BerTong Yuening

Li Shen thought that it would be nice to celebrate Winter Solstice and have tong yuen together-gether just like how we would if we were with family during these festive times.

My parents don’t even take note of the Winter Solstice festival. It was different when my grandparents were around. They’d make cute round balls of white and pink in sugar water and we’d have bowls and bowls of it till we’re so stuffed and hyper.

It’s amazing that someone of my generation actually knows how to make these glutinous balls and she’s pretty good at it too! Silly woman kept muttering, “Ngo hor yu kah chut ge la”(I can marry liao) over and over again as she ‘chai’ed the pulut.

We invited the entire class over because it’s nice to end the term with a little party. We thought we could bring the cliques in the class to form a tighter group, but in the end, there were still some boundaries that many could not cross.

But who cares.. it was the process of rolling them glutinous flour balls that maketh the spirit of Winter Solstice.

And in true Jolene spirit, I had to ruin it for Li Shen by making flower shape tong yuen, cube shaped tong yuen, snowman tongyuen(for Christmas!), Koala-Bear-NOT-PIG! tong yuen, boobies tong yuen and smiley face tong yuen! So pretty!!

Lie Yuen and Li Shen rolling the balls.

This is how she chais the pulut.

Skill wei..

See the cute cubes? Hehehe

She put me in charge of the soup. Gula Melaka with pandan leaves. Smelt absolutely heavenly. Mmmm.

Now, who would’ve thought?! PINK TONG YUEN!! YAYYY!!

Pink tong yuen stacked up.

I was just testing the soup, really.

Some of the other classmates arrived and helped to make somemore glutinous balls.
l-r: Narjit, Pei Zhi, Xin Yi, Chee Wen, Li Shen, Cze Yin and Lie Yuen

Me and my snowman!


It was in great demand,my pink flowers.

So nice and fluffy right??

I think they look especially cuter when they are in the water.

L-r: Li Shen and Josiah

My Snowman drowning in Gula Melaka water.

Love the texture!

More of the classmates.

l-r: Cze Yin, Lydia, Carol, Brenda and Me.

A cool photo of the classmates, taken from our staircase.

I bought a toy gun recently to shoot the cockroaces(a story for another day). Here’s a pic of Sett trying to shoot Maxis’ manhood.

Nipples are nice to shoot.

Desmond was trying to hold Magesh down while Yan Rui aims at his crotch.

Top l-r: Me, Lydia, Carol, Brenda, Wuan Phing, Lie Yuen, Jamie
Bottom l-r: Ee Chia, Cze Yin

We were so bored that we even played Happy Family. Remember the game? But we did not have any patience for it. A sign that we’ve really grown up since we last played Happy Family in kindergarten. 🙂 In this picture you can see that the other classmates were playing a game and the girls were excluded. I suppose when you play kindergarten games, you gotta deal with kindergarten type of attitudes as well. ;