I Sold My Stickers At The Chic’s Closet Bazaar @ WIP, BSC.

When I started my sticker business in March, I never thought that I’d be swamped with orders and with a stall to boot! Albeit, this stall is only for two weekends but it’s still a stall at a bazaar right? 😀

And so, on the 17th of August, I set up my tiny stall at the Cool Bazaar @ WIP Cafe, Bangsar Shopping Centre among a bunch of online traders. The bazaar is hosted by Chics Closet and you can read about their account of the event here. Emmagem.com, the uber-famous malaysian online shopping directory, was there to cover the event as well.

Online shopping has taken Malaysia by storm, as can be evident by the number of shopping blogs that have spread like wild fire. Unlike other businesses, I do think that the online shoppers have form a community of sorts whereby they will never run out of customers as there will always be this ready bunch of crazy mad online shoppers who will be reading shopping blogs everyday. This is because in each and every shopping blog/online boutique, there is a separate tagboard for advertisements for other online boutiques to spam and girls actually click on new tags to see if there’s anything nice out there. So there you go, this self contained community of traders and consumers seems to be able to run on its own without much effort in advertising, marketing etc etc.

I only got the invite like four days before the event so I was rushing against time (while practicing counterstrike on top of that) to get new stocks and do up some banners and other further arrangement. I honestly felt so burned out throughout last weekend. But invite doesn’t mean free ok? It’s RM80 for a spot there, which I felt was pretty reasonable.

I bought too many craft stuff. I hoped to inspire myself with all the colours that was available but only ended up using two items from the stash. 🙁 And a box of unused crayons and another box of magic pens..SOB. Angel was my fluffy paper weight. She’s a very convenient dog, falling asleep at the right places.

The Sticker Monster’s Headquarters: where your stickers come from! Such a far cry from the cute adorable image that my stickers portray huh? Yeah I know, self praise is no praise.

Over two days and a busy body curious dog messing everything up, I finally managed to finish my signboard. I used a blue corrugated cardboard because that’s my favourite colour. i thought the red and yellow squares would look like the outline of a sticker (dotted) and also because they added colours to the otherwise dull combination. Glitter is of course a must in any of Jolene’s projects. Using my trademark glitter-in-the-middle-of-black alphabets and for the first time ever, glitterized polystyrene alphabets, I’m quite satisfied with my signboard. I searched high and low for something that would hold up my signboard during the bazaar. My dad’s guitar stand came in real handy.

And because of Kennysia’s blog plug(THANKS KENNY!) and my efforts of spamming tagboards(specifically for advertisements, mind you), I’ve managed to reach an all time high in sales records this month.

This is the box with the RM4 stickers. Most of my stickers are RM4.

On the left are the stickers which are not RM4 ones. On the right is the box of blings.

Processing new orders for the big day. (I had too many ‘big days’ last weekend. Note to self: never to overbook myself again.)

So there I was at the Cool Bazaar @ WIP layaning some customers on Sunday. There were clothes, trinkets, handmade cards, dolls and so many other things!

Photo stolen from Chics Closet.(THANKS!) I don’t know how come I couldn’t find a photo of Karen and I in my camera as I clearly remembered passing my camera to someone. I finally met Karen! We first got acquainted over her cupcakes which I did a small plug for on my blog and also our dear mutual friend Elaine Loke. Karen Marie is the household name that many shopaholics who frequent Emmagem.com daily will know.

Kaima(my Aunt/Godma), Kaiyeah(Uncle/Godpa) and Shevie came by to make sure I was all right for the first few hours. My parents took over in the last few hours. I’m a big girl! I can take care of myself! *huff puff*

But I enjoyed their company very much. Much thanks to my Kaima who smsed all her friends and got them to drop by and purchase some stickers from me!

Among a number of the familiar faces I saw there, I was pleasantly surprised to see Jen there! She was there to collect her gladiator shoes from Button My Buttons.

So what do you think of my stall? 😀 Very colourful and messy! Oh-so-Jolene.
If you notice, I stuck two of my soft toys from my car with stickers(those tak laku ones lah) ala The Sticker Monster mascot I have as the header of my sticker blog.

My neighbouring stall sold Triangels and a few intricate art pieces. Angeline, the stall owner, drew each design painstakingly by hand. I think these items would make good gifts. Check out her artistic blog!

Hahahha Jen looks like a cute little alien with all the antennas sticking out behind her head.

I’m sorry I didn’t get your name! She’s one of the many boutique owners at the flea market.

Accessories from Bhajue Boutique. Such a unique name, right?

Patent bags and belts! Sigh, I should have gone around to speak to other people more (but I was alone most of the time, later people steal my stickers then I cry how?) in order to get their links.

It was actually quite sunny and I think I got a sunburn from the bazaar. So bring some sunblock if you plan to come. My stall was fortunately at a shaded area.

Funky sandals from Memento.


I liked these accessories a lot but I can’t remember the name of the shop. Sigh, RM15 per piece you know. I couldn’t walk away from my stall for too long. So saddening.

This is Murni with her range of jewelry which reflects every aspect of softness and feminity. Just look at her display! So pretty!

Looking at prices like RM20 makes shopping all the more enticing.

If you haven’t already gathered, the flea market is actually conducted on the premises of WIP Cafe.

More angles of my beloved Sticker Stall. Business was pretty good that day. 🙂

This is Niki from Glamourpuss Cards and Angeline, from Chics Closet, who is the organizer of the bazaar. Both of them were sweet enough to buy some stickers from me!

The pretty pretty pretty eyeshadow pigments from Make Up Fever. They come in little containers in powder form for only RM4.50! My favourites were the duo colour ones. It’s like white then OOOoh it’s violet at the end! Or brown then AaAaah Peacock green at the end. 😀 They had a promotion going on for 7 tiny jars with one eye primer for RM31! I have with me 7 colours. I’ve yet to experiment with it, but my hands are damn itchy to start already.

I didn’t get her name..:) But this Take.Me’s stall. The table clothe is so pretty. My pink one should just hide itself in shame. I love the felt rainbows and the love letter envelope. Gosh, I wish I bought it. So many things I wish I bought! 🙁 This is not good.

Many thanks to Sharyl who stayed with me throughout the day. I had a fun time talking to her, especially so since we have Mun Teng as our (extremely close) mutual friend. Sharyl did a pretty great write-up on Emmagem, as I have linked to above. 🙂

My stickers at an(other) artistic angle.

See, I saved money on deco by using shoe boxes and wasted some money on chiffon to keep the stickers from slipping around inside the box.

You’ve gotta love Glamourpuss’s Cards! They are so dainty!

I bought like two pieces. Just to keep. 🙂 No one’s getting lucky!

Tiny gift tags!

We were both very shocked to see each other there. Her shock would probably be bigger since I was the one with a stall. Ei Leng, for those of you who don’t know, is my junior from uni and is from Ipoh. I really did not expect to bump into her there.

This is me shielding myself from the afternoon sun.

For a noob, business was overall pretty good for me. I expected to make a loss but ahhh, it was a good first time. 🙂 I’ll be there again this Sunday so feel free to drop by and say Hi and buy all those cute cute things! (I don’t mean my stickers lah. But you should too!)

These are the eyeshadows that I bought from Make Up Fever. Nice right??

Dainty pretty cards from Glamourpuss! Nobody gets these! Allllll minee!