Catching Up With Everyone

My head is fuzzy…….. I just got back from a 3 hour long Genting trip with Chee Kiang, Daryl, Justin and Pei Sze and I’ve got like an accumulation of outings’ photos to post up and yet I am procrastinating. I know it’s not good to be coming home past two four four consecutive days but this is my compensation for being in Kedah.

Went swimming with Chee Kiang at Villa on Wednesday night. Was quite afraid of getting electrocuted as the skies were threatening the onset of a storm. The entire olympic sized pool was empty that night. It was fun as I have not gone swimming…since..OH MY FUCKING GOD…since before National Service! But then it started to drizzle.. =

We went to Hartamas at 12am for mamak with Daryl, Justin, Jonathan(Ooi!) and Eu-Foh! It’s great catching up with them and they entertained me with their PD trip stories and BIG FAT JUICY GOSSIPS that has strangely been kept away from the ears of THE Jolene Lai. BIG FAT JUICY ONE YEAR OLD GOSSIPS. Gah. Any interested ex-SMK Subang Utama ke po chi can ask me about it if curiosity gets the better of you. Tee-hee.

But it’s always good to catch up with old friends. Daryl was my form2 classmate. Justin and Jonathan were my primary school mates. Chee Kiang and Eu Foh were my classmates in form4 and form5.

Justin shi sha-ing at Devi’s Corner.

They pretended to be stoned because it was only hours after the closure of their PD trip and they have not gotten enough sleep yet.
l-r: Jonathan, Justin, Daryl, Chee Kiang, Eu Foh

It is not a habit, but it has been long proposed for the gang to pay a visit to Luna Bar. Yes, again. But this time, I can say for sure that this batch of photos are the MOST beautiful ones I’ve ever gotten from the place. Feast your eyes..

L-r: Sush and Manda

l-r: Myself and Sush

l-r: Mun Teng and myself

L-r: Mel, Mun Teng, Sush


l-r: Chien, Amanda, Mel

l-r: me, Chien, Manda I finally learnt the magic of slow shutter speed. Pretty?

Now you have a clear photo of the much hyped about alcoves.

THE swimming pool in the middle of the bar.

Couldn’t stop getting excited with my new found discovery – slow shutter speed. Beautiful reflection, no?

Beautiful Chien with beautiful lighting.

The mother of all camwhoring techniques. I propped the camera up with some coasters, an ashray and an upside down cup and set the timer and used slow shutter speed. Chung Lern will be so proud of me.

Mel in a similiar pose.

Amanda wanted one too. Love the reflection again.

Sush looks amazing here.

How can I not want one of myself in that pose too? Hehehe.

One is not enough. At least this one is sharper.

I put the camera on the table, LCD screen facing the table surface and snapped the Christmas deco.

After awhile it started to rain. The heavy clouds were well illuminated by the lights from the city. It was almost as bright as daylight even thought it was about 10pm.

l-r: Me, Mun Teng, Mel

It’s a must.


Mel looking sweet here.

A view of the bar.

After awhile, the guys arrived. Kevin, Marcus, Chun Meng, E-Guy, Barry and Chun Guan. Admittedly, all in all it was a fun night la. Despite the earlier misunderstandings:P Sorry people.

l-r: Kevin, Sush, Mel

Oh!!! Lydia actually came with her boyfriend Tek Jian and her friends. Fancy bumping into her here.
l-r: Me, Lydia, Tek Jian, Vern Lyn(?), Jessie(?)

One of us together.

Now that I’ve discovered slow shutter speed and the timer function and learning how to prop it on a stable surface ala tripod style, it’s time to snap panaromic shots of the skyline. Here you go!

Tell me it’s not beautiful?:D

More lights.

Couldn’t find a good surface to get a nice view of the KL Tower. But this is good enough!

Perhaps the most beautiful photo in all the photos I’ve ever taken in Luna Bar.

L-r: Chun Guan and I.
My top was too low and my cleavage was NOT a sexy line. It was like a friggin Chanel logo. The two Cs joining together back to back that type. Damn obscene. So, yeah, censored. Do not be surprised that I have my “conservative” moments.

l-r: Marcus, Kevin, Chun Meng, Mel, Chun Guan and Myself

A very nice photo of e-Guy and Mel. I’m sure my classmate back in Kedah will be like printing this picture out from my blog because she thinks E-Guy’s really really really cute. This picture is a really good one of him!

L-r: “Charlie” and Mel.

An okay shot of the guys. I didn’t frame this pic too well.

L-r: Me, E-Guy, Kevin

L-r: me, Kevin

I think Kevin was drunk that night. When we stopped at a traffic light after Luna Bar, he got out of Chun Meng’s car, and came knocking on my car. Then ran back to CHun Meng’s car. At another traffic light, he poked his head out of the sunroof and waved madly at us.

l-r: me, E-Guy, Barry

Sean and manda. <3. Sean brought his twin brother Rudy and a couple of other friends along that night.

Another panaromic view of a part of the city.

l-r: Mel, Sush, Me, and Chien


l-r: Kevin, Chun Meng


OK, that is REALLY Genting Highlands. The last time I managed a shot of Genting Highlands was with my ancient Sony Cybershot and even then it was like a blur of yellow lights.

The mezzanine floor. (the area above the main bar).

We stayed until 1am and even KLCC had turned off their lights.

A strange thing happened. A doctor from USJ had a patient who has a sister who was going for National Service on the 1st of January 2006.(so pityful). She was worried about national service and the doctor referred her to ME with my blog address/email address, I’m not sure which.

Anyway, the girl added me on MSN and we got chatting. She’s from USJ12’s school and just finished her SPM and was shit worried about national service. Who wouldn’t be?

I met up with her on Thursday morning in McD’s Taipan with my national service photos and letters between me and Weng Lum and gave her my blog entries as well for preparation.

hahahaha, the poor girl is a banana too. I hope the first batch is far better than the third batch. I mean the first batch usually don’t have a choice and so even the educated ones have not started their tertiary education yet? Whereelse the third batch, it’s like even if the educated ones got it, they’d defer.

This is Marie. Wish her luck!

This is Yang Ching and she was my kindergarten classmate and we were the best of friends back then. Sadly, growing up in different schools(she was studying in SMSJ) kind of got us drifted away and for years we’ve been meaning to catch up.

Finally we did some bonding over mamak in USJ9. Surprisingly we can still click SO well despite not talking to each other properly for nearly 6-7 years.

One night when we were 7 years old and were in her mother’s car somewhere in USJ Taipan, we got really bored waiting for her mother to be done with her chores and we decided to play “pretend”. We pretended that we were old enough to go shop for bra and panties together. Because shopping for lingerie is what adults did and it would be so fun.

We played alot of things together. From masak-masak.. to Polly taking down all the cushions in my house and building a fort together…to excluding my then very little brother from all our ‘big girl games’…to throwing my brother on her pokey grass….to gushing about our crushes and covering each other’s mouths when one of us threatened to spill it to our parents… we went swimming together….and ‘watered the plants’ together…

It was so fun lah. So yeah, she’s my childhood friend. She’ll definitely be invited to my wedding when I DO get married. Hahaha.

She was my classmate for two years! We both had a crush on this little boy called Derek(2nd row, 2nd from left) who sat at our table. My I-hate-boys phase never happened.

Yang Ching was my first friend in kindergarten. She was the one patting me on my back when I was crying on my first day back in 1992 as I was the new-girl-who-came-from-that-Petaling Jaya-kindergarten.

A close up. She’s the one on the left in the front row. I’m the one on the right in the back row. The one next to her is Li-Lynn, who was from SMK Seafield and is also a PTS!

Our graduation class picture in 1993!! Hehehe. The boy in the back row 4th from left is Joash Tan. Most Subang Utama people would know who he is.

It’s not too difficult to spot me. Yang Ching’s the 2nd one from right in the row below mine. The Chinese boy above her was her second crush in kindergarten. hehehe, she fell for him because he used to share his Tupperware food with her. So cute. My crush is the partial little boy on my right. He was quite a bastard to me as he was in this “I hate girls” phase throughout kindergarten. I was suffering in silence. LOL.

This morning I managed to catch up with Esther, Mun Teng, LiPengAndEdison and V-ng Yan(whom some of us have not seen since SPM finished!!).

l-r: Mun Teng, Esther, V-ng Yan, Me, Li Peng

We suddenly realised that it was almost like a 3 Cekap reunion! We were all in the same class back in form3! But V-ng Yan was my standard 6 classmate, and Li Peng was my classmate from form2 right up till form5! It felt SO weird to not have her sitting next to me after that. Can also be considered an exSR SS19 reunion. Since all of us except Esther and Edison were from SR SS19 Subang Jaya.

Li Peng and her VERY buff Edison(what you did laa?)

I can’t imagine that this is their..*takes out calculator* OHMIGOD, 6th year together. Amazing…too amazing. But so sweet!!:)

I’ll post the Genting photos in another entry. If I don’t manage another entry, Happy New Year to everybody, okay?

BerTong Yuening

Li Shen thought that it would be nice to celebrate Winter Solstice and have tong yuen together-gether just like how we would if we were with family during these festive times.

My parents don’t even take note of the Winter Solstice festival. It was different when my grandparents were around. They’d make cute round balls of white and pink in sugar water and we’d have bowls and bowls of it till we’re so stuffed and hyper.

It’s amazing that someone of my generation actually knows how to make these glutinous balls and she’s pretty good at it too! Silly woman kept muttering, “Ngo hor yu kah chut ge la”(I can marry liao) over and over again as she ‘chai’ed the pulut.

We invited the entire class over because it’s nice to end the term with a little party. We thought we could bring the cliques in the class to form a tighter group, but in the end, there were still some boundaries that many could not cross.

But who cares.. it was the process of rolling them glutinous flour balls that maketh the spirit of Winter Solstice.

And in true Jolene spirit, I had to ruin it for Li Shen by making flower shape tong yuen, cube shaped tong yuen, snowman tongyuen(for Christmas!), Koala-Bear-NOT-PIG! tong yuen, boobies tong yuen and smiley face tong yuen! So pretty!!

Lie Yuen and Li Shen rolling the balls.

This is how she chais the pulut.

Skill wei..

See the cute cubes? Hehehe

She put me in charge of the soup. Gula Melaka with pandan leaves. Smelt absolutely heavenly. Mmmm.

Now, who would’ve thought?! PINK TONG YUEN!! YAYYY!!

Pink tong yuen stacked up.

I was just testing the soup, really.

Some of the other classmates arrived and helped to make somemore glutinous balls.
l-r: Narjit, Pei Zhi, Xin Yi, Chee Wen, Li Shen, Cze Yin and Lie Yuen

Me and my snowman!


It was in great demand,my pink flowers.

So nice and fluffy right??

I think they look especially cuter when they are in the water.

L-r: Li Shen and Josiah

My Snowman drowning in Gula Melaka water.

Love the texture!

More of the classmates.

l-r: Cze Yin, Lydia, Carol, Brenda and Me.

A cool photo of the classmates, taken from our staircase.

I bought a toy gun recently to shoot the cockroaces(a story for another day). Here’s a pic of Sett trying to shoot Maxis’ manhood.

Nipples are nice to shoot.

Desmond was trying to hold Magesh down while Yan Rui aims at his crotch.

Top l-r: Me, Lydia, Carol, Brenda, Wuan Phing, Lie Yuen, Jamie
Bottom l-r: Ee Chia, Cze Yin

We were so bored that we even played Happy Family. Remember the game? But we did not have any patience for it. A sign that we’ve really grown up since we last played Happy Family in kindergarten. 🙂 In this picture you can see that the other classmates were playing a game and the girls were excluded. I suppose when you play kindergarten games, you gotta deal with kindergarten type of attitudes as well. ;

The Sweet Years

A little something for dear chee kiang who’s missing me while he sits under the stars in Port Dickson. 🙂

The Sweet Years

When I was 13,
Keying in data on the library computers,
I leant over and extorted your email address from you,
And you didn’t even know my name.

When I was 14,
We were brought together,
By two people who broke our hearts.
And then you gave deriratives of my name,
From Joey to Jo,
To the new baby rabbits you found one morning.
I remember how you’d stop to talk,
Everyday after school.

When I was 15,
It was cold in the highlands,
So I grabbed on to your hands,
And you did not let me go.
I know you were watching me closely,
As I pretended to sleep that night.

When I was 16,
We danced in our own rhythm,
On the eve of my 17th birthday,
Which was our school prom.
The music got slower,
And our faces came closer,
In the dim of the light,
I broke the magic,
As I bent down,
To inspect some confetti.
I was too shy to kiss.

When I was 17,
I realised how much I missed you,
Letters came from across the causeway,
As we finalized our going-ons,
So that we can stop playing games,
And do it for real this time.

When I was 18,
You gave a trail of kisses across my cheek,
And it led on to my lips.
A kiss shared 33 stories above the city,
Oblivious to the glittering skyline,
A memory I will hold dear.

My Housemates Are At War

Housemates problems again. I can’t believe I did not blog about this soon enough.

I’m not allowed to say exactly which of my housemates had a screaming fit with Vinnie, but it was a show worth watching. Housemate X was peeved at the way Vinnie came up with a million and one excuses to avoid doing their dentistry project. On the first day she said she had to cut her hair, her hair was still long the following day. On the second occasion, she said that she had a flat tyre. We heard that she was shopping in the one and only go-able shopping mall in Sungai Petani.

Housemate X really wanted to sound Vinnie. She smsed me and told me that she was really really angry already. So I dared her to come downstairs and tell Vinnie off. She was scared.

Then I trash talked her and I think she got pretty worked up because she came downstairs and spoke in a very aggressive tone to Vinnie. After awhile, the tone of the argument rised and I got excited and took out my recorder.

Vinnie, not pleased, followed Housemate X up the stairs and into her room to fight back. She kept saying, “I DON’T LIKE THE WAY YOU TALK TO ME. YOU’RE ONLY THE ASSISTANT, NOT THE HEAD. WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME LIKE THIS?”

I could not possibly miss this for the world. There was finally a showdown to this entire situation. So I went upstairs on the pretext of “calming down the fight”, but not before pressing the on button on my recorder. Hahaha. This is the first time in my life I’ve seen a proper catfight. Yeah!




Vinnie crossed her arm and shook her head, “SACRIFICE IS A GREEAAT WORD.”

I know I’m mean but I was damn amused because they’ve hated each other since day 1. I sat down on the floor and threw in the occasional, “hey, chill lah, don’t fight lah, calm down wei…eh, don’t lah..” but most of the time I was just looking at them intently. They were really screaming!

At one point they looked at me and I did a hand motion of “hey, calm down, calm down,” but nearly did the hand motion for “carry on!!” ..LOL

They fought for a grand record of 14 minutes. I’m also amazed that throughout the entire argument not ONE curse word was uttered. It ended with the both of them swearing never to talk to one another again. I was waiting for the grand finale of a slamming door but Vinnie did no such thing. Haih, wasted.

I told Housemate X that I recorded it and thought she’d laugh along. But I think I nearly got pummelled to death by her and so my 14 minutes worth of catfight was deleted. 🙁

Not only that. Narjit who is Vinnie’s room mate is really hating Vinnie now. They are full blown enemies. They’ve progressed from not talking to calling each other names. Narjit has not succumbed to name calling yet though.

One morning, Vinnie woke up earlier than Narjit and put her towel in the toilet to “chup” the space. And since their bathroom has no hot water, she boiled hot water to bathe with later. Narjit woke up and asked her, “If you’re not going to bathe first, I’m going to bathe,”. Then Vinnie looked up from her boiling kettle and gave a bitchy and resounding, “No!”.

Obviously Narjit was pissed right, so Narjit just went into the bathroom, ignoring Vinnie. As Narjit was undressing, Vinnie kicked the bathroom door open(they have a faulty lock) and said, “Bitch!!”

Wah lau wei.

Narjit was nearly in tears. She can’t fight back because she’s afraid that Vinnie will blackmail her by telling her parents about her having a boyfriend.

The two girls are starting to separate their items in their room. Vinnie has always been using one of Narjit’s cloth to line her table. She returned it to Narjit and Narjit saw a pink highlighter mark on it. She told Vinnie, “You better wash this off before giving it to me I tell you,”

Vinnie threw it in the dustbin and said, “Bitch.”

Wtf!! My household problems. Haha. We haven’t seen Vinnie in days, rumours has it is that she has moved out. But I doubt so. 🙁

She still drives at the speed of a snail and causes traffic jams in Sg. Petani.

That aside, I’ll be going to Vietnam on Saturday and will only return on the 27th! Yay!!

I’ll try to look for a dog meat stall and take a photo of it. I will paste it in Angel’s room to remind her what happens to dogs who do not listen to their owners.

It’ll be a well deserved break:) One psychology presentation, one dentistry project, one physiology test… all over for now!

But it was a good week.:) Chee Kiang came to visit me in Kedah before going to see his grandmother in Penang.

Seems like all boyfriends from KL came up this week. To quote Yan Rui, “Why suddenly all the KL boyfriends come up eh?”

Lydia’s bf Tek Jian(sp?) who lives in KL and studies in UK came up to see her for a few days and even Vinnie went off to frolick with her USJ6 boyfriend. Whoever that is. Hmph.

We even threw a Winter Solstice Party at our hostel and invited almost the entire class. Pictures won’t be up so soon.

Celebrating Wuan Phing’s 20th Birthday!
l-r: Me, Cze-Yin, Yan Rui, Narjit, Lishen, Wuan Phing, Xiong Khee, Lie Yuen, Tek Jian, Lydia

So nice right the effect of the candles!

This group was assigned to do Kedah as their case. They were to collect information about the dental services in Kedah and put it up on a poster.

Another group’s project.

Tell me that my group’s poster is an ingenious one! We cut the districts out and put them back together as little cards with flaps in the shape of the districts.


I finally found the reason why my room has so many cockroaches. I hung this on the kitchen’s window.

When we’re bored…..

Courtesy of Jamie. And I have hairy legs.ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Our completed work!

Must pose somemore.

L-r: Me, Lydia
Camwhoring while waiting for the lecturer to conduct another round of blood tests on us.

l-r: Jimmy, Maxis and Chuan Hong

Me pan hiau…… I look pregnant here right? It’s the contour of my posture I’m telling you!!

l-r: Jimmy, Maxis

Ah Thong sleeping or mocking me(I was in that posture minutes before the picture was taken due to excruciating period pains).