I Am A Push Over

Every year in Taylor’s College, when a batch of students leave to make way for the next batch, the former will take advantage of the newbies and pedal our textbooks to them. Since the second intake for A-levels came in last Monday, Esther, Hsien, me and a few others threw our books into the car this morning and set up stall in the grounds of Taylor’s College.

Business was o-kay lah. I actually made RM250 from my books. I managed to sell them for more than half the price. My photocopied books(about 20 of them) are left untouched. So sad. Anybody want to buy? Going at RM5 regardless of titles. Email me for the titles.

There were some really cheeky customers who haggled with me. I asked for RM70 for a RM109 book that I have hardly used. Original, somemore. She said, “RM50 la..”
And I said, “Rm65…can lahh…. ” and then she said, “Aiyooooo… Rm 60 la… you so pretty.”.. and I stupidly said, “oklaaaaaaa..”. Now come to think of it, that was such a cheap shot. Calling me pretty and asking me for a low price. I was perhaps temporarily inflated and had no space for brain work.


Same goes for a few other books. I could have hit RM300 if only I wasn’t so soft. But what to do? If you want to get rid of your books..:( And after I sold the biological science books, another girl came up to me and saw the price list and said that those were very good prices and she would have bought them for RM80(as stated), not Rm65 like how I was so silly to give in to. CAN I PLEASE BANG MY HEAD ON THE WALL? I need to learn the art of haggling.

Boxes of photocopied books. Apparently earlier in the morning, a lady from Taylor’s College confisticated all the photocopied books that were displayed. So, better to play safe and hide them in a box. 🙂

My price list and my measely display.

The spot where we pedaled our books together.

Part of the crowd who were trying to take advantage of the newbies as well.

Esther and Charles

Very pitiful leh, nobody want to buy Chemistry Dictionary.(I know, wtf?)
Photo inspired by Kimberlycun. Though my muka kesian not as cute as her’s lah. Need more practice.

l-r: Soon Seng, Wei Xian, Me

l-r: Me, Eleanor, Chester

l-r: Esther, Kwo Kuang, Me. Forgive my boobs for looking obscenely huge. It’s not me, it’s the bra. It’s the scary bra.

l-r: Esther, Hsien, Tanya

Our books combined.

Kay Hong who is currently working as a HAHAHAHAHAAH, head HAHAHAHAHAHHAA publisher at HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH Aus Ed HAHAHAHAHAHAH earning HAHAHAHAHAHHAA a shitload of money that can HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA buy a 3G phone HAHAHAHAHHA came to disturb us. I asked him if he needs to get back to work and he said, “No need lah, now faxing things.” -_-;.

This is Kay Hong who managed to juggle three jobs back in 2002 at the same time: Focus Point, Holiday Villa and Sushi King(he got fired from Sushi King. Hahahaha). At the same time he even applied for a position at Miss Selfridge(“So can see leng lui!”)He was also working in Buy Sell Trade and would work for 1 hour to distribute flyers when he should be working for 5 hours. I love this guy, he really does the craziest things to entertain the people around him.

l-r: Kay Hong, Me, Esther

Waiting for customers. Amanda got that fluffy pen for me when she went to UK.

Hsien and her classmates.
l-r: Li Suen, Tanya, Hsien, Alicia and Galven.

Hsien and I

Li Suen and Kay Hong the hamsap


l-r: Eleanor, Shi Wei, Esther, Aileen and me.

Dhivia and i!

Kwo Kuang and I. Purposely one la the fella. Hmph.

Our measely stall.

Kat and Kok Weng. They’ve been together ever since they were in form2! Amazing man, that is half a decade okay??

After lunch, Esther and I went to Pyramid to join David, Li Peng, Edison, Jiun Haw and Tze Leet for a movie. We decided to watch The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Ok-only lah, the show.

Decided to drop in on Siew Kin who is currently working in Adidas. Ehehehe, my god, he is so red, blending in with the wall and all.

I dropped one of my earrings underneath the seats after the movie. Thank god for handphones with lights.

Ooh! I’ve never done this before. Camwhoring underneath the chairs in TGV. Now, now, don’t shake your head at me. I know my hair is yucky here, shaddap.

The national service letter has finally arrived!!!!!!! I actually whooped happily when I saw it on the table.

I am…actually looking ..er forward to it. Er.. ehehhe. Strange hor?

Ended the night hanging out with Chien at Starbucks. Her treat. 😛 According to her, it’s her turn since I paid for her dinner during the PPS bash. Had to do something lah since they were so kind as to teman me to the bash. 🙂

What I Might Blog About: At Age 26

2 July, 2013:

I’ve finally handed in my resignation letter at the lab where I have been working at ever since I graduated. The plan was to gain experience at cosmetic giants and come up with my own line of cosmetics. Life’s good at the moment since I have all the contacts. It was good doing all that networking.

Last night, The Boyfriend took me out to one of the fancier eateries near my workplace. I felt that the offer was a little strange as we’re both victims of the urban lifestyle, spending more than we can afford and have recently vowed to cut back to safe for a better future.(Haha!) But he insisted and I will not say no to good food.

I did ask him what the special occasion was and he had this playful smile on.

I thought to myself, Shit, is this the day? Omigod. He is going to ask me to marry him. Am I ready for this? Is this it?! This can’t be it. IS HE THE ONE?!

I regained my composure and tried to act nonchalant.

We arrived at the restaurant and I felt abit out of place in my work clothes. If tonight was the night he was going to ask me to marry him, why didn’t he send me home to change into something nice? I consoled myself by thinking perhaps he prefers it to be spontaneous. Fair enough, fair enough.

We took the window seats which had a view of the city by night. I’ve always been a sucker for a beautiful skyline. Especially with the lights, somewhat glittering.

This is almost perfect, I thought.

I tried looking at him to see if he was giving away anything, any body language that I can immediately decode.

The maitre d’ brought a bottle of red wine and my eyes widened in shock, I hissed, “We’re trying to save here, aren’t we?”.

He ignored me and nodded his approval and the maitre d’ came back with a couple of wine glasses. After the maitre d’ left, he cleared his throat and said, “Uh, Jolene, I think you should know that I’ve been meaning to do this.”

I choked on my red wine and I felt a little bit go up my nostrils.

He reached into his pocket and my heart thumped a thousand beats per minute. I held my breath as he pulled out – Oh, it was his handphone. And there I was thinking it would be a red velvet box. He went off to take the call and I looked out the window.

I was having the jitters. I’m so old already, it’s time. How can I be having the jitters?!

The Boyfriend came back from his phone call and he gave me one of his smiles that I loved so much.

“Where were we?” he asked as he took another sip from his glass.

“Something about me knowing you’ve been meaning to be doing something lah…” I trailed off.

“Ah.. erm, I was thinking, we’ve been doing this thing..(he gestures between the both of us) for quite a while. I, uh, believe we should take this to the next level,” he reached over for my hand.

“ALL THIS OVER ONLY WINE?!” I squeaked a little too loudly. Inside I was screaming, hello!! Where’re the roses and the ring? THE RING GODAMMNIT.

“Uh, is there something else that I should do ah?” he looked puzzled.

“I DON’T KNOW LEH. What do you think, huh?” I was getting bitter.

“Uh…o-kayy. Nevermind, can I just get on with my question?” I don’t believe this.

He continued, “Do you think it’d be wise for us …Uh, are you ok, Jo??”

Perhaps the colour on my face went two shades lighter.

“…er, ya…. go..on.”, I stuttered.

“Will you come live me and my parents?” he rushed those words out and took another sip from his glass.

I shook my head and said, “What..?”

“Live with me. And my parents. I believe we are at that stage where we should try this whole live in thing already.”

I honestly did not know whether to laugh or cry. I’m not sure if I am ready to give up the comfort of my own bed. AND THERE I WAS THINKING ABOUT MARRIAGE. *smacks head*.

“Uhm, I don’t know, dear..wouldn’t I be imposing on your parents? Can’t we wait till we get our own place?” I tried talking some sense into him.

“I don’t know..just that my parents okay-ed the idea, and they were pretty keen,” he sighed.

I did not give him a definite answer that night as I wasn’t sure if I’d like to move in with his parents. I mean, they ARE nice and all but hello, too much of a good thing is ALWAYS a bad thing.

Come to think of it, if I don’t try it I’ll never know. Hm, perhaps I should give it a try. It’s good to challenge ourselves every once in awhile. I will miss my own bed though.:(

*This post is fictional. I’ve decided that when I am bored, I will spew out fictional entries that I might blog when I’m older and am still in the blogging scene. None about the next 5 years. Don’t want to keep my hopes up about anything or jinx anything. There will be more to come. I’m looking forward to writing about the one when I’m supposed to be 72 years old.

Because Board Games Are Free

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and so Esther, Eugin and I decided not to bum around the house. Armed with a couple of board games, we drove down to Kelana Jaya and rang David’s doorbell.

In the car Esther was saying, “Sigh, Jolene, when you go NS, who will do stupid things with me??”

So I am not THAT fat as the Monopoly board can still cover me.

David’s maid brought us Langsats/Lychee/Longanss to eat.

I was the only one eating it. In the words of Eugin, “EEEe.. Pig!” Hohoho.

Eugin fixing David’s guitar strings.

David stole the sign from Taylor’s College’s toilets and pasted it on his own.

After eating Langsats/Lychee/Longans, must wash hand. and camwhore.

Eugin and Esther

l-r: Eugin, Me and 1/4 Esther.

A nice one!

Esther, it’s only a game.

While waiting for David to bathe, we watched Southpark on his laptop. The last time Esther watched Southpark was at my house, about 5 years ago.

She was shocked beyond words. She had totally forgotten how evil the show was.

This is David. But he means well.

Eugin was being the rich bastard and eating up all the lands.

We watched Madagascar while we played Monopoly. The damn song is stuck in my head again. “I like ta move it move it, you like ta move it move it, we like ta, MOVE IT!” .. I can even do the dance steps now.

I will act coquettish for money.

David plays cheat while Eugin gets distracted by Madagascar.

l-r: me, Esther and David.

I was the only one without any properties after more than 10 rounds. How sad is that?

It’s bad enough that I was not getting any properties, I was having a bad streak of luck:

I had to spend 200 bucks to get out of jail.




And I’m in jail again. What the hell?

Me, raging.

Then Esther’s car ended up in jail as well. The only rational thing to do was to get my shoe to hump her car. 😀

However, Monopoly can get boring after awhile.

This is Eugin buat gaya with the swing and pond in David’s garden. The LIFE board game spoils the picture though.

What a lovely scenery.
l-r: Esther, David and me.

Having a dip in David’s pond. He was telling me that as a kid he would waddle around in the pool. He also mentioned the time when his brother Paul swung too hard on the swing and flew into the pond. Hahahaha.

He said there were kois… but I don’t see any.

Doing simple things like hanging out at each other’s places and playing silly things like monopoly is actually very enjoyable and most importantly they are free. Once in awhile, it’s surprising how fun things do not come with a price. We should do this often. 🙂

Sarcastic Lais

We were driving along that temporary u-turn near the Subang Police Station together and mum asked dad, “Do you know who owns the Jaya Square?”

Dad said, “Not me.”


I asked my brother to steal an old school magazine from the library as I have made friends with someone who was a senior in 1992(I was still in kindergarten) and would like to have a good giggle how the person looks like as a teenager.

His reply? “I will not risk my diciplinary records to satisfy your self amusement.”

So bitchy right? But it’s okay, we’re good. I gave my own bites back when I had the chance. That’s what all siblings do.


We brought my grandparents out to eat at Esquire Kitchen in Subang Parade just now and you know how grandparents are not so keen on walking around the shopping mall so they suggested that they would sit on a bench outside a jewelry shop to wait for us.

They hesistated because there was an old guard with a huge ass gun perched on one end of the bench. The guard noticed my grandparents and he enthusiastically tapped the seat next to him.

My grandmother had this “uh oh” look on her face.

We left my grandparents there and laughed as we walked off.

Apparently, the old guard was chatting up my grandmother. He asked her how old she was and she replied, “68”. 

The guard said, “Oh! I’m 72! Eh, I can see ah, when you were young, you must be really beautiful. Yes or not, Uncle?”

My grandfather(aged 74) who was leaning against the railings just shrugged and said, “Sure lah!”

My grandmother is not one to blush so they were even chatting about how many grandchildren they have and the security guard has 18 grand children and he chided my grandmother for having only 3 grand children. (“Aiyah! Why so few?”)

My grandmother huffily told us that the dude got boring after awhile and she said he was too chatty. Hehehe. It must be my grandmother’s orange hair that’s attracting him.

I was having a good laugh and I asked my grandfather, “Not angry meh Yeh Yeh?”

“Why should I be angry? Should be happy what! Still got people want to flirt with your Mama, it’s a compliment!”, he said as he gave his ‘I’m happy but I’m not letting it show on my face’ tight lipped expression.

Ehehe, grandparents these days. *shakes head*