It’s Not That I Don’t Like Music..

Sometime last year, Chien leaned over during Physics class and said, “I notice you don’t listen to much music one hor?” I was like, “Yameh? I do have about 1 gig worth of songs in my computer..but’re right..”

Most people have appreciation for specific music genres. Somehow or other, I have not quite found mine.

Just last Saturday, while on the way to Kota Kemuning with Chee Kiang, he suddenly asked me, “Actually, I don’t think I know what songs you like. What type of songs do you like?”

I found the question rather odd, as we’ve known each other for like 6 years. Even Chien’s question was rather odd. She’s known me for about 7-8 years and yeah, they’ve all watched me grow from the teeny bopper with the herd mentality.

I told Chee Kiang that these days, I usually get hooked onto songs that are in the movie sound tracks. A few examples would be like Vienna from 13 Going on 30 and When Christmas Comes To Town from The Polar Express.

He asked, “Not even Good Charlotte?” I shook my head. I think the “in” music now is no longer considered to be in my generation. I come from the days of Backstreet Boys, The Moffatts, Westlife.. yes, the boyband period.

Perhaps it was due to pressure. I remember back in standard 6, my then best friend Foo Siew Li would ask me if I’ve heard “Miss You Like Crazy” on the radio. I would put on an enthusiastic smile and suggest that she sing it to me and see if I can remember the song.

The truth was I did not even listen to the radio back then. I was at that age where I was eager not to lose any friends due to our difference in interests. So she would sing the chorus of “Miss You Like Crazy” and I would still have this fake smile plastered onto my face and just shake my head slowly and say, “No, I don’t think I’ve heard that one…..Any others?” I just wanted the conversation to continue.

Our other best friend was Jocelyn Toh and it was quite difficult.. as three is a crowd. I was the least happening one because I didn’t listen to any music at all. I felt abit peeved when Siew Li said to me, “How come you don’t know any of the songs one??”

That weekend itself I went to the shops in SS19 and bought The Moffatt’s Chapter One: A New Beginning. It cost me RM39.00 but no worries, listening to songs will make me appear cooler. I stuck it into my ancient cd player and the jingle to “I’ll Be There For You” flooded into my ears.

After the first few songs, I became a full fledged Moffatts’ fan and started imagining meeting Dave Moffatt in Australia for our university education when we’re older. The funny thing is that I read somewhere that he really went to Australia for education last year.

I went back to school sang some Moffatts song to Siew Li and she got excited that we’re finally on the same wave length. She then asked me, “Eh, Backstreet Boys’ songs leh? Come! We sing together!”

Drat. Off I went to the bookshop to buy this cd that had BSB’s picture on it. I went home to stick it into my ancient CD player and was pretty upset that it wouldn’t play any songs.

I went back to the shop and complained about the cd.

Back in 1998, vcds were not popular yet. -_-;.

For a wider variety, I decided to learn how to tune the radio. I sort of forced myself to litsen to it whenever I’m free. I was doing it so much that it had become a habit.

The love for other bands like Westlife, N’Sync and etc slowly grew. By the end of standard 6, I genuinely loved pop songs and Siew Li and I would sing along to the songs in the MAX 4 album. (Anybody remember that?)

1999 came around and Britney Spears, LFO, Christina Aguilera and the likes became the themesongs to my puberty years. I met Melody that year and she had all these really nice lyrics to oldies like Eternal Flame and Right Here Waiting.

I was still listening to the radio alot back then.

My favourite year would be 2001. I especially love Poster Of Love, Can’t Fight the Moonlight, We Could Be In Love etc. Mun Teng, Esther, Li Peng and I would sing and sing the whole day to the tunes from Sometimes we’d introduce a new song to each other and we’d get hooked on it.

Perhaps my appreciation for the chart topping hits stopped shortly after the release of Hot In Herre in 2002. I’ve become cool enough. Hahaha just kidding.

Still, I find it strange that these days I don’t need to listen to music, that I don’t need to turn on Windows Media Player and proudly display by musical tastes on MSN. Maybe I’m just embarassed about the amount of TVB songs I have playing. Tee-hee. And old school pop songs.

Even the hype about the iPod. I never quite got around to understanding why the need for so many songs whenever and whereever for RM1000(is it cheaper now?). With RM1000 I’d put it with my other savings and get a nice 3G phone or a nice camera.

I suppose each to his/her own.

I do listen to the radio these days but only when I’m driving. It’ll be for me all the way because it plays the songs of my yesteryears and it’s got a good dose of the current chart toppers for me to appear “in the know”. is just too noisy for me. I don’t do alternative rock. If my poser-ish years happened to be around these few years, I’d be listening to Linkin’ Park, Simple Plan etc just because everyone’s listening to them as well. Just so we can sing together. Maybe I’m aging, that’s why. Hahaha.

I believe that songs in one’s formative years are the ones that sounds the nicest.

As I’m no avid music fan, I couldn’t come up with good enough answers for this blog meme that April sent to me. But I’ll see what I can do.

Total volume of music files on my computer/ Handphone:
Computer:1.31 Gigabytes.

the last CD/ringtone I downloaded/bought (I’m not giving any leads man):
CD:Mariah Carey’s Charmbracelet. Yes, so long ago.
Ringtone: …Get Over You By Sophie back in 2002.

Song/ringtone playing right now.

Five songs/ringtones i listen to a lot/ringtones that I use a lot on this phone:
Songs: None

..aiks, that didn’t go so well. I’m not much of a music person.

I’ll tag ..