sigh*

Since in my next few posts, I wanted to post these pictures up, I might as well get it over and done with in case the lot of you start assuming that my brain needs a good scrubbing with industrial strength bleach.

Here are some pictures of my hamsters mating. Very graphic, by the way.


Ball sex.

The white one is the male. They are conjoined in such a strange manner. Somemore the white one like naik high already, see the eyes!

Just to be sure.


Not a virgin no more.

Who wants hamster babies? 😀 Place your orders!

That Awesome Camera Function On The Samsung i550

Aside from the wifi, my second favourite function of the Samsung i550 is the 3.0megapixel camera that comes with the phone.

Would you believe that it takes even better macro shots than my Lumix FX10?! (Lumix cameras, in my experience, have never been great with macro shots). This camera captures pictures in six different resolutions (320×240, 640×480, 800×600, 1152×864, 1600×1200, 2048×1536) and so you can just imagine how clear they turn out to be. You’ll see examples further down.

This is the tiny thing that produces surprisingly beautiful photos.

You have the option of switching between camera or video camera mode by flicking the trackball to the right or to the left. By flicking the track ball up and down, you’d be zooming in and out.

Here are the few options that come with the camera.

Under ‘Adjust’, there is an option called ‘Colour Tone’. It’s the usual sepia, black and white etc tint for your images.
I am using the normal mode here!

This is how I look underwater.

So the opposite of the colour of my skin is eerie blue.

The typical gaze-up-into-the-distance look that our grandparents do so well in the black and white photos.

Sepia is not too bad as well. But i think it was too yellow and not brown enough.

The phone also works as a magic wand..

Here are some photos that I’ve taken with the Samsung i550. I know I’m supposed to be bias towards the phone, but I’m not getting a single Ringgit for doing this so how can I be bias even if I wanted to? ( I love money btw )

Coincidentally, the first photo I took is of a five ringgit note! I wanted to demonstrate how cool the macro function is. Check out the scales on the Sultan’s(or agong, whatever) face. It’s THAT detailed. But I’m thinking the macro function might be fisheye-like as the corners of the macro shot looks blur.

This was taken at the SS18 Shell Station early one morning.

Another attempt to play with the macro function. I like taking photos of my fingers with macro functions to test out the macro-bility of the camera. New words, I create them.

This was taken when I went back to my aunt’s place to pack her stuff. Not bad right?

Against the sunlight with any random camera(without l33t skillz) you’d usually get tons of shadows.. but as most camera phones are only very basic digital cameras, it is pretty impressive to be able to see my cousin Jacqueline’s face clearly.

It’s as good as a point-n-shoot!

Capable of taking artistic shots of cousin brothers..

..and housemates’ brothers too.

Clear enough to see every feature of my face but with just the right amount of blurness so that the impurities of my face cannot be seen. (ok fine, i know the entire face is already impure to begin with..)

The failed sexy librarian look. Ta bole, ta bole…

Great for sneaking macro shots of pages from unborrowable library books.

Taking sepia shots of my pout. Another reason why the macro shot is awesome is how freaking embarrassingly clear my black heads are.

The shy look. Yeah I know, I also feel like slapping myself. Even though most of my camwhoring photos are not exactly stellar material, photos of myself have been sucking more as of late.

Don’t you love the colours? Another one of the stickers that I’ve yet to put up!

Since the camera phone makes me look like fairer than I usually am, many stars for the phone!

Good for checking for boogers too! (macro shot!)

Think some of us have seen this photo before! See how clear and red the blood looks? 🙂

When i buy my next phone, I will make sure that the camera meets the standards of the camera function on the Samsung i550.