Shopaholics Unite! Party This Sunday! (You’re All Invited!)

I have been extremely frustrated with the internet back in Subang Jaya for the past few days. It’s not me, it’s streamyx. Calling the customer service at Streamyx didn’t help at all. The lady on the other end was repeating everything I was saying.

Stupid lady: Please tell me all your trouble shooting efforts.
Me: I unplugged and plugged back everything, I connected with the direct line without the splitter.
Stupid Lady: Oh I see, you unplugged and plugged back everything, you connected with the direct line with the splitter. Okay.
Me: Hello?
Stupid Lady: Yes. Er..okay, is the DSL light blinking?
Me: No. I told you just now.
Stupid lady: Oh I see, the DSL light is not blinking.
Me: Erm hello? Anyway, it’s been more than 24 hours…
Stupid lady: Oh I see, more than 24 hours.
-I didn’t bother to make anymore noise-
Stupid lady: Okay, for the next two days, we will check what’s wrong from our side. Then only we’ll send a technician over.

WTF. Two days?? Why so incompetent! Well, anyway, yeah, so that explains the lack of updates. I’m so sick of not having the internet that I’ve sewed buttons onto tops that pop open because of my, well..the width of my chest area.

Nevermind, anyway I have something to delight your mundane lives! (Sorry, it’s just me living in denial. Doesn’t mean that when my life feels mundane, all of your lives should as well. My bad.)

This Sunday, which is the 6th of May, there will be a shopping party by the girls from Shopaholics Unite! The girls, Felicia and Leng, have really good taste in clothes. Trust me, when you check out their selection, you’ll be overwhelmed. I’m not pimping them as a favour you know(as with most of the other posts about things in my pimping category).. it’s because I’m REALLY REALLY in love with the clothings there. And how can I ask them to throw a party for me alone right?

So here I am, inviting you babes who are in dire need of beautiful clothes to teman me this Sunday.

Shopaholics Unite! is a shopping party service set up by two friends, Felicia and Leng, as mentioned, who have excellent tastes in clothes. But so what, everybody can find beautiful things. However, NOT everybody can find beautiful things that are SO affordable! I’m talking RM35, RM40 and the most expensive is about RM60 odd.

What you can also do is to order the clothes off their blog! However, you gotta be quick because they sell out really fast. They will even mail you your orders! But of course, if you want to see how it looks on your body, come come come commmeee..please come! I don’t want to be alone okay:(

Now, I know this might seem alot of words to you but just read lah, the photo evidences are at the bottom and I swear*holds both hands up*, they are extremely beautiful.

If you’re already hooked(but if you’re not, it means you have yet to see their clothes), then here are the details for the party:

Date: 6th May
Address: L-3-7, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas
The map is here:
Time: 11am-3pm

Remember to RSVP OKAY!: email Felicia and Leng at or you can even email me ya..! Must RSVP one okay! Later not enough clothes for you, you don’t cry.

They hold their parties at Leng’s(or Felicia’s?) workplace, the office of the famous dating service Lunch Actually.

That’s where we’ll be seeing beautiful clothes, ladies!

Well, Leng has been very kind to give me directions to the place because I know nothing about Hartamas.. but I DO know how to get to Mutiara Damansara, so she wrote directions for me from there. And I think everybody knows how to get to Mutiara Damansara so I shall share the directions with you.

Her directions are bloody fantastic! I dragged Melody to do a driving rehearsal(haha) on Friday night and I didn’t get lost AT ALL!!

Bet you can’t miss this if you pass by the building.


1. Take the Penchala Link from Mutiara Damansara.

2. Once you’ve turned out of Persiaran Surian, you’re now on the LDP. (Well, I’m not sure where Persiaran Sultan is, but I think if you turn out of The Curve, and you’ll find yourself having to turn left at the highway, then you’re on the right track. Keep left ok!)

3. Keep left cause you will see about 10 meters up the road a ramp that says “Penchala Link” on the left.

4. Go up the Penchala Link and follow signs to ‘Sri Hartamas’.

5. You’ll keep going on the penchala link, past the toll, the roads will split, just follow the one that says ‘Sri Hartamas’.

6. Then you’ll pass the tunnel yes? Remember to make a wish okay before entering the tunnel! Urban legend has it that if you make a wish before entering the tunnel and holding your breath all the way till the end of the tunnel, your wish might just come true!! (this always cracks me up considering the tunnel is only about 3 years old and there’s an urban legend already! Mel and I were bursting with laughter while trying to hold our breaths and then spraying the windscreen with our saliva because of the compressed air in our mouth. I washed the car today, yes.)

7. Then you will get off the Penchala link and end up at a traffic light underneath a flyover.

8. Take a left at this traffic light, then you’ll reach a T-junction.

9. Take a left, you will drive by some houses on your left and right, just keep driving and you’ll see Plaza Damas up ahead. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it 🙂

To those who know my number can email me and if you get lost, at least I can do something to help(by giving you Leng’s number).

That’s how they do the parties.

Remember to bring your friends! The more the merrier!

Okay, now, BE DAZZLED:

Beautiful shoes! I’m not sure what other shoes they have but you can check their blog!

Ooooh, like a conservative corset!

Very decent, very chick!

Naughty yes, but okay for university!

Nice right? They really love their belts.. but so does every other girl who loves the current trends!

Belts and more belts! Plus accessories too!

Complicated tops are very interesting.

Simple, girly and then completed with accessories and a black sash around the waist.

Very very beautiful, huh? Besides fantastic choices, they also draw their inspiration from timeless beauties.

They did an entry about the pieces donned by Audrey Hepburn.

Now, look at the top below.

Somewhat similiar, ya?

This was inspired by Drew Barrymore’s character in Music and Lyrics. Pity, I seem to have misplaced the screenshot of that one.

Skinny jeans!

In white!

The style that can be found in every other boutique these days. Thank you Melbourne!

Innovative ways to wear a skinny belt!

I’m thinking …leprechauns but in brown.

Functionally sexy, mmm!

This is something I would wear. Casually simple. But also hope that I don’t look like a bak chang in this.

Polka dots are always cute.

For you maybe, but you’ll have to close your eyes if I wear this.

And racerbacks! With innovative improvisations! Leather strings tied around the straps? Ingenious!!

Camisoles for me!! Hope to see some next Sunday. 

I didn’t put up ALL the clothes that they have on my blog though it certainly looked like I did that. Go to their blog ya to look at more stuff. Well, anyway, hope to see all you babes there this Sunday!! Please come okay!