When I Go Crazy With Excitement

After hearing Chee Kiang regale tales of his International Pharmacy Students’ Federation congress in Romania, I was equally excited to sample my own taste of mingling with fellow dental students in the international arena.

While scouting around there are two congresses that I can attend! I’ve heard of past congresses but the only thing that kept me from going all the way was the possibility that we might have to do some research project and present it at the meet. With our limited databank of dental knowledge (now sikit baik lah) back then, we didn’t really go for any. Plus, most of the meets were held during our exams.

Firstly, there is the International Dental Students’ Association congress which will be held in Romania in 2009! 3rd-9th August to be precise!! Then from the 18th to the 23rd August, the Asia Pacific Dental Students’ Association will congregate in Penang for their congress. PENANG! Of all places! Part of me sob for the fact that it’s not in an exotic country but another part of me is thrilled because I’ll definitely get to go and mix with international dental students. Not only that, I’ll probably be broke by the time I get back from Romania and thus having the next congress A WEEK later will probably be so awesome because IT’S.ONLY.PENANG!!

Not that I’m hoping for the same thing, but Chee Kiang mentioned that his congress was 80% partying and 20% pharmacy. Hehe.
Of course I’m *cough* keen to learn more about dentistry on an international level but what I really really really love doing is meeting new people.

He also mentioned that the Asians flocked together while the Westerners did their own thang. Hope it won’t be that way for me and whoever I manage to rope along.

After scouring the internet for details(and finally getting it), I immediately sent out a message to all AIMST dental students, tempting them to go with me to Europe. Needless to say, everyone will probably go to the Penang one if we manage to get ourselves registered.

In Romania, Chee Kiang also met a boy from Thailand called Jesse Danskrit (sorry I hope I spelled your name correctly!) and he came back raving to me about how he has met his twin, at long last. Jesse has a girlfriend who is studying dentistry as well, has a jaw clicking habit too, same age, same sense of humor, same type of glasses wtf… Seems like a really nice guy from the FB messages that I see them sending to each other. And he even popped over to read my blog! So nice of him! 🙂 I hope I can get acquainted with Jesse’s girlfriend at either the APDSA or IDSA congress!

Honestly, I don’t have much time left to enjoy myself as a student. I do regret not going all out for these things when I was in Year 1,2 and 3. The holiday between Year 4 and Year 5 would be my only chance. 🙁 At least I’ll get to experience it just once! 🙂

With whatever time I have left in dental school, I should start networking before I come out to the working world. This way, I can find dental housemates wherever I get thrown to by the government. Also, by doing all this and being from the pioneer batch, I feel that our batch would have contributed something to the dental school by paving the way for our juniors, in the sense that we’ve given them the exposure that we never received.

With only a week before Year 4 starts, I’d like to make an announcement with a heavy heart.

There would not be anymore photos from my dental classes. Not that a lot of you cared anyway, just fellow dental geeks might be a little bummed out(but even so, am I praising myself?). No one is more bummed out then me. I had to shelf away the Local Anesthetic videos I took of maxillary and mandibular techniques. Not only are they painful to watch but they are also very educational as my videos are quite clear. Local Anesthetic, for those who don’t know, is what the dentist injects into your gums to numb that region of your dentition. Yeaa.. so that’s what we had to do for each other. We inject local anesthetic into each other and went about with numb mouths for the rest of the day. One scary moment for me was when a classmate poked the needle into the back of my lower jaw (just below the wisdom tooth) and he couldn’t balance the needle so he passed it to the lecturer, while the needle was still stuck in my gums. Dentistry, got to love it.

When people complain about how they hate going to school, we tell them, “You think you got a problem?”

It’s like going to the dentist every. single. day. If you are unlucky, you might bring home an ulcer or two from trauma.

We don’t have anyone else to practice on but on each other. Perhaps as the pioneers, we should set up a system for the juniors to come in as guinea pigs!

Anyway, yeah, bottom line, no more photos from the clinics. But my dean told me that I can still take photos during dental technology labs and simulation labs, just not when there are live patients. We are very open about this whole blogging thing that I’m doing. THIS WAS DISCUSSED IN FRONT OF ALL MY CLASSMATES! Not shy, but would have been shy if they didn’t know what I was like. While he recognizes that it does shed some light on how AIMST dentistry is doing, it could also lead to unwelcome criticism from more established dental professionals.

That aside, AIMST was officially opened by our Prime Minister about two weeks ago! I know I’m damn outdated but anyway, Brenda did a very good write up about it on her blog. I chose selling stickers over meeting the Prime Minister. That’s why I wasn’t there.

Here are a few rare photos from our dental programme. These photos were taken when we first received our scrubs two months ago:

l-r: Lie Yuen, Narjit and Cze-Yin

L-r: Narjit, Cze-Yin, Myself and Zhu Zen

L-r: Sett and Ee Chean

Almost all the guys in class! I think it’s all of them, actually.

Not quite all the girls in class. There are more! AND WHO IS THE LOUSY PHOTOGRAPHER!!

Zhu Zen in her new scrubs.

And a blur photo of me. T_T I’m so nice to other people, yet nobody returns the favour.

Okay, time to go out to meet Abby! 🙂 I’m in Singapore by the way and I’m really really hungry. Chee Kiang is currently at his NUS Pharmacy Students’ Society AGM, pushing Eng Hooi to be the next Vice President! 🙂

I Sold My Stickers At The Chic’s Closet Bazaar @ WIP, BSC.

When I started my sticker business in March, I never thought that I’d be swamped with orders and with a stall to boot! Albeit, this stall is only for two weekends but it’s still a stall at a bazaar right? 😀

And so, on the 17th of August, I set up my tiny stall at the Cool Bazaar @ WIP Cafe, Bangsar Shopping Centre among a bunch of online traders. The bazaar is hosted by Chics Closet and you can read about their account of the event here. Emmagem.com, the uber-famous malaysian online shopping directory, was there to cover the event as well.

Online shopping has taken Malaysia by storm, as can be evident by the number of shopping blogs that have spread like wild fire. Unlike other businesses, I do think that the online shoppers have form a community of sorts whereby they will never run out of customers as there will always be this ready bunch of crazy mad online shoppers who will be reading shopping blogs everyday. This is because in each and every shopping blog/online boutique, there is a separate tagboard for advertisements for other online boutiques to spam and girls actually click on new tags to see if there’s anything nice out there. So there you go, this self contained community of traders and consumers seems to be able to run on its own without much effort in advertising, marketing etc etc.

I only got the invite like four days before the event so I was rushing against time (while practicing counterstrike on top of that) to get new stocks and do up some banners and other further arrangement. I honestly felt so burned out throughout last weekend. But invite doesn’t mean free ok? It’s RM80 for a spot there, which I felt was pretty reasonable.

I bought too many craft stuff. I hoped to inspire myself with all the colours that was available but only ended up using two items from the stash. 🙁 And a box of unused crayons and another box of magic pens..SOB. Angel was my fluffy paper weight. She’s a very convenient dog, falling asleep at the right places.

The Sticker Monster’s Headquarters: where your stickers come from! Such a far cry from the cute adorable image that my stickers portray huh? Yeah I know, self praise is no praise.

Over two days and a busy body curious dog messing everything up, I finally managed to finish my signboard. I used a blue corrugated cardboard because that’s my favourite colour. i thought the red and yellow squares would look like the outline of a sticker (dotted) and also because they added colours to the otherwise dull combination. Glitter is of course a must in any of Jolene’s projects. Using my trademark glitter-in-the-middle-of-black alphabets and for the first time ever, glitterized polystyrene alphabets, I’m quite satisfied with my signboard. I searched high and low for something that would hold up my signboard during the bazaar. My dad’s guitar stand came in real handy.

And because of Kennysia’s blog plug(THANKS KENNY!) and my efforts of spamming tagboards(specifically for advertisements, mind you), I’ve managed to reach an all time high in sales records this month.

This is the box with the RM4 stickers. Most of my stickers are RM4.

On the left are the stickers which are not RM4 ones. On the right is the box of blings.

Processing new orders for the big day. (I had too many ‘big days’ last weekend. Note to self: never to overbook myself again.)

So there I was at the Cool Bazaar @ WIP layaning some customers on Sunday. There were clothes, trinkets, handmade cards, dolls and so many other things!

Photo stolen from Chics Closet.(THANKS!) I don’t know how come I couldn’t find a photo of Karen and I in my camera as I clearly remembered passing my camera to someone. I finally met Karen! We first got acquainted over her cupcakes which I did a small plug for on my blog and also our dear mutual friend Elaine Loke. Karen Marie is the household name that many shopaholics who frequent Emmagem.com daily will know.

Kaima(my Aunt/Godma), Kaiyeah(Uncle/Godpa) and Shevie came by to make sure I was all right for the first few hours. My parents took over in the last few hours. I’m a big girl! I can take care of myself! *huff puff*

But I enjoyed their company very much. Much thanks to my Kaima who smsed all her friends and got them to drop by and purchase some stickers from me!

Among a number of the familiar faces I saw there, I was pleasantly surprised to see Jen there! She was there to collect her gladiator shoes from Button My Buttons.

So what do you think of my stall? 😀 Very colourful and messy! Oh-so-Jolene.
If you notice, I stuck two of my soft toys from my car with stickers(those tak laku ones lah) ala The Sticker Monster mascot I have as the header of my sticker blog.

My neighbouring stall sold Triangels and a few intricate art pieces. Angeline, the stall owner, drew each design painstakingly by hand. I think these items would make good gifts. Check out her artistic blog!

Hahahha Jen looks like a cute little alien with all the antennas sticking out behind her head.

I’m sorry I didn’t get your name! She’s one of the many boutique owners at the flea market.

Accessories from Bhajue Boutique. Such a unique name, right?

Patent bags and belts! Sigh, I should have gone around to speak to other people more (but I was alone most of the time, later people steal my stickers then I cry how?) in order to get their links.

It was actually quite sunny and I think I got a sunburn from the bazaar. So bring some sunblock if you plan to come. My stall was fortunately at a shaded area.

Funky sandals from Memento.


I liked these accessories a lot but I can’t remember the name of the shop. Sigh, RM15 per piece you know. I couldn’t walk away from my stall for too long. So saddening.

This is Murni with her range of jewelry which reflects every aspect of softness and feminity. Just look at her display! So pretty!

Looking at prices like RM20 makes shopping all the more enticing.

If you haven’t already gathered, the flea market is actually conducted on the premises of WIP Cafe.

More angles of my beloved Sticker Stall. Business was pretty good that day. 🙂

This is Niki from Glamourpuss Cards and Angeline, from Chics Closet, who is the organizer of the bazaar. Both of them were sweet enough to buy some stickers from me!

The pretty pretty pretty eyeshadow pigments from Make Up Fever. They come in little containers in powder form for only RM4.50! My favourites were the duo colour ones. It’s like white then OOOoh it’s violet at the end! Or brown then AaAaah Peacock green at the end. 😀 They had a promotion going on for 7 tiny jars with one eye primer for RM31! I have with me 7 colours. I’ve yet to experiment with it, but my hands are damn itchy to start already.

I didn’t get her name..:) But this Take.Me’s stall. The table clothe is so pretty. My pink one should just hide itself in shame. I love the felt rainbows and the love letter envelope. Gosh, I wish I bought it. So many things I wish I bought! 🙁 This is not good.

Many thanks to Sharyl who stayed with me throughout the day. I had a fun time talking to her, especially so since we have Mun Teng as our (extremely close) mutual friend. Sharyl did a pretty great write-up on Emmagem, as I have linked to above. 🙂

My stickers at an(other) artistic angle.

See, I saved money on deco by using shoe boxes and wasted some money on chiffon to keep the stickers from slipping around inside the box.

You’ve gotta love Glamourpuss’s Cards! They are so dainty!

I bought like two pieces. Just to keep. 🙂 No one’s getting lucky!

Tiny gift tags!

We were both very shocked to see each other there. Her shock would probably be bigger since I was the one with a stall. Ei Leng, for those of you who don’t know, is my junior from uni and is from Ipoh. I really did not expect to bump into her there.

This is me shielding myself from the afternoon sun.

For a noob, business was overall pretty good for me. I expected to make a loss but ahhh, it was a good first time. 🙂 I’ll be there again this Sunday so feel free to drop by and say Hi and buy all those cute cute things! (I don’t mean my stickers lah. But you should too!)

These are the eyeshadows that I bought from Make Up Fever. Nice right??

Dainty pretty cards from Glamourpuss! Nobody gets these! Allllll minee!

Nuffnang’s Mama Mia Premier In Penang?!?!


Awesome because Year 4 would have started by then and I can’t possibly come home on a Monday just to attend a movie screening? Instead, I get to drive over the Penang bridge and watch Mama Mia with the Penang bloggers!(If I win the tickets, I’ll give it to Lie Yuen! Brenda, you do your own post! :P)

The one reason that I want to watch Mama Mia badly is of course none other than the super talented Meryl Streep! Give her any role and she can transform it entirely into something that people will remember. Also, for Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth to sing? Such unlikely castings, all the more reasons for us to watch it.

Be it Lisa the suffering mother/shrink in Prime or the ice queen Miranda in Devil Wears Prada, you’ve got to love her. She commands respect for all her work on the silver screen and now she’s actually singing in a movie! I MUST WATCH THIS SHOW. Obviously if I don’t win the tickets I’ll still go and pay RM8(huhuhuhuhu) and watch it at the cinemas.

I love musicals so much. Some people find musicals boring but I loooooove them.

When I was little, it would be the disney ones. Now that I’m older, there’s Hairspray, Sweeney Todd, Enchanted (Errr..in recent times k)… all these happy clappy songs that makes you smile like an idiot at the silver screen when the entire cast comes out to dance. Except maybe Sweeney Todd (which Chee Kiang and I actually watched while propped on our elbows and tummies in bed), which was on repeat in my ipod for a few weeks. Oh, Across The Universe sucked for me. I walked out during the animated part. What stupidity #(E$#^$^#%. Musicals should NEVER be animated.

I remember after watching Sound Of Music when I was five, I would pretend to be Gretel climbing up the stairs singing, “The sun…has gone…to bed…and so must I….”. The most recent Sound Of Music re-enactment was done last Tueday at Neway where Dennis and I sang 16 Going on 17. We even did the whole running around the gazebo thing (Neway had a semi-circular seating arrangement) and Jiun Jeh shouting at Dennis in the background, “You’re 24!”

For me, I found Grease a little too long but I love all the songs!

I wonder if Cats will ever be adapted onto the big screen?

Before watching Mama Mia, I’ll probably do what I did for Across The Universe: Go on an ABBA binge. I’m sure I’ll end up liking the songs from the movie more. But knowing songs like I Have A Dream, Mama Mia, Moneymoneymoney would be good enough for now. CAN I PLEASE HAVE THE TICKETS? 😀

Check out the trailer. Meryl Streep looks so young with her long blonde curls. 🙂

Shhh secret… I actually watched all the High School Musical movies. Waiting for High School Musical: Graduation. Shh. Shy.

The Day I Led Nuffnang’s Counterstrike Team To Its Impending Death

I’m guessing that those who didn’t attend Nuffnang’s Counterstrike Competition at the Samsung WCG would not have known that I was the girl that Nuffnang asked to join their Counterstrike team. The WCG(World Cyber Games) is hailed to be the olympics of computer games and apparently it was a honour to be there to witness the maestros in action but what do I know, I’m just a girl who likes fluffy, pink things.

After seeing me kill my own teammates during training, I’m sure they were having second thoughts but were too nice to say it to me.

I’m more of a Mario Bros kind of girl and have never even tried playing Counterstrike before! But for this competition, I downloaded Garena and Counterstrike 1.6! Played and played and got bored with the Malaysian rooms and I found myself battling it out with some Taiwanese players.

Along the way, I even told my guy friends about my participation and they were quick to give their opinions.

“Shoot the head!” said the wise Jimmy.

Kwo Kuang was so proud of me that he walked over to my house straight away when I told him I was participating in a CS competition and we played from 12am to 4am. My brother was upstairs at his own computer playing with us. My brother played a few rounds with me throughout my two weeks of preparation for the game. Kwo Kuang’s nickname was “Jolene’s Bodyguard”.

And so the big day arrived.

L-r: Nick, Myself, Yee Hou. I can hardly recognize Yee Hou here! This is the first time I’ve met Nick(and Robb too) officially and after meeting him at trainings, I’ve come to really like him. You’re a nice boy, Nicholas! *pats head*

Friends from SMK Subang Utama would probably be shock to know this, Wai Ping has just joined Nuffnang as their Marketing Assistant! So you’ll probably be seeing her around the blogosphere a lot. But I think you’re better off looking out for her english name, Pinky. Which is still a little hard on my tongue..I’ll stick with Wai Ping.
L-r: Wen Qi(who just started her music course at NUS), Tim, Nick, Yee Hou, Wai Ping and Robb.

Uhhuhuhu, why so blur!
Anyway, this is our Counterstrike team. As terrorists, our tactic was to “Stick together, team!” and as counter-terrorists, our tactic was to camp at certain spots. Yee Hou jaga-ed the bridge, I took care of the counter base (and failed miserably) while the other three rempuh masuk the tunnel with hand grenades.

I seem to know each and every girl (except for Esther..and that accountant girl who got some flowers..Michelle, I KNOW YOU:) Haven’t met you before though) personally before they went into Nuffnang to work. Wai Ping is my volleyball and Interact Club junior from high school! 🙂 One of my sweetest junior who always speaks happily to me. Melissa(Chong) came with her as well and SORRY MELISSA!! I totally forgot to whip out my camera. Our conversations were far too interesting. 🙂 Not that yours wasn’t, Wai Ping, hahahahaa.

Wen Qi who came back to Malaysia after one week’s worth of class to attend the Malaysian Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. Such a talented girl!

This is Robb briefing the other participants (there were more people!) about the competition.


Wen Qi tried to strike up a conversation with Wai Ping about Counterstrike to which Wai Ping immediately said, “OH so boring, I sleep first.”

“They say when you shoot the head the enemy will die immediately!” said Wen Qi who tried to teach Wai Ping about counterstrike.

“Okay, enough. Headache already,” Wai Ping said. So rude lah you Wai Ping. tsktsk.

The game was about to begin and the team leaders drew lots.

After a few rounds, we had our first casualty. Poor Nick lost his leg.

I was extremely impressed by the grandeur that computer games can garner!

There were many booths around the Midvalley Exhibition Center with games for us to play! I had a go at Mario Kart Wii after standing next to this guy for the longest time. I inched closer and closer, hoping that he would take the hint and pass the control to me. It’s so much harder than the Nintendo DS version which I am still very much addicted to. I played against a 6 year old boy and embarrassed myself. Not gonna go into details.

At the Samsung booth was where all the Nuffnang bloggers who entered the counterstrike competition battled it out.

Guitar Hero!! I’ve heard about the game so much, I never knew that it was actually a guitar that one would need to hold when playing the game. I didn’t take pictures of this other game but I think it’s called Super Dance Revolution or something. The gamers wore headphones with their heads really low and facing the keyboard(in deep concentration) and their hands flew across the keys as the screen showed some amazing super dance revolution skills. It’s a whole torrent of arrows going all sides and these gamers didn’t even have to look up from their keyboards!

For the first round of the Counterstrike competition, I’m proud to say that I managed at least five kills! I think we did better as Terrorists. Not too shabby as Counters too.. but this was till we went into the finals and battled and lost pitifully. Though Nuffnang allowed it, but in my opinion, they should really have limited it to bloggers only as the winning team comprised of only one blogger and the rest were the blogger’s friends.

She was damn good! I is shy. Pachau!

I stood behind each girl trying to see how they played. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be of any use also lah as once we enter the game, not like one of the terrorist suddenly got boobs right? You won’t know who’s the girl and just shoot any enemy that you see anyway.

Even though during the finals, Yee Hou and Tim died before me and became backseat Counterstrike players (making me more kancheong and thus killing Nicholas and Robb lol), I enjoyed myself and would like to thank the Nuffnang boys for inviting me and tolerating me. Inilah akibatnya when you want to form a counterstrike team with the condition of having ONE girl on the team.

After playing Counterstrike for two weeks, I’ve learned:

…that running with a knife is faster than running with a gun.

….that I should press 5 to drop the bomb and left click to activate it. -_-

And that this the best gun to use as a counter terrorist and my favourite is the AK47 for the terrorist team.

It’s a wonder how I managed to carry on into the finals. Must be their l33t skillz.

The girls toilet very clean one.