Just Because You’re In Authority

I lost my cool today.

The university has many designated parking areas for the students and some of the areas are so bloody far from our classrooms that we have to walk like 15 minutes and by the time we reach, we are already sweating and heaving and are no longer in the mood to enjoy the lecture.(well, at least pretend to be a diligent student at the best of times)

In order to keep everything in check, the university has implemented a car sticker for all students and staff of the university. These stickers, I assume, will let the security guards who are doing their rounds know which cars are not allowed to park where and where.

Wishing to abide by the rules, a few of us went to the administration building(which will take you 20 minutes to walk to from our class, so we drove) to buy the sticker from the finance department. I parked my car at the side, alongside other cars, in front of the administration building. There were easily about 10 other cars doing the same thing as me. Perhaps not all of them belong to students but I swore I saw three boys walking into the car which was parked behind me.

Zhu Zen remained inside my car while Lie Yuen and I made our way into the administration building. The whole ordeal would probably only take slightly more than 15 minutes. I admit that I’m in the wrong if my car was blocking traffic. But the cars could still pass. Nevermind, about that.

What I’m most pissed off is when some chief guard came down from his jeep(they use jeeps to make their rounds around the university. For 10 students in my university, there is at least one security guard.) and shouted at us at the top of his voice from about 100 metres away, “STUDENTS CANNOT PARK HERE!!”

My immediate reaction? I was OFFENDED! Lie Yuen retaliated, “How can he raise his voice at us?! So rude!” hoping that he was within ear shot.

I obediently drove away while the anger in me seethed.

I wanted to follow his car and make him wind down the window so that I can tell him, “You are very rude for raising your voice at me. It is very unprofessional of you and we do not deserve to be shouted at. Please speak to us more politely in the future.”

However, what entailed was a cat and mouse chase. The both of us would be on opposite side of the roads(separated by a 5 metre wide divider) and I would stop my car when he stopped my car and I would wind down my window, hoping that he would get the message to wind down HIS window. But he didn’t and he stared at me, and I replied with a glare.

I really wanted to go down and give him a piece of my mind but there was no where for me to park.

I saw the Deputy Vice Chancellor talking to one of my old lecturers and I immediately parked at the staff area and stomped all the way to him, hoping to lodge a complain. Coincidentally, that rude security guard’s jeep was parked two spaces away from me but he was no where in sight.

The entrance to the administration building was manned by this innocent looking security guard from Nepal whose only command of the Malay language was “Tak boleh park di sini.”(their other default phrases are: “Mana ID?” and “Tak boleh bawa buku keluar.”) So I said to him, “Tadi guard yang marah saya? APA nama dia?” And he couldn’t give me an answer but could only continue with his “Tak boleh park di sini,”. I told him with a very crazy looking smile that it would be for awhile. JUST. While. And he said, “Okay, cepat!”. Wow, new word.

The Deputy VC was my old microbiology lecturer as well. He, unlike the security guard, is a very well educated man who is soft spoken. I went up to the two lecturers and asked them “Sir, can I say something?” and he was like, “Yes! Of course, please!”

Then I started rambling like an energizer bunny who was about to burst into tears about how I’m so rudely reprimanded just because I’m a student..bla bla..who is he to talk so rudely to me.. bla bla..can he learn not to raise his voice at me..bla bla..why are security guards so rude?..bla bla..

Then the Deputy VC calmed me down and said, “Okay okay, I will reprimand him okay? Even I don’t dare to raise my voice at the students…! I will reprimand him!” He then turned to my other lecturer and excused himself, “Let me appease her first! I’ll walk her to her car.”

I apologized to him for losing my cool but I needed to get it off my chest. For all the years that I’ve been in this university, yes lah, I may have parked my car at the wrong places(just 5 minutes?!) but not until damn melampau like in the middle of the road but the worst ones were when I was in year 1 and every other week I would be told off (very rudely) that my skirt is too short this that this that. You know how short were the things I wore to uni?!! They were only about an inch above my knees!!

It came to a point where I was so angry with the security guard at the old campus that I went to complain to the student affairs about him(who tried to calm me down, very professionally) and he came into the office to complain to them about me. I glared at him as he entered the office and slammed the door just behind him. I’m sorry to appear so in front of the nice people at the student affairs but my beef with that security guard was to the point of no return. But all this happened three years ago…. it’s all water under the bridge on my part. Can’t even remember his face now. He would see me and look at my skirt and go, “YOU again!!”

Funny how so many girls can get away with skirts that end a foot above their knees, now that we’ve moved into the new campus. Because of all the telling-offs that I’ve received(to the point where they wanted to file me as a student with discipline problems), my wardrobe here in Kedah is filled with grannie looking things. Oklah, if I can abide by the rules which want us to look professional, I don’t mind.

I’m not a very difficult person. If you can tell me off with a polite manner, a kind smile, of course I would listen to you.

But I will not tolerate it when people shout at me or raise their voices at me just because I’m a freaking student.

Being a student does not put me at the lowest of the low in the social heirarchy!

During hospital visits, we were shouted at by a nurse once just because we didn’t greet her.

I am a human being, just like you, worthy of respect.

I cannot stand people who are strangers to begin with, but who clearly have higher positions than you, launch into shouting mode when they think that you’re doing something against the rules.

Rudeness will only make people despise you, it will only stain the name of the institution that you belong to. Your reputation will be known far and wide and life will continue to be difficult for you if you remain the person that you are.

All the education in the world cannot rectify certain attitude problems.

When I become someone of power someday, I will not discriminate against people who are of lower status than me. I’ve never shouted at a person for NO reason at all. (even when I shout at my brother, it’s because he didn’t let me play his playstation/drive the car/use the computer(back in the 90s)). If my future maid pisses me off, I’ll just send them off. You won’t see my name in the newspapers with the word “Hot iron” in the same paragraph.

jolenelai.com is ready!

I’ve finally acknowledged the fact that my url is far too difficult to remember.

I’m not too sure how to go about establishing this new domain name… kinda difficult to let go of the traffic to this url(which I will still be using) but it’s not like I’m moving to a totally different domain.

I’m quite confused. If anyone can enlighten me about using my new domain appropriately, please let me know okay.

Like which should be my primary url?

Anywayy, as for now, both jolenelai.com and jayelleenelial.com will take you to this blog. 🙂

Those Crazy Girls Who Stomped Through Georgetown

I updated thestickermonster blog with crystal blings blings! Prices start from RM4! Go see!


Just slightly after Chinese New Year, Brenda had this brilliant idea to wear chengsams and camwhore in the older parts of Gerogetown. In the end, it turns out nobody except Cze-Yin and I managed to find cheongsams. -_- Geram. Then they all got to wear their beautiful cocktail-type of dresses(especially Brenda) while I look neckless in my cheongsam. Bah. RM50 spent for nothing. Yea, quite cheap right my cheongsam. I won’t tell you where I bought it for fear of embarrassing myself.

Lie Yuen and Cze-Yin making use of the green wall behind.

We had a somewhat major shopping session at Queensbay before going off to Georgetown. Amanda, Mervin, Jen Hai(?) were in Penang for that weekend and so we met up! I’ve never had a Dahling all the way in this part of Malaysia before. 🙂 It was a very nice feeling.

Lie Yuen and Poh Yee managed to carry off the socialite look really well!

Yeah wei, that’s the amount of stuffs I bought. Not telling you how much I spent. I also bought pajamas for the Nuffnang party. 🙁 Wasted my money only.

Cze-Yin’s genuine reaction when she saw the amount of stuffs I bought. Everyone had a shock also because I did all that in like 40 minutes.

Before leaving Queensbay, the more hiaupor one among the rest of us had to freshen up in the toilet.

Hardly touching up. More like repainting the entire face.

All our shoppings!! Shopping at Queensbay is so fun. It’s like a blend of Sg. Wang and Midvalley. 🙂

Brenda brought us to some old part(okay, more run down) part of Georgetown for those oh so rustic photos!
This is Cze-Yin on a motorbike.

Decided to play with the colours a little..

Myself and my extremely dramatic lashes.

Poh Yee and Zhu Zen in front of some shutters.

She went in that door and she never came back. That was the end of Brenda Sim.

The grill was damn freaking dirty.. I pretended to lean on it only. Ughh.

Here’s a photo of my grandmother in the exact same position, wearing the exact same cheongsam. 😛

Two mad girls screeching in an alley.

Lie Yuen and her good attempt at looking bashful.

Weird pose, but great surroundings.

Here’s a story about the girl who has no home. She lives in a small vegetable patch behind the ruins of an old shop lot.

Brenda gets some kind of extreme satisfaction when she touches that pipe.

The maid who escaped from the big house across the street, camwhoring before running further away. I’m guessing this maid keeps a blog.

Cze-Yin attempts something similiar. Very 1960s!

See, all wear nice nice. T_T

Mad lashes they were.

Wedding photo. Haha.

I tried to get Lie Yuen to do the “I’m a Happy Young Girl So I Lean Back And Defy Gravity To Signify My Carefree Youth” pose. Not too bad an attempt. 🙂

Gossipy neighbours.

No doubt, the locals around the area were looking at us very weirdly and we received one cat call too many. Quite embarrasing to dress to the nines and thread through back alleys and cross drains and stuff. Ugh. But for the sake of vanity art, we shall persevere. Oh right, the photo above. A kind temple caretaker and his wife invited us into their homes and it was SOOOOO rustic. It’s your typical old Nonya house packed to the brim with worthless family heirlooms and peeling paint everywhere. Makes for damn good photography. My skill is not l33t enough to capture things in that house artistically.

Brenda chatting to the caretaker and his wife in Hokkien.

Beams of sunlight came into the house at strategic places.

That’s the temple! It was really grand looking.

I’m sure they are very happy with this almost full length photos of themselves in their pretty dresses.

The little girl who is about to embark on a big adventure beyond the magical mysterious door.

Very Goldilocks.

“Anybody home?”

Mama Bear! Hahhaha nolah, just kidding Cze-Yin. Didn’t want to spoil my story flow ma. 😛
Nice colours! I did use a sepia photo filter…so yeah, the colours are not as vibrant as how other ardent photographers would prefer it to be.

Me and my stone pet.

Why my posing so fail one. T_T

Cze-Yin as a 16-bit computer graphic. Hehe.

Cze-Yin the angel. *heavenly glow radiating from her skin*

Don’t know whether Brenda will kena struck by lighting or not for dabbing the red clothe on her cheek.

I realise that in almost all the photos, Poh Yee and Zhu Zen are together.

Big lanterns fascinate Lie Yuen.

Multiple camwhorings to save time. *pats own head for being so clever*

The insides of the temple was very elaborate.

Brenda, Cze-Yin, Lie Yuen and the popo(caretaker’s wife).

I love this picture of Cze-Yin and Brenda!

Where’s Jolene? 🙁 🙁

Inside the caretaker’s house, I spotted this! I wonder if it rocked good.

More of the house.

Haih, where’s Jolene again. 🙁

From the eyes of a stalker..

Lie Yuen layaning her love for old ruins.

We came upon an empty fire department.

Have you ever hung from the sides of a fire engine before?

I was so scared that the firemen would start sliding down that pole and knock me.

Fireman garb!

While walking around, we spotted this really unique looking house! There was a lady there who told us that the house actually belonged to her grandfather and she’s still living there to this day. It won awards for being a heritage house!

Desperate Dentists – Season 3!
*the two antagonists in the background, while the four main characters stand in front.*

A still from the latest episode of Desperate Dentist. Haha, don’t know why I’m so full of crap today. I love the lighting in this picture.

After hours of camwhoring, we rushed to Halo Cafe at Juru Autocity where my classmates’ band was playing. They call themselves Zephyr and they have had a few gigs at random coffeehouses and weddings.

Compared to the pathetic kutu rock kind of bands back in school, they can actually get the crowd really pumped and cheer along with them. Oklah, maybe we are bias since they are our classmates.

But they are seriously very talented! Andy is a maniac on the drums, Jimmy and Sett on the electric guitars(Sett is on the keyboard sometimes), Maxis on vocals and Chee Wen plays the bass.

That’s Andy and Jimmy in the midst of a song.

Adoring fans. Haha.

The songs that they covered were in English, Chinese and Malay.

Sett sang some and Maxis sang some. Andy and Chee Wen did the back up vocals. I especially loved their rendition of Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life. Really exactly like the song!

Halo Cafe was packed with dental students that night. 🙂 These are the second year juniors.

Even the first year juniors came!

We got a little distracted by our own activities at times.

Cze-Yin says I freak her out sometimes. I do wonder why.

The disgustingly adoring fan.

Not keen to share my rose tea.

Maxis trying to get the crowd to clap along with him.

A rockstar shot of Jimmy.

This is my extremely talented friend, Andy.

A rock star shot of Chee Wen. Hope he likes it and uses it as his facebook profile photo!

Sett’s rockstar photo.

The fat armed adoring fan.

Can forgive the fat arms when the eyes are nicely opened by dramatic lashes. Sigh, loving falsies so much.

A group photo of Zephyr.

Sett singing a slow number.

Jimmy trying to impress his girl. Sock Nee seemed rather nonchalant if you ask me.

The Sticker Monster – My Online Sticker Shop!

Due to my tremendous LOVE for stickers, I’ve decided to set up an online sticker shop! Sure start small lah, hosted on blogspot and stuff. Hehe, but I’ve been buying stickers non-stop at wholesale prices (thus bought alot T___T) for the past few months for this pet project of mine.

I’m only hoping there are crazy sticker lovers out there. *keeps fingers crossed*

Please tell all your sticker loving friends about The Sticker Monster!

I’m not going to be so shameless by pimping it on every single tagboard out there *glares coldly at my own contaminated tagboard*. Hence, the traffic that thestickermonster blog is getting will only be from my own blog. If all else fails, I’ll be on ebay.

Here’s a sneak peek:

This is like a tiny portion of the stickers that I’ve bought.

I even ordered some Sandylion stickers from the US. I’ve yet to upload it onto The Sticker Monster blog yet. As you know, Sandylion was a favourite among kids when I was just a little girl. I’m still a huge fan of the Sandylion stickers…and I really hope there are still Sandylion lovers out there. I’m selling the Sandylion stickers at RM4.50 per strip. Postage is free and furthermore, Sandylion stickers are nearly extinct here in Malaysia.

I even drew a mascot for my business. Hehe. The sticker monster is actually me when I was a kid. My dad called me that as I stuck stickers all over the house.

These stickers are very popular now. Cute Japanese looking designs with pop-up images. 🙂 Too cute!

So please take some time and browse through the pretty pretty colours. 🙂