The Dinner That Led On To The Mid Autumn All Nighter

Whipped up a few dishes over the weekend (sounds like very keng like that right) and had potluck with the classmates who didn’t go home for the weekend. It was rather last minute as we only decided to have it during lunch that day. I was like, “Tonight not going out di.. wanna cook,” and Poh Yee’s all “OKAY POTLUCK”. -___- So much for my fantasy of boiled salted broccoli and possibly failed attempts at cooking steak. (apparently you just panfry the steak for like 3 minutes for medium rare! I plan to read up more about how to cook steak.)

Potlucks are fun! Can sit down and talk cock. Lesson learned: Never buy Tesco’s Whatever Balls. EVER. Poh Yee bought chicken balls and it bombed. I bought Sotong Balls (actually wanted fish balls but didn’t read the packet 🙁 ) and it was so sloppily compressed together that the ball would fall apart in your mouth without being chewed on. The last time a few of the classmates went camping and bought some balls from Tesco to cook and they couldn’t even stomach it. That’s saying something considering Maxis DBKL was among the group that went. He eats ANYTHING! Back in Year 2 Lie Yuen and I bought a packet of strawberry oats and it tasted like STRAWBERRY SHIT and we took it to school the next day and asked Maxis if he wanted the rest and he’s like, “Okay.” 

I cooked Lotus + Four Angled Beans + Aforementioned Sotong Balls, Steamed Fish with onions, tomatoes and ginger and sweet and sour prawns with onions and tomatoes. 

Lie Yuen cooked her asparagus with button mushrooms. 

Poh Yee boiled rice and made soup. Her soup is much better now as compared to the days where she offered us sea water. 

Angela took the easy way out – she tapaued! Maybe next time I’ll get to try her specialty kailan.

IMG_2070 by you.
Guess which is the tapaued one!

IMG_2071 by you.
Sweet and sour prawn. My recipe super easy only.

1. Peel prawns and marinate with sugar and salt.
2. Fry garlic.
3. Throw everything in with sliced onions and chopped tomatoes. If you think my onions and tomatoes look abit pathetic here then you fry the prawn first lor.
4. Add tomato sauce and oyster sauce to taste. MMmm. Don’t worry about the gravy, the prawn will just piss all over your dish. Plenty of fluids. 

IMG_2073 by you.
I can stomach this.. my classmates were kind enough to finish it for me! 

I boiled the lotus till it was supposedly soft (still hard when I took it out, sigh) and then stir fried it together with chopped four angled beans and with the sotong balls as well. I usually use oyster sauce to cook my veggie but only used salt and garlic this time. CHING CHAU BEST! <3 

IMG_2074 by you.
Steamed fish! So as Jimmy said, the fish was not fresh enough but at least they finished it! I removed the scales and rubbed salt and a little sugar at the front and back of the fish. Steamed it for about 15-20 minutes with sliced ginger, onions and tomatoes all over it. (I THINK!! You l33t chefs don’t laugh at me please!) Oooh, I poured a bit of olive oil over it too and Cze-Yin added salt to the whole thing when I wasn’t looking. Turned out well!

IMG_2075 by you.
From one of our favourite dinner places.

IMG_2076 by you.
L-r: Xin Yi and Angela. 
Can see Lie Yuen working hard in the background. 

IMG_2077 by you.
Another tapaued one.

IMG_2078 by you.
Lie Yuen’s asparagus! Jimmy “Michelin” Lie said that the asparagus would be better if it was bigger. Skills wise okay but the problem was with the ingredients, not the cook! 

IMG_2081 by you.
We were starving while waiting for the rest to show up.

IMG_2082 by you.
At long last!! Soup and rice maketh a meal!

IMG_2085 by you.
Group photo before the meal. 

IMG_2086 by you.
Can see the pained and hungry smiles on their faces when I demanded to have one of myself too.

So the night went on with us talking excitedly about the following day’s Mooncake Festival event. Lie Yuen brought back the yukata she made for her sister Lie Peh for the Nuffnang Halloween Party a year ago for Poh Yee to dress up as Chang Er – the lady in the moon. 

IMG_2087 by you.
That’s my bunny who is supposed to be the bunny in the moon but he did not enjoy a warm reception from the others so I had to put him back in the car.

IMG_2089 by you.
Cze-Yin then brought down her awesome tanglung creations!! Crazy girl has been holed up in her room making tooth shaped tanglung and heart shaped and lip shaped and bunny shaped ones as well.

Suddenly, don’t know who had this bright idea to do a backdrop for people to take pictures with Chang Er. Jimmy “Picasso” Lie immediately jumped into artist mode and went about working on it. It was already 8 pm and there we were, embarking on a project. So proud of my classmates, can be so semangat with such short notice. 

IMG_2090 by you.
So there we were in Campap looking for materials. Bought some polystyrene boards to create the backdrop, went and bought RM49 worth of cloth to make the background and also for Lie Yuen to sew another costume for Wu Gang, the tree chopper who lives on the moon.

I always thought that the Lady in the moon was really lonely, with only a bunny and a man who is so busy chopping wood in the background. But I think the last time I thought about this was when I was 8 years old.

Now at 22, I’m thinking, damn. They must be having hot moon sex every night! Only two of them on the moon what. Hopefully the bunny is of the vibrating variant. Heh.  

According to chinese superstition, if you point at the moon, you’ll have a cut at the back of your ear.

After what I’ve said, my ears will probably fall off. “OH WU GANG, YOUR WOOD!” Bzzzzzt.

IMG_2091 by you.
Jimmeh “Versace” Lie consulting Lie Yuen the tailor.

IMG_2094 by you.
Supposed to help out but got carried away making pointless tanglungs with the rest. I came up with a Tulip lantern okay, don’t play-play!

IMG_2093 by you.
I don’t know why they used Sock Nee to test size. She’s like the most petite girl in my class and some more it’s a guy’s costume! 

IMG_2100 by you.
Cze-Yin’s lips got contours somemore. *kau tau*

IMG_2104 by you.
Checking out to see if the material we were using was good for the moon.

IMG_2106 by you.
Chwan Horng was assigned the task of drawing chinese clouds.

IMG_2107 by you.
He did a pretty awesome job!

IMG_2108 by you.
Jimmy “Versace” Lie and his tailor trying it on the model.

IMG_2109 by you.
I was assigned the task of cutting out the moon. Plenty of fun with the polystyrene cutter!

IMG_2110 by you.
Ee Chean had the task of creating a poem to be put on the backdrop. It looked more like one of the banners that we hang up during funerals after we put the words on it.

IMG_2111 by you.
Hahahhahahaha.. think Lie Yuen was leaning in for a kiss. 

IMG_2112 by you.
At this point we were still thinking how to go about making the axe for Wu Gang. 

IMG_2115 by you.
Flimsiest hammer in the world, but oh so nice! I love my chalk pastels… such nice effect!

IMG_2116 by you.
We had Ee Chia over to colour the clouds. Super feng shui type right? We were googling for clouds and they suggested that I google “Justice Pao” because they wanted the kind of clouds behind him whenever he sits in his courtroom. Couldn’t find anything but I found out that Justice Pao is on facebook. With the half black face and moon and everything.

IMG_2118 by you.
Cze-Yin and the mess.

IMG_2119 by you.
Jimmy “Picasso” Lie hard at work.

IMG_2121 by you.
So glad that everyone helped out. We managed to wrap up at 2am, which is rather early considering the fact that we only started work at like 11pm. That includes Lie Yuen’s Wu Gang costume!

IMG_2131 by you.
Jimmy “Sparrow” Lie. In the car he was fretting because he wanted to get Maxis and Sett to have their measurements taken by Lie Yuen since most guys would fit into that size but they were in Penang. I told him, “ME LAH… since I’m like the size of an average Malaysian boy.”

“WHAT AM I THEN?!???!”


IMG_2133 by you.
In search of his nipple.

IMG_2134 by you.
That’s what we were going for.

IMG_2135 by you.
Jimmy “Blair Witch” Lie claimed that the orb on Ee Chean’s shoulder is a spirit. I said no it’s a dustbunny and he’s like DUSTBUNNIES GOT SMILEY FACE ONE MEH. 

IMG_2136 by you.
YAYY. Done. 

IMG_2137 by you.
of course I needed one too.

The ADSA Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations 2009 post coming up soon! My stickers sold really well that night! Thank you all of you for supporting me. 🙂 Brenda was a really good sales assistant. I gave a lot of discounts though *stress* but still made a profit lah. Maybe giving discounts is the secret to a massive sale.

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful – A Pringles Drama

Here’s my entry for the Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards.

Once upon a time, there were two jaws named Bogeh and Chewy.

IMG_1879 by you.
L-r: Bogeh, Chewy.

Chewy and Bogeh were friends. Not exactly, super close that kind but at least they got on sort of well.

IMG_1881 by you.
Sometimes they shared a good laugh together..

IMG_1882 by you.
And sometimes they argue and start mouthing off each other.

IMG_1883 by you.
One day, Chewy said to Bogeh, “OMG LOOK THERE!”

IMG_1884 by you.
So they looked.

IMG_1885 by you.
Mr. Pringles said, “Ahh. That was a good one.” and walked away after he excreted a piece of Pringles chip from his can.

IMG_1886 by you.
The aroma from the Pringles chip started wafting up to I guess noses, wherever that is.. and they were both enticed.

IMG_1888 by you.
Bogeh was faster than Chewy and picked it up immediately much to Chewy’s horror.

IMG_1889 by you.
“It’s MINE!” Chewy bellowed. 

IMG_1890 by you.
“OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND LET GO!” screamed Bogeh.

IMG_1891 by you.
They struggled..

IMG_1894 by you.
It was so intense until suddenly..

IMG_1896 by you.
‘Prrraaakkkk’. Bogeh broke in half and lay motionless on the parquet floor.

IMG_1898 by you.
“AI YAI YAI…what have you done?!?!” screeched Mr. Pringles. 

IMG_1899 by you.
Mr. Pringles put his head on the motionless jaws. “No, Bogeh. This is terrible. You fought over a piece of chip from me and now you’re gone!!!” Chewy looked on nonchalantly.

IMG_1900 by you.
But he was also abit kepo lah, like most Malaysians and Singaporeans. You know how got car accidents sure must see a bit a bit one.

IMG_1901 by you.
Chewy decided to pretend that nothing happened and slowly put the pringles chip away into the back of his mouth.

IMG_1902 by you.
“How could you do this to your friend?” asked Mr. Pringles.

IMG_1903 by you.
“You should be ashamed of yourself!” chastised Mr. Pringles.

IMG_1906 by you.
“Like I care!” said Chewy indignantly.

IMG_1907 by you.
Chewy then continued to chew his Pringles chip with all the satisfaction he could muster. “It’s KRRUNCH TIME!” said Chewy.

IMG_1908 by you.
And made a mess – which showed he was really enjoying himself, savouring the salty chip, bit by bit.

IMG_1916 by you.
Autopsy results on Bogeh’s homicide will be revealed soon.


“It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!” is the theme of this blog post. I was just messing around with some old dental casts which I used for my endo simulation practicals. It’s playing right, sort of like giving life to your soft toys when you were a kid and making a storyline out of it.

So this is the first part of the contest. Don’t expect another story line for the second part of the contest… I hardly have time to shit these days.

I Slurp For Money

I used to be a pro at this you know. I used to take the silliest photo with the most random objects and I could pull it off! I reckon that now I’m a tad bit older, the spontaneity seems to have evaporated. My face is just not as elastic as it once used to be. 

I used to camwhore randomly so much that I could even be considered a professional at boliaoness. Just when I’m slowly backing away from the glitz and glamour of random camwhoring, contests are cropping up everywhere and all they want the contestants to do is to camwhore. You know, pull the funniest face, snap the most creative shot of yourself and you stand to win products you can’t even afford and money you wouldn’t mind.

I was always too lazy. A Flat screen TV? Pfft. A macbook? Bah, I’ll never win it. (I HAVE ONE NOW BTW! 😀 :D)

But when I saw this.. well, it changed my mind. RM6000. JUST to snap a photo with a Slurpee okay. A SLURPEE! Which costs you RM2.20 for the large one (the only way to drink it IMHO). 

So after dinner today, I went into town to hunt for a 7-11 to get my Slurpeelicious Moment. Excuse the haggard thing in the photographs. I was considering to slap on some make up but like who the hell wears make up to drink Slurpee lah right? So here it is. Enjoying Slurpee in the raw, like how a real slurpee should be enjoyed. Wow, I know so many words. -__-

The contest mentioned that your Slurpee needs to take up 40% of the picture. First of all, it’s no easy feat. Secondly, I can never limit myself to just one photo. Never. 

IMG_1714 by you.
I hate it when the slurpee is’s only slurpee when it’s like icy slush!

IMG_1718 by you.

Hmmm..there you go! This is the way I like my slurpee done. Mixed! I get the best of both worlds you see. Something that I’ve been doing since I was a child.

IMG_1719 by you.
Oh so cold!

IMG_1725 by you.
I’ll probably submit this one because the size of the Slurpee is about 40% of the photo. 
IMG_1723 by you.
And this is nice because of the effect!

IMG_1722 by you.
This one cannot lah. Slurpee so small, tummy so big.

IMG_1721 by you.
Don’t you just love the colour combination? Like some scientist’s experiment bubbling away!
IMG_1734 by you.
No point sucking man. Just scoop the ice and eat it!
IMG_1731 by you.
Thought I should at least utilize this cute hairband I bought from UK. Just me and the Slurpee might be a little awkward and lonely. 
IMG_1735 by you.
Oooh check out the colour tones on my scoop of Slurpee.

And you know what’s the best part? I realized I left my Slurpee in the car. -__- Gaahh. Gonna go get it now.

The Prayer I’ve Never Offered

 I just want you to bring her back to us,
Allow her to be the person she once was.
Let her laugh again because she knows,
Let her smile again because she understands.

I just want you to bring back her foul mouth,
The ones that her friends love and miss so much,
Return her the humour she was famous for,
And the life that is waiting for her up ahead.

I just want her to have what the future holds for us,
I don’t understand why it should be different,
I wonder if you know it’s not fair,
To be cruel to someone so sweet.

I just want her to resume her life,
To continue dazzling us with her stories,
Of the crazy people whom she loves,
And to complete her dreams.