Audioblog: The Practising 7-Members Choir

We gathered at uni today to practice two songs for our upcoming dental dinner(in May! omg!). We recorded our voices to see how it sounded from the audience’s point of view.

But since I was using the sound recorder program that comes with the computer, the recording is not that smooth because I would need to extend the bar again when it reaches 60 seconds so there’ll be awkward pauses there or singings being cut off.

nah, listen to our rendition of I Will Follow Him ala Sister Act. The solo in the middle is by Jamie.. and the voices at the back is first Narjit(who is talking most of the time!) and Jamie and then the last two words is mine. hehe.

Don’t laugh please! Banyak banyak tunjuk ajar! I know we kind of warbled towards the end. We’re working on it!

And here’s Stand By Me. Jasonmumbles was abit skeptical about girls singing Stand By Me. Cubalaaahh..don’t try how we know right?

It’s not fantastic la. Somemore it was raining!! Must be our fault. LoL.