Sometimes Old Men Can Be Handsome Too

Might not cater to everyone’s taste.. but to see his pained expressions when his son is a bad bad boy (ooh), is kind of sexy.


According to Google Almighty, his name is Cheung Kwok Keung. He is Kiki Sheung’s character Cheung Fung Tak’s husband Yiu-Chung in TVB’s When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West.

If I’m not mistaken, he is quite the veteran and all his previous roles were super evil. It’s always a turn on when a baddie plays a demure gentleman.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… *wipes saliva*

Other notable hotties are Joe Ma(untuk selama-lamanyaaa) and this new guy called Edwin Siu who plays Kwan Ho-Chueng. TVB should use him more!

A Community Message From My Dog

Took me quite a while, but I managed!


The white thing is not her penis. Keyword is HER.

Angel relaxes and enjoys her ride. No not really. Within 2 seconds she jumped to the back of the car and resumed her usual pose – a tissue box.

Thought i should get Angel to adhere to the latest ruling (while I was actually all cramped up on the floor trying to get a good photo. While my mum was driving. Haha.)

I’m So Fucking Angry!!!!!

Now I know why people say, “I TAKE SHIT FROM MY CUSTOMERS.”

I’ve come to a point where I don’t give a shit if my customers are reading this. The good ones are probably the ones reading, and the bad ones are the stupid ones who can’t comprehend English, so they probably don’t read blogs to begin with.

I don’t know how some people can think that it is perfectly fine to make me wait for their payment for up to a month and then breezily tell me, “oh, I don’t want already.”


ARGGHH I get so mad that I just want to pull something, break something, throw something across the room and scream my lungs out!

As a result, I have a stack of stickers that I will probably have to put up in a separate post as “cancelled orders” as most of those are the nicer ones that the ‘early birds’ managed to sapu before the real buyers came by. These early birds… somehow happen to be prepubescent children or nubile girls who don’t have enough money but still want to buy these stickers anyway.

Do I scold them in my email? Carefully constructed sarcasm that allows me to release some steam but not piss them off so much?

NO. I just type a monotonous, “no problem” and the customer’s envelope of stickers will remain in its envelope for months to come. I’ve got cancelled orders from April that I’ve not sorted out yet. Sometimes, if I’m really angry, I’ll ignore their email. There were a couple of times where I’ve let slip and scolded a customer. I should not have done because CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, RIGHT? No.

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID YOU TELL ME? Does it take a lot to punch a few numbers into the calculator and then gage if your bank account has sufficient funds to be transferred over to me?

And I really want to vomit blood when some customers make me lug my boxes (probably a quarter of my weight. I’m 62 kg. Now I’ll have to kill you after telling you.) all the way to some obscure place (I usually state McDonalds SS15) and then only end up buying RM10 or RM20 worth of stickers from me. I KNOW I have no right to dictate how much they buy but PLEASE LOR GROW A BRAIN. I can easily send it to you via the normal postage that I offer so PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE FOR MY POOR BACKBONE AND MY TIME.

Just because I’m selling stickers does not give you the right to talk down to me. Tons of girls are selling stuff online too and we are all going to be somebodies in this world one day. Please take your “i’m the boss and you’re the servant” bullshit elsewhere because as far as customer service go, there is a limit. I don’t have to take your bullshit now. I’ll be earning more than you anyway in a few years’ time.

If you treat me like a friend, I’ll treat you like a friend. But strangely, some people really don’t even look at me in the eye when I try to make conversation (they won’t reply even). I believe that most girls who sell things online are not doing this for a living. It is not their job to thrive in this ‘industry’, if there even is one. We are all part of a community of petty trading. It’s fun and it’s trendy. Do not be rude to me and do not give me the cold shoulder JUST BECAUSE I SELL STICKERS. HELLO IT’S A FRICKEN HOBBY. BE NICE!

I’ll probably have to fold up after this post since no one would ever dare buy from me ever again. But rest assured. I’ve got 300+ orders so far and only about a mere 5% are the terrible ones. Most people would pay within days of their orders.

I just had to let go all that steam or I would have BLArRGGGHhhed at some unfortunate customer.

When You Dream Such A Dream

Something must be really wrong with me when I actually start dreaming about shopping.

I dreamed that there was a bazaar near my house. LIke, just outside my garden.

I went in but the owner of the first stall was no where to be seen! The stall belonged to Ministry of Clothes and they had the most beautiful tights on their racks. I picked out all the beautiful printed ones (and can even sort out a few that I didn’t want, what the hell?!) and then walked around a bit, and went home without paying!!