I’m Forcing You To Listen To Me Sing.

As I have forced Mun Teng hence the previous password protection. Hehe.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was home alone, so I made use of the emptiness to belt out some songs. No Lie Yuen to throw a textbook at me to ask me to shut up. Hahaha. The few songs that I know. I might’ve put it up before, but I can’t remember. Yesyes, I expect comments. There are some mistakes here and there, but there are parts which I think I can be quite happy with. You may go all Simon Cowell on me. Heart of steel, baby. *thumps chest* Heart of steel.

I’ve always loved Christina Aguilera’s Hurt and would sing it whenever I mop the floor or do the dishes. I screwed up somewhere towards the end. So don’t laugh too hard.

Somewhere Out There – Mouse Version. Hahaha. I used to annoy esther, Mun Teng and Li Peng with this back in form3.

“A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” is okayy.. but please close your ears when it comes to the Pinocchio one. I accidentally sang in a British accent in the beginning. I know. waht the fuck. Hahaha.

Another all time favourite, When Christmas Comes To Town –

All Cried Out. One of my favourite songs to belt out in the bathroom. I don’t know the whole song though.-

Okay! That’s it! =) I enjoy doing this, you may choose to laugh if you want.

Reflex Mechanism

When the exam schedules were given out today, I could feel a painful pressure in both my wrists. Especially when we asked our asst. dean to come and discuss if we could loosen the schedule up a little. It must be my high blood pressure. I could feel pain in my arms.. throbbing and shortness of breath too!

You tell me whether that’s crazy or not! Not even a day in between the Dental Biosciences paper and the Dentistry…and Pathology and pharmacology paper. Last year we had it on alternate days.. and now it’s so crammed up. I’m getting really stressed by the minute. Yes, will study immediately after this post.

Studying means procrastinating and my procrastinating material these days are mostly filled with MadTV found on Youtube. I love Bobby Lee! Go find his Average Asian series. Damn funny.

And due to the result of my stress, I came up with this. Also inspired by the stupidness of MadTV. While you’re at it, go look up Syphillis Girl(parody of Promiscuous Girl).
Here’s my goreng-ed version of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful:

I’m thinking of doing britney’s hit me baby one more time next!

This is too fun. ;\ I’M STRESSED I’M STRESSEEEDD……

p/s: Shall reply comments from the previous posts later. I need some material to procrastinate with later right?:)

The Most Annoying Blog Post Eva!!!!!111oneone

For the past few days, Brenda, Lie Yuen and I were having a lot of fun listing out traits we find so very typical and annoying about the blogs we read online. We have to admit that we ARE guilty of some of the traits, but I thought it would’ve been fun to do one entire blog post to spoof all the annoying blogging traits. Don’t be offended ya if you see something familiar :) Learn to laugh at yourself, I also laugh at myself alot. :) (and after writing this, I shall continue with the textbooks, don’t scold me already!)

You know how some blogs must blog about every single detail, or even posting lyrics and then consider that as a post, or how they must take photo with EVERY single thing(uh-oh, that’s me.. ) or how they use chat/sms speak to write their entries? Let’s not forget the must pancute(the really trying to fish for compliments type, complete with ‘the angles’) type of photos too. Which reminds me, anybody saw that Myspace The Movie video on Youtube? “Dude, she’s got the angles!” lollolol.. Oh oh, and of course the third person reference and the inevitable creation of new words with that specific theme in your blog.

There’s this category of blogs called eat shit sleep type of blogging. It’s like you don’t really have anything good to blog about so you just talk about what you ate and EVERY single detail about your life. Which is mostly how it is. But the term ’shit sleep’ just seems to roll along naturally. Heh, the whole post kinda mocks that concept. Once again, don’t take it to heart if you think this is akin to your style. I’m also…sometimes…an eat shit sleep blogger. ;\ But it’s not necessarily a bad thing!

I’d colour the fonts if I could, but I’m just too lazy..;P and if I could add some annoying cursor with the equally annoying graphics, I would. Just that I don’t have time to go to such great lengths, so you guys will have to make do.

Before you start, press play on the player below. Without an annoying song automatically playing in the background of a blog, it won’t make the whole annoying blog post thing complete. Heh. Sorry lah, I always press the stop button on my explorer to shut the automatic music up. (The only song I ever liked from a blog is at Kai-Lin’s Blog)



Today Jojobear woke up and did nothing relli. I juz stone around lorz today. Spose 2 stardi wun… but haihzzzz, sienzzz.

I drank vitagen today lor. Quite nice….but abit too sweet for me.

Anybody rmbr the vitagen song ar?

V is for Vitagen! It’s good for your digestion!

Which remindz me hor, of alot of other nice songs about drinks n food leh! LOL LOL LOL! Found dis blog with lots of nice songs!

– Choki-choki, have some please. Choki-choki, for you and me!

– Minum Milo anda jadi, sihat dan kuat!

– Sweet, sour and salty… Nano-nano, Nano-nana, NANO-NANOOOO!!!

– Paddle-pop, WOW! Paddle-pop, YEAH! Super-duper yummy!

– Jualan hebat Parkson! Jualan Hebat Parkson!

– Good times, great taste, that’s why this is our place! Good times, great taste, at Mc-D-O-N-A-L-D-S, Mc-D-O-N-A-L-D-S… Good times, great taste, at McDonalds!

– Mee Maggi, cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan!

– I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us kid. There’s lots of toys in Toys R’ Us for us to play with!

– Let’s go to the zoo, there’s lots of things to do, and the food is finger lickin’ good!

– Seven five five two five two five, seven five five two five two five, seven five five two five two five, special delivery!

I luv jingles!! It makes me feel soooo goood!!!

Then stardi stardi di, i felt so hungweee… Jojobear poor tummy make grr grr soundz. Jojobear so sad…See Jojobear sad face.. –> (T_T) (_ _) (ToT) (TOT) (>,< ) ...... _|_ (_|_)(_\_)(_/_)(_|_) ( o)( o)
den I picked up the rubber, and rub rub rub rub rub rub… wah, so clean. LOL! I love my rubber so much! I shall call it a jober!

den i lift my head up and saw the clock. Wah, 3.30pm already. Sienz! Must cont stardying. Ganbate Jojobear!

Eeeee..Jojobear so dirty girl. Ystday coffee finish drinking di juz leave there lik dat. ewwwzzzzz. No wonder boi boi go singapore to study, dunwan jojobear di. Sob sob.

The chips tasted so good! Jojobear so happy.. let u c my chomping piccieZ..

i bite one…

den i bite one more..

den i bite one more..

den i bite one more hor..

…and 1 more! LOLLOL it is so deliciouz laaaaaaa…

Mmmm…..tell me you wan 1 2!

den my face itchy so i scratch lor.

What else did i do 2day u ask? Wellll…

I walked out of my room… so i put my right leg out 1st. LoL.

den i put it in the slipper.

I went to the fridge to eat choccies! Everybody luvs choccies dun they? Who don’t luv choccies is a crazy ass i tell u!

i washed a load of clothes 2day… Jojobear got clean clothes to wear. YayYyy…

but then when i went outside to hang my clothez.. i slipped and terjatuh. OWww! Pain man!! See my leg, poor Jojobear. Sniff sniff sniff. (actually this is Lie Yuen’s leg. I just needed more material for this stupid post. hahaha)

>.< !! I just <3 the smell of fresh clean bed sheets!!!!
I saw de fence so cute so i must camwhore wit it!

The car so cute too! Oopsie, Jojobear nen nen exposed di. U all dun so notti go save this photo hor!

The flower on the floor also so pretty!!

Postbox so red leh! Ang ar!!

Have you met Mr. Meter? SAY HELLO TO MR. METER!!!

old newz paper, paper lama.. hahahahhahaha.

Who cuteR? Jojobear or the bucket?

Eeee! The chair so cute!!!

My tiffin carrier rockzzzzzz.. I get my mealz in them. So deliciouss. mmm.

Ok..back to stardying! Jojobear so fat right?? Plz tell me I’m fat!! I’m so damn fat ya!!

Mebbe this angle makes me look cuter hor.

den stomach pain pain again..must b the chips frm dis aftnoon…. I saw de toilet… lik heaven lik dat to me..

But if i shit today like dat means tmr no nid to shit?

nvm!! I will try my best to shit 2day AND tmr!!! GANBATE JOJOBEAR!!!! >.<>,< ()_() (Don't be stupid guys, obviously I had my pants on when I took this shot. heheh)
After Jojobear poopoo, Jojobear brushed her teeth.

jojobear luv brushing her teeth. Eeee!

Den it wuz time 2 go 2 bed. Zzzzz.

n then i off de lightz.

Wow!! wat a day man! LOL LOL.

OKAY! I hereby tag 5 people:

1. Mimi
2. Lala
3. Ah Chong
4. Ah Yau
5. Puke-green Girl!

*this is a sponsored post.

Alright, time to bathe and return to the books. :D Hopefully none of you will kill me after this. All in the name of fun!
And those I “linked” in the “tag”, it’s to make it more authentic and fun la. Hahaha. Don’t have to take me seriously, but if you wanna come up with a version of your own, why not?:D

Audioblog: The Practising 7-Members Choir

We gathered at uni today to practice two songs for our upcoming dental dinner(in May! omg!). We recorded our voices to see how it sounded from the audience’s point of view.

But since I was using the sound recorder program that comes with the computer, the recording is not that smooth because I would need to extend the bar again when it reaches 60 seconds so there’ll be awkward pauses there or singings being cut off.

nah, listen to our rendition of I Will Follow Him ala Sister Act. The solo in the middle is by Jamie.. and the voices at the back is first Narjit(who is talking most of the time!) and Jamie and then the last two words is mine. hehe.

Don’t laugh please! Banyak banyak tunjuk ajar! I know we kind of warbled towards the end. We’re working on it!

And here’s Stand By Me. Jasonmumbles was abit skeptical about girls singing Stand By Me. Cubalaaahh..don’t try how we know right?

It’s not fantastic la. Somemore it was raining!! Must be our fault. LoL.