Blogger See, Blogger Do

Good afternoon from Jolene the Copycat who is procrastinating and wasting time before her presentation at 5pm!

Just checked out Xiaxue’s blog today and I am blown away! I’m motivated to change my blog design too!!!

Is there anyone out there who is willing to help me revamp my blog? Like someone who knows the kung fu of CSS and photoshop etc etc. Basically the works!

I’ve yet to think exactly how I want my blog to look but obviously I was inspired by xiaxue’s blog and I’ve always loved the simplicity of karencheng’s blog.

Of course as a thick face blogger, i would say, “I can provide you with exposure!”.

Or if anyone wants to rob me of my monthly allowance, come la come la.. quote me your price.

OR IF ANYONE WANTS TO GIVE ME A NICE NICE DISCOUNT because you wouldn’t mind whatever ‘exposure’ your work on my blog might get..then please contact me at

I’m sorry if I sound like a greedy pig. :*(

🙂 I want to personalize this entire thing!! Someone please help me!