Binging On Politics While Making Holes In Teeth Before Playing Various Sports!

It’s inevitable! I can’t seem to talk about anything else these days but political speculations, sob stories of defamed politicians, possible election outcomes, the election process….I do hope none of my apathetic friends are annoyed with me!

During my morning classes, I would be devouring the newspapers(getting my BN fix) but the real fun starts at night when I get home and the internet is my best friend. Youtube videos on opposition ceramahs, political pundits sharing their thoughts with the online rakyat and support groups on Facebook…these are exciting times for everyone who cares about what happens to Malaysia. 🙂 My stand is for smarter voices in parliament and for idiots who have embarrassed themselves in parliament to be eliminated.

While going through the videos on youtube, I realise that I have always admired Dr. Mahathir for the way he speaks. Gotta love his sarcasm. I didn’t realise Anwar was such an incredible speaker too! I was on an Anwar Ibrahim binge last night. In certain aspects, he has the same flair for speech as Dr. M. I’m not basing my admiration for whatever these two people have done in the past, but I’m just taking it all at face value. Makes for good entertainment!

On a more serious(but still fun!!) note, I’m going for Jeff Ooi’s wrapping up ceramah at Han Chiang stadium in Penang tomorrow. Will be wearing red! Woot woot! I’m also crazy enough to come back for Hannah Yeoh’s wrapping-up ceramah this Friday. I nearly wanted to go to RPK’s ceramah last night in Penang but I received news on Facebook that the police have denied him entry into the island. Oh well.

Mm, there should be more to life than just the General Elections. Well, okay, um.. every night I find myself in a daze about how to prioritize my time and energy. Assessing which photos from my stock are worthy to be blogged first, procrastinating when it comes to handing in r.Age artices and also editing a website with an e-zine that I’m working for. It’s tiring but i’m hoping that my effort will pay off and that I get to go to Hong Kong at the end of the year with my own money from doing these three activities.

Studies will receive my utmost attention in a week or two. As if third year is not relaxing enough, I will be having TWO papers for my finals at the end of April. The two papers are medicine and surgery. Just two papers, two hours each. Just those two hours each two papers, I’m getting two weeks study break. I’d better pass with flying colours or I will not forgive myself. A little worried about my Surgery paper though as I failed the last module’s paper. Though I should add that I did get a distinction for the first module. Hehe. So by adding up the two papers, my average is probably well…somewhat average. Just let me pass my finals. Please please please..

If you don’t understand what’s the big deal about having only two papers for my finals..well compared to last year’s final when I had six subjects and one practical to study for. Also two weeks study break! There is no excuse for me to fail the coming finals.

The school has arranged for the exams to be carried out this way in order for us to go into the clinical phase and start treating patients. We will be having ONLY the dentistry final paper in our July finals.

It’s been ages since I’ve last posted photos from my practical class. Not that it’ll be very interesting to the most of you but just bear with it. I like my practical classes. 🙂 One of the reasons why I’m doing dentistry is because of the many hands-on approach that I get in this field. As our orthodontics lecturer said, “Dentistry is a blend of art and science.” 🙂

After we mounted the teeth for our upcoming endodontic practicals, we had to trim the models so that it will fit into the adaptors.

Adaptors to hold the models which will be placed inside the simulated patient’s mouth.

Looks like a bad occclusion. Oh well, no one’s perfect.

I’m sure most of you know what’s a root canal therapy. Well, at the very least heard of it. That’s what we’re currently learning! Here I am gaining access into the pulp canal perpendicular to the long axis of the tooth. After that, further access to the pulp canal should be attempted parallel to the long axis of the tooth.

My minute and dainty cavity. 😀 *proud*

My tutor inserted the endo file to see if I’ve managed to access the pulpal canal.

The Gates-Glidden bur is used for coronal flaring of the coronal 1/3 of the pulp chamber.

Big holes now! Good for vision!

Loving my big holes. Yes, I know it sounds wrong.

Oh joy! Our first exposure to oral radiography.

Here’s the control panel.

Oooh and then we have the developer and fixer to process the periapical radiographs.

All of us paying close attention while the tutor demonstrates.

That is how we’re supposed to place the film! Parallel to the long axis of the teeth. My model looks like it’s suffering from horrible periodontal problems right? Damn plaster of paris infused with sawdust just don’t hold as well when clamped with the rubber dam clamps. 🙁

And then it was my turn. Like detonating a bomb right? Hehe.

Red see through cover to aid visibility but prevent exposure of the film.

Ahh, my beautiful first attempt. Not the best, but it’s my very own!

After a few days, we had to find out the working length of all four anterior teeth. After a few days because that’s when we had our next practicals lah. The working length means from the level where the hole is made to the bottom of the root of the teeth. That’s the extent of the pulp chamber. By taking an x-ray, we can be sure if the access cavities made by the burs are correct and not holes leading to elsewhere.

Ooooh ooooh! Probably the moment I’ve been waiting for ever since I decided to study dentistry(which was in form5)…Orthodontics!

Mr. Abdullah cuts wires for us to practice our wire-bending skills. Yan Rui is touched.

We were to bend the wires according to the shapes drawn out for us.

It was no easy task manipulating those wires. The skin on my finger pads were peeling, especially on the third finger. 🙁

A kink!! Argh! I can’t get a good S-shape. 🙁 🙁 🙁

It ranges from fun to just plain annoying. A third year dental student’s worst nightmare is probably to bend really complicated wires coated with baby oil.

My end result. Mr. Abdullah said the dental technicians that he had trained in the past were required to replicate the shapes exactly and ensure that when placed on the drawings, no shadows should be seen. Must be super flat. I couldn’t produce that kind of work. 🙁

Jimmy who finished too fast for my liking came to kepoh at my desk while I slaved away. He made this for me and got lazy and asked me to do the E myself. A portion of the guys in my class seem to be extremely good with their hands during practical classes. It’s frustrating to figure out why I can’t be as good as them. After careful consideration and evaluation of the common characteristic shared by the lot of them, it seems that playing Dota could very well be the reason. Hehe, that’s just my theory lah! All of them play Dota alot AND are the ones who produce the nicest work in class. So all you Dota addicts should consider a career in dentistry. There seems to be a co-relation.

To prevent our brains from going mush during these less than busy times, the AIMST Dental Students Association have finally congregated to suggest activities that can be carried out to fit everyone’s schedules.

Me being me, ran around with the camera again. Here are my classmates. So few of them compared to the larger turnout for the other two batches. Boohoo.

One half of the Year Ones(aka Batch3).

The other half of the year ones. They have about 50 students in their batch.

The Year Twos(Batch 2) have a larger amount of students actually. More than 50, I remember.

Ideas for ADSA boggles the mind.

And lastly, a photo of the happy committee who have decided to go ahead with ADSALYMPICS.

Despite the Year 2’s hectic schedule, the Year 3’s like-holiday-but-actually-got-school schedule and the Year 1 being somwhere in between, it’s quite nice to see all my coursemates utilizing the sports complex almost every day!

I try to swim three times a week but for fear of tinting the pool red for these few days, I’ve taken to playing badminton instead. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually enjoying myself every evening sweating it out and aching all over the next day. Soon the rest of you will say, “Eh. where’s Jolene?” when I turn sideways. Too slim. Cannot see.

Extremely Funny Videos Urging You To Vote and My Noobish Punditry

My brother sent me links to some youtube videos which looks like it has gotten its inspiration from the Mac Vs PC ads. My brother is so geeking out on politics now…him being the family political pundit at home. 😀 My parents are taking his advice into consideration about which party to support.

As for the videos, all I can is “MORE MORE MORE!!!”

About the whole bloggers are liars hoo-hah:

About the government telling us to change our lifestyles when the prices go up:

About the sleeping PM:

About the stamp with the YB’s face on it (when was this?):

I didn’t know our countrymen are so talented!! 🙂

Some pokes at recent political controversies with famous karaoke tunes:

On the upcoming elections:

Forever Lingam:

You think Chua Soi Lek will get left out? Of course not:

Hehehe, the title says it all, “Rought Little Indian Boys” :

I may enjoy fluff but I’m not a youth who is apathetic(overused!!!) about the current governing body of our country. I might have said somethings in the past that hinted of me being otherwise.

What I said on the buscrashnomore blog was that I didn’t want the website to be used as a political vehicle. Our agenda was for awareness and we have achieved that already.(As signatures have come to a crawl, we have paused work on it for the time being but will resume with it when we have discussed when to close the petition and hand it in.)

That aside, election season is fun! 🙂 All these many reading materials to indulge in. I’ve finally gotten a grasp about how it doesn’t matter if BN wins but as long as the oppositions manage to get more seats resulting in BN losing its 2/3 majority seats. With more seats to the opposition, it won’t be dominated by one party only! It should be about balance right? 🙂 And I thought BN’s logo is the scale….

I think with the advent of blogs in Malaysia over the past four years (2004-2005 saw the booming of the local blogosphere), the younger and the net savvy people are getting a better idea about how everything is being done in Malaysia.

As for me, my beliefs are few but simple:

1) New people equals to new ideas.

2) Louder voices from all sides(that matter).

3) The government should know that our faith is not stable(even if they win.)

I’m quite bitter that I’m not back home in Subang Jaya when elections, for the first time ever is SO freaking interesting!

There are two women contesting back home. For MCA it is an older lady who seems wise but there is nothing new about her agenda. However, DAP gives us our home grown Hannah Yeoh! Nevermind that she’s 29, a lawyer and lives in USJ but she was from my school too! 0_0 Someone from my school to lead Subang Jaya. I’ve always thought Karanbir Singh(Our head prefect) would be the first one..hahaha. Hello Karanbir! I hope that you’ll make us proud in the political scene when you’ve grown up!

You can claim that I’m being bias for supporting a younger person. But hey, when you’re representing the people you want the people to relate to you. You want my vote, you relate to me. 🙂 Hannah Yeoh was from Tadika Ladybird Subang Jaya, Sekolah Rendah SS19 Subang Jaya, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Utama and Taylor’s College!!! So was I! All four institutions!!

Read from the net that the ceramah held by BN wasn’t as interesting as DAP’s! BN’s one was carried out in a variety of languages where else DAP’s one was done completely in fluent English. Subang Jayans(new word! new word!) relate best when one speaks in fluent English. Subang Jaya is after all, ahem, as reported in the papers, the most IT savvy area in the country. I don’t know how language relates to IT but I’m going to just settle with the term ‘wavelength’.

BN garnered a few hundred(or was it a thousand?) members of the public at the ceramah but DAP managed to get like 3000 people to come!

It was even done in the playground that I grew up in! The empty field that I drive past every night was actually PACKED with people. They even made good use of the spotlights put up at the field. Thank you MPSJ for that!

Check out this picture from Hannah Yeoh’s blog:

Look at that folks, the legion of people from the country’s most IT SAVVY area!!

If I was home, I could probably hear the ceramah from my room..(and then walk out and join the crowd).

According to reports, it was very lively too. 🙂 People were having a good time and jokes were thrown about. Like when she made statements the public went, “Korek korek korek”.. I really wish I was there. To learn as well as be a part of something.

I’m also grateful that my town is so developed but I want to try something new. We all want to try something new. 🙂

My parents and brother are going for DAP’s ceramah at USJ12 tomorrow. It will be held at the padang there. 🙂 Go mingle and have fun with the thousands who want to change things together!

I couldn’t register in time. But I think it closed before my birthday… oh well. 🙂

By the way, the elections have taught me a new word: Incumbent. If it wasn’t for all the MP names after that word, I would have assumed that it would be something like a cucumber situation. Hehe. Mervyn told me what it means. My brother is more intelligent than me. *pouts*