Food Bad Luck Day

I had my usual runny eggs with piled up stir fried vegetables and rice this afternoon. I love to eat my Chap Fan that way! I know I’ve mentioned this a lot of times. Since it’s the exam season and one hour wasted on a meal (driving out, ordering, eating, driving home) would be too much so I decided to tapau my favourite combo for my dinner.

I packed two runny eggs and a mountain of stir fried vegetables and rice(which I later found out was enough to feed two hungry dogs. I know nuts about estimation.) and came home, all ready to go to sleep before waking up to study for an hour or two (LOL LET’S LAUGH! HAHAHAHAHA!!) and then maybe heat up my delicious chap fan and then consume that for dinner while watching the latest episode of Greek. (will do that after this blog post.) So I put my Styrofoam box inside the wok and closed it, in case it might get invaded by ants. THEN I went up to bed.

But we all know that I now have four more days to finish whatever I have left of my surgery notes so YAYY. (throws books aside for the day).

Lie Yuen went out to the mall to tapau a bowl of Laksa while I fiddled with the computer, waiting for her to get home so we can eat together. We really sound like an old married couple, don’t we? Cze-Yin went out with the rest of the classmates to play badminton. I’m just not in the mood.

When she got back, I went downstairs and excitedly opened my Styrofoam box to see the beautiful soggy rice with yellow yolk trickling through the gaps between each piece of rice and the emerald green vegetable glistening with oil.. ahhh.. just heavenly. I used a spoon to scoop everything out into a metal plate so that I could heat it up. Decided to clean the bits of rice stuck on the spoon with my tongue. Did it taste just a tad bit sour? Hm. Bet it’s just coz my tongue’s too weird from all that sleep.

Is that garbage I smell? I looked at the plastic bag hanging from the window and only saw my empty nescafe tin and Lie Yuen’s half eaten giant pear. Nothing that resembles the smell of 5 days old rice with side dishes. I took a great big whiff of my meal (which was starting to look more like dog food than human dinner) and couldn’t smell anything. Decided it was the garbage since they were in such close proximity. Or maybe my nose is problematic. (clogged with booger.)

I put it in the wok to steam. Decided that the smell was slightly overbearing and due to my great big love of chap fan with runny eggs and stir fried veggie, I stuck my spoon in and scooped a spoonful into my mouth. I swallowed it and screamed, “ARRGGHHH IT’S GONE BAD!!!!!!!!”

Honestly, the taste is still in my mouth. It’s sour and bland. Just thinking of it makes me want to puke. Do you all want to know how garbage taste like? Just leave your chap fan cooped up in a wok for a few hours. Fucking gross. Gross gross gross.

Feeling rather upset that I do not have any dinner to eat, I decided to make my ketchup+oyster sauce maggi mee instead. Yay! Went into the garden to pluck some tapioca leaves and boiled them. You know, as veggie for my pathetic dinner.

There’s a Grace who commented in my Life Is Shitty post about wanting the recipe to my ketchup+oyster sauce maggi mee and I did promise her a pictorial. So here it is:

I boiled the veggie from my little vegetable patch in the garden. (I’m not even THIS domesticated back home in Subang. Unless bougainvillea is actually a type of vegetable..?)

Then I dumped the maggi mee in and wait for it to soften, but not too soft till it has lost its springiness.

And a dash of oyster sauce and ketchup. You should estimate it yourself. Ideally it should be just enough to coat every stand of maggi mee. Too much and it just overwhelms. Also, equal amounts of both sauces. You don’t want it to be too sour or too salty.

Take the maggi mee out of the pot and start mixing it around in your plate!

There you have it, instant dinner. And stop staring at the amount okay. I’m a depressed girl. Move along nothing to see.

So if any of you try this recipe out, do let me know how it turned out for you. 🙂 Would be nice to know that the recipe is enjoyed by others as well.

While having my dinner and watching 27 Dresses with Lie Yuen, the putrid stench of stale economy rice was still lingering on my tongue. I decided to wash it down with chocolate. By the way, a trip to Langkawi equals infinity chocolate in the fridge. I still have more than half of what I have left from my chocolate buying frenzy in Langkawi back in December. I still had tons left over like half a box of Guylian (the best chocolates EVER! Fell in love with them when I was seven years old!) and some random brands.

Lie Yuen wanted to help me take the Tango Almond chocolates but ended up tipping my Guylian box and seven pieces of milky brown seashells rolled all over the floor, collecting dusts and strands of hair in their tragic journey.

“OH NO!!!” my heart broke. Guylian chocolates! GUYLIAN! Guylian chocolates all over the floor! I can buy a prepaid card with a box of Guylian chocolates!

“Can wash and eat la,” said Lie Yuen as she picked the chocolates off the floor and passed them to me. I’m not too sure. Chocolate under running water? But I did it anyway. 🙁

Imagine having to put dripping wet chocolate in your mouth and biting it only to find that there is a watery middle. But the thought of little dust particles sticking all over the chocolate just seems too horrible. There’s only so much washing you can do for your chocolates right? The whole damn thing is sticky and some might be embedded in.

I finished all seven pieces anyway. Will see how I feel later.

On The First Day Of Finals, Shit Chose To Happen

After 45 minutes of sleep, I got out of bed strangely alert but at the same time half blind. I’m always half blind when I’m super tired as the eye shit will be like gluing my eyelids shut and if I rub my eyes it’ll just get smeared and would not be of much help.

My first paper was medicine and I was up all night going through the entire syllabus – my usual routine a day before each paper. Also known as the ultimate torture. It is the one thing that I dread doing the most as it is painful to sit there for nearly 12 hours flipping through and realizing in shock and horror that you can’t remember half the things you read in the past few weeks. I also hate the whole few weeks of revision because you are also, stuck there to your chair trying to finish reading your material, and at the same time fantasizing about what you want “to do after the exams”. Always feel super semangat-ed about life while studying.. with all these big plans to take over the world. Then the moment you put the pen down after completing your last paper, you go back to become that lazy bum who stones in front of the computer for hours watching dramas.

SO anyway, on the way to uni, Lie Yuen and I chose not to talk about the exam as it would piss the both of us of since exams and schoolwork is a taboo topic (mainly coz I’ll feel inadequate if I get into discussions regarding studies..haha), I was telling her about that super funny Shadowfox entry. I have a feeling he probably has more hits than both the official MDG bloggers during these few weeks. That guy is quite bad-ass, until his blog is like flagged by Blogger. It would suck to be on the receiving end of his wrath and I think myself and a few others were once fodder for one of his entries based on the buscrashnomore thing. But sometimes you gotta make sacrifices and let it go for the sake of entertainment eh? Anonymous bloggers are an endangered species these days.

I couldn’t really be bothered by the whole Malaysian Dreamgirl show for the entire duration that it was being aired. Felt too sien waiting for the shows to load and when they did most parts of the show would put me to sleep and I felt like I had better things to do with my time (like watch one more episode of Simpsons before I threw myself into my books for the day). But since I managed to steal an hour before my afternoon nap, I saw a few of the final episodes and lol I see why everyone hates Cindy. Scoured the blogs and saw almost everyone dissing her. Makes you wonder how is she gonna survive in the industry if this is the reaction she’s getting. Hope it is a wake up call to the Malaysian Dreamgirl organizers to do a better job with the elimination system in the next season(and I’d rather the videos not be divided into so many segments. A put off, really.). And doesn’t she have any friends who would say things like, “YAYY Cindy won!!” ?

Was bitching and bitching with Brenda before going into the examination hall.

So this is it! if I don’t fail this medicine paper, I would never ever have to know wtf happens when your kidney fails or the many many types of leukemia. Argghh, really can’t wait for it to end. It’s a good thing I didn’t choose to study medicine or else I’d be super miserable doing that course.

When I woke up in the morning, “chronic myelogenous leukemia” just started floating about in my head. I usually get my premonitions that way. It has happened a few times, especially with my dentistry papers. But of course, when you acknowledge a super power, it doesn’t work already.

I was thrown off my feet when I flipped to the short answer questions. Shock. Hypertension. Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Anemia. Epilepsy. Diabetes. I was shocked as my blood pressure went up and I started coughing out blood and then became pale, started getting epileptic fits and damnit, my blood sugar level shot up again. I’m sure that pretty much sums up everyone else’s lame jokes as we exited the exam hall shouting to each other about how terrible the questions were!

On a scale of easiest-to-do to wtf-is-this-shit?! would be Diabetes, Anemia, Hypertension, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Shock and Epilepsy. Who would think a dental student would have to focus a lot on a neuro problem eh? But come to think of it it might be of importance when one of our patients starts to go into fits in our dental chair. Hm. Okay, my bad. Shall not make excuse for my noobness.

I couldn’t wait to dive into bed and indulge in a few hours of well deserved sleep. At about 4pm, Andy called me and told me that he had news. He said that our surgery paper, which was originally on Friday, was postponed to Monday.

OMG! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

However, we had to forego our RM32 that we’ve paid for our Genting trip. Everyone who made post exam plans had to shelve them till after Monday. Our predicament is not as terrible as some of our other classmates. Like Jamie, she was supposed to fly to China for a week long holiday after our surgery paper on Friday.

I hate it when something that I’ve been looking forward to is changed. I hate changes. When I’ve set my mind to something, I hate to adjust to something different. But within a few minutes, my body was already tuned to “Okay, Monday got surgery paper”. Means more sleep! Yay!

It was all because of one of the invigilators who accidentally gave Harveen the surgery paper this morning. She looked at the paper in a flurry of panic and said, “HAH? TODAY SURGERY AR?” instead of quietly flipping to the SAQ page before giving it back. But she didn’t even take a peek(much to our chagrin). And so, due to this incident, bus tickets are forfeited, plane tickets are thrown away, hotel bookings were put to waste and trips back home are not until the next weekend. Sigh. Is it worth it for just another four days with my surgery notes? Still not quite sure if I like the idea of a postponement.

What in the world was the surgery paper even doing in the same exam hall as us?!

Do You Watch Greek?/Facebook Chat Is Awesome/Not Hamster Woman Yet

So I woke up at 3pm today. Hehe yes, it’s sort of an Eat Shit Sleep post, but not quite part of the official eat shit sleep week. I don’t even know which day it ended. Haha.. well most importantly the rest of you eat shit sleep comrades had a good time spewing random mindless thoughts on your day.

Yeah, bed time was 7.30am. I hate it when I go to bed and the room is as bright as when I take my afternoon naps. But sleeping till 3pm gave me my minimum 8 hours of sleep. This way, I don’t feel like dying throughout the afternoon.

Well, I need to ask you guys, DO ANY OF YOU WATCH GREEK?

You know, that tv show about fraternities and sororities, as in the Greek system that most US colleges/university have. My brother introduced it to me last year. He influences me a lot when it comes to pop culture. The OC. Mika. The Plain White T’s. Heroes. Damnit, do I NOT have a backbone of my own? But I’m proud to say that it was under my influence that he started watching Desperate Housewives. I do however think that my brother is very good at predicting what can possibly be the next big thing. Not quite the shows that he recommended to me, but like half a year before James Blunt got famous with “You’re Beautiful”, my brother was already listening to it on loop. Likewise with “Hey There Delilah”. In his words when he sent the song to me, “Cheh, this sounds like you and Chee Kiang. Just replace the word guitar with brains.”

OKAY, Right, Greek. I mean nothing can beat the cult-like love I have for Desperate Housewives (heroes? What’s that? Edible?) but Greek is really nice. It’s very nice, relaxing and fluffy. If you like hot guys and hot girls, funny catfights, guys being bitchy to each other, you must watch Greek.

It starts off with this nerdy stereotype called Rusty Cartwright who goes to college and is super keen to join the fraternities at Cyprus Rodes University. I don’t quite understand how college works in the United States. How old are they when they are freshman? Nineteen? And then why are they in college for four years? That’s a really long foundation course.

So they do this thing called Rushing, where they do something like an orientation programme to try out all the frat houses and sororities on campus. Funny names like Zeta Beta Zeta or Kappa Tau Gamma… greek alphabets.

Rusty’s sister is Casey and she’s the president of the Zeta Beta Zeta which is like this super elite sorority. Then you have the Omega Chi Delta where Casey’s boyfriend Evan Chambers is the president. In another fraternity, which my brother calls it the asshole frat, Kappa Tau Gamma, is where the super hot Cappie is. He is Casey’s ex boyfriend and it’s refreshing to see a character like Cappie. I love it when a guy can spew funny funny one liners non-stop. It also helps that he looks like a delicious blend of Ashton Kutcher and Rob Thomas.

Throw in some typically bitchy superbly hot girls (namely Ashleigh, Rebecca and Frannie(though she looks a little bit like Janice from Friends but she has that classy look, so it’s all good), a god fearing nerd stereotype (Dale) and a very cool gay guy (Calvin! I love Calvin. Very laid back.), a bumbling idiot (Beavers, who is quite hot in a boyish kind of way. Think Moose Mason!) and of course, must throw in an Asian(that guy with the thick eyebrows) just to make the numbers right, and you have a new tv show on college life. OH! Jessica Rose aka Lonelygirl15 is Rusty’s girlfriend. Shh, those who watch the show as well would say, “Eh? Where got?” Sabar, let the rest watch it for themselves.

I’ve had enough of those high school drama shit. BORING. Those who loved The OC or Dawson’s Creek has gone on to college and uni. MOVING ON! You should watch Greek too!

So since having high flying careers and sleeping with many men or baking pies and solving neighbourly secrets or having crazy cool superhuman powers is not something I can relate to at this age (and I hope never!!), this college life show is very nice. I love it when I wiki the cast and go, “AWESOME! He is my age!!”

Speaking of age, Lucy Liu made an appearance as a sorority sister. WTF. She’s old okay! And poor Cashmere Mafia bombed. i think it bombed because of her. The other ladies were so good but she always has this mono-expression on and rants like a frazzled woman all the time, while still maintaining aforementioned mono-expression. Bah.

Because of the writer’s strike, I didn’t know when Greek came back on and as a result, I had like five episodes to watch. 🙂 Very happy! Also, I’m starting to develope a huge crush on Cappie. You will realise that Evan is the asshole (a high achieving asshole though) and Cappie is actually the good guy. The story line is mostly about the whole Casey-Cappie-Evan love triangle and other substorylines which I shall not mention too much. 🙂

The show is mostly party party party. Do these people ever study? (With the exception of Rusty and Dale of course. Hahahah). But I’d like to see some scenes where they go for classes and all. I don’t relate much to parties, sex and alcohol. Story of my life in Kedah.

Here are some photos of the cast:

This is Scott Michael Foster who plays Cappie. He is only two years older than me. So when he was in high school, I was in high school too! Ahh! Sorry, trivial things like this make me excited. Especially when it involves celebrities who are my age.
I tried to look for anything Scott Michael Foster related on Facebook and ZOMG there’s a huge community of Scott fans out there. Cappie’s the wittiest character on Greek. Cute and sarcastic. *melts into a puddle of fangirl juice*

Okay, back to the Facebook story. Turns out there’s a user called Michael Foster. He claims to be Scott Michael Foster’s Dad. I added him as a friend and asked, “OMG! Are you really his dad? If you are, HI! I’m from Malaysia(that country above Singapore) and I love Cappie On Greek!!!”

Michael Foster replied: “Yes! How exciting that you get to see GREEK in Malaysia! Is it airing over there or do you get it off iTunes? (I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Cappie as well)”

Me: “OMG you replied! are you really his Dad or are u just a really really huge fan of Scott/Cappie?:) but i’d like to believe that you’re his dad for real!

Yeah I get it off iTunes! :)(LOL. right…….) malaysians generally don’t know about greek yet as the tv stations have yet to pick it up..u know they are still very desperate housewives and heroes obsessed..not to mention the likes of Lost, CSI, prison Break. usual stuff. but Greek is fresh:) Love it!

Thanks for adding me!”

MF: “When I said I am a huge fan, I meant it… I am his Dad and when Scott first started telling me about the show before they filmed the 1st season, I didn’t think I would like it. I am hooked now and my 80 year old father and his older neighbors watch it every Monday!
I know that the show has been sold to BBC and will start airing in UK next month. Hopefully it will get to Asia as well!
Scott does have a facebook, but he doesn’t get on very often. He uses MySpace more. Check out my MySpace at
. Scott is friend #3 on my site.

Me: “Oh gosh..I’m so sorry, Mr. Foster!!Hehe, that’s cool that people of all ages can relate to it! and esp you and your dad, since the both of you must be extremely proud of Scott! furthermore he’s only like 23 this year. It’s a young age and he’s quite big in the scene now!I really like how Scott carries Cappie’s character. Every single line spewed is so so funny. And you have a very handsome son, Mr. Foster:) What’s he like in real life? Is he anything like Cappie? Cappie’s cocky but that’s what makes the girls go crazy.
Do you still lecture him from time to time as all dads do? :)I’ll check your myspace out. thanks for the link!:)-Jolene”

MF: “Yeah, we are all proud of Scotty. GREEK opened a lot of doors for him. The writers are really giving Cappie awesome lines! I know he loves playing “Cappie” and he and the rest of the cast get along great.
Scott is a bit like Cappie in real life. Full of energy though. Likes to party at times. Wears me out when he comes home. He can stay out til 2-3 am. I wouldn’t say Scott is cocky though. Just a fun loving guy.
I don’t really lecture him much any more, because he is a good kid, but when I do, he listens. Hopefully that will continue!
Glad you like GREEK and Scott!”

LOL! Well, I’d like to believe that he IS the father of Scott Michael Foster. 🙂 It’s always nice to believe. Now imagine if there was Facebook back in 1998.

I’ll be all, “HELLO MR. MOFFATT! Can I marry your son, Dave?”

“Ummm…..that’s a good question!” – possible Mr. Moffatt answer. (just google Dave Moffatt and find out why my childhood dreams of marrying Dave Moffatt are dashed. T_T)

This is Evan Chambers played by Jake McDorman. Who is born in 1986! If he studied in Malaysia, we would be doing SPM together. *fans self* Hot, but not as hot as Cappie! What are these American eating anyway? Why do they look more like grown men faster than our local boys?
Spencer Grammer who plays Casey. 1983. She’s really pretty but I think she’s a little too matured to be playing a college student. Not teen queen enough. Not bitchy enough. But maybe her character is supposed to be sweet, Okay, whatever rocks your boat.

Casey’s little brother, Rusty. Played by Jacob Zachar whom I thought was my age, but is actually another 1986 kid. Bummer. He is really sweet, especially the way he obsessed about Jen-K(lonelygirl15’s role in the show).

Ashleigh played by Amber Stevens who is 22 this year. What’s wrong with IMDB? Why do they keep lying to me and telling me that these actors are my age? Or is Wiki wrong? I love Amber Stevens! Her beauty is so feminine and the way she talks…the only word I can think of to describe it is saccharine. Saccharine sweet. She is Casey’s best friend and the poor girl should get more storyline of her own.

Dilshad Vadsaria plays Rebecca Logan and is 23 this year. Very exotic features since she has Pakistani, Indian and Portugese blood. The antagonist of the show. Always giving Casey the evil eye. You can literally hear the tigers roaring (not a Cat’s meow kind of bitchy level) when she looks at Casey.

Clark Duke plays Dale! Another 23 year old fella. He is Rusty’s nerdy roommate is always trying to invite Rusty to his pathetic physic/christiany events. Though he plays a geek, he is very adorable! He and his best friend Michael Cera(guy who plays Paulie on Juno) are quite popular on Youtube. 🙂 Go see. I think it’s really cool that these two talented actors are best friends. Dale, his character, is a very innocent and sincere person, though his mind set is slightly warped.

Calvin who is played by Paul James. Not quite sure about his age, but I think he could possibly be about 7 years older than me. Looks really young though! I loveeeee his smile. So bright and happy. A troubled gay character but otherwise, a very chilled guy. 🙂 Nice to have a rock in the show.

So, enticed to watch the show yet? Everyone on it is so yummy!

Ah, next on our agenda would be Facebook chat. Over the past few days, everyone is slowly getting acquainted after the initial surprise of this blinking bar at the bottom right corner of our facebook windows. And they ALWAYS start with “testing testing”. LOL, I just find it so cute so I changed my status to “Jolene Lai Pei Shan is amused whenever someone goes ‘testing testing’ on facebook chat.”

Chui San was damn cute. Whatever she says is damn cute, even more so when she’s the one who ‘testing testing’-ed me on Facebook Chat. Then when I messaged Chee Kiang’s neighbour Wei Ming, he was like, “OMG WHAT IS THIS. HOW COME YOU CAN TALK TO ME? OMG THIS IS SO COOL.” It’s always nice to give others their first time. LOL.

Then Matt Ho messaged and went, “Testing testing!” He couldn’t resist doing so after seeing my status. Hahahaha. I met Matt in college while doing their make up for Hip Hopera. It was a musical by the Society Of Performing Arts back at Taylor’s. He has always been just an acquaintance but thanks to Facebook chat, I now have another friend who can make me laugh till my stomach feels like splitting into two.(which would be a good thing. Can throw the other half away.)

Matt is part of the now-famous The Come Back Kings comedy group. They are still trying to reach greater heights, or so he says. I will never ever forget the cockroach dance. It’s burned in my memory forever.

He was telling me how he has this dental problem and I couldn’t quite understand what he was trying to he drew me something. I mean when you say draw, obviously you do a graffiti for someone right? Or at the very least open your Adobe Photoshop. But no, he drew on Microsoft Word. WTF!

LOL It looks like a wisdom tooth coming out in the wrong direction (against his cheek). Sewjin, he’ll give you a run for your money with his l33t drawing skills.

Sigh, I spent too long online again. I should really be getting back to my books. I mean, I REALLY DO, IT’S 4 AM! ARGH.

Oh, oh, before I go, here’s a picture of my injured finger taken with the Samsung i550 when my hamster bit me:

Was too lazy to go get a jab from the Doctor because Google said no need.

Apparently hamsters don’t give Rabies, but I told myself if I feel that my jaw is starting to lock (that would be tetanus) and if I develope a fever (signs of infection?) then I’ll get my fat ass to the doctor.

In the mean time, I shall be waiting patiently till I solve my first crime as Hamster Woman!

Oh yeah! Thanks to those of you who bothered with the poll Nuffnang came up with! 🙂 I didn’t know I had so many fathers among my readers. 🙂 It’s just so tempting to screw with my answers eh?:P

Just thought I should add this in: My current obsessions are Syesha from American Idol (I can’t stop watching her performing One Rock ‘N’ Roll Too Many) and Kimya Dawson. Juno is such a good movie, I’m going to watch it many more times. I know I’m very outdated, but thought that a few of you might be too, so go watch it!