I’m Forcing You To Listen To Me Sing.

As I have forced Mun Teng hence the previous password protection. Hehe.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was home alone, so I made use of the emptiness to belt out some songs. No Lie Yuen to throw a textbook at me to ask me to shut up. Hahaha. The few songs that I know. I might’ve put it up before, but I can’t remember. Yesyes, I expect comments. There are some mistakes here and there, but there are parts which I think I can be quite happy with. You may go all Simon Cowell on me. Heart of steel, baby. *thumps chest* Heart of steel.

I’ve always loved Christina Aguilera’s Hurt and would sing it whenever I mop the floor or do the dishes. I screwed up somewhere towards the end. So don’t laugh too hard.

Somewhere Out There – Mouse Version. Hahaha. I used to annoy esther, Mun Teng and Li Peng with this back in form3.

“A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” is okayy.. but please close your ears when it comes to the Pinocchio one. I accidentally sang in a British accent in the beginning. I know. waht the fuck. Hahaha.

Another all time favourite, When Christmas Comes To Town –

All Cried Out. One of my favourite songs to belt out in the bathroom. I don’t know the whole song though.-

Okay! That’s it! =) I enjoy doing this, you may choose to laugh if you want.