Oi Jakun!

Was supposed to meet up with ben Shyen, Melissa, Abby, Esther and MunTeng for lunch today after college but was just too lazy so i dragged my lazy ass home to watch episode 5 of Friend’s Season 10… now I’ve finally gotten over the imaginary guilt of internet bills….. keep forgetting the purpose of StreamYx!

lazy ass and I went for a nap till 6.45pm when Dennis called up to say he’d be dropping by with my belated bday present… lazy ass felt like, well, an ass for not getting Dennis’ present just yet.. wait ya, KKB, just wait:)

Then while I confirmed my plans for the night[watching all 4 chinese shows].. Kay Hong called and say, “oi want go yam char or not?” then I was like, “YAy let’s go!”.. then I thought we were just heading to normal places like in 15/taipan ..and that was why I was in shorts and a sleeveless top.. so Kay Hong said, “aiyer, u wear like that ar?”.. went upstairs to change into better ones.. was well aware of the fact that we were supposed to pick Lis up too though. So we went to “pai lin” at Liss’ place as the both of us could not make it tomorrow for her open house thing. But on the way there i was like “SHIT WE NEED TO GIVE SAU SUNS(Buah Tangan)…”… then we were driving around Damansara looking for shops..(what the hell is wrong with you Damansara, don’t you need foodstuff etc..?!?).. Then Kay Hong said that his aunt stays nearby and we could go tapau some newyear stuff and bring it over to lis’! ..

Kay Hong is lucky with directions and he obviously does not know the roads very well that’s why he is lucky. We ended up in Subang Airport and had to do a U-turn to go into the LDP highway. hahaha. then we more or less took flipthecoin type of decisions on the road. We ended up Lis’ though. Yay!
So upon reaching Lis’ place… said Happy New Year to both the parents and Nicholas and angpow and stuff and then talked to Aunty about poor Shiling and sat down and ate some mandarins..hehe.. then we left for Bangsar(?!!) and kind of like pretended to be nonchalant.. but of course la I’m not ..THAT excited..was feeling alittle sleepy already though(1opm)…but there I was, in Bangsar..without make up.. and hair not washes…Wtf?!..then we headed into this mini-club called Voyeur. Ji Yang was already there but then again, we weren’t sure if it was him even though we were at the same table as it was sooooo clouded up with smoke. Pah!
Bumped into some ex-17 guys.. the indian bods in the 17 interact club and basically hung with them for awhile.. then Lis and I mustered up enough enthusiasm to head out to the ‘dance floor’..if you can call it that.. it was quite cramped..but a first timer shan’t speak so much….. spent about 15-20 minutes there..and decided to leave for tehais at a nearby mamak. So the three of us headed out to some curryplace and Lis was pale with anxiety… she was due back at 12.00 sharp.. and the time was about 11.45.. the poor girl.
 So after mamak-ing, we literally ran back to the car which was like, from school(smksu) to my house…oh man.. then Kay Hong was laughing and saying things like “we all small kids must go home early or not mummy scold..”..seriously, it was so pathetic as we scrambled into the car and must’ve looked pretty fool-ish. Not foolish. FOOL. Ish.

Luckily Lis’ parents weren’t too pissed at her.. I myself made home safe and sound despite Kay Hong’s constant speed of 150km/h. I kept freaking myself out by screaming at him to slow down.. then I knew I was getting a little annoying so I kept saying that “ah po(old lady) here.. dun so fast..”

On F-R-I-E-N-D-S Binge

It’s been three days after Shi Ling’s demise.. I think I’m feeling better.. but don’t get me started.

It’s a cloudy Thursday and I spent it playing with the retort stand and other physics paraphernalia in physics lab today. I like lab sessions.. unlike back in sec school where all the apparatus are like rusty dusty and musky. yuCk.

Nothing so new except that Rudy(Sarawak guy who sits behind me) is still in abit of a homesick cloud. His normally mundane friend Michael is abit more smiley these days compared to the poor homesick guy.

Miss Uma who teaches us Bio generated some enthusiasm in me especially when she took out the transparencies but due to the cold cold room and extremely dark atmosphere..I soon fell into a bout of nods. *Zzz..

Even Chemistry is generating my enthusiasm a little. Maths is not.

Heard from Chun Guan that my blog has been publicly viewed at the library today by his fellow classmates. Oh Joy! This Blog Has Famed!

On our way out for lunch, we saw this registration booth for dance class under the dance club. Sounds fun though.. even saw Eu Foh’s name there!! The entire gang has been meaning to join some dance class..but never knew exactly when and where…

Went to Pyramid with Li Peng yesterday to get her new bag.. spent such a LONG time there.. but no denying that it was well spent. Went to Bumcity and found this ex-form5 guy, Pik Jia Ling and Shuet Zin working there. this form5 guy was in the RELA team before… form5 2001.. however, everytime i see him we act so buddy-buddy but i KEEP forgetting his name and ALWAYS end up exchanging numbers with him..(during basketball 3-on-3..toys ‘r’ us, parade..).. malu right if I don’t know his name… then an emergency sms to edison came back with a reply stating that it was Chen Fei. haih… what’s so difficult to remember?

We met Daryl who was waiting for his work to start at Penang Street.. he is not to say shy..but he doesn’t seem like his old self..no more enthusiastic head nods and hamsap laughter..:) Maybe big boy already?

We then stumbled into Lim’s Art.. these knickknack shop and Oh god.. what beautiful windchimes they have there! And they had this curtain for the door made out of seashells.. they had ceramic windchimes, seashells windchimes..the conventional metal clinky ones and wooden windchimes!! I saw the wood ones and remembered that my dad was looking for something like this!… So I bought it for him as a belated birthday present .. I don’t know if he likes it ALOT or not.

But the trinklets in the shop were so cute. Li Peng and I spent nearly 20 minutes laughing at the handphone keychains… they were all so so so cute. If any of you ever have the time, just drop by at Lim’s Art at IzoNe..!

Then Li Peng dropped by to wait for her parents and they came quite late though… so she sat through Homecoming and Virtues Of Harmony with me..!! She was actually interested!!.. So proud.. Because in the past these shows have bored people like Melody, Amanda and Vng Yan.. just glad that Li Peng understands me.:)

The chinese serials gods must’ve been smiling down on Li Peng today and made her mum’s car breakdown in front of my house.. just so that Li Peng could stay for an hour or so to see more chinese shows.. but she didn’t know how to appreciate the ‘blessings’ and we spent sometime outside under the umbrella in the rain giving her mum’s car worried looks everytime the adults did something to it. “Luckily we are not boys… or not surely must go and help already wan..hahahaha”.. laughed we cruelly.

A Horrible Trend

The drive to college was horrible today.. Mum and I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t care less if our eyes were as puffy as paus because it’d hurt more if we didn’t. Then I went into college and saw Liz and Abby.. and they rushed over to say hello, but kinda stopped when they noticed.. I couldn’t even get the words out.. it was just too choked up. Then I proceeded up to class where Barry saw me in that horrible state and asked me what was wrong.. so I said that Shi Ling died because she was anemic. Then Chien came and consoled me a little..and kevin came too… everyone knows how much I love Shi Ling.. it’s just so terrible.
Even my classmates were all very lovely, they seemed to understand how I felt and kept with the kind words..
Everynow and then I can’t help but remember her running around the house with the little bell as a signal that she’s coming. Then she’d jump up onto our laps.. I really miss those days.
My mum and dad brought her to the vet this morning and she will be buried in Sentul Pet Cemetary. Shi Ling died in the basket that she used to give birth to her puppies.. so we didn’t take her out and asked the vet to bury her with it. My mum put her collar on it too… It’s so depressing..

Then when my dad left for work at 11am Bubbles was hit by his back tire.. parents were worried that he may have fractured a bone or something as he was yapping… the vet was called(again) and Bubbles is currently hospitalized.

I got a shock when my mum told me: “…and then Daddy rolled over him..” I was like, SHIT.. not another one?!?… but he was apparently just shocked.. and is currently on a glucose drip to get his blood pressure back in order.. the shock had jumbled up his heartbeat and blood pressure. After a drink at Ravi’s after college, Mum and I paid Bubbles a visit at the Vet’s. He was locked up in this cage in between a dog in a cone around his neck because she had urinary infection and a cat who looked damn pissed at Bubbles’ constant yapping. He yapped very much when he saw us and he looked so happy to see us. His left foreleg(arm?) was wrapped up in this slightly bloody bandage with a drip sticking out of it and connected to this glucose water. He looked darn cute.. and I was so glad that nothing extremely serious happened. But the doctor said, to be safe… they may have to take an x-ray and a blood test tomorrow. Wow.. he actually knows how to work.. but oh well.. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.


To all of you who knows Shi Ling, she passed away just now at 11pm+. As sudden as it may seem to you, it was definitely a shock to me..
When I came from Pyramid at 5pm today, mum said that Shiling was very weak. She scared me to bits when I tried to put her on the floor but she just crashed onto the floor. Her legs were to weak to hold her up. Her tongue was actually lolling out..
We rushed her to the vet in SS18 near Etika Jaya.. but the doctor said again, that she was anemic..like last time.. since the birth of her puppies till now, she’s been in a horrible shape.. but we thought that after the medication she’d be fine. But how would I know she was actually deteriorating all this while? It was only tomorrow that they could find a blood donor and that she needed to get her blood type checked before anything else could be done.. and as it was 15 minutes to closing time.. the doctor said that she may not survive through the night.. it was heartbreaking… wrenching even..
So we brought her home with some nutrien food that we were supposed to syringe into her mouth.

But the truth is, she hasn’t been eating well recently.. I don’t know if it’s because of Bubble who steals her food all the time.. but she just hasn’t had the appetite.

 From 8pm her condition got worse and worse as she kept gasping for air in a very scary way… plus the fact that I had a number of visitors over for cny.. and my brother was crying loudly…what a timing. … After a long while of syringing her with nutrien food and water to moist her nose and lips… we just let her be alone for awhile.. and her eyes was blinking a little everytime i look at her.. just like letting me know she’s not dead yet.. Then at 10.30pm my mum and bro went out to look for glucose water..So I stayed by her side.. and I started to sing to her Beautiful Girl..she was just having this little gulps of air by then..then it all slowed down…. as i stroke the softest fur on her body.. which was on her ears.. I don’t know exactly when she died.. but after a long while..she just stopped moving…

Now she’s covered and left in the back of the house.. mum will ask the vet what we can do tomorrow.. where to bury..etc.

I miss Shiling so much. She’s the most understanding dog that I’ve ever owned. At least she comes when I call.. and she loves to jump up on the couch.. but when she was pregnant she couldn’t jump up because she was too heavy. And she loved to squeeze out through the diamond shaped grill to go and have a pee or poo… but when she was pregnant she sometimes got stuck and we used to joke about how  the babies will all come out deformed and clumped together in a diamond shape.
She was so tame.. she’d let me make her dance to all the themesongs on tv while I watched the shows and when i held her hands she’d kneel down on  the floor and i’d put her hand together and shake it up and down as if she’s praying or something. And she never smiled… as in opened her mouth and pant pant pant.. she was always tight-lipped and mum and I always made jokes about how she was so grumpy and moody all the time.
I still remember meeting her for the first time ever in the petshop. she was soo adorable..sitting on this huge cage awaiting her bath.. we found out that her owner didn’t want her.. and that she costs rm200. Seeing how adorable she was, we brought her back.. If only I didn’t bring her back.. She’d still be alive.

i miss her so much..