The past two days has been nothing but a mandarin orange eating binge.. unfortunately there wasn’t a dish of chaichoi in sight… *an image of Jolene crawling and clawing around, muttering, “c-c-haaiiish… Csshchoooi…sha….*hack,Hack*”…*

As for the harvest(As yen Hou had put it) this year, rakings ain’t too bad as my collection has crossed the 300 dot… I know most of you may shake your head in pity, whilst mumbling, “the poor girl…tsk tsk”… yes, I may be able to take 50-100 out for a single shopping trip and I know that 300 is fast to use..but you have to understand that when it comes to chinese new year, even an RM10 in an angpow packet is deemed generous.. and an RM5 will get a nod of approval and so forth!

Thank god that I’ve managed to catch up on the chinese serials.. as my aunty has a vcr and can record straight from 7.30-10.30(4 shows in one sitting.) Me Chinese Show Addict!! Org! Actually, this part of me has been instilled since my infant days. I vaguely remember watching this show Big Family while being spoonfed by my maid and then going back to Kindergarten the following day and reenact episodes with my fellow kindymates who were also ardent fans of the show and we’d take on characters and play masak masak.

In that time frame while we were doing Jacq’s nails, the rest of the family went to visit Lok pak Por, 6th Grand Aunty(but jacq and I kept getting the tongue slips and saying Pak yat por(little old lady))..who recently had a stroke.. and my dad said that she was speaking in morse code..(“ti…ti..titititi!!! ti..ti..ti..”) but apparently she understood every word that they said.

Then that night, 12th grand uncle and his two wifes(12th grand aunty one, 12th grand aunty two) and 12th grand aunty’s two daughters..and one of their husbands and my three cousins(Carmen, Gabby and Amanda). How would I have known that

sweet little Carmen was a Chinese Show Addict too?!! So the both of us clambered excitedly onto the good ol’ plushy sofa on the first floor and watched Golden Faith intensely whilst making unkind comment about Anne Heung’s(sabrina) and Derek Wan’s(Insp. Chung) ugly fringe, Gallen Lo(Ting SinPun/Ivan)’s Age..[“Hah?! As old as my father ar?!” Carmen exclaimed, hopes smashed.”], Raymond Lam’s(Oscar)’s change of attitude,Myolie Wu’s(Yan Yan)’s incredible acting as a retard. Then Amanda and Gabby joined us as they were dying of boredom downstairs. After the show ended I brought them to tour the house a little.. to my grand dad’s jacuzzi bathroom and to the spiral staircase that leads to the 2nd floor which is supposed to be my aunty’s bedroom but has been changed into a dusty ol’ guestroom. Luckily that night the wind was beautiful and strong.. we went out to the highest balcony and could even see Bukit Cina from there. Then I brought the girls down to wash their feet and then they prodded at my nail stuff and enquired about it.. so then each of them had a pretty set of nails that blings, glitters and shines! Then upcame the aunties and grand aunty too! .. All had their nails painted and pasted with rhinestones and such. Joy! In typical Aunty Fashion they’d ask what I plan to do after my a I sheepishly said, Orthodontistry..good money, regular times, able to raise a family at the same time.. then suddenly one of them said, “Why don’t you become a Plastic Surgeon?” I cringed at that idea, but before I could exclaim my protest..the three aunties(mum’s cousins and mum’s sister) were already in an orgy of thoughts of free boob jobs, liposuctions, botox injections, bum implants, pullhere, pull there, pull everywhere..bla bla.. Man. they were laughing and screeching and I couldn’t help but join in.

The following day Mervyn came home from Derek’s and bought along with his some firecrackers.. and after lunch we lit a few and then they got bored so quickly that they had a really really bright idea when one of my grandma’s dogs poo-pooed on the grounds. So they stuck one fire cracker in the poo and lit it.. and then as it was supposed to take fell side ways and there was a shit hovercraft or morelike a shit rocket roving about the ground.. and then when it exploded.. shit was indeed, everywhere. You should have seen the size of my brother’s mouth when he was laughing uncontrollably.

Oh!!!!.. Angel came home!! That’s because my dad’s collegue’s daughter was allergic to it. And they were asleep when she brought them over and is still thinking of what to tell her poor girls…it’s so sad you know. Angel(was renamed to LuCy) had her own cage and there were three soft toys in side with a mini squishy football.. AWWWWWWWW… I know I would’ve cried if my little dog who owns softtoys is taken away from me. But then again, Angel’s home!!.. Kay Hong’s in the midst of persuading his mother to let him have the dog but the mother seems to be reluctant as it has something to do with feng shui. Shit, then my fengshui mad aunty who took Chezzie… will she return it?! NooOOOoooOo!! The poor doggies..!! SniFfFfFF!! Thank god Li peng and family are so christian that they don’t believe in Feng Shui….. Lucky Oreo! Apparently Oreo has alot of ticks.. hahahaha.. and they lie her on the pillow  and plucks it away and she’s enjoying it very much.LOL!!! So cute!!!

Last night at Overseas Restaurant in parade.. I saw Chin Ju there and he sms-ed me a Hello! My naughty brother took down his number and pretended to be this hot chic in blue who sat behind Chin Ju at another table. Then Chin Ju got all flustered and wanted to know who she was..bla bla bla.. and when I came home he messaged me and asked if it was my cousin.. Hahaha.. i denied denied and denied.

Today at one of my grandma’s old neighbour’s place.. I discovered that she knows Khe Hsin!! Small small small world… but it was very complicating as i thought at first it was woon huei yann…. then she said nononono when i described her… then i guessed it was the other woon huei yann in 5 Delta….. then she was like “YayA!”.. didn’t know that Khe Hsin’s cantonese name is Huei Yann.. ahhaha…

I visited a grand total of 5 houses today.. and i am therefore sinkable to the bottom-est of the sea. Burp!

Firsts and Lasts

Hey Hsin Ee! Don’t mind if I snag this from your blog..:)


First best friend: Lee Yang Ching

First date: um..somewhere in march 2002

First Break-up: –

First screen name: CrYsTaL

First self purchased album: The Moffatts: Chapter One: A New Beginning

First funeral : Great grandmother, march 1992

First pets: Sea monkeys!!

First piercing/tattoo: one on each ear at age 5!

First credit card: coming soon!!

First true love: jin tian.. though it never happened.

First enemy: this boy in Barry’s kindergarten class who stepped on my feet..1992

First big trip: Australia!! (1994)

First play/musical/performance: Cats (2002)

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Jose Mari Chan


Last cigar: –

Last kiss: lol..sorry Kim zen.. a bout of spin the bottle in genting somewhere two years ago.

Last good cry: In the room in langkawi

Last library book checked out: An Advanced Level In Biology! Taylor’s Library!

Last movie seen: lol.. The return Of the king.. *goes and hide face*

Last beverage drank: Coke at mcd’s

Last food consumed: mcd’s chicken  mcnuggets…

Last crush: ask me in 10 years time then only i’ll spill..what is this? truth or dare??

Last phone call: Cousin jacqueline

Last tv show watched: Virtues of harmony on VCR!!

Last time showered: this morning!

Last shoes worn: thongs from Nose!

Last cd played: Kill me… The Moffats, Chapter One: A New Beginning. Nostalgic LAa!!!

Last item bought: hair ties, pins and rubber bands from Sinma

Last annoyance: the plastic bag from The Beauty Shoppe leaving it’s ugly stains onto my laptop.

Last disappointment: no gambling in Malacca… everyone’s not in the mood.

Last soda drank: COKELA

Last ice cream eaten: ICecream cone at McD’s..*oink*

Last time wanting to die: During trials exam for SPM.

Last time scolded: one week ago in the car back from malacca by dad for putting puppy on computer in case pee then dielor..

Last website visited: Isn’t it obvious? Hsin Ee’s Blog!!

$$ GoNg Xi Fa CaI!$$

Strange that I decided to forego eyeshadow this festive season.. hmm. And plus the saddening fact that I couldn’t buy any new year clothes for the purpose of new year..(though I’ve had enough of new clothes for college..but that doesn’t actually counts does it?:)) .. wanna know why? first of all it was the cause of last minute habits and that i am too fat for any of the clothes that they have in the few remaining shops in Pyramid. Honestly, I’ve never seen the mall soo dead on a weekday afternoon, EVER!

And as always.. ang pow collection is pretty depressing..but since when has it been great? Perhaps below the age of 10. The older you get, the smaller the value of money. Sigh. 

Chai choi are the best new year dishes.. next to a constant supply of mandarin oranges. I can live on only that for 15 days and won’t die:) Nutriens and Proteins from Chai Choi..and oranges for water and Vitamin C and fibre. Yup.

How can Chinese New Year be exciting enough to blog about? Good lord. ..
I guess the most exciting part was playing with the little kids and finding out that my cousin Ah Beng(serious) @ Ivan is in the MAS ad on the first few pages of today’s paper..the Star.. He’s the guy clad in the traditional costume in ‘austria’ looking like santa claus. hehe. So funny. Last year he was the guy in the tenaga national ad with them cooling the food in front of the fan and the face for tmnet broadband.(delivery boy and disco guy in Klue).. man.

 In about a couple of hours I’ll be on the highway down to Malacca for some apparent serious gambling session..

Here are some cute pictures of all the adorable little kids that I’ve seen today!

These are my 5 year old twin nephews. They hate taking pictures apparently.

Alikah, my chinese-nigerian niece. One year old and not afraid of the camera! Good, good.

Angelique, my three and a half year old chinese-french cousin. Oh, and that thing, er, doll, called Frodo(??).

A terrible shot if any…. sorry for the bad lighting.. But this stranger baby was soooo cute. Decked out in a traditional costume with a long ponytail from his chinese hat.. I HAD to take a picture. The bad lighting is because I didn’t use a flash incase the mother assumed that I’m some paedophile..

That’s it..! When I get a kid, until they’re old enough to be laughed at, I’ll make them wear cheongsams/guy-cheongsams every year! HoHoHo! er.. I mean, Gong xi gong xi!