Shopaholics Unite! Party This Sunday! (You’re All Invited!)

I have been extremely frustrated with the internet back in Subang Jaya for the past few days. It’s not me, it’s streamyx. Calling the customer service at Streamyx didn’t help at all. The lady on the other end was repeating everything I was saying.

Stupid lady: Please tell me all your trouble shooting efforts.
Me: I unplugged and plugged back everything, I connected with the direct line without the splitter.
Stupid Lady: Oh I see, you unplugged and plugged back everything, you connected with the direct line with the splitter. Okay.
Me: Hello?
Stupid Lady: Yes. Er..okay, is the DSL light blinking?
Me: No. I told you just now.
Stupid lady: Oh I see, the DSL light is not blinking.
Me: Erm hello? Anyway, it’s been more than 24 hours…
Stupid lady: Oh I see, more than 24 hours.
-I didn’t bother to make anymore noise-
Stupid lady: Okay, for the next two days, we will check what’s wrong from our side. Then only we’ll send a technician over.

WTF. Two days?? Why so incompetent! Well, anyway, yeah, so that explains the lack of updates. I’m so sick of not having the internet that I’ve sewed buttons onto tops that pop open because of my, well..the width of my chest area.

Nevermind, anyway I have something to delight your mundane lives! (Sorry, it’s just me living in denial. Doesn’t mean that when my life feels mundane, all of your lives should as well. My bad.)

This Sunday, which is the 6th of May, there will be a shopping party by the girls from Shopaholics Unite! The girls, Felicia and Leng, have really good taste in clothes. Trust me, when you check out their selection, you’ll be overwhelmed. I’m not pimping them as a favour you know(as with most of the other posts about things in my pimping category).. it’s because I’m REALLY REALLY in love with the clothings there. And how can I ask them to throw a party for me alone right?

So here I am, inviting you babes who are in dire need of beautiful clothes to teman me this Sunday.

Shopaholics Unite! is a shopping party service set up by two friends, Felicia and Leng, as mentioned, who have excellent tastes in clothes. But so what, everybody can find beautiful things. However, NOT everybody can find beautiful things that are SO affordable! I’m talking RM35, RM40 and the most expensive is about RM60 odd.

What you can also do is to order the clothes off their blog! However, you gotta be quick because they sell out really fast. They will even mail you your orders! But of course, if you want to see how it looks on your body, come come come commmeee..please come! I don’t want to be alone okay:(

Now, I know this might seem alot of words to you but just read lah, the photo evidences are at the bottom and I swear*holds both hands up*, they are extremely beautiful.

If you’re already hooked(but if you’re not, it means you have yet to see their clothes), then here are the details for the party:

Date: 6th May
Address: L-3-7, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas
The map is here:
Time: 11am-3pm

Remember to RSVP OKAY!: email Felicia and Leng at or you can even email me ya..! Must RSVP one okay! Later not enough clothes for you, you don’t cry.

They hold their parties at Leng’s(or Felicia’s?) workplace, the office of the famous dating service Lunch Actually.

That’s where we’ll be seeing beautiful clothes, ladies!

Well, Leng has been very kind to give me directions to the place because I know nothing about Hartamas.. but I DO know how to get to Mutiara Damansara, so she wrote directions for me from there. And I think everybody knows how to get to Mutiara Damansara so I shall share the directions with you.

Her directions are bloody fantastic! I dragged Melody to do a driving rehearsal(haha) on Friday night and I didn’t get lost AT ALL!!

Bet you can’t miss this if you pass by the building.


1. Take the Penchala Link from Mutiara Damansara.

2. Once you’ve turned out of Persiaran Surian, you’re now on the LDP. (Well, I’m not sure where Persiaran Sultan is, but I think if you turn out of The Curve, and you’ll find yourself having to turn left at the highway, then you’re on the right track. Keep left ok!)

3. Keep left cause you will see about 10 meters up the road a ramp that says “Penchala Link” on the left.

4. Go up the Penchala Link and follow signs to ‘Sri Hartamas’.

5. You’ll keep going on the penchala link, past the toll, the roads will split, just follow the one that says ‘Sri Hartamas’.

6. Then you’ll pass the tunnel yes? Remember to make a wish okay before entering the tunnel! Urban legend has it that if you make a wish before entering the tunnel and holding your breath all the way till the end of the tunnel, your wish might just come true!! (this always cracks me up considering the tunnel is only about 3 years old and there’s an urban legend already! Mel and I were bursting with laughter while trying to hold our breaths and then spraying the windscreen with our saliva because of the compressed air in our mouth. I washed the car today, yes.)

7. Then you will get off the Penchala link and end up at a traffic light underneath a flyover.

8. Take a left at this traffic light, then you’ll reach a T-junction.

9. Take a left, you will drive by some houses on your left and right, just keep driving and you’ll see Plaza Damas up ahead. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it 🙂

To those who know my number can email me and if you get lost, at least I can do something to help(by giving you Leng’s number).

That’s how they do the parties.

Remember to bring your friends! The more the merrier!

Okay, now, BE DAZZLED:

Beautiful shoes! I’m not sure what other shoes they have but you can check their blog!

Ooooh, like a conservative corset!

Very decent, very chick!

Naughty yes, but okay for university!

Nice right? They really love their belts.. but so does every other girl who loves the current trends!

Belts and more belts! Plus accessories too!

Complicated tops are very interesting.

Simple, girly and then completed with accessories and a black sash around the waist.

Very very beautiful, huh? Besides fantastic choices, they also draw their inspiration from timeless beauties.

They did an entry about the pieces donned by Audrey Hepburn.

Now, look at the top below.

Somewhat similiar, ya?

This was inspired by Drew Barrymore’s character in Music and Lyrics. Pity, I seem to have misplaced the screenshot of that one.

Skinny jeans!

In white!

The style that can be found in every other boutique these days. Thank you Melbourne!

Innovative ways to wear a skinny belt!

I’m thinking …leprechauns but in brown.

Functionally sexy, mmm!

This is something I would wear. Casually simple. But also hope that I don’t look like a bak chang in this.

Polka dots are always cute.

For you maybe, but you’ll have to close your eyes if I wear this.

And racerbacks! With innovative improvisations! Leather strings tied around the straps? Ingenious!!

Camisoles for me!! Hope to see some next Sunday. 

I didn’t put up ALL the clothes that they have on my blog though it certainly looked like I did that. Go to their blog ya to look at more stuff. Well, anyway, hope to see all you babes there this Sunday!! Please come okay!

I Could’ve Gone To Hong Kong

Look what appeared on my sidebar this week! Just what I need in 4 years’ time! 🙂 Perhaps one of the most convenient ways to settle those long depressing ordeals with the government when you need to do mundane things like renewing your driving licenses, paying your summons and more. Go check out the rest of their services! This gives me more excuses to be a little bit more bastardish on the road(even more than I already am!) and just pay the summons online without my parents knowing! 😀 ….. Okay, no, I’m a really good girl and I obey all the rules. Just that it’ll be damn convenient to renew my driving license when the time comes.

Before we proceed with my post, do my quiz okay and see how well you know me! Yes, I finally succumbed from peer pressure after seeing it on the blogs of these three infectious people: Mervyn, Suet Li and Tze Ching

You also do one lah!

I warned Chee Kiang not to take my quiz because I will be really sad if he gets very low marks. And also, he can not possibly get a right answer for question 10. There is no right answer for him. No matter what he answers also surely die one.

So I came back to Kedah after my one week holiday thinking, “Oh it’s the beginning of module 4, let’s clean my room, let’s rest for awhile before hell starts all over again,”. But no! I went to school at 9.30am to find out that a class has been cancelled(which we took advantage of and did some grocery shopping at Tesco!). Then nevermind, we came back to the uni and received an announcement that they were going to let us have Thursday off, the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off! Arghhh!!!

So we thought, good lah, maybe we’ll have more time to prepare for our dental dinner which was supposed to be on the 30th. Then apparently, we can’t do it on that date for don’t know what reason. So we checked again with the hotel to see if it’s possible to do it at a later date but Nooooooo it’s fully booked for the entire May.

Well guess what then? Dental dinner is off for now.

But you know what’s the biggest disappointment of all?

Months back, my aunty, grandma and mum made plans to go to Hong Kong and I wanted to go along because I thought that it coincided with my holidays. I was prepared to skip a few days of classes from the 26th of April up to the 30th of April for the Hong Kong trip. But I cancelled my plans BECAUSE the dental dinner was supposed to be during that time.

And now. It’s. cancelled. until. further. notice.

I am missing out on a trip to Hong Kong because of this.

And as if the wound is not painful enough, I am GIVEN a one week holiday two days after my ONE week real term break. You know, I have holidays, which COINCIDES with the Hong Kong trip. Mum tried calling the agency but as expected, it was too late to do anything. I really feel like crying.

I’ve been wanting to go to Hong Kong again ever since I left Hong Kong back in 2002. At that time I didn’t know how to appreciate the sights better. But I really really really love Hong Kong. I like the terrains in Hong Kong, you know like how it’s not flat at all but the roads slope up and down(which must be quite a bitch to walk on) and disappear into corners and stuff. You can call it TVB influences but I’m still besotted with the beauty of the way Hong Kong is built.

I love the way the flats are cramped up next to each other and how the signboards hang perpendicular to their shop front and overlap each other. There is no where else in the world that looks like Hong Kong. I love the dimsum breakfasts in Hong Kong and especially Victoria Peak. I really love Hong Kong.

Okay, maybe I also want to go there and stalk my favourite TVB stars..

🙁 I stuck to my decision to go for the dental dinner despite it being postponed time and time again(the date has been changed alot) because I was involved in a few performances.

I just feel so fucking sad lah. 🙁 Esther, remember how you and I made plans to work and save money so we can go to Hong Kong and tour the TVB studios? It was such a lovely dream, where we’d laugh at ourselves because the dreams that we plan together NEVER work out. But now I have the chance to go and I can’t go. 🙁

I’m coming home for the 7 days.

On Saturday night, we hung out at Mel’s place and just sat around being stupid. We were talking about teeth(I wonder why!) and I had to take a look at Mun Teng’s teeth because she said she has not been to the dentist in ages. For the record, she’s got perfectly beautiful teeth. 🙂 I had to use my handphone to shine into her mouth as it was rather dark! Innovative, huh?

AHAHA this photo damn cute. It’s like she’s praying to me or something.

The camerawoman got bored and started abusing the camera.

Can’t believe Mun Teng actually bothered to layan me…-__-

I massaged the bruises that she obtained from playing volleyball at Port Dickson. The woman is crazy. She likes people to rub her bruise because she enjoys the pain.

Looks damn painful right!

Had abit of fun with photoshop.

My bus rides have always been a gamble. This time, I was sitting directly under a cold cold aircon vent. It was blowing cold air at me and I had to think of a way to feel more comfortable. I ripped a page from my magazine, folded it and stuck it in the vent!

Survival in the wild you know. Girly mags are very useful!

Practical classes started again and it’s partial dentures this time. ugh. Dentures again. Here we are, back to square one, softening the wax.

And then we adapt it to the dental cast.

The holes are there for us to insert acrylic into it to function as stoppers. It prevents the special tray from getting too close to the teeth. The special tray must be separated from the impression surface by about 2mm. The impression material makes up the 2mm spacing.

We have to mix acrylic again to make the tray.

Inserting acrylic into the stopper holes.

Evening out the acrylic before adapting it to the model.

Looks so soft and fluffy right? It looks like sugar. Mmm.

After a few minutes, it becomes extremely hard. This is mine! Quite successful, I should say. I forgot to attach the stoppers though. Oh well.

You can almost see through the tray. Which means that I didn’t screw up too much! Yay!

Very proud of my tray ma! Compared to the first one I did.. that was a disaster.

See how it looks like.. it’s slightly clear. Just the way I like it!

Mika/Virginia Tech/Crazy Man at Mamak/Exploring the Area Around Petaling Street/Lunch at Kim Gary/Mamak At Sri Melur

I’m hooked on Mika. Can’t stop playing Grace Kelly and Lollipop on my VLC player. Just when I thought I’ve acknowledged an artiste as a musical genius, the real music connoisseurs burst my bubble when I sent them the songs. I shall not name any names. But Su-Hsien(classical music lover. warning, warning.), Chee Kiang(he loves all music) and Brenda(her taste is very R n B )said they were so so. 🙁 But Mervyn and Mel think he is wicked! I think so too! Or do I love bubblegum pop too much that I am so disillusioned from the lack of bubblegum pop in the past decade that I lap up everything Mika has to offer and rave about how great a musician he is? *caresses old Moffatts, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Westlife and 911 posters*

Looks wise he is a cross between Josh Groban and Clint Moffatt. However, with the song Lollipop and the little girl in the Grace Kelly video gives me abit of Michael Jackson paedo vibes. But I love the way he pronounces P! Sounds like a bubble bursting. “I could be hurtful, I could be purple, I could be anything you like.” and especially, “Sucking too hard on your lollipop, oh love’s gonna get you down,”.

While I’m going on about things from the media, I can’t believe I only knew about the Virginia Tech news today!! It was during lunch with Suet Li, Weng Lum and Julie at Pyramid that I finally heard it. So embarrassing okay!

We were talking about Weng Lum and Suet Li who will be going over to the US for part time work and to study, respectively. Then they were joking and hoped that the Americans won’t be scared of them just because they are Asian. Then they were joking and said that they should wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m not Korean.”.. (btw, if there are any koreans or Korean lovers..shit die wei, there must be alot of Korean lovers out there with the Kdramas and all… it’s just a joke between friends. No offense okay? Come Jolene hughug and kiskiss. Muah muah. I give you t-shirt that says “I’m not a Jolene” to make you feel better. The t-shirt will make people be more comfortable around you one, very good t-shirt.)

So I laughed along la. But the joke got repeated a few times. So poor Jolene realised that she can’t put on an act any longer and asked, “Eh what’s the joke about Koreans la? I don’t get it.”

“There, the virgina tech korean dude who carried out a massacre! You don’t know meh?” they said, eyes wide.

Sorry lah, my father takes the newspaper to work and I didn’t have the time to surf the net. ;( I felt like a down right recluse.

Like any other major news that I hear about, I will trawl every corner of the web about the news. Now I know more than everyone else. 🙂

It’s quite disturbing and extremely depressing. Felt very very disturbed when I saw the photos of the victims and the stories of their heroic attempts to stop the gunman.

but there’s a thought in my head though.

When the authorities broke the news to Cho Seung-Hui’s family.. how do you think they phrased it? Did they tell them, “I’m sorry, but your son died. He was involved in a massacre.” or “Your son was involved in a massacre. I’m sorry to inform you that he commited suicide.”

Which came first? Food for thought.

In other news about crazy people, I was having supper with Mun Teng and Mel at Sri Melur just now. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this middle aged man, slightly on the chubby side, leaning on his car door. The car was parked like next to our table but another table was right in front of his car. It seemed like one of the mamak dudes was asking him to go away, like shooing him. Then you could see that the man looked like he wasn’t really very normal. He had that spaced out look most crazy people have.

I was like, “Damn, is that guy crazy? I hope he won’t bang his car into us man. Like out of crazy rage or something,”.

Then the guy got into the car and started the engine. He drove slowly to the front. He came closer and closer to the raised cement level and then just banged the chairs at the table in front of his car! So scary wei! I was like looking at his car going nearer and nearer to the chairs. I was so scared I went to hide behind a pillar. But Mel and Mun Teng were still so calm. Then he reversed and banged into a stationary Mercedes. He drove to the front abit and just drove out of a T-junction without braking for the oncoming cars. Damn scary wei, don’t know how come he is allowed to drive.

And of course, here are the photos from the last two days:

Mel and I were waiting for Suet Li to come out of her house before we drove down to KL on Thursday.

I’m so happy I managed to drive down to KL(Petaling Street area) without much trouble! My first time driving to KL smoothly. Usually must get lost at least 45 minutes. It’s so obviously gonna happen that I would have to allocate time for getting lost when planning my journey.

Alright, we reached the area around Petaling Street and were waiting for Lie Yuen and Ching Yee who would be joining us on our little expedition on that day.

McDonalds for lunch!
L-r: Mel, Suet, Ching Yee, Lie Yuen and myself.

Mel and Lie Yuen. My two best friends meeting for the first time! Awwww!

I love this candid shot of Ching Yee and Suet. Suet Li damn funny, she was saying that it’s been ages since she last came here. Last time when she was 10 years old, none of the Ah Beng peddlars cared to disturb her. Yesterday she kept getting smoochie noises and cat calls(whistles? whatever) left and right. One of the funniest and most original comment was, “Leng lui! Sai ng sai gom leng ar?!” in a scolding tone. LOL LOL. For the super bananas, it means Pretty Girl, must you be so pretty ar? Sheesh. I wonder, would they dare to kacau tourists?

l-r: Ching Yee and Suet.

So poor thing must take photo alone.

Horrendous clothings were everywhere. This butterfly sequinned top has no back. Just in front only. Don’t know how they wear one. It’s so freaking ugly you just have no idea WHO would actually buy it AND wear it. I mean I would buy it as part of my Halloween costume… but those who seriously need it….. I’m very curious to know.

Yay, good way of including your friends in your camwhoring moments.

The entire area was full of wholesale shops. They sold ALOT of things. Clothes, accessories, soft toys, etc.

KL on foot. Well, sort of.

Look!! A wholesale soft toy shop! So many cute and different looking soft toys.

And there were alot of bags that will soon appear in stalls all over Malaysia.

There were hundreds of handphone danglies to look at.

Such a waste of space but they are just so cute. Maybe they only look cute when there are alot of them.

A tissue box that I wouldn’t mind having.

The soft toys were about half Suet’s size! I would love a BIG soft toy. Time is running out, age is catching up with me. Found a few more grey hairs the other day at the salon. But RM100+++ for something so …. unfunctional is so damn pointless.

Ahah! We found it! Beautiful little decorative miniature furnitures which can be used to hang your jewelry.

The white one looks very Victorian.

This one too.

A accessories wholesale shop.

You get to see so many old fashioned things around that area.

l-r: Ching Yee, Lie Yuen, Suet, Mel and myself. We were on our way to Nichii Fashion City!

SUCCESS!! We didn’t even lose our way, though it was almost by luck that we found our way there. Impressive. Very impressive.

I don’t think I’ll ever know how to get to the opposite side of the road by car. I always always only pass by the area in the direction of the oncoming traffic.

My favourite word! What’s yours?

My hair is well behaved, my skin is okay, my eyebrows are trimmed, my driving skills have improved(though we must try and forget about the part where I cut from the right lane all the way to the left lane within a span of 2 seconds, less than 100m from the highway exit, okay girls?) … life is good.

Desperate shoppers, can even enter via the backgate.

Only Suet Li so nice, she damn layan.

What a beautiful sight.

I love doing this when I’m at Nichii. I love copying whatever the mannequins wearing and trying to see how I look in that particular outfit. I bought the three quarter pants!

Mel and Suet bought the same top.

I love the jacket! But I’m too fat for the jacket to look the way it should. Very nice one, tie to the side one..very trench-coat. Though it is obviously not a trench coat.

Suet Li is SO damn indecisive okay! So is Mel and Lie Yuen. Haha. We had to convince Suet Li that some of the selections were ugly. Must say we full of disgust or else she won’t believe you one.

l-r: Ching Yee, Mel and Lie Yuen.

Okay, report time.

I BOUGHT MY EARRING TOWERS. None of you bothered to ask me to buy for you. Cis.
The earring towers were RM32 each. The entire shop was at 50% off that’s why so cheap. And the necklace hanger was RM22.

And glow in the dark stickers from that gift shop.

After KL, Mel and I went to Amour in Taipan. Cheap clothes and one of the few lala shops that caters to girls my size. So happy. I’m wearing a size M for their bottoms. But none of their button tops fit me. My chest needs to be trimmed down. I’ll need help with the chisel.
I love these smart-casual short pants. So easy! No need to wear jeans all the time. Price of pants is Rm36.

And this slinky top was about Rm30. Sakit perut I after sucking in so hard for this photo. So sad;(

Then the next day, I treated Suet Li and Weng Lum to lunch at Kim Gary. It’s damn long overdue, like since December. Since they helped me to be the characters in one of my R.age articles(the one about guys wearing pink), I thought it was only fair that I bought them lunch/dinner since I was getting cold hard cash for writing the article.

But since Weng Lum was taking so long, we had some fun camwhoring. So embarrassing, but nevermind lah.

My expression damn fail but she looks so cute in this one!

Normal smiley picture.

This is our fake smile photo. Suet Li’s fake smile fail. The smile cannot reach your eyes one. I suppose she can’t help it if she has happy eyes.

Pan cute.

Me being disgusted at the digit-less pose. You know, like how Doraemon has no fingers. Apparently she learnt it from Audrey!

And finally they arrived!
L-r: Julie, Weng Lum, Myself and Suet.

At night, it was Sri melur for yamcha with Mel, Mun Teng and Kwo Kuang. Now, that’s the largest biggest most humongous piece of Roti Tissue ever!! It was so big okay, like half my size! Very unhygienic..but oh well, food is good is food is good is food.

Manyak panjang oh, bang!

My Weekend Getaway To Kuala Selangor, Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highlands.

Alright, the photos from my weekend getaway to Kuala Selangor, Bukit Tinggi and Genting are finally up.

Before launching into the obligatory captioning of my photos, let me have abit of a say.

I’m going down to the area around Petaling Street tomorrow to search for the earring towers. If anybody would like me to get it, please contact me at 012-6134395. I’m not allowed to put my handphone number up.. but I think just once won’t matter. I’ll remove it when I get back. I actually thought of a damn high tech way you girls and I can keep in touch(thru twitter or thru my blogspot blog or maybe even through MMS)… but totally forgot about it so we’ll just have to be old fashioned and contact through handphone.

Another cute thing that happened was in the car today with my brother after driving out of Subang Parade. I asked him if he would rather the only sibling that he has be a brother or a sister?

He said, “Brother.”
I was like, “Why??”
“Because brother can talk about gadgets with me..” he replied.
“I also can talk gadgets with you what. I really loooove the Pink Sony Vaio laptop.” I gushed.
“Precisely my point,” he rolled his eyes and we burst out laughing. Bwahaha.

“You leh?” he asked.
“I’d rather an older brother,” I said.
“Why?” he asked, sounding quite hurt.
“Coz he can bring home cute guy friends for me to oggle,” I said indignantly.
“Oh. sorry lor. :(” he apologized.
“Aiyoh, it’s not that your stocks aren’t all that good, just that it’s too pedophillic to be oggling boys your age,” I reasoned.
“LOL! Imagine if my friend told me, “Wei Shiung, please don’t leave me alone with your sister. She touches me in naughty places,” and we screeched with laughter.

Sheeesh. As if la I’m that hamsap.

l-r: Grandma, jacqueline’s Grandpa, Mum, Grandma’s maid, Aunty Doreen, Uncle Yew Pun and dad with his eyes closed.

This trip had very very few family members who came along. Mervyn was at home bonding with his new computer, Derek was having assignments, Aunty Ping had dance practice(as always), Cousin Hong Fei busy taking care of Kwee Fong who is heavily pregnant, Aunty Jenny was in Singapoer watching Phantom Of The Opera… and the rest I’m not too sure what they were up to.

Despite being at a seafood restaurant, we didn’t really eat that many seafood. But they were delicious dishes nonetheless.
This is sweet and sour chicken, I think.

Mixed vegetables. So tasty.

Yea, we had Stingray. My first time eating sting ray. Not bad! A mixture between chicken, fish and sotong.


And because I love my new 2Gb SD card so much, I can afford higher resolution photos. I used 3mb or 5mb to take this shot. So far away also can get such a good shot.

I’m not happy. Despite me motioning to him, he still refused to give me a funny pose. I prefer the farmers back in Penang who waved at my camera.

That’s alot of crabs.

You can almost hear him humming to himself.

After lunch, we went to visit this place which has lots of monkeys. Along the way, there were many leaves on the floor with nice rounded holes in it. It reminded me of cheese. That’s my cousin Jacqueline behind the leaf by the way.

We were driven up in a corny tram.

Dad and I.

My grandmother was lost in her own thoughts.

l-r: Aunty Doreen, Cousin Jacqueline and Uncle Yew Pun.

The monkeys were damn cute!! and they were not afraid of people at all. Damn tame already. But they were damn greedy alright.

They are so human-like.

It even knows how to hold the bag properly.

And of course the vendors nearby cash in on the whole thing by selling peanuts.

It’s so nice to see a monkey enjoying itself.

This monkey stole my mum’s bun.

You can just imagine the monkey going, “Mmmmmm dis iz good shit!”

The baby monkey so cute right?!? It looks like it is deep in thoughts or something.

Awww.. look at how the mother is so protective of the little baby monkey.

My uncle Yew Pun posing near the monkey, with the monkey giving him some kind of look. Hahahha.

I dared to go closer to the monkey. This time the baby monkey was curious to see who was the giant coming so close.

Emo monkey.

Doesn’t it look like the monkey’s waiting for some kind of public transport? Well, at least that’s what my dad thought.

See, monkeys were literally all over the floor.

Jahanam betul! Want to have sex also must bring babies along. Tsk tsk.

…or…is it……doing a very naughty thing…to its own kid? 🙁

See this baby monkey, looks alot like the Monkey God. Some more it’s changing colour from bright orange to grey. Eee, shy shy, big boy/girl still want mummy to sayang.

Okay this totally took the cake. it was do damnnnnn cute. I mean how often do you see monkeys carrying twins? And you have to love the cute mohawk hair style that them monkeys are sporting.

And the monkey’s head! Damn round right? And doesn’t it resemble those pink paus that you get during old people’s birthdays?


So cute la, each of them had their own baby. And they even take turns to babysit each other’s babies.

Looks like a pretty girl.

I was trying to make conversation with the monkeys.

My mum did a better job.

There’s alot of depth in the expression of this transitioning baby monkey.

Monkeys grow on trees, you know.

LOL! Suck until the tet tet also elongated already.

Sick. Just sick.

My mother was ACTUALLY talking to the monkey you know. She’s been hanging around Angel for too long. She talks to Angel alot. So if she sees anything cute, she’ll have to have a conversation with the animal/object.

Damn intelligent looking lah the monkey.

Jacq and I.

On Saturday night, we watched fireflies(that’s the whole idea of going all the way to Kuala Selangor.) No photos of the fireflies watching though as photos were not allowed and somemore it was so dark. But I’m telling you, the fireflies blinking away in the bushes is only so so. However, if you look at the star filled sky looming over the glittering bushes.. the beauty of it all is absolutely breathtaking. It’s like a million stars are visible in the quiet of the night along that river. Stars in the sky, stars on the ground. It reminds me of this drawing that I saw on deviant art once. A pilgrim girl was in a hood and she carried a basket to store the stars which she picked up from amidst the bushes and the ground. The stars were glowing faintly, as if they have lost their shine after falling to the earth. Below the painting was a caption that said, “Sometimes, stars die too.”

This is the view from our resort. Only RM163 a night. Not too bad!

It was chalet style too! It’s been too long since I’ve stayed at a chalet. Kinda miss playing with the fishes that would surround the area. I fed the fishes Haw Flakes.

Very rustic looking interior. I like this photo, it’s almost like a scene from one of those Malaysian indie movies.

Here’s a view of the other chalets from the one I was staying in.

Another photo which looks like a still from a movie. Coupled with the beautiful lighting from the sun. I love natural lighting!

AND UGH! Rotten lotus! Did any of you get the forwarded email with the rotten breasts? Ughhhh it looks just like that. Somemore the worms looked like that too! White with a black dot at the top. I think I’m going to vomit again.

And I kind of like this pic because of the sunlight at the upper left corner.

This kitten was damn cute, it was playing by itself all the time.

Before dinner, we went to check out the boats at the jetty.

That’s where we would go to see fireflies.

Walking along the traditional shops at Kuala Selangor, we saw many many old school things. Look at the colourful biscuits. SO MUCH OF COLOURING. UGh. The shades are so off from the original colourful biscuits and the blue colour shouldn’t even be there. And the shape is wrong too.

No. Gross. Ugh.

Okay, that’s just sick. I can’t take it.

My family reminiscing about old times.

I got dad to pose with some of the old fashioned houses.

Why do old things make beautiful photos?

Another traditional thing to do. Peeling ikan billis.

Seremban siew pau!

My grandma’s maid wanted alot of photos, so this is one of the many that she requested me to take. Thought I would include that stranger fisherboy.

Looks like a movie poster to me, if you ask me. *proud of self*=

The fishes that the boy managed to catch.

That’s where we had our dinner.

We had fishball soup!

And, I’m not sure..deer meat? I’m not going to embarrass myself by attempting to spell the other word that you use for deer meat which starts with the letter v.

A beautiful sunset. Took this shot while waiting for the other dishes to arrive.

So nice..

The fisherboy’s friends came to help him sort out which fishes should be kept and which should be thrown back into the sea.

I thought this looked rather nice.

Butterprawns are the bomb!

Calamari is good too!

Scallops. Very scant though.

I think it is called Asam fish.

Sweet sauce and crab! I thought it was curry at first. So difficult to eat crab la, I still have an injury on my thumb from eating the damn crabs.

The view of the chalet at night.

As we were walking into the fireflies area.

The next morning, we saw this cat sitting on the chair.

My cousin Jacqueline looking absolutely adorable before we headed up to Bukit Tinggi.

We fell asleep on each other and somemore I’m 3kgs heavier than her, I slammed into her every now and then as I dozed off.

In one of those trains they use to ferry visitors up to the Japanese Botanical garden.

So lame wei.

This is the start of many photos with the same theme. I call them the travelling photographer!

Here’s my mum looking at ease with nature.

The travelling photographer continues his hike.

The travelling photographer stops as soon as he sees something that catches his fancy.

Jacqie and I stopped to camwhore for abit. It’s an absolute must!

I’ve never seen cameras this big before! Dad was walking past them and I said loudly, “Dad! Walk faster, shy already!” since his DSLR was not much compared to those monsters.

From this angle, it almost looks like carps in the wild. My brother and I were wondering though if carps can still be found in the wild. You know, maybe in captivity, evolution did its thing and made them all vibrant orange and fat unlike their wild counterparts. Like wouldn’t bigger animals eat them up because of their obvious colours?

Roses! Japanese roses? I’m not sure. They shouldn’t even call it a Japanese Botanical Garden. What’s so japanese about the place except for the teahouses and the carps? The trees have malay names for goodness sake! I mean if it’s all plants from Japan then yes lah that’s amazing. But hello, Malaysian flora is not of interest to me.

The travelling photographer tries to capture the canopy high above him.

The travelling photography continues with his journey.

At one of those little resting huts, the roof had a hole in it. I found an angle that showed the biggest amount of sunlight and managed to get this shot. I love it.

Like a real trek. I hate trekking by the way. Did it once in Redang. Walked for almost 2km. Almost died. Never again. My Uncle Yew Pun was telling me about his trek up Mount Kinabalu. Climbing in the dark and reaching the peak by sunrise. That is pure endurance. I must kowtow.

See the hiaupor outside Colmar Tropicale, the French Village.

The french Village is not much la. Just one stretch of things looking like a real french village. Bukit Tinggi’s French Village has potential but needs to do something about its boringness.

The inside of Colmar Tropicale.

They were selling bubble guns everywhere. And I like the way the bubbles turned out in this photo. It’s almost like the bubbles in Disney’s Cinderella. Remember the part were Cinderella and the prince were dancing…? Or issit another scene where the mice were helping her with housework? I remember the bubbles were that colour and the images of the dancing couple/mice at work could be seen in the bubbles.

Wah really like castle!

They kept swans below the bridge.

Someswan’s getting a suntan.

I still had somemore Haw Flakes(didn’t manage to give it all to the fishes) so decided to give them to the black swans. They ate it you know! Some kid came along with a packet of Honeystar cereals, and they ate that too!

And if you throw the Haw Flake/Honeystar into the water, the swans will dip their heads into the water to retrieve the fallen food. And then get water droplets on its head, with the sunlight illuminating them looking like diamonds scattered all over.

Colourful windmills were on sale. And other paraphernalia that you shouldn’t waste your money on.

Dad took a photo of the clown. Damn funny la the clown’s pose! He asked my dad, “You’re a photographer?” my dad was like, “You’re a clown?”

Rabbit farm was not as fun as I expected it to be. Sick looking rabbits everywhere.

And somewere just too active.

but do check out my hair in this photo. Funny how the wind can just lift a few (oily)strands up. It’s like I have tentacles or something. Feelers?

Since I’ve been to Genting so many times with so many photos, might as well save you the predictable shots and just skip the whole Genting bit. We only arrived at 5pm and didn’t even play any rides.

BUTTT..BUTTTTTT.. this is a milestone.. I’ve finally managed to go into the casino! The First World one that is. Not the original one, but still!!

My grandma asked me to put on a coat because she reckoned that I wouldn’t be able to go in because according to her, I was ‘shabbily dressed’ in my baby t-shirt and jeans. But I would’ve looked like more of a kid if I donned my baby blue terry jacket with a bright pink flower stitched on the left chest pocket.

But anyway, I went in with a very bored expression. Trying my best to fool the guards you know.

Don’t know whether to be depressed that they didn’t ask me for my IC or to be happy.

But it was so fun to be able to look at the inside of the casino! I was oohing and aahing … and then got bored 5 minutes later.

Alot of disturbing looking characters all around. At the one-arm-bandit machines, there were many women seating with their legs up without their shoes looking like they owned the place. At the blackjack tables, old aunties were shouting “PIK CHURE! PIK CHURE!!” and looking every bit the big mafia boss.(Com’n, sunnies inside a casino? Please la.)

My grandma loves her roulette so much. Digital one somemore. And she has her system one whenever she comes up to Genting. She bets small and then she bets her losses so that she can win back what she lost. She won RM200 with the capital of RM200! Not too bad! And that was before she had dinner.

Since Dad, Mum, Jacq and I didn’t want to stay in Genting for the night as the two of them(Dad and Jacq that is. Mum and I could sleep till lunch time. Well, maybe just me. Mum wakes up early too.) had work to do on Monday, we went down to Gohtong Jaya to have dinner. One of the best place to have dinner, i tell you!
We saw shops selling old school toys.

No trip to one of the highlands is complete without buying fruits and vegetables back.

The bananas were smelling good!

But we all love durian. Dad and I and mum especially. Mmmmm..