I’m A Damn Lucky Girl..

..and my housemates couldn’t agree more.

Thursday night was supposed to be a spring cleaning session before my parents arrive this weekend but I was dead tired from the entire week’s worth of clinics and that one important presentation, so I asked Chee Kiang to help me do a little bit this afternoon. 🙂

I asked him to help me sweep down stairs and use the static mop to get some dust off and I’ll come home to mop the entire place so that there’s no repeat performance of my infamous dirty old house. Back in Year 1, Chee Kiang did a pretty good job cleaning up the house without being asked when I had to go for class and leave him at home alone.

And today I came home from uni and the dried leaves, dust bunnies, tattered pamphlets were cleared from the porch. Our shoes were aligned in their respective pairs on either side of the main door. The previously crumpled up floor mats were laid out and the marble floor inside was sparkling for the first time in months!!

I was actually giddy with happiness! This is so much better than roses and diamonds, a girl could not possibly ask for more.

Cze-Yin even smsmed me when we were at Penang, “Tell Chee Kiang thank you for cleaning the house!” and even though I didn’t tell her anything. LOL, she knows I’m far too lazy to be the one responsible for it. Cheh.

Blogger See, Blogger Do

Good afternoon from Jolene the Copycat who is procrastinating and wasting time before her presentation at 5pm!

Just checked out Xiaxue’s blog today and I am blown away! I’m motivated to change my blog design too!!!

Is there anyone out there who is willing to help me revamp my blog? Like someone who knows the kung fu of CSS and photoshop etc etc. Basically the works!

I’ve yet to think exactly how I want my blog to look but obviously I was inspired by xiaxue’s blog and I’ve always loved the simplicity of karencheng’s blog.

Of course as a thick face blogger, i would say, “I can provide you with exposure!”.

Or if anyone wants to rob me of my monthly allowance, come la come la.. quote me your price.

OR IF ANYONE WANTS TO GIVE ME A NICE NICE DISCOUNT because you wouldn’t mind whatever ‘exposure’ your work on my blog might get..then please contact me at jolenelai@gmail.com.

I’m sorry if I sound like a greedy pig. :*(

🙂 I want to personalize this entire thing!! Someone please help me!

Because Weekend Bazaars Are Awesome

Soak Republic wants to give you an Angel Ring! Write a touching story about an Angel and stand to win an Angel Ring for that particular week. The grand prize winner will receive a customized/creative DIY charm bracelet/necklace workshop in person. 🙂

Click here to win your accessories!


And of course how can I leave out my precious sticker monster! (click on the pictures!)

If you fancy nail art stickers, I have really dainty ones!

If you loveeee sponge-felt stickers and wanna press them all day long, I have too many colourful ones!

If you adore whimsical pointless felt and pink in colour stickers, I have some sweet and weird ones!

If you are craving for some good ol’ DIY session, how about some glow in the dark sparkly sheet to complete that craft project of yours?


This post might look late to most of you but trust me, I’m very proud of myself already at this relatively speedy update. New Year’s Eve post still sitting around somewhere.. heehee.

Back in April, Sharyl had another one of her fantastic Absolute Bazaar aptly named Absolute Bazaar 3 at 3k-inn, Subang. Since it coincided with my holidays, why not set up stall right?

Ei Leng and Charis, my two juniors who are equally gung-ho about the online blogshop scene, took up on my offer to share a spot at the bazaar. So I lugged all their clothes in my car (the entire backseat was filled up with Sweet Toothsome’s stock) and the two of them spent the night at my house labelling their clothes, and me, my stickers. 🙂

l-r: Kwo Kuang, myself, Joshua.

Because Kwo Kuang liked colours, I invited him to the bazaar (also because he claims that his saturdays are far too free for his liking and he would rather spend them taking photos and that he is also a good friend for offering to teman me). As for Joshua, one of his friends had a stall and he was there to help out. Bazaars are great for bumping into old friends, I think I met up to 10 people from my high school and college!

Stupid flash. Even Andy came to give support.  He came down to KL with the juniors so since most of them came to offer their support, he came as well. 🙂

Say hello to Samuel! He is my Desperate Housewives kaki!!

And Sharyl.. the powerful babe who handles these bazaars single handedly. She’s got another great idea in the works that might actually take the online blogshop by storm. An idea never ever done before by anyone else. It’s all hush-hush but I think I’m allowed to create some excitement! 😀 Online blogshopping will never be the same again! I’m so looking forward to it.

Andy helps to hold up the store front. Bless him.

Marketing gimmick. You know how sexy girls are placed next to cars to sell the cars? Hot boys can be placed next to stickers to entice the womenkind. Thanks Kev, you’re a gem. 🙂

Me and my partners for the day.

Met Melissa there as well! She’s quite the regular at bazaars too, I can see. 🙂

Can’t remember which blogshop this was, but they customize the accessories on the spot for you!

Kwo Kuang standing up to show some respect to my customers. 😛

Jiaa Jiaa, whom I’ve not seen in ages.

Lagi more people I’ve not seen in ages, Tek Yeh and Jolin.

A nicer pic of melissa and me. Much thanks to whoever who helped with this shot.

Reta!!! What’s it been? Like 4 years?? 🙂

Loving my yellow pvc mini glads.

Stephanie came to help out too. She was the self-proclaimed pre-loved caretaker. She was ecstatic when she managed to sell one of my t-shirts. Never worn before one leh!

Poh Yee dropped by as promised.

Myself and the juniors who were very intrigued with the whole bazaar concept. 😉

Stupid Kwo Kuang putting one of my box on my head before snapping this. Damn you!

Two Saturdays ago, there were two bazaars to attend. Since I had all the time in the world, I decided to check both bazaars out.

The first was A Shopaholics Den’s Birthday Bash at Of The Crest, 3 Two Square. I must say, Yien Yee did a fantastic job at choosing her venue. With each bazaar that is held, future bazaar operators take note of the do’s and don’ts and come up with full proof bazaar that can entice the crowd.

Though most of the sellers whom I spoke to complained that business wasn’t exactly brisk due to the amount of competitors present at the bazaar (note: the bazaar had about a hundred blog shops) but for buyers who were there for a major shopping spress, I couldn’t be any happier!

Seriously, this was the first time that I’ve shopped at a bazaar and ran out of money. The sucky part is that there was no ATM available at the entire place. So another thing to take note is to ensure that the place you’re renting for your bazaar is equipped with ATMs.

See how high the ceilings are? Maximum breathing space for excited shoppers.

Met Eliza and May – the two pretty owners of PHAT Culture.

One with Eliza!

*GASPP* Competitorrrr.. Not that the person was selling stickers or anything. But there’s a blinged hello kitty thing on the left hand corner of the pic, do you see it..?

That’s Jeremy from My favouritees! He is manning the entire business by himself, hats off to him! The guy has the most awesome statement t-shirts ever!

I think I bought my striking purple leggings from My Clothes Affair. I can’t really remember.

Ahh..my infamous Lady Gaga’s liquid leggings were from this blogshop: Bows Lover!

There were jewelries in excess there as well.

Very cute looking things from Just Girl Shop.

As you can see, the entire place was over flowing with clothes, bags, clutches and anything imaginable to womenkind.

Gorgeous heels!

Plus gorgeous bags. I bought like three bags.. hahahaha.

Would you squeeze through that to find that one piece of treasure? I would!

These accessories looked pretty edgy! I like! Too bad I can’t remember which blogshop this was.

The famous Alicewonders and her legion of bags.

After running out of money, I headed back to Subang Jaya where the TwoMADSBazaar was held. It was held at 3k-inn ever since poor Absolute Bazaar came up with the ingenious idea.

The crowd was a little smaller there. Perhaps marketing could have been turned up a few notches and also, it was their first time. A usual scenario for the first time bazaars. You need to carve a name for yourself in the scene before bringing in the crowds.

Met my junior from high school, Sabrina and her blogshop partner there! Check out their blog shop, Lazy Shoppers!

There were even Crocs for sale. 0_0

Got myself a few clever statement t-shirts from this bazaar. Once read: “Born in the 80s”. Another, “I make Boys Cry” and the last piece, “myboyfriendis here *with an arrow pointing right*”.

And from Baby Be Dazzled, I bought a Little Miss statement tee that read, “Little Miss Boobjob.”

Can’t wait to be back so that I can go for more bazaars! You lucky klang valley dwellers, better be appreciative and attend these bazaars whenever you can! Grrr.

And You Wonder Why People Think You’re Aloof

In any given social setting, it is most important that a person takes the initiative to mingle around. Be it relatives that you’ve not seen in ages, strangers who are of no use to you… the list goes on. Small talk might be pretentious but at least you’re showing the person some kind of interest.

There are so many people whom I have crossed path with that I find incredibly arrogant but only later on did I learn that they are actually very quiet in nature.

Then there are the ones who don’t really give a damn because getting to know someone who is deemed to be insignificant in their lives, are unworthy of their precious time.

Obviously I would mean people my own age whom I have observed. Most of these people are in their late teens to early 20s and I realize when in the company of adults they hardly know, they won’t bother with the small talk. They don’t even want to sit in the same room but want to go somewhere more secluded to chat among the ‘young’ people.

They don’t even bother to feign interest in adult chatter. By adult, I mean anyone older than the age of 35. That’s the definition of an adult – at an age where you should have had a few school going kids.

I personally think it is rude because adults are humans too. Don’t be so tak layan can or not?

I know some would say things like, “I’m not the type to mengambil hati one. Take me as I am. If you can’t like me for me, so be it.”

Having a few stands in life ( like mine of never attending any church events except for weddings and christianings and maybe when my best friends get baptised or something ..SO STOP ASKING ME TO GO TO YOUR CHURCH EVENT BECAUSE I SAID OVER AND OVER AND OVER FOR SO MANY DAMN YEARS THAT I . AM. NOT. INTERESTED. I HATE IT HATE HATE HATE!!!  ) is okay, but sticking to such an arrogant sounding principle just makes you a down right snob. Unless the person whom you’re talking to has been proven to be a total bitch/asshole, then by all means ignore the person lah. But if this is some new acquaintance, it’s nice to ask a few questions about his or her hometown, if they have any children.. or maybe ask questions related to the situation to basically lighten up the slightly awkward atmosphere. Friendliness gets people through a lot of things, you know.

These examples I’m citing are however not extreme arrogance. They would still have a small chat if it was initiated by some friendly adult.

Okay, maybe not only adults. What about friends of friends? You know, the type that you see everyday, standing next to that person you always say hi to? These people whom you don’t know are worthy of your hellos, okay. How can you treat the person as if he or she is invisible? Getting to know more people is always a good thing. Don’t be so arrogant.

It doesn’t hurt to give Hellos all around. I do it so often that sometimes, I even give a hello to a total stranger whom I thought was part of the group I was saying hello to.

Worse of all, you make your friends who notice this part of you feel bad. They notice your acquaintances looking at you queringly and wonder why can’t you communicate more. Personally, I feel that these people who don’t bother making other people feel comfortable or accepted in a social setting are still extremely immature.