Money Money Money..

Woke up yesterday to a phone call buzzing on my night table.           
“Could it be from the ice cream place?” I asked as I reached over in excitement and anticipation. Oh yes!! An unknown number!! It was a USJ number. Strange.

“Hello, your darling here,” said the mysterious caller.
As my brain contemplated on my current status in it’s foggy morning-ness, I decided that it could only be just that one person with this kind of mentality.
“Yes, Kay Hong what do you want?” I asked. Extremely dissapointed that it isn’t the guy from Andersen’s of Denmark. I don’t have a job now~!!;(
“I’m having a party tonight for my Japs and other people from other schools with their Jap. You wanna come over? Chee Kiang and Daryl are coming too! I wanna call melissa too,” said Kay Hong in his “u better come or else” voice.
“Um, oklar,”.. seriously not actually wanting to go because I’ve been out last Saturday. 
Went downstairs and was told my mum that we had a dinner with the gramps that day sooo i was like “yes! got excuse!”.. forgot to call Kay Hong to tell him. Received a call from Liss about the thing. Told her that “nah, i’m not going..”.. then she was like, “oh, i’m only going if you’re going..” so well, we didn’t plan to go lor.

But reached my grandparents and learnt that Aunty’s new best friend is going I was like, “Aw man…this is gonna be such a drag..”… and it was like entertaining people night.. granddad took out the karaoke and started belting out (exclaimed to be testing) oldies and was scolded by grandma (“hou chi ngau seong shue”-loosely translated: Like a cow climbing up a tree). to which my granddad replied, “Mee-yehh..?!!!”(Whaaatt??)..haha..Evil Mama. lol. But she’s no better. Despite that I still love her for her bitchy characteristics.. love to hear about the ‘latest’ with other family members. Fondly known by me, dad and aunt as Measat. Seriously, the third day I had my first period, London knew. (another aunt lives there.)
A week later Perth knew. (postcard.(p/s: Jo got her period last week!)) THE EMBARASSMENT. But really, when young girls first get their period they’re like so friggin paranoid… I mean look at me now?=D I send Dad out to buy my pads sometimes!

Well, okay, back to the story, so I was like, “Okay, this is going to be a long night,”.. hung around to finish the lovely dinner (Chai choi… and brocolli and other veggies..yummmm) then made my mind to go check out Kay Hong’s “party”. He was abit peeved that I couldn’t make it at first, exclaiming that he already prepared food for me..ONLY me.. argh..I can’t stand it when he talks like that. It’s just so goddamn fake. But I know he means well. Hah. So I called Chee Kiang if he could pick me up from my place to go over.. and then he told me that currently he’s at Kay Hong’s. and kay Hong is no where to be seen. He was there with Joo Lee and her cousin..and the two japs. So normal of Kay Hong. Though it was another one of those scenarios that Ck and I laugh about.

Upon reaching kay Hong’s.. there were quite a number of people there already… and so dinner started. It was like dangerous grounds there as everyone don’t quite know each other and all were like, “hmm, is he/she Jap or Malaysian?”  The party was okay..there were two other jap girls.. one of them is called maya and she’s a really nice girl.. 21 years old.. studying acupuncture..:) Apparently very conservative. Then I met this guy from USJ4 called Shen Yik..and lol.. I was like, “You’re the one who likes PeiNi right?” and he’s like, “what the hell??”.. and then he got talking..and started telling me how he ended up with Chew Sher Lyn..ohmigod.. I wouldn’t tell those kind of stories to strangers that I barely know. Want the full length version of the story, just ask me. Hilarious.

Kay Hong then took out the beer.. but apparently in the YE book it said, “no alcohol for the japs..”.. but he supposedly wanted to entertain his other “adult” friends….. sigh. Can’t a gathering do without beer for once?

Left at 12.30 and woke up the next day at 2.30pm! Got three sms from the girls informing me about a yamchar session in parade with Joshua, Jeh and Dennis! Picked Mun Teng up and made our way there and settled for Coffeebean! When the lot of us get together, it was exactly like old times… Dennis shaking his head.. Jiun Jeh throwing his head back and laugh..Hsien going, “i don’t know you guys la..seriously..”..Joshua going “Ahahahahha..and thenn?!”… and Mel will be like, “OHMIGOD..and U know ar..”… esther would be closing her eyes and laughing silent laughs..and then Mun Teng who used to be grim in old times will now pipe in with HAHAHA laughters. Good change MT! Me? As always enjoying retelling intriguing stories.

Hsien told me that Chien and her have made the decision to go for prom.. so yea..I’m going to the prom! Actually before this Chee Kiang asked me to go for the prom but we weren’t so keen as there weren’t anybody now there has been more than 5 people.. now we are going.

ARghh.. the dress..the shoes…the make up…the jewelry(costume)..the bag.. …which of fun to elect. OOOOO.. and the nails. I’m either using fake nails..(so I can painstakingly design them myself one by one…) or having Li Peng to do my nails and in return I do for her.

But as I peered into the miniscule dates in my calender.. there seems to be a major problem. Prom falls on the 15th of January.. and it’s on a Thursday! How are we gonna be able to get ready?! College ends at 4 o clock!! oh no!!

And now, as you all have been waiting for, The Cute Guy today is ….Carlos Ng Ka Lok!! TVB Actor…
Looks abit old at other times..but this is a superb picture of him. I think he hasn’t reached 35 yet…..