My Baby Nephew/Broadway Parodies Lah/A Trip To Marie France Bodyline

What was supposed to be a disciplined night which consisted of one blog entry and then lots of studying nearly reduced me to tears.

Not wanting to fork out hundreds of Ringgit to update my McAfee, I decided to download the antivirus program from I left my AVG on to take care of the computer while I was at school. We all know that two antivirus opened simultaneously can give problems to the computer.

I already had a virus lurking in every file on my computer, so I thought if I did a scan, it would be removed. Little did I know, I COULDN’T DELETE THINGS OFF MY COMPUTER. Everything was write protected or some shit like that.

So I did the ultimate nono, I turned my computer off multiply times using the power button. After three or so attempts, I got an error message that said, “NO NSDLR(NLDSR? Whatever fuck) detected. Please press any key to restart.” and upon pressing any of the keys, I got the same message again and again.

Horrified that I couldn’t get into Windows, I started jumping up and down with tears springing to my eyes and I gave a big loud frustrated grunt-moan.(Lie Yuen could feel the floor vibrate by the way. Seriously. Lousy Kedah houses). I called my trusty computer technician whom I affectionately call Ah Loo Sang(Mr. Loo, but in a china prostitute accent. It’s an inside joke between Lie Yuen and I). I was so messed up that I said, “Hello? Ah Loo Sang ar?!” when he picked up the phone. OMG..the embarrassment. I HAD to bring my computer to Mr. Loo or else I’d be climbing the walls due to frustration.

I barged into Lie Yuen’s room and according to her she only heard, “……virus…….. car….Ah Loo Sang….” amidst a very warbled voice. I was almost going to cry. I don’t want my computer to die on me. It’s my only source of entertainment here..;( So my kind housemate loan me her car and I drove off into the night with a dark face.

I stormed into the computer shop and put my laptop on the counter and sat in front of it, fuming. Mr. Loo knew what I was there for but his apprentice didn’t. I must’ve looked damn super angry because the apprentice meekly approached me and said, “Ahh….?” while pointing at the laptop.

But I’m quite happy that they managed to retrieve my important files and reformatted the entire computer for me. AND downloaded new antivirus program into it for me. I must say, having an external hard disk is SO good. I think everybody should use an external hard disk to store your important data.

I’m happier now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bought packet milo to celebrate with Lie Yuen.

I went to see my nephew Ethan last weekend! At 12 days old, he certainly has a wide variety of expressions. Really bummed out that I won’t be back for his full moon party.

The poor baby’s skin is peeling. Apparently babies get that!

Look at the eyes man! SO BIG! Clearly my eyes are recessive genes.

Super chubby cheeks and a stern expression to boot!

So small compared to my head right. Haha. I think he looks abit like my cousin Derek from this angle. And for those who don’t know, no it’s not Derek’s baby. It’s Hong Fei and Kwee Fong’s. Derek is a year younger than me and shouldn’t be having any babies now.

And from this angle he looks my brother.

Ohmigod, this is so typical of people. We immediately associate the baby with the rest of the family and not the side that isn’t related to us. LOL.

I must blog about Broadway Parodies Lah. The lyricist is a bloody genius. We were all in stitches and the cast was damn good too. And of course lah, the musical had Douglas Lim which I why I just HAD to be there.

I begged so hard for Mel, She Dee and Mun Teng to join me on Friday evening but they were abit doubtful and said that they would sleep half way through the play if it’s boring. I invited my brother along because I knew he would get a good laugh out of it.

I didn’t tell the girls that Douglas Lim was in the musical because they would have known of my evil intentions. It being my desire to see Douglas Lim and they were there only to accompany me. Hehe, no of course not. I really wanted my girls to have a good time too!

With a rather small cast, they managed to bring the house down with their antics and songs. Broadway Parodies Lah is a spoof of songs from famous broadway musicals(Oklahoma!, Annie, The Phantom Of The Opera, My Fair Lady, Sound Of Music and there was even one from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!). They changed the lyrics into something more Malaysian. The song that is stuck in my head is Chicken With A Chilli On Top(in the tune of Surrey With The Fringe On The Top) , the one done by Ho Soon Yoon(he has a blog! Can’t believe he is a banker by day and a performer by night. A very talented one too. He’s the guy who played Leong in Broken Bridges. Bloody good voice.)

The pianist.

Another favourite would have to be the Aiyo song. It was in the tune of Hei-ho hei-ho from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. The four males in the cast did this number with a really cute dance routine. Douglas Lim had those reading glasses slung low on his nose and he was squinting his eyes throughout.

And when they go “..aiyo, aiyo, aiyo!”, they did a few steps back simultaneously and the move was SO SO SO adorable lah. You just have to see it for yourselves.

Here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

“Aiyo, aiyo, the share price just won’t grow, Three weeks is stuck, don’t have no luck, Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo,
Aiyo, aiyo, When highway traffic slow, Just wind the window down and shout, AIYO AIYO aiyo,
Aiyo, aiyo – Why bonus very low?
This year my balik kampong out! Aiyo, aiyo.

Aiyo, aiyo, -my boss is so bodoh,
He make mistake, but make me take – The blame – must save his name Aiyo, Aiyo,
My children quickly grow,
Want this want that, why so like that, Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo.”

hahahha. Damn good.

Do watch out for this guy called Ivan Choong. Quite hot in that Marina Marina song. Damn funny. At first you were wondering why he was singing about someone named Marina. This was to spoof the Mariah Mariah song from West Side Story. Whatever that is. Thanks Mel for the info. ๐Ÿ˜›

“Marina….Marinaa…Your father is no longer PM.. his photo hangs in the coffeeshop no more…. Marina Marina…We still love your Papa…” or something along those lines lah.

The girl who sang Christina’s part in The Phantom Of The Opera(changed to The Bomoh Of The Bursa) had a damn powerful voice. Be enthralled!

And another crowd favourite was…I think, Cheryl Tan who played the part of a pampered 18 year old girl who wanted to avoid NS. She was really good. She could sing and maintain all those expressions.. no easy feat. Simply amazing. And to the tune of what, you ask? Hahaha. If you grew up in the 90s, you’d definitely recognise it. Think rain. And think postman. and maybe a peachy-pink dress.

The show ended with Douglas Lim playing a chinapek tour guide bringing a crowd of English tourists up to Genting Highlands. He sang a song about gambling but I can’t remember the lyrics or the tune. The funnnnnnniiiiieessst song HAS to be Bo Doh Lah. (Do Re Mi).

He made the tourists sit in a row and they all held placards each with a syllable. “Bo” “Doh” “Why” “You” “So” “Like” “That” “One” it read. Bwahahha.

I could only remember a fragment of the lyrics.

“Bo – A tea from Cameron High,
Doh – something made into bread,
Why – You say, I so leng chai!
You – five letters away from Z!
So – i can’t remember
Like – nope, can’t remember either.
That – The opposite of this!
One – …….argghh..see, that’s why I want them to come up with a CD.”

Or in my fanmail to Soon Yoon, hopefully they will put up MP3s or videos on their blog.

I think they’ll still be having shows till June 3rd. So hurry up if you wanna go. It’s the type of thing that you might just wanna watch again and again and again.

l-r: Mervyn, Mun Teng, She Dee, Mel and Myself

Since we didn’t have dinner, the rest was really hungry by the end of the show. I really wanted to see Douglas Lim but was damn shy as well. And we were heading so fast towards the elevators, I was nearly going to start crying. They were like, “You want to see him issitttt..” and I just looked very tearful and said, “NOOO.. I shy!” And they got frustrated, “HAIYAH! You sure or not! Let’s go up again!” and I’m like, “NOoooooo!! Let’s just go………………..”..and then two seconds later, I’ll go, “I WANT TO SEE HIM…” and then another two seconds, “Let’s just go home lah..*sniff*”…

Then as fate intended it to be, we lost our way to the elevator…and Mel was like, “Which way ar?” and I pointed at the escalator back to Actor’s Studio and said, “This way!”

Hahaha. They laughed and said, “ the correct way is to where Douglas Lim is lah!”


It was a bloody deja vu from the Jin tian days. Melody to the rescue again. 8 years ago also like that. Now also like that.

Let’s have a little flashback to a diary entry of mine dated 8 long years ago:

“Dear Diary,

This should be in the headlines of all newspapers in the whole wide world. Jin-Tian and I FINALLY HAD A CONVERSATION!!!

No kidding!! ๐Ÿ™‚

See, I went to school today for librarian duty as usual.. Melody said that if I came earlier I would’ve seen Jin-Tian. That’s because he’s taking care of the school gates today and he came to the library to send the newspapers. Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melody said that he was looking around to see if I’m around.

Well, that’s pretty flattering but not the best thing that had happened to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

See, I pestured all the librarians to go down during the form three recess. Melody grabbed my autograph book “incase” we see Jin-Tian. We walked past the canteen and I saw Jin-Tian inside. I think he glanced at me. Melody saw Aaron and asked him to call Jin-Tian to come talk to me.

I was about to run away.

The rest managed to make me stay. Melody told me I had some eye dirt in my eye. Thank God or else I would have died of embarrassment.

Aaron finally managed to call Jin-Tian over. He stood in front of Melanie and the others and he said to them, “Hi….huhhuhhe..” he looked nervous. I just stood there.

Man! I was hysterical! LOL. So was he.

Then Melody asked him, “You chicken ar you?” Then he held out his name tag and said, “Yar wat! Chan Chi Ken,”. I just smiled.

Then he said to me, “So.. always talked to you online only lar..”.. I was SO shy. I just went, “Er..yar.” and then he stuck out his hand and luckily I had the nerve to shake it.

He kept giggling nervously. Then Melody gave him my autograph book and asked him to sign it. She even offered him my whole colour pens collection(I have them in this huge pencil case that I bring around) to choose from. He chose this one: *scribbles colour pen to indicate colour*

Melody and the rest walked away and I was all alone. Just in front of him. He was signing it and when he was done he gave me back my book and thanked me and returned the pen. I smiled sweetly at him.

And then I took off.

Melody and the rest caught up with me and I just mumbled, “Fuck you fuck you fuck you” to Melody.. Hehehe.. then when we were out of the school compound I said, “Thank you thank you thank you thank you…~~!!” ๐Ÿ˜€

Hehehehe. I was SO in love with that colour pen that he held for the rest of the day. And he shook my hand. OMIGOD! :O

Later, when the morning session ended, I went up to him(With Melody’s help of course) and I asked him to write in the autograph book. Like a real entry. He wasn’t so cute as the first time we talked but he’s still Jin-Tian! Darling ol’ Jin-Tian.

Later, I told the whole world.

I went home and went online and Yuen Fatt told me that he knows I talked to Jin-Tian and he also read the note on the Leo board. He said that it was Vern Yang who told him about it.

Ne wayz, Gotta go.

p/s: My conversation happened around 10.20am-10.30am.

Mel talked to Douglas first. And then he shook Mun Teng’s hand and when he saw me, he gave a laugh and said, “AH! You again!” ahhaha. Oh my god.

After telling him how great he looked in a woman’s lycra top and fishnets and clogs(yes, you must be there to see it), I congratulated him on his wedding. In a very shy manner, still, mind you.

And then he said, “Yes, yes….I’m a married man noww..” hehe.. alah! Hopefully he doesn’t mean it in a way that I should stop stalking him! Or else life won’t be as fun anymore!

Everytime I see him I must take ONE photo!

But that silly form5 girl feelings only bubbles up to the top when I see him at plays.(the rest of my time is devoted to my one and only. Ahem ahem dear don’t emo okay. Hehe). Back in form5, it was mad. When I was sitting for an exam, I’d replay his lines from Homecoming and laugh to myself and then start feeling sad I won’t be able to see him in real life etc.. Duh.

Supper was rather eventful as well. We were joined by Dennis Tan, Barry, Aurey, Yijin, Tze Ching, Eugin and a new friend Rachel.

l-r: Eugin mabuk, Barry and Yijin.

l-r: Dennis and She Dee

l-r: Mel and Audrey

Smuggy solo wor. -_-

L-r: Rachel, Tze Ching, Mun Teng, Me

A nicer one of Mel and Audrey

Dennis and I

Miss Lai says NO SMOKING! Let’s extinguish all the lighters in the world!

And on a more subdued note, I went for my free consultation and treatment at Marie France Bodyline last Saturday. As expected, they pressed me to buy packages and told me that I need to lose 10 kg to look better.(at least now I know for sure).

Apparently I needed 30 treatments…and the total cost of it was RM10k+++. And I was, apparently, very lucky because I had, apparently, a 70% discount, which means that the package would be mine for, apparently, only Rm2470. My father don’t shit gold bar leh. Even if he can shit it also he won’t give me that kind of money lor.

I kept telling the persistent woman that I only came BECAUSE I won the contest in The Star. Or else I would NEVER go to Marie France simply because I’m too poor!

So I was given my free treatment to see if I liked what I was getting myself into. (*still shouting* I only came because I won the free trial..or else I wouldn’t be here!!… haiyoh, why so difficult to understand?)

The machine that gave me comfortable electric zaps. Some zapping fat away thingamajig. Don’t know lah.

You might not be able to see it clearly, but that’s an electrode stuck to my torso.

For the second part of the hour, they slim-wrapped me. It was like medicated bandages, fresh out of the freezer and wrapped around your lower body. And you had to sit in that cubicle(which was airconditioned) for a good half an hour. I have never shivered so much. I was damn cold. The kimono that I was given was starting to soak. Luckily I had my java games to keep me entertained.

I’m sure it’ll be good for me if I had the money and the courage to withstand such low temperatures. But it’s not for me. Give me a swimming pool anyway! I’m joining aerobic classes in Sungai Petani now anyway. Not like it will help much… but oh, at least something right? Ma Sa Leh Leh! (some name the instructor gave to one of the moves. I find it really funny. I felt like a dancing golliwog.

And the kimono’s quite nice. Or is it a bathrobe?

ARGH FINALLY BLOGGED FINISH. What a freaking long post.

Oh wait, before I go to bed, I’ve got some things to share. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re a student studying abroad(preferably somewhere else that is not Australia/UK or somewhere equally cliche) with a flair for writing , r.Age is looking for you to write for their segment “Stepping Out!” You’ll get paid too! Email me if you’re interested!

While I’m at it, head over to Minishorts’. She’s involved in a project aiming to bring orphans to visit a sanctuary for elephants(and baby elephants! so cute!). Sort of like teaching the orphans how to care for another living being type of program. It’s rather meaningful! Head on over to see how you can help!

The Night Where Nuffnang Treated Us To A Screening Of Pirates Of The Caribbeans 3

Despite telling Tim that I wouldn’t be able to make it back for the Nuffnang’s Pirate Of The Caribbean’s screening, I decided to come home a little earlier since I was coming back on Thursday after all!

Reasons I’m home this weekend:

1) Nuffnang Pirates screening
2) BROADWAY PARODIES LAH!(see you there tonight… in like 4 hours. bwahaha)
3) To visit my new nephew Ethan! (photos later)
4) My Aunty and Uncle are back from UK.

I followed Yee Hou’s car from behind after his class ended at six. ๐Ÿ™ I caused an embarrassing congestion outside faggers’ gate while trying to locate him.

After leaving his place, he hopped into the driver’s seat of my Kia Carens for this.

Apparently I was tionging him all the way from Sunway back to Kelana Jaya. Woot. I’m no longer a slow driver.

Here we are grabbing a quick dinner before going in for the movie. Thanks for dinner, Yee Hou. I lost the very chinese battle of paying for the bill. ;(

I love spring onions! Especially when I have lots of it in my soupy noodles!

Siu Long Pau! Didn’t know they served it here at The Curve! This was at a restaurant called Dragon-I.

And our sad attempt at trying to make a bikini babe. Well, a naked babe actually. Supposed to pubic hair down south… she could’ve been blonde though.

After dinner, we went up to Cineleisure and Tim was there with the rest of his team already. There were a few people hanging around and when I spot my first familiar face..I was damn happy! Penny and I exchanged the obligatory, “OhMIGOD I Didn’T knOW You WeRe ComiNG!! Ah!! HellOOo!!”*hug**hug*… while we were chatting animatedly, Yee Hou wondered off to take some photos to cover the event for his r.age article.

Suddenly, we heard two loud voices screeching, “WHAT THE FUCK?!! WHAT THE FUCK?!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!!?!! You CALL YOURSELF BLOGGERS???!!?!?!?!”

BWAHAHHAHA. I turned around and saw Suanie and Fireangel all decked out in full Pirates gear surveying the crowd of bloggers gathered outside the cinema – all in normal clothing. They had the most incredulous look on their faces. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw them. Actually, I’m still laughing whenever I replay the whole scene of them climbing up the steps and looking gobsmacked. HAHAHA. Damn funny.

Here’s a picture of myself with the pretty pirates.
l-r: Suanie, Myself and Fireangel

Penny going all sweat on them.

After that, I followed Penny down to Friday’s were Wingz and the rest of their friends were hanging. It was mostly the bunch of people who made the Together-Gather gathering.

I got acquainted with Lisan last night. It’s hard to believe that this pretty girl is only my brother’s age!

And the crowd grew! I didn’t really go up to total strangers to strike up conversations as I would’ve in previous blog gatherings. Maybe because I’m not used to having a blog gathering at a cinema. And what if someone who was just standing there was not a blogger? So I played safe and just smiled and chatted up the familiar faces that I’ve seen times and times before.

Here’s one of me and Jason kor! All the way from Malacca, just like every other time.

L-r: Jen, Smashpop, myself and Rames.

Look at that face man.. oh KY came as a pirate too. I’ve never met him before but I exchanged a smile shy and a slight wave of the hand with him. Should have gone up to him and talked as well.

Another shy moment was when I saw Jeff Ooi and his family dining at one of the restaurants down stairs. I waved at him and said I’ll see him later and he smiled back with a wave. Also quite shy to approach him. WHY AM I SO SHY HOR! (I’m shy.. Omg. I am!) I was telling Yee Hou about this embarrassing thing that I did to Jeff Ooi when I last saw him at the Petaling Street 2nd Bash back in June 2005.

At that time I had another mass-linking-to-me thing going on because my father didn’t allow me to go for anymore blog gatherings(hohohoho.. and then I’ve attended six so far, and three of which I’ve co-organised) and was especially worried about bloggers making exhibitionists out of themselves. It was when SPG posed naked on her blog and he was worried that I’d become like her. ……………..thank goodness I’m still too out of shape to take on such hobbies after four years of blogging.

Anyway, so I was that poor little girl who kena-ed from her Dad for blogging so much(without holding alot back. This was then.) and meeting up with bloggers(ie. people from the internet) and I had to pull out of the PPS bash guest list. But I managed to convince my dad at the very last minute and he allowed me to go! I went to the party and quite a number of people were surprised that i managed to come. So, I was too up in my head already smiling at people who smiled at me, and answering their surprised questions about my attendance. When Jeff Ooi smiled at me(because he recognized me from Peter Tan’s gathering), I smiled and said, “heh, yes, my dad let me come after all.”

He looked startled and said, “Eh? What has your dad letting you to come got to do with anything?”

…it was then that I felt so flushed with embarrassment. Of course you silly girl. Jeff doesn’t read every single thing in the blogosphere. Bwahhaha. I remember telling this story to Joshua and he was like, “OMG JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……MALU WEIIIII”. Ya I know. Malu.

The best part of the night was probably this:-

I saw these two buggers.

I was walking in and then I heard Suet Li saying hello to someone. Then I saw Barry on my left and I leaned on him(he didn’t know who was leaning on him) and we hugged and screamed(this was Suet Li and Me). Hahaha. My bestest guy friend and his missus(perhaps the only other half of my close friends that I’m closest to. Can understand ar?) were there toooooo. Besides Yee Hou(we’ve successfully broken down the Jolene Polite Barrier eons ago), I hardly have any close friends at the screening that I’d like to sit beside. And bumping into damn kau close friends at a movie screening with free seating?? AWESOME!! (shit, where did I learn that word)

So I gave up my VIP seat(Thanks Tim:) You’re very kind! But I paiseh to sit lah.) and sat with the lovebirds and Yee Hou. In front of me was Albert and Su Ann.

I remember being damn happy that I spotted Barry and Suet that I was like saying, “Ok!! I don’t want to sit VIP di! I sit with you all!!! YAY!” and someone said, “Why you don’t want?!! why you don’t want to sit??!?” I turned around, it was Wingz as he entered the VIP row. Bwahaha. Cute fella.

Here’s one of Su Ann and me.

Boss Stewie/Tim saying a little something before the show.

Ah, Simon and his lovely wife. hehe. See, you’re the only one I give my mosaic treatment to!

Albert and his toy.

The movie never really made any sense to me but I love looking at the props and the setting. And of course, Captain Jack Sparrow is damn funny. I think he could be suffering from a multiple personalities disorder. And hallucinations too.

My favourite characters from the movie would be Jack Sparrow, that calypso goddess(there’s something about her.. the dots, ugly teeth, black slimy lips) and Davy Jones!!

Half way through the movie, I actually got hungry while looking at Davy Jones. I wanted to eat him. I wanted to cook him steamboat style and chew on his yummy tentacles. especially that bloaty thing at the back of his head that inflates and deflates as he breathes. Yum! I can just burst it with my teeth and maybe some salty juice will come out. Oh ..yum! I’m serious. He looks delicious.

I’m the chinese of the underwater world. I eat any underwater creatures. Really! I love seafood.

There’s a very easily tickled blogger among us last night. The only dude who laughed so hard at every single thing on the screen. It’s nice to be appreciative I suppose. ๐Ÿ™‚ The few of us had no idea who was laughing so hard, but since this was a movie screening among people who are supposed to be in a community together, we laughed along. But the dude even found the digi yellowman funny!! Hahaha.

After the movie, I spotted Earl Ku of and called out, “Earl-ku!” but he didn’t turn around. Nevermind, it’s okay, maybe he’s not quite used to his online nickname. I couldn’t for the life of me remember his real name. I remember seeing it somewhere before.

So I called out again, this time he was further away. Exasperated, I shouted, “KUKUJIAO!!!!” and Penny was like, “Wei! Don’t say Kukujiao so loud la!!”

But I managed to get a photo with him! Hehe.

And these two! I’ve not seen them in two years.. and even then we didn’t get to talk much.
L-r: Shaolintiger, Kimcun and myself.

ST sounds damn Malaysian. You would’ve thought a Malaysian was talking if you didn’t know any better!

L-r: Penny, Me, Suet, Albert, Wenqi, Su Ann/Pinkpau, Tim, Shaolintiger, Kimcun

My darling Penny! One of the few bloggers friends of mine whom I can give the Real Life Jolene treatment to. (Package includes: Boob Five, Boob Grope, Bum Pinch, Breast Poke etc.)

My face was like that because he stepped on my toe. I was still in pain okay when I took this photo.

Yeah, spank her ass Dr. Tan. Spank Pennypupz’s naughty bum. Uhhhh.

I want to scold two people: Paul and Synical. Maybe you didn’t see me, but if you did, WHY NEVER SAY HELLO!!!!

And Mikel was there tooo…shit I forgot to take a photo with you I just realised!

And of course, a big thank you to Tim and the rest at Nuffnang for organising this fun event. More more more! Maybe next time can do a Harry Potter one and I will try my best to dress up as a Witch. Yay! Easier than pirates.

The Week Where We Read Newspapers Together, Yam Cha Together, Played Make Up Together, Laughed At My Lips Together And Camwhored Alone

This is a good indication that I’m no longer among youths.

This is what old people do while waiting for classes to start. (I bought extra copies of The Star to join the contest! I’d like a car please!)

But still youthful enough to camwhore as a group.

Some more photos from practical classes if you don’t mind. I read my blog months later to revise my practical work. It actually works okay! It helped me(a little bit la) for my practical exam on Monday.

Here we are, mounting the partial dentures on plaster of paris to maintain the occlusion between the upper and lower dentures.

Looks like a turban right?:) After this step, I think it would be time to apply the clasps or teeth. See how.

Bear with me, a tiny c-shaped cavity in the mesio buccal cusp of the tooth.

Acid etching is perhaps one of the easiest thing to do in dentistry. Aside from washing the instruments of course. Hehe.

On Saturday night, we wanted to go to the mamak to have another study session as it was quite fruitful the last time.(but that time it was because Brenda didn’t come. Brenda+Lie Yuen+Me=banyak hal bodoh, laugh laugh laugh until cannot study).

And we were shocked at the sea of people. SOMEMORE I WAS WEARING MY PYJAMAS!! ARGH!! It’s bad enough that we were the only three girls walking around in a sea of men whose eyes were glued to the screen. Yeap, it was the night of that big Chelsea(against MU issit?) game. -_-. And We wanted to go to the mamak to study. Amidst screams of GOAAAAL. And, in my pyjamas. Bad enough I was holding some books, and I was so not making sense in the middle of a big game night.

This was the second mamak that we went to because the first one was just too packed with people. I was taken aback by the amount of people who congregated at the mamak. Lie Yuen looks damn funny in this photo!! hahahahhaa.

Few things are better than Telur Separuh Masak Satu Set in the middle of a drizzly night. ๐Ÿ™‚ And a warm cup of Teh Tarik. Mmm.

Milo Dinosaur caplang. Firstly they used Banana milk as the main component of the drink. The true Milo Dinosaur that I drank was in Singapore, at the infamous mamak store near NUS(I went there with Chee Kiang and Karthik in December. And then we walked back to the university in the pouring rain! We were sopping wet as we walked nearly one kilometre back to the halls). It’s like milo damn damn damn pekat and then pour damn kau alot of milo powder on top of the already concentrated milo drink. Fuuwahh.

Not some lame ass banana milk with sperm jelly(you know, those little jelly with tails) AND THEN with a lot of milo powder. It doesn’t work that way. Blehhhhh. And it looks like vomit. According to Brenda. Not I say one, she say one.

This was my face when I saw the Milo Dinosaur Caplang.

Oh yah! I must show you my very comfortable pyjamas. Even though it makes me look Amah, but I still like it alot! My mum bought it from Hong Kong for me. She took the spaghetti strapped one. :'(

I was showing Brenda how dry my throat was after consuming two sets of half boiled eggs. That’s four eggs…. sometimes cholesterol should not be feared just yet. The little parts are to hide my disgusting bits. Yes, surprisingly there are still things that I can be shy about.

There are a lot of photos from my phone that I have not uploaded…. and they are mostly stupid faces from me. So what’s new huh?

Clearly, these were taken when I was damn bored of studying. I was singing/talking to myself while taking these photos thus the outcome of the expressions. ๐Ÿ˜€

Inilah dipanggil sudut comel ala Friendster. Not too much, not too little. PERFECT!

Wtf man? *black dude tone*

HAHH!? How can!?

“…..dreaming about, you and meeeeee~~~รขโ„ขยชรขโ„ขยชรขโ„ขยชรขโ„ขยชรขโ„ขยซรขโ„ขยช~~~”

*smirk* As if la.

maybe can use this face go audition for mangsa rogol? If you think you can do better, go get the details from Suet’s blog. Hehe.

This is my pained smile.

The Poor Little Girl Who Had To Study All Night.

oh ya! Was camwhoring in Dennis’ car on the way to the Curve during the holidays because my cousin sister wanted to see my newly rebonded hair. This was sent to her via MMS! (feels so proud for using MMS)

Another one. That time my hair so well behaved hor. Haih. T_T

Last night, Nien, Zhu Zen and Poh Yee came over to join Lie Yuen and I for the season three finale for Desperate Housewives.

They were astounded by the mess in my room. They even took touristy type of photos for keepsake. *sweat*

Chilling in my room while waiting for Desperate Housewives to download completely.

While waiting we played with make up! As all girls do! ๐Ÿ˜€ *giggles femininely* Heart shapes are to protect our chau kong-ness.

We were trying to replicate a look we saw from the magazine. Not a bad attempt okay!

I did the left and Lie Yuen gave the right eye another look. Had to mosaic Lie Yuen’s face because she would kill me if I didn’t. She wasn’t in a presentable state. *whistles innocently*

And then it was Zhu Zen’s turn!

Her eyes are damn nice. Just too bad my skills abit karat.

See, one side brighter than the other. And the eyeshadow I used was the neglected RM12.90 one. We wanted something blue, for fun. Haih, nevermind next time okay Zhu Zen!

See the hiau pors checking out their reflections. I was most proud of my work on Nien’s eyes! Forgot to take a picture though.

Oh, this morning, I woke up with a numb feeling in my upper lip. I got a shock when I looked into the mirror.

See!! The left half of my upper lip must’ve gotten bitten by some bug.

Angelina Jolie 25%.

Bengkak until cannot close my mouth properly. Damn embarrassing okay. Everybody was damn shocked to see me this morning. Fortunately, by the end of the day I looked less like a mutated Amber Chia.

Lie Yuen parked her car in front of this parking meters. She was unsure if she had to pay parking and utilize these ancient looking things. But it whirred when she inserted a coin. So we supposed that was what we were supposed to do.

But who the hell uses these things nowadays? I’ve never put money into any one of these things before! It was Lie Yuen’s first time too!

l-r: Zhu Zen and cze-Yin. We were trying out the infamous Chicken rice shop in Town. Can’t remember the name. So-so only lah the chicken rice.

My daddy always say hor that the dirtier the place, the nicer the food.