It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful – A Pringles Drama

Here’s my entry for the Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards.

Once upon a time, there were two jaws named Bogeh and Chewy.

IMG_1879 by you.
L-r: Bogeh, Chewy.

Chewy and Bogeh were friends. Not exactly, super close that kind but at least they got on sort of well.

IMG_1881 by you.
Sometimes they shared a good laugh together..

IMG_1882 by you.
And sometimes they argue and start mouthing off each other.

IMG_1883 by you.
One day, Chewy said to Bogeh, “OMG LOOK THERE!”

IMG_1884 by you.
So they looked.

IMG_1885 by you.
Mr. Pringles said, “Ahh. That was a good one.” and walked away after he excreted a piece of Pringles chip from his can.

IMG_1886 by you.
The aroma from the Pringles chip started wafting up to I guess noses, wherever that is.. and they were both enticed.

IMG_1888 by you.
Bogeh was faster than Chewy and picked it up immediately much to Chewy’s horror.

IMG_1889 by you.
“It’s MINE!” Chewy bellowed. 

IMG_1890 by you.
“OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND LET GO!” screamed Bogeh.

IMG_1891 by you.
They struggled..

IMG_1894 by you.
It was so intense until suddenly..

IMG_1896 by you.
‘Prrraaakkkk’. Bogeh broke in half and lay motionless on the parquet floor.

IMG_1898 by you.
“AI YAI YAI…what have you done?!?!” screeched Mr. Pringles. 

IMG_1899 by you.
Mr. Pringles put his head on the motionless jaws. “No, Bogeh. This is terrible. You fought over a piece of chip from me and now you’re gone!!!” Chewy looked on nonchalantly.

IMG_1900 by you.
But he was also abit kepo lah, like most Malaysians and Singaporeans. You know how got car accidents sure must see a bit a bit one.

IMG_1901 by you.
Chewy decided to pretend that nothing happened and slowly put the pringles chip away into the back of his mouth.

IMG_1902 by you.
“How could you do this to your friend?” asked Mr. Pringles.

IMG_1903 by you.
“You should be ashamed of yourself!” chastised Mr. Pringles.

IMG_1906 by you.
“Like I care!” said Chewy indignantly.

IMG_1907 by you.
Chewy then continued to chew his Pringles chip with all the satisfaction he could muster. “It’s KRRUNCH TIME!” said Chewy.

IMG_1908 by you.
And made a mess – which showed he was really enjoying himself, savouring the salty chip, bit by bit.

IMG_1916 by you.
Autopsy results on Bogeh’s homicide will be revealed soon.


“It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!” is the theme of this blog post. I was just messing around with some old dental casts which I used for my endo simulation practicals. It’s playing right, sort of like giving life to your soft toys when you were a kid and making a storyline out of it.

So this is the first part of the contest. Don’t expect another story line for the second part of the contest… I hardly have time to shit these days.