Sarcastic Lais

We were driving along that temporary u-turn near the Subang Police Station together and mum asked dad, “Do you know who owns the Jaya Square?”

Dad said, “Not me.”


I asked my brother to steal an old school magazine from the library as I have made friends with someone who was a senior in 1992(I was still in kindergarten) and would like to have a good giggle how the person looks like as a teenager.

His reply? “I will not risk my diciplinary records to satisfy your self amusement.”

So bitchy right? But it’s okay, we’re good. I gave my own bites back when I had the chance. That’s what all siblings do.


We brought my grandparents out to eat at Esquire Kitchen in Subang Parade just now and you know how grandparents are not so keen on walking around the shopping mall so they suggested that they would sit on a bench outside a jewelry shop to wait for us.

They hesistated because there was an old guard with a huge ass gun perched on one end of the bench. The guard noticed my grandparents and he enthusiastically tapped the seat next to him.

My grandmother had this “uh oh” look on her face.

We left my grandparents there and laughed as we walked off.

Apparently, the old guard was chatting up my grandmother. He asked her how old she was and she replied, “68”. 

The guard said, “Oh! I’m 72! Eh, I can see ah, when you were young, you must be really beautiful. Yes or not, Uncle?”

My grandfather(aged 74) who was leaning against the railings just shrugged and said, “Sure lah!”

My grandmother is not one to blush so they were even chatting about how many grandchildren they have and the security guard has 18 grand children and he chided my grandmother for having only 3 grand children. (“Aiyah! Why so few?”)

My grandmother huffily told us that the dude got boring after awhile and she said he was too chatty. Hehehe. It must be my grandmother’s orange hair that’s attracting him.

I was having a good laugh and I asked my grandfather, “Not angry meh Yeh Yeh?”

“Why should I be angry? Should be happy what! Still got people want to flirt with your Mama, it’s a compliment!”, he said as he gave his ‘I’m happy but I’m not letting it show on my face’ tight lipped expression.

Ehehe, grandparents these days. *shakes head*