Money Money Money..

Woke up yesterday to a phone call buzzing on my night table.           
“Could it be from the ice cream place?” I asked as I reached over in excitement and anticipation. Oh yes!! An unknown number!! It was a USJ number. Strange.

“Hello, your darling here,” said the mysterious caller.
As my brain contemplated on my current status in it’s foggy morning-ness, I decided that it could only be just that one person with this kind of mentality.
“Yes, Kay Hong what do you want?” I asked. Extremely dissapointed that it isn’t the guy from Andersen’s of Denmark. I don’t have a job now~!!;(
“I’m having a party tonight for my Japs and other people from other schools with their Jap. You wanna come over? Chee Kiang and Daryl are coming too! I wanna call melissa too,” said Kay Hong in his “u better come or else” voice.
“Um, oklar,”.. seriously not actually wanting to go because I’ve been out last Saturday. 
Went downstairs and was told my mum that we had a dinner with the gramps that day sooo i was like “yes! got excuse!”.. forgot to call Kay Hong to tell him. Received a call from Liss about the thing. Told her that “nah, i’m not going..”.. then she was like, “oh, i’m only going if you’re going..” so well, we didn’t plan to go lor.

But reached my grandparents and learnt that Aunty’s new best friend is going I was like, “Aw man…this is gonna be such a drag..”… and it was like entertaining people night.. granddad took out the karaoke and started belting out (exclaimed to be testing) oldies and was scolded by grandma (“hou chi ngau seong shue”-loosely translated: Like a cow climbing up a tree). to which my granddad replied, “Mee-yehh..?!!!”(Whaaatt??)..haha..Evil Mama. lol. But she’s no better. Despite that I still love her for her bitchy characteristics.. love to hear about the ‘latest’ with other family members. Fondly known by me, dad and aunt as Measat. Seriously, the third day I had my first period, London knew. (another aunt lives there.)
A week later Perth knew. (postcard.(p/s: Jo got her period last week!)) THE EMBARASSMENT. But really, when young girls first get their period they’re like so friggin paranoid… I mean look at me now?=D I send Dad out to buy my pads sometimes!

Well, okay, back to the story, so I was like, “Okay, this is going to be a long night,”.. hung around to finish the lovely dinner (Chai choi… and brocolli and other veggies..yummmm) then made my mind to go check out Kay Hong’s “party”. He was abit peeved that I couldn’t make it at first, exclaiming that he already prepared food for me..ONLY me.. argh..I can’t stand it when he talks like that. It’s just so goddamn fake. But I know he means well. Hah. So I called Chee Kiang if he could pick me up from my place to go over.. and then he told me that currently he’s at Kay Hong’s. and kay Hong is no where to be seen. He was there with Joo Lee and her cousin..and the two japs. So normal of Kay Hong. Though it was another one of those scenarios that Ck and I laugh about.

Upon reaching kay Hong’s.. there were quite a number of people there already… and so dinner started. It was like dangerous grounds there as everyone don’t quite know each other and all were like, “hmm, is he/she Jap or Malaysian?”  The party was okay..there were two other jap girls.. one of them is called maya and she’s a really nice girl.. 21 years old.. studying acupuncture..:) Apparently very conservative. Then I met this guy from USJ4 called Shen Yik..and lol.. I was like, “You’re the one who likes PeiNi right?” and he’s like, “what the hell??”.. and then he got talking..and started telling me how he ended up with Chew Sher Lyn..ohmigod.. I wouldn’t tell those kind of stories to strangers that I barely know. Want the full length version of the story, just ask me. Hilarious.

Kay Hong then took out the beer.. but apparently in the YE book it said, “no alcohol for the japs..”.. but he supposedly wanted to entertain his other “adult” friends….. sigh. Can’t a gathering do without beer for once?

Left at 12.30 and woke up the next day at 2.30pm! Got three sms from the girls informing me about a yamchar session in parade with Joshua, Jeh and Dennis! Picked Mun Teng up and made our way there and settled for Coffeebean! When the lot of us get together, it was exactly like old times… Dennis shaking his head.. Jiun Jeh throwing his head back and laugh..Hsien going, “i don’t know you guys la..seriously..”..Joshua going “Ahahahahha..and thenn?!”… and Mel will be like, “OHMIGOD..and U know ar..”… esther would be closing her eyes and laughing silent laughs..and then Mun Teng who used to be grim in old times will now pipe in with HAHAHA laughters. Good change MT! Me? As always enjoying retelling intriguing stories.

Hsien told me that Chien and her have made the decision to go for prom.. so yea..I’m going to the prom! Actually before this Chee Kiang asked me to go for the prom but we weren’t so keen as there weren’t anybody now there has been more than 5 people.. now we are going.

ARghh.. the dress..the shoes…the make up…the jewelry(costume)..the bag.. …which of fun to elect. OOOOO.. and the nails. I’m either using fake nails..(so I can painstakingly design them myself one by one…) or having Li Peng to do my nails and in return I do for her.

But as I peered into the miniscule dates in my calender.. there seems to be a major problem. Prom falls on the 15th of January.. and it’s on a Thursday! How are we gonna be able to get ready?! College ends at 4 o clock!! oh no!!

And now, as you all have been waiting for, The Cute Guy today is ….Carlos Ng Ka Lok!! TVB Actor…
Looks abit old at other times..but this is a superb picture of him. I think he hasn’t reached 35 yet…..

Underage and Evil Brothers

Woke up at 7.00am yesterday just so that I can go for the stupid amali thing at god knows where. So yeah, waited at the freakin’ driving school for like 10 minutes alone..thank god for mp3 players and the Steward of Gondor.. Esther and Elizabeth arrived and Elizabeth said that the woman called her up yesterday and said that I was underage and would have to wait until I turn 17! #$)#(*$)#$Then the stupid driving school people came and said, “eik, I thought I told you not to come today?” I was like, “Uh! I did not receive a call yesterday,” then the lady said,” Well I called your house phone and left you a message,”… WHO LEAVES MESSAGES THESE DAYS?! .. then i said, “Um, prefably my handphone?!”

Bitch. So I called mum and she sounded sympathetic and all and just as I was to put the phone down, she said, “Okla, so you walk home k??” Shit.

Basically a very boring day unworthy of blogging but somehow these fingers say, “WHILE AWAY YOUR TIME JO..”… very well then. Spent the rest of that sleep deprived morning TRYING to watch Lord Of The Rings Part One. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
It was good, I tried to watch it. But I cannot help eyes kept fluttering shut.
Then this morning fucking brother WON’T go down to meet Aunty Vicki(Pn.Vignesvary) who was outside to return a pinafore that I thought her daughter could wear. I mean between a (fuckedup)GUY and a GIRL who had equal amounts of sleeping time and arised at about the same time, who is more presentable? who? WHO? WHO?! OF COURSE THE GUY GODDAMNIT..!!! So he and his prissy “I CAn’t Be SeEen DreSs LikE thaT..” pranced back to his room and experiencedly slammed his door .. then the choice was left with MUM or JO.. Mum’s boobs were more obvious (Info: Women don’t wear bras to bed). So it was Jo and Smelly Breath. WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME?!!? Isn’t a girl supposed to get her way ALL the time? prat of a brother!!

Went to Megamall for some christmas shopping. AND.. and.. College Clothes shopping..! But I couldn’t find presentable clothes there… all except padini served quite a nice range of clothings that I deemed suitable for my college attire. Bought a nice white button down top..(crisp, linen….yum), a pair of shorts(of course for home use only) and a nice pair of crops(capris). My mum actually didn’t mind me setting foot into Miss Selfridge but I couldn’t find anything nice there.

From now on, you guys are gonna get a daily(each entry) dosage of a Jolene’s cute guys’ pics. of course, they are mostly celebrities and will find a WAY to GEt a DIGI CAm..then I will be taking snapshots of random men on the streets.. and then I’ll need to hire a lawyer.

       Guy on the left:Steven Ma !! My celeb crush in 2001. B.D.L.(Before Douglas Lim)

Merry Christmas!

Received a wake up call from Chee Kiang this morning at 10am and was very worried of (infamous)knack for oversleeping. Turns out that Kay Hong decided to be kind and made a decision to come to pick me from my home. Mum was very thankful about it. However, he wasn’t very nice with the allocated 15 minutes for me to dress up. Came to pick me up with chee kiang and the other girl whose name is Joo lee from batu lapan. Hon Win’s girlfriend! Then we went to Kay Hong’s house for breakfast..! His nice mother offered us nasi lemak.. but knowing me and spicy food… I can’t. Absolutely not. This USJ4 guy whose name is Ryan brought along his extremely cute Jap(who is extremely shy). Introductions were made. Then the tall Jap that Kay Hong took in stumbled down the stairs in typical Japanese Foreign Exchange Student manner. 🙂 We’ll get to how friendly he is later.

Nice Ryan drove us to Lagoon in his car! Kay Hong came later though. Nearly died at the sight of the amount of people who were queuing up to get into lagoon. It was Christmas after all! Apparently we were only heading for the wetpark(damn!)…no Sky Flyer for Jolene..:(
It was abit awkward in the beginning..since mostly everyone there didn’t know each other. Except Kay Hong who knew everyone of course. Went on the Lazy River Ride first.. then proceeded to the round tube ride….. Chee Kiang lost his glasses at first. So he was like looking for it and accidentally banged a kid and the father was like extremely pissed. Chinese men are so bitcy when it comes to their children. I think I said that in my blog earlier..But anyway, as he was looking for his black frame glasses..(set ur sights for a frameless one next time, ck! then after that perhaps pink plastic ones.. ..ooohh.. then you can have blue tinted ones. Awesome!~)…guess what he found?? BlooDy was a RM100 note!!! But then unfortunately the lifeguard saw it.. and asked him to return it to him…
shit, bitch!

Oh Chee Kiang got his ASEAN scholarship!! He blogged about it. Go read his blog.. the way he used the poem in his blog is really good..!

Made our way to the surf pool and hung about for nearly an hour awaiting huge waves in vain. Still made no form of conversation with Japs yet. Then it was to the nice curvy green tubes and I sat with Joo Lee and we set out to scream our lungs out..but it was lol, quite fake. No such need for screaming lungs out on tame tube rides like that one.  Hide(pronounced: Hee-day), Kay Hong’s jap said that we were screaming like “eee..eee ..eeee!!” all the way down…! hahaha. Not that bad, I hope. Then .. I gathered all my courage to go on the huge green slide..(they are all green aren’t they? But anyways!).. it’s the one that comes down then goes up abit once it reaches the bottom. I went on it with Kay Hong’s jap and I had the worst experience coming down on it.. as soon as I reached the bottom, my bottom piece scrunched up and allowing water resistance, to well, resist me, and so my anus was like protruded by an amount of water.. it hurt like hell!! Apparently Joo Lee had the same problem! Worrying that it might’ve caused an injury, the both of us proceeded to the toilets to check for blood stains. thankfully there weren’t any and what we felt was something squirting out… well, okay, not we, maybe just me, :).. was actually abit of water that was in my rectum result of the previous violent water invasion. THANK GOD IT’S NOT THE PUSSYHOLE!! I so hope that Joo Lee doesn’t read my blog!! LoL!!

Then we made off for this other slide where you come down your tummy..! It’s not too bad but just don’t open your mouth or breathe as soon as you hit the bottom. Then we decided to go hang abit more in the surf pool and cool, the wave was like practically 2 metres..! And I was on my tube with my legs facing back anticipating the wave..and when it came, it carried me so far… and so fast… that I was putting my leg out to stop me when I touch the rocks…. shit, bad move… Could’ve broken my ankle or something dangerous like that. Showered and waited for Joo Lee who went in after me. There was a little girl spread eagle next to me as her mother was changing for her. I looked at her and remembered how fun it used to be hairless.. those were the days..*sigh*…

Made for pyramid for a bite… but Kay Hong ala Mr.I’m Highclass Okay.. had to drag the lot of us to this new place called Rainforest or Amazon or something. The price nearly made me cry. The place is a little bit like Arrios..the girls there were hot hot pants.. So I asked Hide whether he likes those girls in hot hot pants.. and he was like, “Ya!” whilst nodding his head in extreme enthusiasm:)
Glad he loves the malaysian life. However the other guy, Masei or Masa.. was soooo quiet.. but Hide speaks better English..

came home and went online to read the Friend’s scripts online.. OHMIGOD hilarious…Joey is sooooooooo stupid.. and sooooooooooooooo funny. Well, here’s to you!! My cute guy of the day! Joey Tribbiani! Matt Le Blanc!! Whoo hoo!!!

“How’re ya doin’?”


Cookies For Santa

Had Christmas Dinner at Aunty’s place just now.. it’s really something that we do every year. Anticipating christmas presents.. but have come to realize that the older I get, the less exciting the christmas presents become. Oh well. I have nothing much to post actually.. just hand itching to post a Cute Guy Picture…

Going to lagoon with Kay Hong, his Jap, Chee Kiang, batu lapan girl, and usj 4 guy and maybe a little bit more jap guys..

Here’s to you… Billy Boyd who plays Pippin in Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King       

He sang The Steward Of Gondor… here’s the lyrics in which he sang in his wonderful tenor voice!!

Home is behind
The world ahead
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadow
To the edge of night
Until the stars are all alight

Mist and shadow
Cloud and shape
Hope shall fail
All shall fade