About Me

The Obligatory Background Information

I was born on the 16th of January, 1987 in Petaling Jaya and grew up in Subang Jaya.

My parents named me Jolene and my maternal grandma gave me my chinese name, Pei Shan. I don’t really like my chinese name because I find my chinese name Lai Pei Shan, kinda crude. Somehow L, P, S aren’t too cool as initials. I have a brother called Mervyn. HE, is the opposite of me. He loves his chinese name and loathes his English name.

I’m currently working as a First Year Dental Officer in Johor Bahru, after completing five years of dental school at AIMST University in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Let’s go back in time for abit..

In 1990, my mother enrolled my in nursery at St. Anne’s kindergarten. The earliest memory I have of that place is scribbling purple colour pencil on what was supposed to the boundaries despicting the shape of a rhinoceros. In 1992, I attended Ladybird Kindergarten USJ for a grand total of 2 years, relearning my ABCs and 123s over and over. I cried whenever there was a heavy rain, begginng to go home.

I attended SRSS19 Subang Jaya in 1993 and in my earlier years, I was always the teacher’s pet. It just came naturally. *shrugs*. I took the PTS examination in 1996 and skipped standard 4 and went straight on to std5 in 1997 and did not really enjoy my new role as a nerd cum social outcast(“Eeee..PTS..small kid!”) cum bookworm cum timid prefect cum pigtailed bespectacled nerd until I left my primary school in 1998.

I entered SMK Subang Utama in 1999 and what I’ve always liked to believe as the peak of my metamorphosis. I was no longer the girl who remained in the shadows that felt shy and timid.

It’s not that I bloomed into something pretty that people started paying attention to me. I suddenly became more open minded, more expressive, more crazy, friendlier, daring, outgoing and my confidence level was way better than before. It was also during my secondary years that I’ve received the worst of batterings to my self esteem.

It was in secondary school where I have made the best of friends, my sweetest memories, heartbreaks, crushes… a period of 5 years containing the clearest and dearest of my memories.

Here’s a run through of some posts I used to hold back in school:-

1) Librarian(1999) – which is also incidentally how I met my boyfriend. He was also a librarian. hahaha.
2) Volleyball Team(2000-2001) – reserve team. So sad right.
3) Interact Club’s Assistant Club Service Director(2001-2002). I was passionate with a capital P.
4) Interact Club’s Secretary (2002-2003)… the Interact Club is another storehouse of incredible memories. Installations, newspaper projects, IUs, juniors, seniors, friends from sister clubs, Valentine’s Day projects…
5) School magazine editorial committee(Photography Committee!) – one thing I SERIOUSLY regret is not taking my post as photography committee member seriously. I could have contributed so much IF I had the same enthusiasm then as I have now.
5) Misc posts like Class monitor, asst. monitor and maybe some posts in obscure clubs where the sole purpose of joining was to bag some posts. LOL.

Wow, seems that I’ve dedicated quite a bit of page space to my secondary school years.

After being so very bitter about missing out on BM SPM with a painful B3, I enrolled into Taylor’s College’s A-Levels programme and tasted the definition of freedom for the first time in my life. I had my driving license. I had friends. I had places to go. 2004-2005 was way too happening.

Just when I’ve been introduced to the wonders of clubbing and the likes, my dear friends took off to Australia/UK/US to further their studies, leaving me without what could’ve been my ‘clubbing kakis’ or however you kids call them these days. So yeah, I THINK I am underexposed to the ways of the city kids of my generation. My children will be SO disappointed in me.

It was also in 2004 where I finally got together with my boyfriend, Chee Kiang, after many games of tug-of-war and hide-and-seeks throughout 2001-2004. Silly years, they were. It’s been two official years and counting. 🙂

In Person

I’ve never exactly liked the fact that I am tall for a girl. Standing at 169cm, I am not the tallest girl but it still sucks to be the opposite of the definition of what makes your average Malaysian man go crazy. The Lai genes dictate big bones, and so big bones it is. The Lai genes also say “chunky”, so chunky it is too. Yeah, I get my chunky days, don’t argue with me. I’m not one of those girls who go around complaining that they are fat because I need sympathy. No, I don’t. I just want to think out loud. You guys can just listen and smile. Don’t nod, because only I am allowed to insult myself. 🙂 I did tell you that I’m a girl right?

I find it very hard to be satisfied with myself. Physically, academically and at times, socially. However, if I might say so myself, *modest smile*, I do like to consider that I’m quite fair and I quite like my legs. And on some days, the boobs look okay too. Sometimes I like my lips. I like the shape of my nails too. 🙂

If I complained about what I DON’T like about myself, I’d cause the scroll bar on the side to minimize to a mere 0.5cm.

I do take pride in the fact that I’m very friendly in nature and have no problems making small talk. However, if I respect a person far too much, I’ll get all tongue tied and end up sounding like a total idiot. So don’t take it to heart if I what I say to you is not comprehensible, it just means that I respect you ALOT. Or feel intimidated by you.