It’s Too Soon To Be 2007.

2006 is just too fast. Is it just me or do everybody feel the same that as the 31st of December looms around the corner, you feel like you’re running out of time and that you have so much to accomplish yet you don’t think you ever will?

All I can remember about 2006 is studying, studying and more studying. Bus rides up and down from Kedah. Sitting in front of the computer in my room in Kedah, which was the one main factor that kept my sanity going.

2005 was definitely more eventful than 2006 because I finished my A-levels then, had my braces removed, had my first kiss:P, went for national service(which I diligently blogged about my every single day there), marched for Merdeka, went to kedah to do dentistry, became a housemate to 7 girls whom most are some of my best friends in my class now and started to learn what “putting effort” into my studies meant.

2006, now that I come to think of it is quite eventful on its own.

Since my course has a continuous assessment every 9 weeks and we have FOUR modules(which lasts for 9 weeks each), just imagine the amount of studying I have to do in this course. How am I supposed to build memories about the year 2006?

i moved out of the university rented home and moved in to another place with Lie Yuen and Lishen and over time, Lie Yuen became my bestest friend, housemate and classmate in Kedah. We talked so much and about EVERY single thing and we never run out of things to say to each other. We still have three and a half more years of that. 🙂

There were many many happy moments and milestones with my boyfriend this year than ever before. Though our time together are rushed and stolen, but we try to make the most out of every opportunity we get to see each other. We understand each other so much more and even started fighting.(which is supposed to be a good sign right?:P)
I love you dear.:) Here’s to many more years.

I’ve also never studied so much in my life before. Mostly it is because I know I want to become a dentist which will enable me to live a comfortable and stable life. And also the fear of having to repeat a WHOLE academic year does things to me that one can never phantom. Which also results in the borrowing of library books, which I actually read, as compared to back in Taylor’s when I only visited the library to kacau my friends. Hehe.

I failed one subject in my first year finals and had to sacrifice a 6 weeks break and had to go back during the holidays to resit my paper. I never want to go through that ever again.

Life in Taylor’s seemed like such a joke compared to now. I’m talking in academic terms. The SOCIAL life I have now compared to 2005 IS the biggest joke.

2006 robbed me off almost all my friends, throwing them far and wide all over the world. And it will probably stay this way forever because most of them will want PRs there.

2006 also became THE year where the 2006 Club was formed. Those who understand what I’m saying will faham-fahamlah.:P

It is also the year that blogging has finally brought me a whole new level of recognition(read: Money). Which I do admit spoils my groove, but I think nothing can spoil the way you blog if you know how to manipulate everything in your hands and it is only up to you to weave everything together and STILL make what you write interesting. It’s hard. But I’m trying my very best.

However, I believe every year comes with its own set of adventures, new characters, new aspirations, sad and happy memories alike and of course, another year closer to graduation will will then bring about a lifetime of taxpaying, children’s education funds(I know *someone* has already started saving for THAT!:P) and the ultimate goal that is retirement.

Have a happy 2007 everybody.:) We’ll have this talk again in a year’s time.

Christmas In Singapore

Despite the constant rain, my four days in Singapore were…well….eventful in a way. I didn’t just burn a hole in my pockets, I had an all out Hiroshima-Nagasaki atomic bomb in my pockets(what’s left of it). But I still had a great time because my purpose of going to Singapore was to see Chee Kiang. 🙂

Going into Singapore on Christmas eve’s is crazy. There were probably more than 4000 people lining up to go into Singapore at the causeway(ugly dump on the Johor side) and I actually waited for HALF the duration of my trip from Malacca to Singapore to get my passport chopped. Like 1.5hours man. Cacat!

There was even once when I went with Chee Kiang to meet his friend Karthik at a mamak stall(the singaporeans call it Prata over there) and when we left the rain was pouring so hard. We had to walk in the pouring rain for about a kilometre and were drenched to our bones. I’ve never walked in the rain so much before.

Speaking of Karthik, he was quite a character. Hahahaha. Whenever Chee Kiang makes a lame joke to him, Karthik will look at him like that: -_-. Like lowering your eyelids and curving your lips downwards. Damn cute one! Hahhaa. I will adopt that look whenever Chee Kiang says stupid things to me.:P

We bought an orange umbrella from Giordano. I’ve never seen so much of rain in my life. It starts raining at 1am and continues right up till 10am when you wake up and then it doesn’t even stop when you go to sleep at 1am the next day.

Walking in the rain.

The trees looked pretty all lit up in the evening rain.

Even though we were in Singapore with Daryl, Justin and Gaya but they went to spend Christmas eve with their friends while Chee Kiang and I headed over to Orchard alone to check out the Christmas decoration.

Some colours to feast your eyes on. Not much, but I quite like the white one on the bottom left corner.

A collage of christmas decoration.

That’s me posing with the Singapore Visitors Centre.

A pretty interesting concept for the base of a christmas tree, don’t you think?

The crowd was mad. Just look at the amount of people.

ok, so I can’t spell jacuzzi. Jaccuzzi? How to spell??

Chee Kiang brought me to this place called Balcony Bar for dinner. Quite a nice place to chill out. Love the chairs there, not the one in the photos. But they had those hanging from the ceiling type of chairs, the Austin Powers/MIB ones. One day I will have those in my house. 🙂 And they had swings too… love the concept! And yea there is a Jacuzzi/Jaccuzzi/Jakusi(?) in the middle of the bar. I’ll pay you any amount you want if you dare to have a dip(in your bikini or speedos!) during the Friday night/Saturday night crowd. Heehee..

Perhaps the prettiest christmas decoration that I’ve seen in Singapore.

You see the mad crowds? Elbow to elbow, crotch to butt, shoulder to shoulder, hair to hair…ugh. But surprisingly I wasn’t even that flustered.

Even got time to camwhore ya.

Orchard Road had this pretty interesting christmas display going on where pedestrians will walk along Orchard and see different nativity scenes.

Another one.

It was way too crowded and some people couldn’t tahan walking the entire length of Orchard Rd.

While resting at Coffeebean, I bumped into Andy. Of ALL places. Hahahaha. We did say that we won’t meet up because we see each other everyday in Kedah, and decided that we’d probably bump into each other along Orchard road. AND WE DID. LOL. Didn’t see Brenda though. She was supposed to be in Singapore as well.

And then the foam fights started. We were constantly caught in spray can battles. I did have this perverse desire to want to be caught in the middle of one the fights.. faux snow sprinkling down, the smell of aerosol..mmmm.

Happy Hooligans.

This is outside Vivocity the new shopping complex which is near Sentosa Island.

The shape of the building is very amoebic.

Chee Kiang was doing his laundry when we were back at his hostel, waiting for Daryl, Gaya and justin to be done with their own celebrations before we headed to the hotel. See, NUS so lucky got their own laundromat.

And the toilets are so beautiful.

Big green trees outside his window.

And a cozy walkway down to the mainroad lies just outside his room.

Last week when the both of us were at Ikea, we bought these fairy lights for RM7! So pretty right? Mine is sitting in my room in Kedah on the floor, not quite sure where to put it yet.

A close up shot of one of the bulbs.

I was thoroughly amused by the messages left on their common fridge.

Such a happy looking place right. The trays containing some mush on the wooden table is apparently left over food from the christmas eve party.

LOL, all the bitchy messages.

And as I have mentioned before, his hall had something called Buaya Week sometime back and these are the remnants of the Buaya Week.

They’d leave sweet things like these for each other, anonymously.

After having breakfast with Daryl, Justin and Gaya, we all went on our separate ways as the rest wanted to meet up with a few other friends. Chee Kiang and I went to the East Coast Park and rented bikes. He brought me to his junior college hostel(Dunman High School Hostel) and pointed out to me where so and so made out, where this and that happened etc.

It was quite a nice comfortable ride. Not tiring as it was mostly flat lands.

Chee Kiang on his bike.

Me on mine.

I’m not quite sure where this is. I think it was somewhere the supposedly delicious Dragon Boat men practiced. Yep, that’s right. My boyfriend brought me to (unsuccessfully) check out half naked solid chested men. 😀

Since I was quite tired, we climbed onto a slab of wall remains and watched the waves gush in and out of the cracks of the wall. Very peaceful.

<3. It was a sunny day even though it was drizzling.
Even in the day the fairy lights look beautiful.

l-r: Chee Kiang, Gaya, Justin and Daryl. Chilling in Chee Kiang’s room.

Daryl is pregnant.

I’m glad that he loved the hamburger (cd cover) that I bought for him for his birthday(which was damn bloody long ago).

Justin does not want to be the father of Daryl’s hamburger. The poor little bastard of a hamburger. :( 

It was STILL raining when we went to Orchard Road again.

One for the friendster account. 😀 I didn’t realise that we were wearing the same colour combination. 0_0

Berteduh hujan.

At Orchard, we met up with Britney, Chun Leen and Yi Herng(sorry, is that the spelling?). This is Britney by the way. It seems like he has grown taller since I last saw him! Couldn’t do dinner with them because we were too slow to decide on a place to eat.

l-r: Chun Leen, Yi Herng and Chee Kiang. Chee Kiang’s camwhoring skills have improved.

Yi Herng and I. This was moments before the so called owner of the shop told me that I couldn’t take a picture. I said that I was sorry and if she could please hold the top for me as I wanted to say byebye to a friend before coming back to try on the top. She went on and on saying, “This is my shop. At least ask me for permission to take photos with my clothes.” I was quite taken aback but I just apologised and told her i’ll be back.

Then she went on somemore, “If you want to take photos, can. But must ask me. Don’t you know it’s my clothes? You have to at least ask me. You can’t just take photos..” she was SO long winded that I just used both my hands and flung it in her direction and said, “I DON’T WANT to try your clothes already!!” and went to Chee Kiang, Chun leen and Yi Herng to bitch like mad about the fat slanty eyed bitch(hm, sounds like me. But she’s way uglier and fatter and ruder.)

The thing is her shop has such nice clothes and I couldn’t go back there. As I walked past the shop, I saw Gaya looking at the clothes.

So I shouted at Gaya, “DON’T LOOK AT THE CLOTHES THERE GAYA. GO AWAY!!” while the bitch was standing next to her.

HMPH. I hate people who cannot be reasoned with. I already apologised what else does she want? You don’t talk so rudely to your customers. What a cibai.

Justin wanted to try Carl’s Junior where they served big ass hamburgers. Big bacon and cheese hamburger. Mmmmmm.

After dinner, we went to McDonalds’ for a drink.
l-r: Gaya, Daryl

Justin and his friends Michelle and her husband Kevin. They were his colleagues from Fish and Co. Michelle was actually our senior from school!

Chee Kiang and I. The umbrella is not for show lah, the rain was coming in to the shaded area.

back at the hotel before everyone bathed.

My camwhoring skills very the power until can capture five people at once!

Esther’s turkey. She wanted turkey from Singapore……-_-

She told Chee Kiang on msn to remind me to buy a turkey back for her. Seems that Malaysia banned turkeys because it was not halal. Apparently it is because some people didn’t pray before chopping the birds up. Anyway, so I laughed lah. Like who the hell brings a whole turkey back from Singapore?!

Just before returning to Malaysia on the last day, I popped over to Cold Storage to get Esther’s turkey. It was apparently the last turkey in the store and the attendant had to make some calls to enquire about the turkey. What an important turkey.

I thought fine lah, I’ve got SGD43 left. How much can a turkey cost?

“Here’s your turkey, Miss,” the guy said while passing the turkey to me.

“Thank you,” I replied and nearly fell as I felt the full weight of the turkey.

When the cashier lady scanned the price tag, my jaw dropped. SGD41 for that bloody bird.


Esther’s sms came after that, “Oi, no need turkey already,”

I was like, “Nooo..i already bought it!!”

And she was like, “How one the turkey?”

I told her, “Frozen? Whole?”

And she was like, “WTF???????!! I wanted cooked turkey!! We can get frozen turkeys here. Just that the malays can’t cook it at restaurants,”.


MY SGD41/RM94!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tears*

“So what are you going to do with the turkey?” I asked.

“Don’t know…I must find an oven,” she said. She didn’t even have an oven. Oh well.

And since we were being kiamsiap in Singapore, we felt that the parking coupons were too expensive so Daryl came up with this ingenius idea.  -_-

But obviously we bought parking coupons in the end lah.

The Vietnam Trip – Episode One

Forgive me for lagging your computer fellow friends and readers alike. But you know me, you give me something different, I’ll be there with my camera.

I finally stepped out of Malaysia for the first time in nearly three years. Dad’s company has a factory in Vietnam and he thought it was a nice place to bring his family for a well deserved holiday.

My brother asked my dad on the plane, “Dad, does it snow in Vietnam?”

Dad was too embarrassed to admit that Mervyn was his son.

Hehe, actually cannot blame him also. I packed two jackets.

My brother and I don’t suck at geography for nothing. 😀

So anyway, Vietnam’s freaking warm. But it rains alot! Which is quite nice. I have like 500 photos from the trip(entire memory card full liao )…so I’ll be breaking it up into multiple entries.

An Introduction To Vietnam

The first Vietnamese faces to greet me.

The Airport at Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City.

The Australian man sitting next to me on the plane explained to me that the buildings here are very narrow because the tax they pay is according to the width of their doorway. Kesian…

There are absolutely NO rules when it comes to driving in Vietnam. They drive on the right side of the road and they honk all the time. it’s like if they’re bored, they drive on the left and when there’s an on-coming car, no problem, just swerve back to the normal lane. AND MOTORBIKES BERLAMBAK. You just close your eyes and cross the roads… they will manoeuvre around you, no worries.

No iPods yet, but they enjoy music too:)

So cute!! Got Santa Claus there!

The hotel we stayed in was not extremely grand a hotel, but very well equipped and satisfying. 🙂 As long as it has a long bath, a pretty bathroom, freezing airconditioning and a big nice window, I’m happy.
Here’s one of my grandmother with the christmas tree and the interior.

I can’t tell you the name of this hotel because I’m about to tell you about the massage parlour in the hotel. We thought it’d be cool to try out “authentic Vietnamese massage”. But apparently they touch all the wrong places, and they ask the men, “Sir, you want extra services?” and they will elaborate further with a very rude hand sign.

I found a display case in the lobby and got my brother to take this shot. Beautiful lighting?:D

The view from my hotel room. 🙂 Tee-hee. I know it doesn’t look much, but that’s the behind of the shoplots which stocks the funkiest bags and sandals.

Must camwhore, anywhere, anytme.

After resting at the hotel for awhile, we decided to check out the shops around the place. Since dad comes here so often, he knew where to bring us.

We went for heavenly beef noodles.. uhhhhh tasted SO great.

I don’t know which part of the cow this is, but it sure as hell rocked.

A funny pic of my father and brother that my brother will surely want me to delete and it will be a request that I will coldly ignore.

My camera shy brother and the interior of the restaurant.

This is the front of the restaurant. It’s pronounced as Fer 24. 😀

One of those bags cost about slightly below RM35. Good right? Sandals about RM25-Rm30. Not ridiculously cheap, but satisfying la.

Should be traditional vietnamese footwear. Didn’t get any though because I know I would not be able to find the perfect occasion to wear any of it.

There was this shop called Saigon Impression and it sells formal wear. I thought this outfit was quite special but the top cost about RM150. The pants was of a similiar I only got the top. I mean, I know it’s costly, but it’s so special and unique!! You know the “got feel” attitude when it comes to shopping? It applies.

Problem is, I don’t know where to wear it too. Someone get married and invite me please.

Another angle.

My brother was getting his prom suit done. I mean can you imagine? Prom is like a year away and he’s making his suit already. Partly it’s because it’s about RM200 cheaper in Vietnam compared to the prices here. I like this picture though. Can see his naik syok face when the guy measured his underthighs. tee-hee.

My mum found something nice there as well!

I thought this photo of the Clarins’ building looked pretty nice.

It rained alot in Vietnam. So it was very nice and cooling all the time.

Strolling along the streets.

A typical Vietnamese vendor.

There were tons of mini art galleries all along the streets. And they are all very nice paintings. But it’s like one in every six shops is an art gallery.

That’s me trying to act touristy.

Some of the more unique paintings available in the art galleries.

We went to this Ice-cream parlour and they served candies in the shape of spastic looking animals(think Happy Tree Friends) in a glass bowl. Quite cute lah.

Mum and I

The interior.

They sell these freaky snake wine. It’s not advisable to drink it though. But some people do. I bought one for Chee Kiang and he said he got a shock when he opened it. hahahahaha.

I motioned to this vendor with my camera that I would like to snap a photo of her with her wares.. but she put her straw hat on my head and made me pose with her wares instead. LOL. Then my father had to buy some bananas from her as a payment. Smart cookie, this one.

More photos coming up… but we all like photos, no?:) I know I do.

The Make Up Debate



While waiting for Gaya’s fried Mars Bars at Far east Plaza in Singapore yesterday, Justin peered at my face and said, “You’re not wearing make up ya?”

I prepped myself up for some form of good skin flattery or another and said, “Nope..not today..”

He said, “Good! I like girls like you. My girlfriend also don’t put on alot of make up,”

In his opinion, girls who wear make up are hiding behind something. It’s like they are afraid of showing the world what is really beneath the layers of makeup. To him, a clear face signifies confidence and he gets attracted to that. He, doesn’t believe in make up and shakes his head at it.

I then turned to Chee Kiang and Daryl and asked them for their opinion.

Chee Kiang thinks that girls use make up because in the past, they have received ciriticism about their appearences and feel particularly traumatised by the fact that they are not blessed aesthetically. Hence, the girls don make up to improve what they lack. He also thinks that girls put on make up to impress guys.

Daryl, was the one that supported make up. He believes that if it makes a girl look good, sure, why not?

And of course, for the benefit of my fellow womenkind, I defended the pros of cosmetics. Justin challenged me and cited a few examples of really thick made up girls that we all know(and love as friends), I told them that those were the extreme cases and there is a line between girls who overuse make up and girls who use makeup.

Make up is more than a necessity to girls who come of age. At least a hint of blusher or a few slicks of mascara will do the trick for most girls. Of course, those of us with less than perfect skin may need more than a little bit of powder to cover up all those flaws and these are the type who will lay on the foundation even when they head out for a bite at the local mamak stall.

I believe that make up is a form of respect. You can’t go to someone’s wedding with a plain face. It’s like saying, “No, this occasion is not THAT important to me.” Make up equals effort. And effort means that you care.

But of course, you also get the type of girls who are too naive or confused as to how they should acknowledge the use of cosmetics. They do make good makeover guinea pigs to those of us who have too many makeup to spare. Understandably, if you’re of high school going age it is okay to be oblivious to all the basic necessities of make up. Eyeshadow alone is not make up. It’s child’s play. So even if I myself do not pay homage to the wonders of the COMPULSORY mascara, I still make sure if I am having make up on, I use my foundation, blusher, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lip balm, lip gloss(no longer using lip stick) and of course, the eyeshadow.

Okay la, maybe I might be omitting out a few other crucial must-haves like a puff of powder after the whole make up is done and maybe some fake eye lashes. I’ve got to overcome the phobia of falling eyelashes first.

Furthermore, the belief that girls put on make up to impress guys might be true to a certaine extent but I personally believe that it’s actually the OTHER girls that we want to impress. We just want to be on par. We don’t want to be left out, you know?

I posed the question about wearing make up to work as a professional.

“My (future)sister-in-law is a good example! She doesn’t wear make up to work.” Justin chirped.

“Yeah Justin, but maybe that’s because it’s a a family business? I think most women wear make up to work,” said Chee Kiang.

Maybe it’s the nude look that Justin’s future sister in law is adopting, because I don’t think any woman who is a professional(ie. meeting clients all the time) will dare go to work bare faced. Heck, even when I was 15 years old, working at Nail Artz Sunway Pyramid, my boss used to berate the other employees to put on a slick of lipstick at the very least. I was the most heavily made up one despite being the youngest. 😛 Hiau por Lai, that’s me.

There are many ways to experiment with your face. Though I’m not an expert on make up application but I do believe that it is wise to at least put on some effort to show an ounce of respect. To stop being so..dowdy. So..unsavvy.

Just a bit will do!