Reflex Mechanism

When the exam schedules were given out today, I could feel a painful pressure in both my wrists. Especially when we asked our asst. dean to come and discuss if we could loosen the schedule up a little. It must be my high blood pressure. I could feel pain in my arms.. throbbing and shortness of breath too!

You tell me whether that’s crazy or not! Not even a day in between the Dental Biosciences paper and the Dentistry…and Pathology and pharmacology paper. Last year we had it on alternate days.. and now it’s so crammed up. I’m getting really stressed by the minute. Yes, will study immediately after this post.

Studying means procrastinating and my procrastinating material these days are mostly filled with MadTV found on Youtube. I love Bobby Lee! Go find his Average Asian series. Damn funny.

And due to the result of my stress, I came up with this. Also inspired by the stupidness of MadTV. While you’re at it, go look up Syphillis Girl(parody of Promiscuous Girl).
Here’s my goreng-ed version of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful:

I’m thinking of doing britney’s hit me baby one more time next!

This is too fun. ;\ I’M STRESSED I’M STRESSEEEDD……

p/s: Shall reply comments from the previous posts later. I need some material to procrastinate with later right?:)