Those Seven Girls On Chap Goh Mei And A Super Backdated CNY Update

It’s very challenging for me to will myself to dig those pre-historic photos and blog about it. My procrastinating ways get worse with time. Anyway, as expected, this will be a long post. So brace yourself. Off the torrents, shut down the video streamings and let my photos load.

😛 Like I am so important like that.

My favourite combination of colours. It’s so me! Very obvious when you look at the colours I chose for my blog. So is this the first time my Nintendo makes an appearance on my blog? It has been a faithful companion for those long breaks in between classes and the 5 hour journeys between KL and Kedah. I was addicted to New Super Mario bros. I’m currently hooked on Alvin and The Chipmunks. A bit like dance dance revolution that type. 🙂 I’ve got like hundreds of games… have yet to try everything out. I tend to judge the fun-ability of the game by their names….;\ Might be missing out on some gems there.

I’m kinda lazy to post the photo of my blinged Nintendo DS lite. The cover is actually like my laptop, totally covered with pink crystals but slightly smaller in size. I bought the two sticker sheets of eBay. I spent almost a hundred bucks on it…inclusive of shipping(consoling myself).

On Chap Goh Mei, a few of us went to the jetty that we by pass every morning. We wanted to throw oranges in the river.

While waiting for the rest, I taught Cze-Yin how to pose like a woman. Not like I was doing a damn good job…

Normal hugging photos will do for now. =.=

Lie Yuen started screaming for no reason.

Apparently she stepped on the dead fish..hahhahaha!

A view of the somewhat beautiful river. I’m just gonna spoil it for you – we held our breaths while taking these beautiful photos. This brings a whole new meaning to breathtaking. Damn bloody smelly.

The Gunung Jerai that I have yet to climb. Steven and Ah Thong are climbing the mountain this weekend. The new sporty half of me wants to go, but the lazy indoor me is still dominant. There’s a waterfall nearby that I’d like to check out though. Rumours has it (read: Brenda say one) that young couples go there and have sex…while the Khalwat officers hide behind rocks waiting to pounce on them.

At first, one might shudder in disgust… but then hmmm, not a bad idea. Frolicking in the waterfalls. Damn romantic!!

An ethereal looking photo of me going down the steps.

I look happy, don’t I?

This photo real one. I nearly slipped. Hahaha.

Cze-Yin and Lie Yuen. Lucky never fall into the water.

Some silhouette of poles and a cloudy sunset.

That’s the bridge that I use to get to uni every morning. Fucken scary two way road.

Me attempting to throw my orange.

A pretty photo of the sunset. Somewhat.

Looks like Poh Yee was taking this a little too seriously..

May her wish(wishes?) come true!

Oh my bad, this is a nicer photo of the sunset.

The lot of us who layaned each other by coming out to the jetty.
Top l-r: Poh Yee, Cze-Yin, Lie Yuen and myself
bottom l-r : Sock Nee, Nien and Zhu Zen.

Since we were being very chinese(well, most of them were. I have no qualms about wasting food. Only a matter of time till I get struck by lighting.), we ate the oranges before writing our wishes on the skin.

I love mandarin oranges so much.

Yay, at least one nice photo of me.

At first my friends frowned at me for being so lame. Then I explained, “Happy parents means parents who don’t keep nagging and grumbling.”

Here are a few more things that I should hold dear. I actually wrote ‘A less chaotic 2008’ on the final strip. But who knew wishes on mandarin orange peels don’t come true.

My glowing friends.

It’s amazing how boring I once assumed this place to be yet from time to time we try to cook up some interesting things to do. Boredom yields creativity, no?

Zhu Zen and her mandarin orange with the wind tousling her hair. So glam!

I wonder what she wrote…:P

I think the actual thing to do during Chap Goh Mei is to write your phone number and wait for a guy to pick your mandarin orange up. But since there were no guys standing at the other end of the river(only a fishing village about a few kilometres away), we decided to write our wishes on it!

So paparazzi!

Poh Yee looks so child-like here. 🙂

Her wish must’ve been something scandalous! *wriggles eyebrows*

Our orange peels with our wishes on them.

Us endorsing orange peels.
L-r: Nien, Me, Poh Yee, Cze-Yin, Zhu Zen, Lie Yuen.

One last photo before flinging them peels into the river.

Once again I unleashed that amazing talent that I have which is group camwhoring.

And since this is a CNY-esque post, I have to post up those fermenting CNY photos or else I would not have memories of my 2008 CNY when I’m 84.

My reunion dinner. =( Promises of delicious sounding dishes were vanquished with a simple, “Aiya mafan lah” from both my mum and my Kai Ma. I was sent out to tapau KFC home for reunion dinner. That’s why the sad face.

Since my dad doesn’t take much fatty food, mum made mee hoon for him, and that’s about as far as variety goes.

Oh, there was of course Yee Sang. Yee Sang and KFC.

Since I only put make up on like twice a month (or even less when I’m in Kedah), each make up session warrants a full blown camwhoring session!

But being the kind person that I am, I shall only limit it to two, so your computer doesn’t come to a halt. 😛 But actually no use also because at the bottom still got a lot of photos. 😀

Yeah, as you can see, this is my favourite photo at the moment(for the past three months. -___-) It’s on my facebook and my msn. Contemplating on putting up at the side of my blog too, since i don’t really have a profile pic on my blog – or is that too cliche?

My friends damn bad, they asked me, “photoshopped one ar?”. Damn insulting! Haha, turns out I (finally)found a good angle of myself and i changed the exposure, adjusted shadows/highlights and used a pink photo filter. All for lighting lah, no usage of the liquify tool okay?

Camwhoring around the house while waiting for the rest of my family members.

Mum wanted a nice photo of myself but Angel spoiled the photo. ;( Bad dog!

My mum would love this photo! I applied fake eyelashes for her too on that day. She’s so happy coz she received many compliments from the rest of the relatives. 😀

Gone are the days when the house was dotted with photographs of me+mum, me+dad, me frowing at my brother etc. So perhaps a few more would be nice. Now, if only I found the energy to go develope a few.

Angel wanted a nice photo of herself too. She stuck her leg out in a very seductive way.

This is her ‘lost’ look.

This is her ‘I’m not up for anything right now’ look.

“Angel, form a C.”

Her intense stare. Somemore the eyes so anime right?

I’m going to show you a side of my dog that you’ve never seen before. First, I tempt her with my arm.

Then she humps it. See the syok look on her face. Disgusting dog. Wonder where she learn from.. must’ve been sexually abused by Bubbles(her dad) as a child.

Still waiting.

Mervyn was blowing his nose in the background.

Angel looks at me inquisitively as she is concerned about my brother. She looks quite scary here, actually. From her tail to her neck, she looks like Bubbles and then her head and her front two legs is like her mother, Shih Ling! So scary, like we cut the two dogs up and joined them up to form Angel. My friends might remember Bubbles and Shih Ling.

Shevie and I pretending to talk to each other.

l-r: kaima, Shevie and myself.

When we were younger, we had a photo exactly like that except that at that time Mervyn was much shorter than Kwan Hoong. We must’ve been like 8 years old(me), 7 years old(Kwan Hoong), 6 years old(Mervyn), Shevie(4 years old) and Kai Ning(2 years old).

We gave that classic photo a little update. The two boys caught up with me. Hehe.

As always, the consequent days of chinese new year would be spent in Malacca. After my Yee Ma’s demise, Malacca is no longer my kampung. I have no kampung now.

Here’s Ethan! Such a big grumpy boy! Can see his eyelids are puffy and red as he was about to cry.

=( Yee Ma.
That’s Kwee Foong, Ethan’s mum.

Hehehe, even the way he cries is absolutely adorable!

A serious baby.

The proud great grandmother holding her first great grand son! I really hope my grandmother can see my kid too. 🙂 So happy. I plan to bring my first kid to visit my great grandmother and my grandparents. (probably my kid is a reincarnation of my greatgrandmother/grandparents. Who knows eh?)

Kwee Foong and Hong Fei with their precious Ethan! Hong Fei was telling me how Kwee Foong bathed Ethan in Malacca. The kid was placed in a pail and he sat there while Kwee Foong poured water on his head with a small cup.

She would count, “Okay ar! One, two!” and she’d pour the water on Ethan’s head. He would then wipe the water off his face with his little hands.

Hong Fei was pleased to have found one of those big toilet, er mugs? Those that we use when we cebok! So he poured water using the cebok mug on Ethan without counting and the poor dear started screaming because he wasn’t prepared. Hahahaha.

Looking at him makes me want to have babies straight away!|

I found a stack of Yong yong kor kor’s (ok, his adult name is Mian Yong and he is 31 years old now but we can’t stop calling him Yong Yong) baby photos.
L-r: Yan Yan, Hong Fei and Yong Yong.

They must’ve been about 2 years old and 3 years old then. They look so adorable!! Especially Hong Fei! My mother told me many stories about Hong Fei when he was a baby and spending most of his time in Malacca. My mum had just finished her form5 back then and was already teaching piano, so there was an organ at home. Hong Fei, being the naughty two year old that he was, he stood on the organ chair and tried to open the cover of the organ. He slipped and gripped onto the cover which has retracted into the organ. Holding on to the cover and his legs stretched out, barely touching the organ chair, he screamed, “KAU MENG AR! KAU MENG AR!” (Help, help!!)

Damn funny..hahahaha. He would also complain to his mother about how my grandmother did not use conditioner when she washed his hair for him. ;D

Oh look! There’s one of me as well.
Standing behind the chair would be Yan Yan. She’s in US with Yong Yong(they moved there after she finished her form5 in Ipoh) and she’s the same age with Hong Fei. They both turn 30 this year!
Sitting on the chair l-r: Mum, me(I must’ve been about 1 years old), Grandma and Hong Fei who was about 10 years old then.
On the floor l-r: Yee Ma, Yong Yong, Jacqie(who was 4 then) and Hong Weng(who was ..erm, 1+7=8 years old!)

I might as well add this. Here’s a chronology of the births of the grandchildren in the Ho family(7th brother’s family. Granddad has 14 siblings and they call each other by numbers.)

Yong Yong/Mian Yong was born in 1977. (same age with Douglas Lim!)
Yan Yan/Fee Yuan was born in 1978
Hong Fei was born in 1978
Hong Weng was born 1980 (same age with britney spears and paris hilton)
Jacqie/Jacqueline was born in 1984
I was born in.. I’ll smack you if you don’t know! 1987!!
Derek was born in 1988
Mervyn, the baby, but now the tallest, was born in 1989.

Among the family members who settled down in Malaysia(excluding the china family members who we still keep in touch with), Yong Yong is the oldest of our generation. The youngest cousin is about a year old now. Quite a lot of new additions to the family since the spurt of weddings back in 2002-2003. There were about 4 or more weddings to attend in Singapore, one after another. But Ethan still holds the title as the oldest of his generation(as there are no other people his generation in this world yet. Wait lah, I’ll give a few within the next decade.)

As a few of my mum’s cousins went on to greener pastures (US, Australia, UK and Singapore), we still consider them the Malaysian side since it was greatgrandfather who brought his 3rd and 5th wife to Malaysia to settle down while one of his three remaining wives settled down in China. 3rd grandmother gave birth to 6th brother, 9th brother and 12th brother, while 5th grandmother gave birth to 5th brother(who died at 3 years old after falling off a table), 7th brother(my Kongkong!), 8th brother, 10th sister, 11th brother, 13th sister and 14th sister.

12th brother is the cool one, he has three wives who are very very nice to each other. They will all sit in one car(with 12th uncle at the driver’s seat) when we have any family occasions. My father admires 12th uncle very much. Some more all his nine children are very close to each other.

I think it’s the second wive or the fourth wive who remained in China. Can’t remember what happened to the first wive. Greatgrandfather had a super big house in Guangzhou, to house the entire family. My grandfather was born in China and was only brought over to study in Malaysia at the age of 7. They made it a point to give birth to each child in China and then only brought them over to Malaysia. Don’t know why.

But yeah, back to the big house. When the Malaysian side made a family trip to China back in 2004, they found out from the family members there that the government wanted to reclaim the land where the big house was. As a compensation, the government gave them three apartment units.

The spot where my greatgrandfather’s house was located is now the entrance to a shopping mall.

-_- So much for images of rice fields and rolling mountains.

The family is doing pretty well too! One of the uncles owns a soft toy factory. He offered my mother a few toys to bring home for me but my mother said I was already 17 years old(back then lah). But little did she know it was the kind of soft toy that I like!! Those soft powdery beanie type! Grrrrrr!! I’m never too old for those!!!

They caught a pigeon!! The date on this photo said 1989. Mervyn and Derek were born already by then.

My Yee Ma in her late 30s. Jacqie looks so cute here lah!! She still has that smile to this day. When she smiles, a tiny crease appears on each side of her cheek. Like dimples but on the apples of her cheeks!

L-r: Aunty Rebecca, Yee Ma, Yong Yong who celebrated his 18th birthday at my house, Mervyn (only 6 then..haha), Dad, donnowhodon’tcare, Mum.

I miss the old Malacca house. 🙁 My grandparents have eight grandchildren and since the first half were born in the late 70s and the second half during the mid to late 80s, we were like two different camps. The four older cousins played more together while us younger ones had our own games. We are from totally different generations. I remember feeling that Hong Weng’s Ninja turtle Sega game was a little too old school for me.

Here’s one of Yong Yong, Yee Ma, Yan Yan, Hong Fei and Hong Weng with my kong kong. He passed away when I was 14.

Ah…the apple of everybody’s eye.

It was great being the youngest for awhile(what a fun two years it was…until Derek came along and six months later, my punching bag who goes by the name of Mervyn.)

I was too young to travel to Malacca during every school holiday. But back in ’87, I had tons of time on my hands! I slept all day and ate and shat all the time. Those were the good ol’ days. *smiles wistfully*

Hong Weng’s face damn cute right.(he is the boy who is holding the pink plastic thingie)

And among all the photos, this is my favourite. SO CUTE. Each and everyone of them.
Yan Yan knows she is cute, as any adorable chubby little girl would know. Yong Yong is at the age where he knows how to make silly faces for the camera. But Hong Fei……omg.. the innocence on his face makes you want to scoop him up and cuddle him right? My grandmother said that Hong Fei was much cuter than Ethan! Dah lah Ethan is like the cutest baby in the world.(in my world at least;P)

Okay! Time to clean my room.

Thanks guys for all your kind words.. by the way, if you wanna see how idiotic people can be, check out the comment by some asshole in the post about my aunty’s death.(two posts down!)

What Do You Believe About Death?

We cremated my Yee Ma on Saturday morning. I’ve always feared cremations because of how inhumane it seems. On one hand she’s there, that person we’ve known all our lives and the next thing you know, she is reduced to a stack of bones in an urn.

Previous experiences with cremations were not the most pleasant. My grandparents’ coffins were swung in to an open oven. You could see the fire burning inside the oven before they put the coffin inside. As the coffin enters the cremator, the door slams shut with a loud bang. The undertaker than asks you to scream out your loved one’s name so that his soul will come out as his or her body is being burned. The worst part is listening to your family members screaming but nothing quite beats the sound of the horrifying whoosh of fire engulfing your deceased family member.

Below are photos of the ladder and the table that caused my Yee Ma’s death. There were pigeons nesting and defecating above my grandmother’s room windows and she didn’t want to poison them but decided it would be a better alternative to put a wire mesh to prevent the birds from flying into that space to nest.

So she put the ladder on the table, extended the ladder to its maximum length(what you see in the picture is only half of its full length) and got the maid to hold on to the ladder while she climbs all the way to the top.

She managed to fix one half of the netting on the left side of the space above the window. She then leaned to the right to fix the other half.

The maid said she didn’t dare to look up because she was afraid of heights. The next thing she knew, the ladder felt tons lighter. My aunty was already on the floor.

My grandmother and her driver went out for ten minutes to throw the rubbish when it all happened. When they returned to the house, there were many maids from the houses nearby who were outside their gate. Upon seeing my aunty on the floor, the driver quickly picked her up from the floor and carried her into the car. They drove her to Pantai Hospital. Doctors said they couldn’t do anything as the injuries were too extensive. An 8cm fracture at the back of her skull, a few gashes, a crushed spine and badly damaged internal organs. She died about three hours after arriving at the hospital without regaining consciousness.

My grandmother sat next to her bed and nagged at her, “I’ve told you many times, don’t climb don’t climb. Yet you never listened. I’ve not gotten over your brother, you know?”

My grandmother can’t cry because she damaged her tear ducts when my third uncle passed away at 19 years of age, right after his first year at Otago University. My mum was only about 13 then. A flu bug went into his heart it seemed and just stopped it. Grandma took it really badly then and had holed herself up in her room for a few weeks.

She seems to be dealing with this better but it is unfair that she has to see two children passing away. She still has three kids who will care for her even more from now on. And eight grandchildren who are very very worried for her and will continue to love her and accompany her whenever we can.

According to the maid and the neighbours, my Yee Ma frequently climbed the roof tops of her four stories bungalow to fix and paint stuff despite other people repeatedly telling her not to do, not to do. She’d tie clothes together as harness as she paints the walls on the third floor(about 20 metres above the ground or even more?). She taped two biscuit tins together and would step up on it to reach a higher level while painting the wall, WHILE standing on the second floor’s roof top. She’d put a chair on the third floor roof top, tie it to somewhere sturdy with a clothe and then sit on it and do her painting.

She’d rather do this than pay a few thousand bucks. She could also then exclaim happily to visitors that she did this and that to beautify her already very beautiful house.

Till now, her death is still very hard for us to digest. Throughout the funeral, friends and relatives kept saying that these things are fated. Is it really?

Obviously there would definitely be only ONE exact way in which a person dies. As for my Yee Ma, her death involved a ladder, a school table, a maid(she could’ve been more attentive but she was afraid to look up due to her fear of heights), some pigeons and wire mesh. If she only knew that all these factors would play a part in her death. You know, that very ladder. That table. That maid, the last person you would see in this world.

But should we really believe in fate?

By believing that deaths are works of fate makes it seem extremely inescapable. Although it’s true that nobody can avoid death but is it really written in the stars somewhere that this is the one and only way for a person to go? Do you believe in the whole “if your time is up, your time is up” mumbo jumbo?

I really don’t know what to believe.

As it was an accident, she could have fallen on any part of her body. Why did it have to be her head? It could’ve very well been her hand that broke the fall. She need not be put into that coffin just because she fell off a ladder! It’s so trivial, you know? She didn’t have to climb that stairs. It was her choice!

What Lie Yuen said is true. I was asking her if deaths are really fated and she likened death to the Nicholas Cage’s show, Next. She said, for every step taken, there will be a different way for you to go. Like many destinies waiting for you at the end of the line. Variety is always a good thing, right?

I have started reading a book about life and death to try to come to terms with this. Very Buddhisty.. as soon as one is aware that suffering is a necessity and rises above it and how everything in life is impermanent, then he is truly released from the sufferings of the world. This doesn’t sound like me right?

On the other hand I’m also attempting to read The God Delusion. My brother and dad gave me a cool quote from the book, “One deluded man is called insanity. Many deluded men is called a religion.”

I want to understand buddhism but yet not let go of my atheist mindset.

Here’s a good example of how I will always place science higher than the rest of the beliefs in this world:

After my aunt’s cremation, her bones were a bright shade of pink. At the head of the femur(or the humeral head), there were specks of green deposits. At a glance it looked like jade barnacles clinging onto her bone. It could be scraped off, as demonstrated by the monk.

He said that my aunt’s bones were colourful because she has done many many kind things in her life. It was also very rare for a person to get those jade-like deposits on their bone. It was a rich emerald green. According to the monk, it had something to do with karma.

While I’m not sure how that really works, I am however a true believer that my aunty’s bones were colourful because she was an extremely colourful person.

On the more logical aspect of things, I consulted the almighty google and found out that the colour of the bones after a cremation usually varies according to temperature used. Alternatively, certain discolourations could have been drug induced. But I can’t find anything on the internet about the jade-like deposits. :\

My mother believes that the energy just merely goes back to the universe when a person dies. For a number of years, I’ve always assumed that that was the teachings of my religion. Turns out to be mum’s own ideologies. Seems like the Battery Theory that I’ve always believed in.

Her death does not seem real because we didn’t see her waste away. Every moment I will myself to wake up from this horrible dream, everywhere I look reminds me that she no longer gets to enjoy this world that I am in.

Would you rather a loved one to go this way or would you need some time and indication as to when that moment will arrive so that you will be fully prepared by then?

When Nian Ning passed on, I wondered to myself, “Would it be better if I die before everyone? Or if everyone dies before me?” I definitely can’t bear the pain. But can I bear the pain of those around me crying? Certainly not. I’d rather everyone die before me.

And now my aunty.

Would you rather a loved one die relatively slowly or just be gone in the blink of an eye?

I have yet to give myself an answer.

The former seems too cruel. If you really love the person, you would never want her to suffer for even a single day.

If my aunty had survived the accident, she would not even be a fraction of who she was. We keep telling each other that it is better for her to be gone than having to endure the horrible possibility of being bed-ridden.

If she was in the ICU for many days, the feelings would probably be more heart wrenching than dealing with her death. Every phone call induces a heart attack, every thought is splattered with worry.

Is death a form of release?

How would you rather die? In a tragic accident that you would never even know of or would you rather have the time to deal with cancer or some other terminal illness?

12 years ago, my grandfather’s older brother hung himself from the ceiling of the three stories shop lot that my family owns at Jalan Munshi Abdullah in Malacca. He had Alzheimers and as he was a doctor himself, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing his dignity to that degenerative disease. We speculated that he probably did not want to burden his family members for having to care for him.

He chose the path of suicide upon contracting a terminal illness.

Is death still a form of release?

Is it only a release for the person who dies or for the people around you who now have one less person to worry about?

My Aunty Fell And Passed Away

I’m beginning to get very scared of this world.

I lost my Aunty Sok Ping today at approximately 2.10pm. At about 10.30am, she propped a ladder onto a table in the backyard to do some stuffs to the windows on the 1st floor. The ladder slipped from the table and she fell together with the table. She was unconscious the moment her head hit the floor. I don’t know how long the ambulance took to come or if they even had an ambulance for her in the first place. She was sent to Pantai Hospital in Malacca.

My mother called me while I was watching 10,000 B.C. in the cinema. She told me that my aunty had a bad fall. It was at about 1pm that time. She then went on to say that it is serious. Immediately I knew that it is not good and started bawling and ran out of the cinema with Lie Yuen. While sobbing and sitting on the steps, I continued talking with my mother on the phone and she advised me to get the earliest bus ticket to Malacca.

I bought my bus ticket and I’ll be leaving Sg. Petani at 11am tomorrow. Will be missing many days of classes.

I went home still breaking down every now and then and kept mumbling to Lie Yuen and Cze-Yin about how 2008 IS a horrible year. Lie Yuen said that I shouldn’t think of it that way because maybe my aunty is an exception?

Another death was reported in the news when I went back home. Zakaria died. I’d have more to say on the matter but even in this state of sadness, my eyebrows are raised.

At about 3 something, my father called me on my landline. He then broke it to me, “Jo..Yee Ma passed away.”

You know, those words were like precious porcelain being dropped from a table top. You see it dropping but you have absolutely no power to catch it.

I bawled hysterically into the phone as Lie Yuen and Cze-Yin barged into my room and comforted me.

My Yee Ma was like a second mother to me. As she is divorced, she has been living with my grandparents ever since she was in her mid twenties. She is in her mid-fifties now. I think she is about 54 or 55. She was a school teacher at SMK Notre Dame and was about to retire this year.

She was an extremely colourful lady with tons of plans for her retirement. Bordering on eccentric, she was one of my most favourite aunties for her young-at-heart ways and a very simple lady who had a lot to say. Heck, a week before chinese new year, she made me teach her how to put on false eyelashes.

As she was really looking forward to her retirement, she was also on a learning binge. During chinese new year, she made sure she learned alot of photoshop skills from my graphic designer cousin Hong Fei, she made my father teach her to access folders on her computer, she asked me and my brother to teach her how to play the Nintendo games on my grandmother’s Nintend DS lite.

I asked her, “Why learn so many things Yee Ma?” From what I saw, it was a case of a Jack Of All Trades, But A Master of None.

She replied, “Hey, all the sifus are here ma. I must learn alot alot before all of you go. Need to grab the oportunity while you all are here!”

We joked about how she was so gung-ho about learning things that she’ll probably have no use for but that was my aunty, this simple enthusiastic lady who takes interest in any and everything.

As I mentioned, she divorced at a young age and her two kids grew up in Ipoh while she lived with my grandparents in Malacca. Every holiday of mine was spent in Malacca playing with my cousins. Yee Ma would be the one making barbie doll dresses for us on her sewing machine(I had a beautiful collection of dresses for my dolls… no money can ever buy those dresses. My aunt used her scrap materials and random sequins. It was probably the happiest afternoon of my kiddy life.). She would also make her beautiful sago pudding and her agar-agar that we would devour when we were kids.

I vow to pass down her simple recipe of Maggi Mee with oyster sauce and tomato sauce to my friends and my children. Perhaps the best bed time snack I was allowed to have after brushing my teeth.

You know how chinese hate to waste food right? She is also quite a thrifty woman but flour must’ve been cheap as she used to buy bags of it and mixed it with water to make dough for us to play with. We would scream with delight whenever a batch is ready and go out to the pavement and make dough-mans. She tried to teach us to paint the dough figurines but we had more fun building more things than patiently painting each and every dough figurine.

On windy afternoons, she would send us into a flurry of excitement by saying, “Let’s go to the beach!!” and we would pack in her car and head to Klebang beach. Even if it was probably the dirtiest beach I’ve seen in my life, it was fun because it was the only beach I knew back then. I enjoyed playing with sand and collecting seashells and letting the water reach only up to my knees(for it was quite dirty. So nothing higher.).

My brother is right. A part of our childhood died with her.

My Yee Ma is perhaps the most creative person I’ve ever known. She enjoys going OTT with decorations and almost anything that she can ‘pimp’. At my grandfather’s funeral, I think she actually enjoyed the process of making the lotus flowers with tealights floating on her pond, the flower deco around my grandfather’s photo and anything else that she can beautify. You should see her house during chinese new year. She painstakingly paints the chinese calligraphy words and paste them all around the house, hangs angpows from the ceilings etc.

I remember being asked in my Communications class back in year 2 by my lecturer, “Who is the one person whom inspires you the most?” I proudly told the class that it was my aunty because even though she battled cancer, her optimism for life was so strong. It made us healthy individuals look invalid. I really admire her enthusiasm for every single thing and that lovable tidak apa attitude that I will miss so so much.

Yes, she battled breast cancer too back in 2002. Going around proudly announcing the cost of her surgery – RM12- and how it’s great to have wigs as she can change her hairstyle as she likes. Isn’t my Yee Ma the greatest human ever? The perfect example of a lemonade maker when she is thrown lemons at.

Don’t blame me for this – but I sometimes fear for my family members and would imagine possible demise for them. It’s not because I’m evil it’s because I’m very very worried each and every second for every one of them. As for my aunty, I have always been worried that her cancer might come back. Instead, her end was just a slip off the ladder, which was propped on a chair. If my grandmother was standing there, she would’ve scolded my aunty to not be so silly.

My grandma nags at my 50+ year old aunty and she’d usually nudge me and say, “It doesn’t stop! Even when you’re as old as me, your mother will still nag at you!” She was the coolest aunty ever.

Do you know that I actually pass down clothes to her?! She’s slimmer than me, even more so after she went for her Marie France Bodyline treatment. She’d call me fat every time I put on weight and make me give her whatever that looks too small on me. Sometimes I’m even wearing that particular piece of garment and she’d say how I’m practically bursting out of it so just hand it over already! 🙂 My dear funny aunty. Sigh.

Her love for all the things in the world also contributed to her talents in a whole range of things.

She used to have a dance troop that performed chinese opera songs around Malacca. She was also very much into cooking. She made costumes for her dancers and she even made ballet shoes to sell – the result of her passion for sewing. For awhile, she was also very good at wielding iron. I remember wondering what in the world she wanted to be good in iron wielding for. She’s also a damn good masseuse. She joined singing classes and dance classes in her later years.

We used to tease her that if she owns a shop, it would have a super long signboard to accommodate her many talents.
If any of you remember that beautiful house in Malacca, she made half the things with her own hands. She laid down the parquet flooring, she utilized her iron wielding skills and made the railings and stuff, she built the frames for the windows.. and still the house cost her about half a million. That four storey bungalow that my Yee Ma has always been extremely proud of. I’m extremely proud of her.

She had an extremely loud fashion sense. Also a stem from her tidak apa attitude, she has the most extravagant clothings a person can ever own. Also a damn large amount of jewelry. As in costume jewelry, mind you. She, being the slightly strange woman that she was, kept her REAL jewelry in a plastic bag. She just dumped it all to my mother and said, “Nah, I have no use for these.” Real diamonds, real gold, real white-gold. She preferred her costume jewelry over the genuine stuff.

Part of her carefree attitude was due to her strong religious values. She was a devout buddhist and I found truth in this nugget of an information from her, “What I learned from Buddhism was to be free of attachments. That’s why I am so happy, Jo. When a person die, he brings nothing with him. And that’s the way I chose to live. That’s why I’m happy today,” she said with a smile.

She will be deeply missed. Malacca will never ever be the same without her. I’ll probably be returning to Malacca less should my grandmother decide to stay with us.

That’s my aunty in green with two halves of my parents. Taken when we went to Singapore for the family company trip back in April 2006. Isn’t she beautiful? I’ve always thought that she looks like Lisa Wang. I’ve told her that countless of times. Mainly because I loved seeing her face light up going, “REALLY?!! THANK YOU JOJO!” and then smother me with kisses.

That’s my aunt. She’s never short of affections for my family. Always grabbing us and kissing us whenever she sees us.

She calls me “My Little Princess!” much to my chagrin. But you can’t imagine how many times I’m playing those words in my head now.

I miss her so so much.

Rest in peace, Yee Ma. You shouldn’t have climbed that ladder.

I promise myself that her death will be the one death that will strengthen me for the many deaths that I will know of in my life time. There is only so many pieces I can break into. I need to find a way to deal with death. Maybe it’s time to turn to religion.

The Malaysia Revolution of 2008: From Under My Coconut Shell

By the time most of you read this, the election results would’ve been known to Malaysians everywhere.(as I took ages to write this and slept for a few hours and edited photos and stole photos from around the net in between).

I know most of you who read my blog would probably not even care about the outcome of the polls. If you still have a roof over your head, parents who are raking in enough to fund your education(local or overseas), enough money to go shopping and clubbing… the hopes for equality probably doesn’t appeal to you because it’s not evident to you why there is a need for a change.

I was once like the lot of you. In fact, that ‘once’ was not too long ago. Throughout the whole of last year, I’ve seen enough videos and read enough alternative news to know about the kind of idiots we have who are supposedly our leaders. They say things even a primary school child should know not to say in public. Just a simple search on youtube will yield many results of cat fights in the parliament. Here are some links if you’re interested in people shouting at each other:

I’m not ashamed to admit that it is because of a young person like Hannah Yeoh who is so passionate about making a change that I’ve become immensely interested in the going-ons of the elections process. It might sound shallow but at least it’s a good first step.

I once shunned politics too. If it doesn’t concern me, so why should I bother? I used to avoid socio-political blogs whom I thought contaminated the very essence of blogging which I faithfully deemed as personal voices about their daily lives.

My brother even asked me, “Why are you interested in politics now? You were so indifferent before.”

I have to say that I was quite offended by his statement.(normal lah, my brother and I offend each other on a regular basis.)

Is it wrong for me to choose to care about how our country is being run? Should others raise their eyebrows at me for wanting to see what changes can do for our nation? The people around me might not say it to my face but I can feel it. I know that’s what they are thinking. I’m sorry if I get too hyped up, but that’s my character. I go OTT when I get interested in things.

Why do you not like equality?

How can you be so nonchalant?

How can you be happy when you know the taxes you pay(okay, so you’re not paying yet. Your parents’ money then!) are going into stupid things like iron trees, iron pigeons(how is Subang Jaya related to pigeons you tell me? HOW?) and the biggest this and the biggest that?

The country’s peaceful and what? We’re a civilized nation and that SHOULD be an element of a world-class nation. Peace is not a reason to be complacent. When you’ve achieved something, you go on to the next big thing! You got your degree already, you will then go and study for your masters and PhD what. Correct?

You got all A’s for SPM, so why didn’t you get your JPA scholarship? Yeah, are you remembering that tinge of disappointment you had those years ago? That’s what I’m talking about. All those hard work amounted to naught!

Fine, fine. I might not be extremely affected by the issues that our country is facing… in plain and simple words: I. AM. BORED!

On the 6th of March, I was positive that the rally I was about to attend in Penang would be something historical. True enough, 60,000 people flooded the Han Chiang school’s football field. First of all, Jeff Ooi was there. He might or might not remember me from the past two blog meetings but nevertheless, I’m proud to say I’ve met him before. I was also keen to listen to the likes of Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Lim Guan Eng.

Lie Yuen, Tee Lun and I left Sungai Petani for Penang Island at about 6.45pm on Thursday. As expected, the Penang bridge was congested and upon arriving at the venue, parking was a nightmare. I parked outside a house after Tee Lun went down to beg the house owner if it’s okay for us to park at their gate.

It started to pour but we trudged through muddy puddles and had a good laugh about how crazy we were.

Newspapers as umbrellas for the absent minded.

The place was packed but fortunately for us, we stumbled blindly in from the back of the stage and managed to get a good view. Strategy. *taps temple*

Umbrellas were obstructing our view of the stage but luckily there were big screens all around the field so that we can be part of the action too.

Some kid got lost amidst the tens of thousands Penangites.

l-r: Tee Lun, Lie Yuen and myself. It was after the rain already, but we were forced to sit on the muddy ground. Nevertheless, it was an experience of a lifetime. As mentioned in so many other blogs(T__T why lah i blog so late one..whyyy), one would have assumed that it was a rock concert instead of a political rally.

Whenever any of the leaders arrived, they were paraded past the crowd.

They even have fireworks!!

It got kind of hot despite the rain..

I was that close to the stage!

Lim Kit Siang arrives!!

Lim Guan Eng~~~~~. 😀

Jeff Ooi had totally lost his voice and thus sang cheeky songs to the masses who sang along with him. No prizes for guessing the contents of the songs.

Karpal Singh. WOW. When he spoke, it was god-like. You know the kind of voice that people use in tv shows when god speaks? The very same. I really enjoyed every word he spoke and cheered along to the cries of “Makkal Sakti!”

And that’s Lim Guan Eng being carried by his hardcore supporters. If you have watched DAP’s campaign video, you’d remember this scene where Guan Eng is released from Kamunting and is speaking to his supporters as Lim Kit Siang stands next to him. He wears a lei(garland of flowers) around his neck and very forcefully swings his hands up and down to make a point as his lips curve fiercely downwards with each syllable. The look on his face just screams, “Injustice.”

God… yes, that scene. *fans self* I think he looks hot there despite him being the same age as my mother. He was probably in his late thirties when that footage was taken. I think he has qualified as my first political crush. He has got this very nice uncle demeanor about him. Speaking of Uncle-ish demeanor, I could replay and replay the Koh Tsu Koon press conference. The perfect gentleman. *melts* I’m sure he was very good with the ladies in his hey days. That docile manner.. *sighsighsigh*

I have one celebrity crush and we all know it’s Douglas Lim hehehe..and of course my darrrrrlllliinnnngg sweethearttt love you sooo sooo much boyfriend who just rolls his eyes at me at the mention of Douglas Lim. However, I had a good chuckle when I realised that my political crush, my celebrity crush and boyfriend share the same surname. Same chinese character, yes. That two identical crosses with skirts. You know, Ling, in mandarin. Chee Kiang’s Lam is a cantonese version of that character.

I was there!!!

Photos stolen from Tvsmith and Oon Yeoh. 😛

I can’t find photos of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng talking but I was just happy to be there. If I didn’t go that night, I’ll probably never have the chance to ever hear them speak in front of me. (but since they won, I guess that won’t be the last time. Heh.) Question, in what language do you think Kit Siang and Guan Eng speak at home? I’m guessing Hokkien since they are from Johor. I asked Cze-Yin, “What do they speak at home ar?” and she said, “Politics.” … -_- I meant what language lorh.

You know what I’m waiting for? I’m waiting for an autobiography on either Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh or Lim Guan Eng. Do let me know if there are any!

On Friday, I took the bus home to catch Hannah Yeoh’s final ceramah in Sunway.

I’m guessing it has been raining at every other ceramah for the past two weeks.

In the spirit of a multiracial nation, this chinese guy spoke in tamil, bm, english, mandarin and cantonese. Amazing!!

Edward Ling, Hannah Yeoh’s campaign manager, was extremely passionate in his speech. =) Also my senior from school.

Small photo of Hannah..sigh. She brought a little girl up on stage as she was touched to see that she has inspired such a young girl.

The crowd that gathered under the rain.

Sigh, note to all: If you have a DSLR, bring it to ceramahs.


Followed mum and dad to my old school on polling day.

It’s been so long since I last walked to school.

The crowd was a bit of a let down though. I must’ve expected too much.

I managed to sneak this shot before a policewoman shooed me away.

Oh, issit? *walks in anyway*

As I complete this post, what is being called the Malaysia Revolution of 2008 happened over the weekend and as much as I wanted this to happen, I want to thread carefully into this new era with my friends and family. Baby steps to a better world. 🙂 I can only hope. Hoping is good, right?

I’ve said so much and raved so much and yelled(with joy!) so much over the weekend that I’m starting to bore myself silly. I know my blog should serve as a journal to me but there comes a point in every blogger’s life where you just don’t need to say every single damn thing that pulsates through your head. But I shall keep those emails that my best friends and I have been sending to each other regarding the elections. Those should be good enough personal accounts of mine so that I may remember this historic day when I’m old.(or when I’m free enough to dig through my junk)

In years to come, our children will read in their textbooks about how the balance of power has been obtained after the Malaysia Revolution of 2008, a political tsunami that wiped out significant members of the ruling coalition, in order to make way for a more optimistic, fresher and multi-racial generation of leaders. Our children will know of tokoh-tokoh such as Raja Petra, Jeff Ooi and other very very influential bloggers who defied the norms of traditional media by enlightening the urban nation about the wrongs of this country.

I’m extremely proud of the opposition for what they have achieved. All those times when certain members of the oppositions have been thrown into Kamunting without trial, how they tried and tried and tried again in so many general elections before, how they have been heartbreakingly silenced by the mainstream media… but most of all, I am very happy that their success has shocked my apathetic friends into realizing just how much a vote can make.

Over dinner, I asked the ones who have yet to register, “So will you be registering now?”

“OH DEFINITELY!” one of them said, with her eyes wide, while the other one nods furiously from across the table.

Not only do we have a stronger opposition, but we have managed to cultivate a stronger sense of awareness among the apethetic. And for that, I am grateful.

I’m registering myself as a voter for the next elections as soon as I have a weekday here in Subang. I turned 21 two months too late.

Parliament proceedings will be so goddamn fun. I shall keep watch.

And with this, I end with my final croak – Ribbit.