The Weekend That Was WAY Too Happening

This is a mad ass orgy of a 56k killer style blog entry. I strongly suggest that you let this page load for awhile so that you don’t get bored waiting halfway and then close this window. 🙁

I’ve only been back for about three days and I’ve done so much!

Here’s a run through of what I’ve done:

1. Went yamcha with Esther, MunTeng, Chee Kiang, Yen Hou and Nicholas(Leow). No photos though. Coz the two boys were sweaty after a good ol’ game of volleyball.

2. I went to the Curve with Chee Kiang and then pool later on with Daryl and Jon

3. Was crazy enough to drive down to KLIA at 4.30am to surprise Mel at the airport, with Dennis and Mun Teng.(Plus an audioblog about dennis’ new talent)

4. Visiting the family’s factory in Klang

5. Went to Chien’s new place with the girls and was pleasantly surprised!

6. Yamcha with Hsin ee, Mun Teng, Josh and Dennis

7. Shopping with Mel at Pyramid!

So you can refer to this list if any of the photos do not load, thus disrupting my blogging groove.

Chee Kiang came back from Singapore on Friday night, spent Saturday with me, and then went back to Singapore on Sunday morning. 😀 Stolen moments. Sigh. Such are the lives of tertiary education pursuers.

The chinese new year decoration at The Curve was so pretty and pink! Chee Kiang was snapping photos for his “beautiful moment” photo campaign, something that he is involved in back in NUS.

Appreciating the blossoms.

my camwhoring skills memang karat already. It always happens after a long bout of studying for stressful exams.

Even though I was quite sad that I was missing out on Seafood at Teluk Kong in Klang, but spending time eating absolutely delicious food at Italiannies with my boy made up for everything else. hahah.

And then after dinner, he said that he was getting me a slice of cake to somewhat celebrate my belated birthday. I don’t really like cake, but this blueberry cheesecake was TEH BOMB. Love it!

So shy you know, he started singing Happy Birthday damn loudly and I was like, “Arghh!! shy laa!!”. Amazing that I can be shy right.

I like the glow of the candle in this one.

And this is a nice picture too. The hair was behaving well on that day.:D And that is my pai seh smile. I look nicer when I smile paiseh-ly hor? 😛

After leaving The Curve, we met up with Daryl and Jon at Racks in SS15 for a few games of pool. We wanted to play couple against couple(not that Daryl and JOn are a couple la..-_-) and Daryl was like, “you sure or not…later me and Jon tapau you all..sure or not?”

And there I was, shooting in three balls, one after another, showing them that I’m quite skilled at pool as well. Been playing it every now and then since I was 13.

L-r: Chee Kiang, Jon, Daryl

Daryl scolding Jon for playing so lousily. Wahaha. And do you notice that Daryl HAS to be in every single photo?


Dennis, Mun Teng and I decided to do one of the craziest things ever. Mel was arriving at KLIA from Melbourne at 5.30am on Sunday. We thought that it would be damn fun to go surprise her at the airport. I mean WHO goes so early in the morning to surprise a friend?

Haha, we ajaked Esther along but she emo because when she came back we didn’t go and surprise her. But i was all the way in Kedah, babes! 🙁 🙁

Mun Teng is crazier than Dennis and I put together. Okay, no, wait. I think the two of them are EXTREMELY crazy.

At 2am, Mun Teng was still in Genting Highlands yamcha-ing. And Dennis was, I think, playing poker at a friend’s house in Klang and only got back to Subang at about 4 something. He waited outside his house for me.

I myself watched Beetlegeuse(the last time I saw that classic I was only 3 years old!! I can remember alot about that show!) until 2.30 before sleeping for two hours. I did get abit of shelling from my father for having such ill disciplined sleeping habits. “What if anything happens to you on the road? All your time spent studying will go to waste!”

It was fun to drive down to KLIA and then not know where to park my car. So I parked my car outside the arrival hall. Damn champion. No need to pay atrocious parking fees somemore. Thank goodness they didn’t tow my car away.

Dennis was entertaining/keeping me awake by doing his accents again. This time, I got to know the Italian character a little better. He was an expatriate in Malaysia and has five children. LOL. And on the way back, he played the Russian guy. It’s almost as if they were two different people!! Dennis is damn good!

Here, since he doesn’t allow me to put up recordings of his funnies, I might as well attempt to recreate his lines and accents. Abit lame, but you’ll get the gist:

At one point, they asked me, “So Jo! What time is she arriving?”


“oooh..then what’s her flight number?”

“Don’t know lah.”

“Do her parents know that we’re going?”


“Does she know we’re going?”



Clearly, my dear friends have always doubted me. -_-

l-r: Mun Teng, Dennis and Me.
This is Dennis’ 5am face.

I told Dennis discreetly, “Eh, I got a dare for you,”. And he was like, “Aah, what what?”
I told him, “I dare you, to go to the counter to get a piece of a4 paper and a pen, to make our welcome home melody banner.”
And he cooly strode over to the counter and got me my pen and paper. Mun Teng and I were laughing like mad. They both left me at the counter scribbling my banner though. Damn bad. The taximen and the other airport staff were looking at my banner and reading, “Well…cum…bacckkk..Mel….loww… dee…..”. Paiseh.

But it was good fun!

Here’s the bodoh banner that we were flapping around.

At one point, there were cute air stewardesses, pilots and even cute random men waiting around. We were contemplating on using the banner as a conversation piece and go, “Oh hello! Excuse me, but is this how you spell Melody?”..Wahahaha.
Mun Teng saw a rather cute guy waiting at the arrival hall. We were pestering her to go strike up a conversation. And she was like, “As if people not waiting for girlfriend!”

We rebutted by saying, “Aiyah! Be optimistic. Maybe he is waiting for the girl of his dreams.”

Mun teng then went, “Yaa, you come to an airport to HOPE to meet a nice girl, right.”

Ever the optimists, we continued, “Aijohh.. maybe he is waiting for his mother? Sister? or *GASP* maybe he is Melody’s Hot Cousin!”

After waiting for half an hour, and not seeing Mel’s family anywhere around , the two of them started mocking me.

“Don’t you think it’ll be damn funny if we actually waiting for nobody? Or maybe Mel arrived already and suddenly she call us in the afternoon(while we’re still at the airport) and then ask us to go yamcha?” etc. etc. it went on and on.

But good thing the wise cracks stopped when Mel’s family arrived at the airport.

Mel running towards us. Hahaha. So happy.

Hugging her family.

And her crazy amount of luggages!


After going back to Subang and crashing in my bed for about 4 hours, my mum dragged me out of it to follow my family for a visit to the new factory(a business of which the family has a 60% share in). It’s a company called Bodybasicsx which manufactures toiletries according to, well, for lack of a better word, recipes given by big personal care companies. A few brands that my 60% family business has as clients are Tracia, Pureen, Ginvera, Tesco(the baby milk bath and a few others) etc.

Look at how high the ceiling is! Anf the walls, don’t they remind you of an art gallery of sorts? They’ll be painting over it soon la, just an indication of the choice of colours given to the walls.

Very nice and bright. Though it’s dirty, but it looks pretty in a way.

My grandma and my pregnant cousin sister-in-law didn’t come up to the platform as it was rather dangerous.

I’m not sure what this platform will be used for. But it sure felt like something out of a Jackie Chan movie. Stuntmen would have a field day jumping about the big empty factory.

My cousin hong Fei and I decided to scare the adults a little(and not that we’re not already adults.. he is 29 this year somemore) by living life on the edge.

Some of the stocks have already been brought into the new factory. 😀 Makes a fun and different place for camwhoring, don’t you think?

Ah, first it was the motorcycle, now it’s a forklifter. I’m going places. Next on my list will be an aeroplane(Yijin or Afiq will see to that), a tractor, a bulldozer, a Formula-1 car and a golf buggy and then I’m set.

My grandma and Derek and Jacqie’s grandmother looking out of the big storehouse.

Mervyn having a go at closing the big ass metal door.

No easy feat, I tell you~

Look at the size of the factory! OHMAIGOD!

After lunch(Yummy Bak Kut Teh, as we were in Klang after all), we went to the old factory in Shah Alam and checked out how things were going at the old place.

My uncle manages the factory here and still takes care of the other family business(a hardware business) in Malacca which my grandfather set up. It’s quite nice lah to have something like that in the family. Whenever there’s a bad batch of shampoo(and usually it’s only one bottle), they will have to discard the entire batch. And us lucky family members will take free shampoo home. But we have to open the bottles and sniff it beforehand to see if it is safe for us to use. haha. Once, my aunty actually found the bad one and the smell was damn sickening.

But all in all, I acted like a jakun lah. The last time I visited the factory was when I was a mere 8 years old.

I just love looking at conveyor belts rolling along.

the bottle didn’t even stop, but simply glide past the printing thingie.

Bags and bags of colourful caps!

And huge big tubs of shampoo and bodywash and other liquids.

Some of my family members.

We checked out the backyard.

Derek was peering at the first machine that started off the business. Back then, my Aunty Sok Ping spent her free afternoons making pineapple fertilizer tablets on this machine at the back of the hardware company in Malacca. My brother who was then 5 years old would go and help my aunty pour the ready made tablets into a bag and after only half an hour, my brother would tap his Power Ranger’s watch and say, “Tea time already!”

Damn cute..ahaha. My grandfather would chide him and say, “Wah, if we hire workers like you, surely the company will go bankrupt.”

And here we are, peeking into the big container which contains the waste material.

This is Derek, looking rather disgusted at what’s inside.

Damn gross right? The waste material are left to break down and the sludge will be taken away by Indah Water. Apparently a tonne of sludge to be disposed off by Indah Water can cost the company RM3000.

Another feet-above-the-ground-scared-of-heights photo.


At about 4pm, we were supposed to go check out Chien’s new place!

This is me waiting for Mun Teng.

Me, Mun Teng and Mel having a random moment before entering Chien’s place.

The two jakuns going at it.

LOL I didn’t know that they distracted me with camwhoring just so that they could take out a cake for me. IT WAS SO SWEET OF THEM. They were having a belated celebration for me. 😀 So sweet la everybody. Boyfriend also made a point to stick a candle into a piece of cake for me, best friends also the same. 😀 Awww!

Me and Chien’s delicious marble cheesecake.

Blowing the candles… very weird though, as they were so far apart.


A cute candid photo.

See how intricate her cake is. The woman is a domestic goddess.


Mun Teng and I, at a corner where the sunlight was at its best.

The lot of us minus Abby and Amanda who had something on, Sush and She Dee who are out of the country. 🙁
l-r: min Dee, Chien, Esther, Me, Mel, Mun Teng, Liss.

Min Dee and the gold pig that Chien’s thinking of bringing around for chinese new year.

Before leaving, we wanted to do a spontaneous how-many-can-we-fit and I just KNEW that it was going to turn out damn well and said, “I AM TEH BOMB!” and turns out that I only managed Chien’s forehead. So sorry babes.:(

We had such a good time catching up. Talking about how fair some of our armpits are… how we I farted in the face of an enemy back in school…how promiscuous some old school mates are, even when they were in form3… comparing boob sizes(I WIN!! wahahha).. good times, good times.


Met up with Hsin, Dennis, Josh and Mun Teng(THREE TIMES A DAY, LIKE TAKING MEDICINE LIKE THAT!!) for a mamak session. One of the last few mamak sessions with one of my favouritest 1985 senior who will be leaving for Perth soon!!

Take care babes. Be good ya!! And remember to meet me on MSN more often so we can oggle at hot guys(that we find on friendster).


My best friend(the proclaimed one among 10 other best girlies) and I decided to make a very impromptu trip to Pyramid. Just to check out the shops as so much would’ve changed since Feb 06(when she left).


Mel so baik, she belanja-ed me dinner at Kim Gary. This is Mel posing with the mouthwatering french toast!

Of course I had to do the same lah.

CHEESE BAKED RICE!! OMG!! It tasted so so so so so so good. I love it so much. (which explains my size)

Me and my cheese baked rice. I haven’t eaten it in like three months.

Mel wanted to tapau her cheese baked rice into her handbag. She didn’t want to look cheapskate by asking the waiter for a doggiebag.

And here are my spoils…
This is Mel’s 21st birthday present which she chose herself and asked me to bring home to wrap. Must put effort, she says. She’s 21 years old and she chose an inflatable MyMelody foot stool as a present.

Marian Keyes’ latest book! I love Marian Keyes! And a lip gloss from Silkygirl..and a green cream eyeshadow with glitter from Skin Food!

P & Co. were having sales.. Rm20 for this spaghetti top!

RM20 for this google t-shirt from the Branded Store(OMFG. Cheapcheapcheap!)

And another tank from P & Co.

It took me damn bloody long to type this. You’d better let me know how many of you managed to reach the end. *rolls over and sleep*

Where Are Your Bus Ride Manners?

I’ve befriended the manager of the Sungai Petani bus station. He is this old retired army dude who sports a long beard ..and all his hair seems to go on the lower part of his face and he is pretty bald at the top. However, he is quite a nice guy.

He speaks relatively fluent English as compared to his colleagues(bus drivers, bus conductors, ticket sellers) and he likes to kid around and stuff. Your parents might ask you to stay away from him lah, but we keep our distance even though his harmless. So yeah, he gave me his number so that I can call him whenever I want him to book tickets for me in advance.

As convenient as that sounds, he is not all that reliable. We had to wait for like 1 hour because the bus that he booked for us, was full. We won’t call from him the next time already. Somemore before this we were so touched that he was damn kind to us and even wanted to buy oranges for him as a small gesture. But he is still nice lah.

Every bus ride to KL or back from KL is an adventure for me. (this time around when I go back to Sungai Petani, I’ll be boarding a bus from Malacca, hopefully it makes things different). Usually the journey takes 5 to 6 hours and today surprisingly, it was only 4 and a half hours!

But there’s always one problem or another when I take the bus. It’s never a smooth one.

Let me share with you a list of the many situations that can piss the shit out of me:-

1) Bus breakdown
2) Bus stopping too many times
3) Bus driving so slow that I can just hop off, walk for abit, take some photos and hop back in.
4) Noisy children. Who should be thrown off the bus. I’m serious. I’m a rather nice person, even you, a person with average tolerance for shit-happens-type of situations would vomit blood.
5) Blasting aircon
6) Non working aircon.
7) Bumpy bus ride.
8) Long long hours.
9) Noisy television or radio
10) Old uncle and aunties who don’t know how to use their handphones and think that just because they cannot hear themselves talk on the handphone, the person on the other line can’t hear them as well hence the need to shout so that the entire bus can hear.
11) Reclining of the seats in front of me.

And today number 11 happened.

When we went up the bus, we were horrified by how little leg space the bus had. But we thought, it’s okay lah. Since all we want is to go home right.

Then, in the seat in front of ours was this middle age uncle who was reading the papers, with his seat reclined a long way to the back. We couldn’t possibly made our way into the seats and he didn’t even bother to notice that we were standing there, waiting for him to raise his seat. We had to ASK him.

We were not that annoyed yet lah. Before we drifted off to sleep, we saw that he was reading the New Straits Time, which meant that he was English educated. It was rather odd because you seldom see old uncles reading english newspaper in Sungai Petani. Then we heard him conversing on the phone in English, just like the way you and I would speak to each other.

He was about my dad’s age and was dressed rather respectably.

However, despite us telling him a few times to not lower his seats so much, he finally got angry at us.

It happened when I told him off for the last time when he reclined his seat onto my legs and woke me up from my sleep.

I’ll put up an audioblog about how it happened. Listen.

Damn annoying. But I was really pissed at him lah because I hate it that he felt it was his RIGHTS to lower his seat onto my legs. I mean at least have the decency to feel embarrassed that you encroached into my leg space, no? Damnit.

I was shooting the third finger behind his head so many times out of anger. Lie Yuen said “This is an example of talking bad about people behind people..wahhaha”. hehe.

Well, rule number 1 when you sit on the bus: Always be aware if your chair doesn’t take up other people’s leg space. It’s called etiquette.

Secondly, a man of my father’s age, who speaks good english, who cares about the business section in the paper(Tax for Halal food reduced? At least that’s what I saw when I peeked over his shoulders when he was reading the papers)… should at least own a car right because at that age you would have gotten a decent job?

I’m not going to pull a Wee Shu Min upon myself and rant about the fact that he should be rich enough at that age to be able to afford a plane ticket back. Somemore now Air Asia so cheap.

But I would think that most middle class middle age man would own a car and would not like the hassle that only an interstate bus ride can bring. Clearly he found the bus ride to be abit of a hassle as he wasn’t too happy about the reclining of his seats right?

So he is supposedly older, educated…and yet he raised his voice at a girl young enough to be his youngest brother’s daughter.(Don’t think he is old enough to be my grandfather). Some people really don’t know their manners. No wonder so old also no car to drive lah.

I hate my bus rides. I hate my bus rides. I hate hate hate.

See what I mean? Asshole. 🙁 and in this photo, he was in the toilet and THIS was after he raised his seat after I told him off.

Audioblog: Slutting Nursery Rhymes Up

This only took me 10 minutes okay, so cannot say that I’m wasting my time. (living in denial)

Normal blogging will resume when I am guilt free about spending time in front of the computer. Anyway, I was singing to myself while studying and started to slut up the song Do Re Mi. Haha. Lie Yuen said her bulu roma stood on ends. LOL. But fun la to menghamsap such a poor and innocent nursery rhyme.