So long Jayelle

Jolene’s gone, and, uh… I’ve been put in charge of helping her update her blog while she’s gone. This will be the only post that will be fully written by me though, cos the rest will be through letters she’ll be sending to me. Man, that girl is one hard-core blogger. I’m her brother Luzzio by the way.

We left the house around 8.10 . My sister’s bus would be leaving around 9.30(or so it seems. It actually never left till 10 something. Bah, typical Malaysian attitude), so we were sort of in a rush. I asked Jolene if she wanted to be the one taking the pictures, since she was more familiar with the way the photos on her blog should be like. Sis declined, saying she was very nervous about NS and didn’t feel like taking pictures.

We arrived at about 8.40, and already all the buses were waiting in line to bring them 18-year olds for 3 months of ‘fun’.

Of course, when I started taking photos, her expression changed fully. Professional camwhorer. Heh.

At this point, my dad got a little angry. Jolene had packed a little too extremely, and her luggage consisted of the following:

1) Rolling plane travel luggage bag(black)
2) Pink sling bag, heavy with bathroom stuff.
3) Grey school like bag behind the shoulders
4) Green bag for other ‘essentials’.
5) One pail. For washing clothes.

5 things to carry. The most that other people had were only 3. Of course, it was a little humiliating, but it’s my sister’s knack for being like this that makes her so lovable =)

Poor girl was punished to carry all 5 things by herself.

There were so many people there! You had to practically push through a crowd of people just to get to the other side.

Alot of other people had a pail of the same color, so we decided to write her name on hers.

Registering at the counter. Couldn’t take a good pic, cause I wasn’t that comfortable with taking pics of total strangers.

Dad was still grumbling about her luggage. “One trainee take so much space in the bus? It wouldn’t be a very good impression la, girl! How are you going to take all those things by yourself all the way?”

Of course, dear old dad wasn’t one to let his daughter suffer, even if it was of her own mistake. He tipped the bus driver abit of cash to help her load the luggage(s) and also to unload.

Haha, you can see him pocketing the money in this picture.

“Cintai Malaysia” was the bus’ name. It’s one of those beat up old school buses which itch your butt when you sit on the chairs.

Good bye Jolene! Hugs were given all around, and I could see tears in my parents’ eyes. Dad’s was a little hard to spot, but mom’s was pretty easy. I’ve watched TVB chinese shows with her for over 4 years, and it’s become an instinct to know if she’s crying =p

We went back to the car, and dad decided to tail the bus all the way to Taman Templer where my sister’s NS camp was located. I groaned, but it’s useless to argue. Felt strange, without her sitting on her side of the backseat.

My parents went for Bakuteh at some chinese restaurant first before following the bus. Nothing that involves Jolene here, so I won’t blog about it. Of course, if you’re interested, you can check out my blog. 😉

*time skip*

Finally! After a gruelling 1 hour drive(bus was so friggin slow!), we’d reached the NS training camp. Except…it wasn’t so much of a camp.

Looked more like a school. We later concluded that it was an abandoned boarding school that the goverment re-used as an ‘NS’ camp. Cheap bastards.

Looks alot like SMKSU, the secondary school I’m currently in.

Parents: “Can we come in?”

We took awhile before reaching the assembly area. All the trainees were waiting to register themselves.

Found Jolene. By that time, the socialite had already made around 5 friends, a variety of Chinese and Malay ones. 

I felt a need to go to the toilet, so I decided it would be a good opportunity to take some pics around the area to show you guys what the place she’d be in for 3 months looked like. Easier for you to picture stuff for later entries, understand? =)

Hmm…with a closer look, it seems that the ‘assembly area’ is actually the canteen. Heh, this is where Jolene will be having her meals everyday, 6 times a day, 7 times a week, 4 times a month, for 3 months.

Finally found the toilet. Just a look from outside told me it wasn’t a very friendly place. ‘Kotor’.

But, SURPRISE! It actually looks clean! Wow, those must be expensive tiles, eh? I’m amazed, reall! What a nice looking toilet!

Even curtains for the showers. Hmm… of course, we all have to face…

…the Reality. The government can beautify the bathrooms as much as they want, but they’ll never change the attitude of Malaysians. All the cubicles were filled with ‘submarines’, and none were flushed. Sigh. Good luck Jo.

Kem? Kem what?

Ohh…cheh! Kem Rimba Templer issit? Don’t put so far la.

Scenery around was beautiful. The limestones made perfect backdrops for the place, giving it an isolated feel from civilization. I wouldnt mind having NS, actually, if the scene was really this good. But I laughed that thought of though, cos I remembered about-

-the toilets.

I have no idea how my sister is going to survive this.

It’s a 3-storey high course for heavy drilling(as in excercise la). Looks…hazardeous.

My parents decided it was time to leave, and let Jolene handle things by herself from here on. We gave each other hugs(again), and I bid my sis farewell. So long che, we’ll all miss you for the next 3 months T^T It’s really sad, not having my sis at home for 3 whole months… but I keep telling myself:

“When the cat’s away, the mouse gets to use her room”

Hehe, Luzzio, signing out.

*blog entries from here forth will be written by Jolene through letters*

Goodbye For Now

Rightfully there should be a last post before I go, so here’s one.

I will try to enjoy myself so that the weeks will fly by and before you know it, I’m home and everything will be the same again. What the hell am I doing awake at 3.20am when I’m only 6 hours away from the departure time? Old habits die hard.

My brother has kindly offered to help me upload my letters(to him) up on my blog and he will be pimpin’ his blog a little while he’s at it. I’m forcing him to ping PPS for me too. If it gets too stressful(though I don’t know how it would get too stressful for him)for him, Esther will be called to save the day. If I am nice enough to my brother, he might even print out my comments and traffic report for me. Hee. I am sad, I know.

I’m done packing. Finally. Four bags. One luggage, one duffel bag, one backpack and one tote bag to carry foodstuff and foot wear. Ew, I know. But we have plastic bags for that purpose. OH! And a friggin pail. I’ll look so stupid tomorrow. Stupid but adorable. That’s the plan. By the way, my pail matches the whole army motive. It’s dirty green.:)

I called my Aunty Ping in Malacca and she kept laughing at the thought of me handling M-16s and she was like mimicing me, “EeeEee..The Gun Will BreAk MY NaiL lAh!” .. She asked me to bring loads of sunblock and I told her no worries, I have. When I told her that there is glitter in my sunblock, she burst out laughing. HAHA. I suppose I AM the epitome of the military life. *looks at bags doubtfully*.

If you guys ever want to write to me, you can send all your letters to

Lai Pei Shan,
Kem Temasya Rimba Templer, Gombak.
KM 20, Jalan Ipoh-Rawang,
48000, Rawang, Selangor.

or email My brother promises to check it.

FUCKEN HELL. The electricity just went off. Damn, now I am REALLY blogging with the torchlight on. Freaking scary ok! Lightning and all that.

Shit man, it’ll be so long before my fingers caress these keys again. I’ll be so deprived from the internet I’ll actually start typing on any surface at all.

Here’re a few more photos to last you for a week or so.

We met Rajes at Melur ..she was also there for breakfast!

l-r: Li Peng and Edison

l-r: Ying Quan and me

l-r: David and Esther

HAHAHAHA Can you spot Mr. Ang? So cute!!:)

l-r: Mel and Pn. Rajes

My half eaten Roti

Two eggs for me!

l-r: Me and Chien

l-r: Hsien and Mel

Harga saham jatuh menjunam lagi.

We went to Pyramid and Vjay was on duty at Waffle World.

Met up with Justin, Barry, Suet Li, Audrey and Daryl at Pizza Uno for dinner.

l-r: Justin and Me

l-r: Suet Li and Audrey

l-r: Justin, Me, Daryl

Family photo!!
l-r: Suet Li, Barry, Audrey

I just realised that I didn’t take a picture of my food. Well, I suppose you know the food is good when Jolene forgets to take a picture. 🙂

l-r: Aud and Me.

Be good, okay? I’ll be back. 🙂

Shit Load Of Photos

This is another entry with a shitload of photos because there have been a few more outings before I’m off…, bear with me as I can’t be arsed to put it into two posts because I’m too tired from running around buying things for my preparation.

Lunch with Esther, Adrian, E-Guy, Marcus, Kevin, Chun Meng, Chun Guan and Kwo Kuang at Asia Cafe on Thursday. It has been quite a while since I went there as I got pretty sick of the place, having to go there almost every other day during college days.

Prawn wantan hor fun. Not bad!

My favourite drink there: longan!

Adrian adopted the wrong culture home. Couldn’t stop disturbing him about his red hair, but he is very good at hurling better insults like, “AIYER YOUR CAMERA ONLY 2.8 MEGAPIXELS..MY HANDPHONE ALSO GOT MORE LA..” Machipetchauchibai. After NS I WORK for you to see HAH, then I BUY new one. Then see YOUR pixels or MY pixels BIGGER! HMPH.

l-r: Adrian and E-guy

Kwo Kuang doing a Russel Peter’s. That’s “Fuck you” in Italian. Apparently.

Me. This is the second time I’m wearing the PPS t-shirt.

l-r: Marcus throwing a hissy fit, Kevin.

My harga saham jatuh menjunam.
l-r: Disgusting Jolene, Esther.

l-r: Chun Guan, Chun Meng   

The kids.

Mixed fruits on TOP of tau foo fah. Bad choice, bad choice.

Not too enticing, isn’t it?

“Help! Got monster!” says Adrian.

Esther in between Adrian’s fingers.

Since guys were the majority, Esther and I tagged along to watch them play foosball. How incredibly exciting. Whoopeedoo.

OH!! Galvin saw me there and he said he recognised me because of the PPS t-shirt. Hahahaha.. fancy meeting a fellow PPS blogger here. I didn’t know he owns the foosball area and the apparels shop downstairs.

Then there was a late night yamcha session with Dennis, Josh and Hsin Ee! LOL. It’s always fun to pakat and laugh at Dennis together-gether.

Dennis the pityful.

Hsin Ee. Her hair very nice right? She just got it rebonded, cut and treated for ONLY RM238. Somewhere in Taipan, apparently.

Joshua so cool looking. 😀 *nudge*

That’s me! I stole this from Hsin’s blog as I didn’t take any photos of myself because I was having a bad hair day.

Half way through our drinks, two tables nearby nearly got into a fight. It was quite scary because they were raising voices and all and the other party chose to remain oblivious. We were so tempted to take photos or take videos even. Hee.Hee.Hee. But we don’t want any chairs to come flying in our direction. We kepo-ed and asked the mamak guys what happened and they said that it was about internal conflicts.

We adjourned to Hsin’s and lepaked by the pool. So quiet….and scary because there were no lights on at that time.

She said that she has never swam in it before. Why, if there was a pool as big as that behind my house, I would swim in it twice a day!

l-r: Dennis and Joshua sharing a tender moment. That sounds so cliche. HEHE.

The following day, I met up with Calvin. Calvin is Liss’ uni mate in Help and the last time(and first time) we met was to watch the play, Life Sdn. Bhd 3. We made plans to meet up after the exams but procrastinated still now and unfortunately Liss couldn’t make it. We still had a nice time chatting, right Calvin?

That’ll be Calvin.

I finally got to try the fusion fruit juices at Freo!

No, he didn’t like his because it contained too much of banana. Mine was good as it was mostly watermelon. Very nice. Will be back for more.

At night, we had Nigel’s surprise party at Souled Out in Hartamas. Poor Chien was losing her head because of us being late and the jam. I drove down!! Now I know how to go to Hartamas already!! I think.

Chien didn’t allow us to yell “SURPRISE!!” because she said we were in a crowded place and should not embarass ourselves. Hehe. Tak syok la like that. We still had a great time though. 🙂 After this event, no more Jolene to record all the huge ass gatherings in her blog for three months. Try not to be too sad, alright guys?

l-r: Adrian and Kwo Kuang

l-r: Kev and Me.

Nigel was happy to see us! He’d better be. We crawled along the Federal Highway just for him! But actually he’s the hero here, he’s the one who picked up the bill. I was already trying to cut down on expenses and yet the best I could do was RM25. .. so, roughly, he is quite the generous one.

l-r: Liss and I

Kev purposely wanted to spoil our nice picture. Want to take, pose nicely ma!
l-r: Min Dee, Liss, Me(suddenly only got big eyes one?), Mel.

Mel and I.

l-r: Chun Guan and Kay Hong. Kay Hong, that’s just scary.

l-r: Kwo Kuang, Marcus, Barry

I don’t know why Nigel was holding his head, but I got quite a few shots of him in that position.

Damn, this kesian face pose is so addictive. I can’t stop doing it.

Forgive the fat arms, but the boobs look presentable here, so fat arms, boobs, fat arms, boobs, Boobs win.
Liss and I.

l-r: Chang Song, Kwo Kuang, Chun Guan

l-r: Mel, Chien, Michelle(her voice was so cute!! But kesian also because she was having a sorethroat), Phaik Wah

My chicken chop with mushroom sauce. MmMm.

l-r: Ji Yang, Kay Hong

Mel was saying, “The poor people in London and you see everyone here is being so happy and merrily eating and drinking.” They had CNN projected onto a big screen for us to keep in touch with the latest reports.

NOW I REMEMBER. Adrian was studying in the UK and he got back about a week ago. Forgot to ask him if the area he was studying in is affected.
That’s Amanda buat-ing miang.

l-r: Sean and Amanda. Everytime Sean and I meet we’re always in a noisy place, so I hope that so far the things I know about him is pretty accurate. But it’s okay, I can always ask Amanda to clarify details. Hehehe.

Damn, so many orbs. Why do orbs happen?

This is only half the people who came. I’m sitting in the middle of our tables.

l-r: Kev and Adrian pan cute.

Kay Hong zoomed in on me when I clearly stated that he take a photo of me with Mel, Chien and Liss. He did that on a few of us. Cheh. BUT IT’S THE COLLARBONE AGAIN!!

The birthday boy’s end of the table.

Nigel giving his thank you speech.

Nigel and Kwo Kuang getting emo.

Awww, such a nice shot.

A hug for Chun Guan as well!

A nice one of Nigel.

Chien and I.

Yes, Souled Out had this weird head gear that you wear while you sing your birthday song. O-kayy!

l-r: Chin Ju, E-Guy, Adrian, Kwo Kuang.
bottom: Ji Yang.

I always make it a point to take pictures with weird things.

The lot of us who were there to, er, surprise Nigel. 🙂 I hope you were surprised, Nigel.

Nigel and his cake.

Barry and Mel.

Me and Kay Hong.

The guys.

Phaik Wah and Me.

The rest of them went to Bliss but I didn’t follow because I was having the car and it’s not good for a girl to bring the car down to KL at night and come home after midnight. So Mel and I went back to Subang and met up with Esther, David, Pui Gin, Jia Jun, Alicia, Paul, Teng Choon,Vjay, Jiun Haw in Sri Melur.

Watermelon juice would be ideal just before bed(HAHA, bed times is like 4am). But bed time would be at 6am if I had taken two glasses of Teh Ais. It has happened twice. Not fun.

Mel and her darling Vjay.

l-r: David, Jia Jun, Pui Gin, Jiun Haw and Paul(David’s brother)

The siblings.
l-r: Paul and Alicia.

l-r: Esther and Teng Choon

l-r: Pui Gin and Jiun Haw

l-r: Me and Teng Choon.

I shall continue packing now. Sorry for the mediocre narration.. I need a nap.

Help Me With My NS Packing List

I know I should be done packing now but you can’t help procrastinating the unpleasant things in life such as homework, chores and duties as a country(wo)man.

I’m even procrastinating an NS related post that’s supposed to be abit on the silly side..we’ll just see if I’ll ever get around to do that.

The only thing that I’ve gotten around to do so far is bringing out the bags.

One suitcase and one duffel bag. And perhaps an assortment of smaller bags.

Filling up the forms have been amusing in a weird sort of way. Here’s why:

Yup. That’s the plan. Nothing spicy for me. 🙂 I’m just kidding. I’ll take the liquid paper later and change it to something more serious sounding but along those lines.

Weng Lum(who is going to Terengganu as his camp is there – poor guy) was asking me about the alcohol consumption part. I mean obviously when you live in the Klang Valley and you’re in your late teens, you’d have to have a bit of alcohol at one point or another. So I don’t know how to answer it as well. We’re both wondering if it’s alright to tell a lie. But since it is impossible to detect any traces of alcohol from weeks ago, I’m just going with, “Tidak”.
And I’ve actually been to a gynaecologist when I was 14 for something so embarassing but all I’m letting you know is that it involves mushrooms and it’s cleared now. Soooo…. “tidak” for that as well. By the way the last question is “Adakah Anda mengandung?” … ….. ….. Tempted to tick “ya”. So fun!

It’s quite confusing trying to pack for three months. God knows how my friends who go overseas for studies manage.(what, 3,4,5 years?)

However, I believe that whatever I bring must benefit my own well being.

Therefore, I came up with a system. I will name parts of my anatomy and list out its needs as this will allow me a clearer picture of what I need to take care of myself.

Hair brush
Comb – when hair is wet
Hair tie
Bobby pins
Chopstick – for bad hair days
Pelican Clips – to pin fringe away when washing face
Hair band – ditto
Butterfly clips – to pin fringe away during activities
Hair dryer

Eyes and eyebrows
Nail scissors – to trim eyebrows, it’s very handy
Modest looking eyeshadow – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Modest looking eyebrow pencil – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Modest looking eyeliner – I’ll never know when I might need it!

Modest looking foundation – I’ll never know when I might need it!

Mouth and lips
Modest looking liptint – In case we come out in the papers..
Mints – for fresh breath!

Earring sticks – to prevent ear holes from closing.
Ear digger (Yee Wat) – need to dig my ears for self satisfaction. aaaah.

Modest looking blusher – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Facial cleanser
Sunblock(with glitter!!) – Very important. Not the glitter part though.
Multi purpose glitter – I’ll never know when I might need it. Performances maybe?
Body shampoo
Loofah – part of my regime, yes, don’t roll your eyes.
eau de toilette – cannot be smelly okay!
Mosquito repellant
Burn spray

Sub topic: Clothes
Baby tees
Modest looking nice top – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Modest looking miniskirt – I’ll never know when I might need it!
Needle and thread
Sarong – to bathe in.

Sports bra

Nail clipper
Buffer – If I can’t paint my nails, I should at least make it look shiny.

Cibai wash – the term is derived from Melody who got it from her colleagues. Also known as Feminine Hygiene Wash. “We’ll do the writeup about the cibai wash,”.
Disposable panties
Sanitary Pads
Panty liners
Soap powder to wash panties
Pail – can also use for clothes
Marker to write scary curses on panties labels to scare away potential thieves.

Tissue paper

Power trainers
Flip flops
A pair of flats

Brain (Mental Stimulation/Piece of mind)
Handphone charger
Analog camera
Digital camera – will only bring after analog camera survives the first week.
Film for analog camera
Charger for digital camera
Yellow Highlighter
Liquid paper
Torchlight – to blog after Lights Out.
Alarm clock

Immune system
Menstrual pills
Evening primrose oil pills
Oral rehydration salts – just in case
Vitamin C

There! I think I’ve got it all. Do remind me if you think there’s anything else that I should be bringing along.

Things I want to bring but obviously can’t:
-My laptop (with wireless broadband connection provided by the camp. Har Dee Hah.). Don’t look at me like that, I am a city girl.
“You can take the girl out of the city, but you cannot take the city out of the girl,” – Carrie Bradshaw.
-All my earrings. It’s an eyecandy.
-My tv with astro (I know the camp has astro, but not everybody wants to watch TVB ok?)
-My aircon
-My waterheater (cold water in the morning might sound *doubtful pause* ..intriguing.)
-All my makeup. I feel more secure that way.
-My dog. She keeps me entertained when there is nothing to read in the toilet.
-My toiletbowl. I don’t trust public toilets.

I’m sure some of you might think, “Haiyoh, three months only. So emo for what?”

The point is, I am at a point in my life whereby post of my peers have ended their university foundation courses and are about to embark on overseas education. To be a PTS who have made good friends with alot of people who are a year older than you AND to be selected for national service is not a good thing.

By the way, a PTS(Penilaian Tahap Satu) kid means being a year younger than most of your peers as I skipped standard 4 in that government examination given to standard 3 kids. I was the first batch when it was introduced in 1996. So I consider myself more of a 19 year old than an 18 year old as my mentality has been adjusted to a 1986’s kid’s for 9 years now. Yeap. I only spent 5 years worth of education with people my own age, including my kindergarten years.

Within these three months, so many people will be leaving for UK, Australia and US.(some already left for India(Hi Nicholas!! I know you’ve been googling me again. There can’t be anybody else googling for Jolene Lai with an IP address from India) and Ukraine). It’s no fun seeing your friends go.

To leave at a time when the emo levels are not THAT high yet is perhaps a good thing.. but all the fun we’ll have together from now will be few and far in between and the past few weeks are probably the only real solid constant fun we’ll be having ever. From here on it’ll be reunions all the way ….weddings, kids’ birthdays, grandkid’s weddings, funerals..etc.

I know that there’s such a thing as holidays. But it’s not often that UK, Aussie and US holidays coincide neatly.

Alright! Now that I’ve got the packing list all cleared up, I shall start packing.

…Um. Maybe, tomorrow. Very late now.