Last Minutes

I originally wanted to put up the header on Sunday morning itself but my backside got itchy so it came up at about 4am today.

Forgive the bad photoshopping skills. I was abit wary about having the jalur gemilang at such an odd position(Is putting something behind your head with a pouty face offensive in anyway? But you know how the government is.) so I sent my nearly 2mb file to Kenny at about 2.30am to see if it looks offensive in anyway since he’s done his fair bit of photoshopping and I thought he might know a thing or two about offending people with photoshopping. He was sweet enough to help me adjust the colour and said that he’s no law expert but it should be alright. So yay, the header stays.

I am not tied to the government in anyway and I am merely a participant in this national service thing that I have been RANDOMLY chosen for, but I will try to be as observant as possible in my days there. I know my limits but it’s not like I am working for them or anything, I am just a spectator so my freedom of speech should not be THAT impaired. This will be so fun – the writing bit, that is.

Been trying my best to meet up with most of my friends before I leave even though it’s only for three months, but we get so emotional over it. I’m actually having a hard time planning my lunches, dinners and suppers, but who’s complaining? 🙂

So here are pics from a couple of lunches and yes, there are more to come. I am starting to detest putting up pics of every single thing I do but somehow or other I feel obligated to because that’s just what I do.

On Monday I met up with Liss, Kev, Chien, Nigel, Ji Yang and E-GUY! (See, I bold, underlined and put your name in italics even. Ok now?:P)
Pizza Uno’s carbonara is good enough. Even if the portion looks small.

Liss and Kev. If I was sitting a little further away, this would’ve been a nicer picture. They can keep it in a yellowing photo album and share moments like these with their granchildren. 🙂

At the traffic lights, Kev and I had a chat about the weather. He wound the window up when I tried to mimic his shirt pulling antic due to the heat.

My mother said that if I don’t fold the pile of clothes, I’m not allowed to go out for a movie. Chien and Chun Meng were kind enough to come in and help me fold some clothes so that I can go out. Chun Meng was bragging that he’s really good at folding clothes and all since he has become independant in Australia…but after one piece he went onto my bed and played with my laptop. Ekekeke. Thanks for the help, guys.

Lunch with Yen Hou, Hsien and Esther at Kimgary’s yesterday. We were having an argument about how guys’ height really matters. Poor Yen Hou was twisting in his pants but he’s taller than me and I am taller(169cm/5″6″) than the average Malaysian girl so he shouldn’t be worrying about being a “short guy”. Obviously Hsien had loads to say about her expectations for a guy’s height. Esther was being kind and she talked about the solution of wearing Jimmy Choo’s specially designed platform shoes for bridegrooms. Is there such a thing?

My cheese baked rice. MmMmmmM. With chicken wings. mMMmmmmmMMMMm.

MmmMMmm..It pulls! Yes, yes, all that cheese will be burned off in NS. I promise. To myself and nobody else. So don’t kutuk, please.

I woke up one morning and found my dog running around upstairs. The little bitch has learnt to climb the stairs….. and she left me a souvenier when I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I swear it is not mine. Well, at least she knows what belongs where. Close enough. She did pee a huge puddle of pee on my brother’s rug though! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Procrastination takes its toll on me again. My brother needed a lift to school for his dance practice so I decided to tag along and see if he can “move it”.

His dance was part of the line up of performances for Malam Sumbangsih – some kind of talent show that the school hopes to be an annual thing. The tickets are priced at RM120 and it is held in Holiday Villa. Why do all the tickets at crappy Holiday Villa cost so much?? I thought my prom tickets which were going at RM95 were bad enough.

The first performance was from the choir club. Valerie Khoo  plays the clavinova(that thing has served us well throughout the years) as background music. The songs were so upbeat and you know, you just feel like jumping out of your chair and groove to their really projected voices. A far cry from the choir club during my time. Not that I was in it, but even then I thought Catch A Falling Star was done really well. It keeps getting better. I actually attempted to join the choir with Mel in form2 but we pulled out because a certain ex-bf of her’s was there at the same time. Pity though as we were singing Kau Ilhamku and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Would have been great, especially the ah-WeEeEe part. I still do it in the bathroom some nights to satisfy myself. Ahem, that doesn’t sound so right. Heh.

The opening of the performance was quite unique as we see a multitude of colours(my eyes, but in a good way) and two crowds sashay in from opposite directions high-fiving, hugging and hey-ing each other.

They groove towards their respective microphones and start crooning. They are VERY good. Kudos to Pn. Mah(the choir teacher). Especially due to the fact that she could remember my name.(“Pei Shan, right?”)

Next up would be my brother’s performance. The group is called the Interact and Leo dance group. At this point, Pn. Rajes(my dear Interact teacher advisor who once sent me to grab the butts of SMKSS17 male board of directors as a welcome-to-Smk-Subang-Utama-by-our-club-mascot gesture.) saw me and motioned me to join her in the front row. Hence the nicer photos.

It was fun seeing Pn.Rajes again but I didn’t dare suggest that we camwhore together because the last time I tried that she made alot of noise about how her hair was too puffy and how she doesn’t have enough make up on. Hehehe. We did become very critical of the performances but I think of it as constructive criticisms. She sent her regards to the entire board of directors of 2003. Especially those who have gone to Australia! Rajes sends her regards, guys!

That’s my brother next to the girl(Khe Chun, Khe Hsin/Cecilia’s sister)in red. He is the one in a grey shirt with a white tee.

Sohail, our resident Peter Pan who never fails to keep in contact with everybody in SMK Subang Utama. It’s like he never left school! He is the brain behind the dance and boy, can he move. I can still remember it was him who helped me pass a love letter to Jin Tian back when I was in form1 and he was in form5.

Mr. Ang the DJ!(hidden amidst the clavinova and obviously new PA system). A mention of his name(“Mr Ang coming!! Mr Ang coming!!”) back in those days would rid the corridors of loitering students. I remember a time back in form2 he would come into the boisterous 2 Damai(not my class, I was in 2 Cekap, but it was just as noisy) and made all the boys stand on the table and the girls stand on the chairs. Power, man.

Mr. Ang mans the PA systems for the school. Apparently it belongs to him. Back in form4(gosh, I’m walking down memory lane here!), Kay Hong was given the opportunity to handle the Leo Club’s Futsal project. Major screw-ups happened. Bad luck sort of follows Kay Hong around. It’s amusing now. But he looked so sad when monetary prizes were missing, fights between teams, people threatening to beat him, his directors getting pissed at him… hohoh you should have seen his face the following day in school. He actually took an MC to clear his mind up.

One of the funnier things that happened was when a bunch of the Leo Club’s seniors (Donovan, Mark, Zi Wei and gang) caused him some problems.

A muffin was on top one of the amplifiers and the guys were manning drinks nearby. Then Zi Wei said, “oei oei, damn cool wei, look at the muffin! GOT SMOKE COMING OUT!!!” and then they got excited and turned the volume up to see if it increases the temperature as well. (an increase in volume is not proportional to an increase in temperature).

They got really excited when the muffin started smoking somemore and the next thing you knew..POW!! The amp blew.

I don’t know how accurate my story was lah, but we all know Kay Hong is good at storytelling and all. (Minus whatever he says by 80%).

The following day, Chee Kiang being the club’s president and all had to go settle the issue in Mr. Ang’s office. Chee Kiang said he tried saying sorry, “Sorry teacher, we didn’t mean to -” “My AMP!!!!” wailed Mr. Ang. “Sorry teacher, the guys lah…..” and he was cut off again by Mr Ang wailing, “MY AMP~~!!!!!”…..It must have been a traumatising time for Mr. Ang.

LOL. Now I can laugh lah. Back then everybody felt so fucked up about all the screw ups.

A bunch of Leo girls did a dance to Play That Funky Music. I immediately remembered my dance to the same song back in form3 for our International Understanding Day cum Interact Installation. However, these girls were too young to be influenced by our ..ahem, suave moves because the oldest of the lot was only in form1 then.

A duet by Nicollete and Yazid. They sang More Than Words and a Malay song called Pulangkan. I prefer the Malay song. Nicolette’s melodious voice really suited it and as for More Than Words, the both of them were not consistent. Hehehe, cheh wah, like Malaysian Idol’s judge only. It was satisfying though.

Nicholas, Liss’ brother, was playing the guitar for the duet. Pretty good at it too, I should add. My brother calls it busking. Don’t mind him.

They even had a solitary dancer moving to the tune in a white floaty apparel.

The vip area. I was there in the front row chatting with Pn. Rajes. Hehe.

This is the last performance I saw before heading home. They looked really young at first and I wasn’t really expecting much as they weren’t all fancy and stuff. They did A Little Bit Of Love and WOW. … WOW. That pink girl can sing!! To quote Pn. Rajes, “Got sexy voice hor that girl!” Yeah, it’s that sultry edge in her voice and she doesn’t sound as shy as she looks. Thumbs up from me!

The back of the rehearsal hall. I’m peeking out from the partition that used to separate my form5 class and the next door class.

As I was walking out of the hall, I saw this prefect looking at me and I had this thought in my head, “Shit, is she going to throw me out of school because I’m in shorts? Don’t be silly, you’re so old already, nobody will minus your demerit marks..wait, what demerit marks to minus??”

Then she approached me and said, “HEYYY! I read your blog!”


She introduced herself as Grace, a form4 girl who knows my brother and obviously came to my blog from my brother’s. I invited her to camwhore. Kaang Cheing was passing by and we grabbed him into the picture as well.

l-r: Kaang Cheing, Grace, Me.

It was nice to meet you, Grace!

The rest of the day was spent running errands for myself.

I bought four notepads to be used as journals/blog entry mediums, two stacks of envelopes, stamps, three pen refills and a torchlight. The torchlight is for me to blog during lights out.

I rearranged my earrings!! Cantik, boh?

Tada!! Esther doesn’t allow me to bring it to NS so I am trying to finish this in three days.The mother of chick lits comes up with an apparently good one. I’ve read all of Sophie’s books. Other chick lit authors whom I adore will be Marian Keyes, Cecilia Arhern and Belinda Jones.(Her best book was Divas Las Vegas(I read it four times), and her latest one about searching for a Mr. Right across the USA is so boring I couldn’t continue).

Oh! It’s 8pm!!! Why must the chinese shows get SO good when I’m just about to leave, huh?? It’s unfair. The 8.30pm one is nice because Myolie Wu is in it and the dresses …SO BEAUTIFUL. What to do, fashion designing storyline and all. The 9.30pm one deserves credit for having such an unexpected twist in the plot. ME, the TVB addict connoisseur, couldn’t even see that coming. Ah Fan turns out to be Damien’s daughter. The way it was revealed to the audience is so different even if it’s such a cliche. Hohohohoh. Lovely. *vegetates in front of the television until 10.30pm*

It’s Not That I Don’t Like Music..

Sometime last year, Chien leaned over during Physics class and said, “I notice you don’t listen to much music one hor?” I was like, “Yameh? I do have about 1 gig worth of songs in my computer..but’re right..”

Most people have appreciation for specific music genres. Somehow or other, I have not quite found mine.

Just last Saturday, while on the way to Kota Kemuning with Chee Kiang, he suddenly asked me, “Actually, I don’t think I know what songs you like. What type of songs do you like?”

I found the question rather odd, as we’ve known each other for like 6 years. Even Chien’s question was rather odd. She’s known me for about 7-8 years and yeah, they’ve all watched me grow from the teeny bopper with the herd mentality.

I told Chee Kiang that these days, I usually get hooked onto songs that are in the movie sound tracks. A few examples would be like Vienna from 13 Going on 30 and When Christmas Comes To Town from The Polar Express.

He asked, “Not even Good Charlotte?” I shook my head. I think the “in” music now is no longer considered to be in my generation. I come from the days of Backstreet Boys, The Moffatts, Westlife.. yes, the boyband period.

Perhaps it was due to pressure. I remember back in standard 6, my then best friend Foo Siew Li would ask me if I’ve heard “Miss You Like Crazy” on the radio. I would put on an enthusiastic smile and suggest that she sing it to me and see if I can remember the song.

The truth was I did not even listen to the radio back then. I was at that age where I was eager not to lose any friends due to our difference in interests. So she would sing the chorus of “Miss You Like Crazy” and I would still have this fake smile plastered onto my face and just shake my head slowly and say, “No, I don’t think I’ve heard that one…..Any others?” I just wanted the conversation to continue.

Our other best friend was Jocelyn Toh and it was quite difficult.. as three is a crowd. I was the least happening one because I didn’t listen to any music at all. I felt abit peeved when Siew Li said to me, “How come you don’t know any of the songs one??”

That weekend itself I went to the shops in SS19 and bought The Moffatt’s Chapter One: A New Beginning. It cost me RM39.00 but no worries, listening to songs will make me appear cooler. I stuck it into my ancient cd player and the jingle to “I’ll Be There For You” flooded into my ears.

After the first few songs, I became a full fledged Moffatts’ fan and started imagining meeting Dave Moffatt in Australia for our university education when we’re older. The funny thing is that I read somewhere that he really went to Australia for education last year.

I went back to school sang some Moffatts song to Siew Li and she got excited that we’re finally on the same wave length. She then asked me, “Eh, Backstreet Boys’ songs leh? Come! We sing together!”

Drat. Off I went to the bookshop to buy this cd that had BSB’s picture on it. I went home to stick it into my ancient CD player and was pretty upset that it wouldn’t play any songs.

I went back to the shop and complained about the cd.

Back in 1998, vcds were not popular yet. -_-;.

For a wider variety, I decided to learn how to tune the radio. I sort of forced myself to litsen to it whenever I’m free. I was doing it so much that it had become a habit.

The love for other bands like Westlife, N’Sync and etc slowly grew. By the end of standard 6, I genuinely loved pop songs and Siew Li and I would sing along to the songs in the MAX 4 album. (Anybody remember that?)

1999 came around and Britney Spears, LFO, Christina Aguilera and the likes became the themesongs to my puberty years. I met Melody that year and she had all these really nice lyrics to oldies like Eternal Flame and Right Here Waiting.

I was still listening to the radio alot back then.

My favourite year would be 2001. I especially love Poster Of Love, Can’t Fight the Moonlight, We Could Be In Love etc. Mun Teng, Esther, Li Peng and I would sing and sing the whole day to the tunes from Sometimes we’d introduce a new song to each other and we’d get hooked on it.

Perhaps my appreciation for the chart topping hits stopped shortly after the release of Hot In Herre in 2002. I’ve become cool enough. Hahaha just kidding.

Still, I find it strange that these days I don’t need to listen to music, that I don’t need to turn on Windows Media Player and proudly display by musical tastes on MSN. Maybe I’m just embarassed about the amount of TVB songs I have playing. Tee-hee. And old school pop songs.

Even the hype about the iPod. I never quite got around to understanding why the need for so many songs whenever and whereever for RM1000(is it cheaper now?). With RM1000 I’d put it with my other savings and get a nice 3G phone or a nice camera.

I suppose each to his/her own.

I do listen to the radio these days but only when I’m driving. It’ll be for me all the way because it plays the songs of my yesteryears and it’s got a good dose of the current chart toppers for me to appear “in the know”. is just too noisy for me. I don’t do alternative rock. If my poser-ish years happened to be around these few years, I’d be listening to Linkin’ Park, Simple Plan etc just because everyone’s listening to them as well. Just so we can sing together. Maybe I’m aging, that’s why. Hahaha.

I believe that songs in one’s formative years are the ones that sounds the nicest.

As I’m no avid music fan, I couldn’t come up with good enough answers for this blog meme that April sent to me. But I’ll see what I can do.

Total volume of music files on my computer/ Handphone:
Computer:1.31 Gigabytes.

the last CD/ringtone I downloaded/bought (I’m not giving any leads man):
CD:Mariah Carey’s Charmbracelet. Yes, so long ago.
Ringtone: …Get Over You By Sophie back in 2002.

Song/ringtone playing right now.

Five songs/ringtones i listen to a lot/ringtones that I use a lot on this phone:
Songs: None

..aiks, that didn’t go so well. I’m not much of a music person.

I’ll tag ..

Shopping For NS And Some Sidetracks.

My earring collection now stands at a figure of 80 pairs. I have only twenty more to buy before I hit my aim of 100 pairs!!

With all the stalls selling 3 pairs for RM10, that goal won’t be a long way to go.

RM15 from Kama. I *thought* I found really cheap chandelier earrings. It’s beautiful, but I was wrong about the price.

Mel talked me into buying these. LONG and BEAUTIFUL.

Even though the earrings I bought were a tad more than what I’d usually spend on accessories, I still love it. But nothing could beat the euphoria I felt when I came across this stall in Mid Valley selling THREE for RM10 chandelier earrings. I bought six pairs. Yup. Six.

I like the duo coloured beads at the top.

Turqoise earrings!!

Silver is always pretty in sharper designs.

I like the colour combination of the beads.

Something unique, but it still belongs to the funky category and most of my earrings are funky. I wonder what’s my next earring fetish? Before this, the crazier the earring is, the more I want it.

I didn’t know they had pink diamentes hanging from it as well.

My earring collection on a corkboard!!! I know I am mad, but I am not as mad as
April who bought an earring tower to keep all her earrings.

I’ve bought quite a few things to bring to NS! My dad asked me if I am going for a party or what. Apparently everything I buy I use NS as an excuse. Not true. It’s sensible items. I’m not talking about the earrings of course. 😉

Four pairs of good track pants from Reject Shop..altogether they only cost about RM109.00. One of them was 50% off. Compared to the RM89.90 baby blue tracks I saw at Giordano.

Murky green!

Flaming red ones..!

These are the most comfortable ones of the lot and they are the fuzzy kind.

YIKES I LOOK SO FAT HERE. It’s the same one as the murky green tracks, except it’s in pastel red.

They are all comfy and it’s such a bargain.

Some necessities. Hehe.

More necessities. Pink glittery hairband to push up my hair when I wash my face!! .. Ok, maybe I’m using NS as an excuse to buy things. Hm.

My Climacool shoes were stolen a couple of months back and I do not have good sport shoes. Correction, I do not have any sport shoes. I’ve been stuffing tissue paper into my dad’s old Power shoes and wearing it for lab sessions in college. Walking up the college stairs in oversized shoes took some practice.

Got this Power ones from the shoe warehouse shop in Subang Parade a week ago. I think that’s where one of my readers whose name is Warren saw me. Next time, you should say hello even though I “looked pissed”. I was not pissed. Hehehe.

By the way, RM39.00 for pink sport shoes is definitely a good buy. If someone actually steals them during NS, it’s not as heart breaking as losing RM300 shoes. My brother insists Power is a kid’s brand. Whatever, I like it and that’s that.

Shopping, Dinner and A Minor Booze Party

Blook opened in Subang Parade yesterday and they put on a bit of a show to wow the crowd. The turnout wasn’t that great, what with a few chairs lining the sides and a hideous stage to boot. Anyone who has been to Parade recently and has by passed the centre court would have seen the ugly rotating ‘flying bees’ buzzing around on the stage.

I don’t think that’s the image Blook is trying to portray though. Spastic nature and boho fashion so does not go together.

Their casual wears are nothing much to scream about but their wispy dresses are really nice though. Mostly cocktail dresses and dressy tops are their specialty. They should focus on that rather than the casual wear. I don’t quite like the casual wear. But yes, we saw loads of cropped cardigans.

See? Nice smock halter top. Not so nice capris. I’m guilty of owning a pair though. From FOS back in 1999.

A sweet paiseley dress. A nice combination of green and perhaps the frilly sleeves is an overkill. The scarf came with the door gifts.(No, I didn’t receive one, Mel did since she was representing Seventeen.)

OOOoh! Beautiful. Lovely cutting and all. However, the choice of prints is only average.

I’ve been meaning to photograph some of the beautiful accessories in this shop that has only recently opened in Parade. The place is called Kama and it’s located in that alley of boutiques near MPH.

Earrings galore!! RM10 for a pair. These usually cost RM30 plus plus because they are “authentic”.

Cute jewelry boxes with mirror motives.

OOOooo.. Mel bought this necklace and I think Chien has a pair of earrings like that. Don’t know if it’s a real stone or if they just uses a glass casing and crumpled glittery paper into it.

I was tempted to buy this one but Mel said that it’s simple to make.

Charm bracelets!!!!! But there are more to choose from the weekend bazaar there.

What’s a trip to Subang Parade without stopping at Uncle Lim’s?

Alicia and her nasi lemak. I love her chicken even though it’s spicy.

Mel looking gorgeous here.

And Esther as well. Hehe.

So does the egg shell. Uncle Lim’s serves the best half boiled eggs. It’s up there with the likes of Melur and Tanjung. Wish I could say the same about the other mamak in SS19. Can’t remember the name.

I bought earrings from Kama!! Here’s a sneak preview to my barrage of earrings. There’ll be more because I bought like 6 more at Midvalley today!

Wen Bin called for a dinner at night and so we met up at Salmon Steak.

l-r: Jia Jun, Wen Bin, Jiun Haw

l-r: Edison, Teng Choon, Chun Shiong

l-r: Chee Kiang, Me, Li Peng, Edison

Edison and Teng Choon

l-r: Sophia, Khek Tjian, David and Tze Leet.

Jiun Haw and Wei Loong

After the dinner, Chee Kiang and I went to Kota Kemuning for Daryl’s party. Loads of drinks. The occasion was his sister Joanne’s graduation. His parents are in UK for her graduation. Hahahaha.

We were walking around the huge house looking for Daryl.. and we found a toilet..and we found puppies!!!!! Besides his love for cars, Daryl loves dogs as well. He is a breeder.:) Ever since I’ve known him he has been joining all these dog shows and winning extra pocket money. He has 16 other dogs as well. By the way, the mother dog’s name is Bear Bear. So cute right?

The mother is snubbing Chee Kiang.

It has really sharp teeth for something so small.

Awwww!! It says sorry for biting.

L-r: Chee Kiang, Yi Wen’s Bf(sorry didn’t get his name) and Justin.

l-r: Chee Kiang, Me, Woon, Jamie, Pei Sze and Seow Yen.

Justin and Daryl. Damn cute man this picture!

Chee Kiang and Daryl’s .. er, boombox. He used his car to blast music. After awhile, something blew. My condolences, Daryl. Daryl and Justin love their cars so so so so much.

Nadine and me.

l-r: Yazliza, Nadine, Justin, Suzanna, Jonathan.